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Inmates Email Communications Made Easy Through New Corrlinks Support Website

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Westborough, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Families and friends of inmates can now use to stay informed about and have access to adequate communication with these.

The guide helps inmates in various facilities communicate via email and explains how the system works. MyGuideLinks.Com is approved by Corrlinks. It informs about the registration steps on the Corrlinks.Com website, about the terms and conditions of use, the account creation process, credit card usage, charges, differences between correctional facilities and how to find a specific inmate.

My Guide Links explains the Corrlinks Inmate email service, which allows one to send and receive emails to and from inmates located in the facilities which they service. In order to use this service, a Corrlinks website log-in is required. Family and friends can communicate with individuals incarcerated in Federal Prisons using the Corrlinks system.

Click here to learn more about the inmate Locator.

Corrlinks is currently expanding its system to reach more states and is adding numerous other correctional facilities to its list. Communicating with the inmates requires funding through a MasterCard or Visa card. The charges vary depending on the agreements with the correctional facilities.

Communication through Corrlinks requires the inmate's number. Therefore, the Inmate Locator services are essential. Prisons make available online database services which let people look for inmates who were incarcerated even two decades ago and up to the present time. Inmate locators make criminal records available on the web, without needing to visit the detention place. Searching for inmates is free and provides plenty of information on the respective contact (sentence length, cause of conviction etc.).

My Guide Links teaches how to use inmate locators as well and explains all connected terms. The posts inform on the Federal Prison Industries, on federal correctional institutes and on the different free methods of looking for inmates.

Corrlinks is especially helpful to families and individuals unable to visit inmates due to faraway located prisons. Inmates can be frequently moved between facilities and thus it is very useful to stay in touch via email. Also, inmate locators can find information about people who eventually did not go to prison due to dismissal charges.

About offers Corrlinks supports, aiming to facilitate communication between inmates in various prisons and their friends or relatives. Corrlinks is an expanding system used for communicating via email and obtaining the needed information on inmates.

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