Medican Enterprises, Inc.

Introducing Medican Enterprises Inc. Providing Safe and Profitable Products and Services

VISION To be the world’s best provider of safe and profitable products and services in the global marijuana market and alternative agriculture industries to improve the lives of everyone.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- ABOUT MEDICAN
Medican Enterprises Inc. is a merchant banking company with the sole purpose of pursuing business opportunities in the global marijuana and alternative agriculture industries. The Company provides finance, leasing and business management services to cultivation centers, dispensaries, and kitchens across North America; as well as funding of R&D and product development of indoor gardening technologies and medical marijuana products.

Medican invests in businesses directly through its subsidiaries. Limited Companies wholly owned by Medican will be set up as required and form the basis for Joint Ventures with landowners and/or private sector development partners to expand its portfolio.

Medican offers a broad range of leasing and financing solutions to dispensaries, kitchens, cultivation centers, nurseries, indoor, outdoor and hydroponic facilities across the United States and Canada. As a trusted partner Medican provides real estate, leasing and leasehold improvement services. In addition, the Company can provide ail equipment necessary to operate a successful operating business including lights, ballasts and hoods; hydroponic equipment, flowering and nursery equipment; bottling, MIP processing and extracting equipment.

Medican undertakes industrial cultivation projects and distribution projects in the regulated marijuana industry directly through its wholly owned subsidiary Medican Systems. Through a pipeline of joint ventures and activity, Medican is creating a balanced portfolio addressing short, medium and long term growth opportunities.

Medican provides turnkey dispensary management and professional consulting services to the medical marijuana and recreational marijuana sectors. With a plug and play solution leveraging a highly recognized brand, Medican enables its partners to quickly build their businesses and attract new clients.

Medican is dedicated to the advancement of medical marijuana and furthering the advancement of indoor gardening technologies. The Company actively seeks investment opportunities focused in the following areas.

- Modern growing techniques to improve yield and efficiencies
- Development of proprietary THC/CBD infused consumables and pharmaceuticals
- Development of unique strains of cannabis that treat specific illnesses and conditions

Through Medican Indoor Gardening Solutions, the Company invests heavily in the development of new products and services dedicated to growing: including soil, nutrients, lights, hoods, ballasts, hydroponic equipment, extractors, air conditioning and heating equipment, and dehumidifiers.
Medican's portfolio of companies currently includes three primary product lines: Sunblaster, Plant life Products and NutraDrip.

STRENGTH: Generating New Projects
Medican employs experience, market intelligence and proprietary deal flow to originate and invest in a series of potentially high-return transactions.

- Partner with existing growers and dispensaries throughout the US.
- Create economics of scale through a national brand.
- invest in real-estate assets that have broad market appeal.
r) STRATEGY: Risk Management

By joint venturing projects and maintaining a large portfolio of businesses, Medican significantly reduces the risk and cost of development while exposing shareholders to greater opportunity for wealth creation resulting from increased revenue. In addition, Medican is free to identify new and exciting opportunities.

RESULTS: Proven Track Record
Medican has strong advisory capabilities in project finance, equity arranging and rnergers and acquisitions, valuations and strategic business development. Over the years, the Medican team has structured and arranged numerous project, acquisition and corporate financings, corporate mergers end acquisitions, and divestitures. The team has raised over US $l billion of equity and US $250 million of debt, and has advised on US $1 billion of mergers and acquisitions in the past 10 years.


Ken Williams,
Mr. Williams has more than eighteen years of work experience in information technology, security and network engineering and been astate-authorized caregiver in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program since 2008. He has held several executive positions in the public sector including CEO, CTO and Director.

Brayden Sutton,
Mr. Sutton has 10 years of experience in the medical marijuana industry, working closely with physicians to research and assess the benefits of cannabis. Brayden has 12 years of experience in capital markets, is President and CEO of, and Executive Vice President of Supreme Pharmaceuticals.

Drew Milburn,
CEO Medican US
Mr. Milburn is an experienced logistics specialist with a decade’s worth of involvement in the medical cannabis business sector. In 2009, Drew opened his first medical cannabis dispensary in California, followed in 2010 by the first licensed medical cannabis dispensary in Colorado Springs.

David Rees,
Advisor to the Board
Mr. Rees is a partner at Vincent & Reece Law firm practicing corporate and securities law with specific emphasis on corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and public company law. He has extensive experience advising on innovative financing techniques, international transactions and regulatory proceedings. David has held the role of general counsel, CEO, VP of Strategic Planning and Director for a number of companies and has been admitted to the State Bar of New York and Utah.

Wayne Hansen,
Wayne Hansen, CA, has joined the Company as Chief Financial Officer.
Mr. Hansen has an extensive history of corporate financial management. He is President of Caulfield Capital
Management Inc. and was formerly a Managing partner, Asia Liaison partner and Practice partner at BDO Dunwoody.

About The LFG Group,
Corporate Finance Advisors
The LFG Group consists of a Chartered Accounting practice, corporate finance advisory services and registered commercial mortgage brokerage company. Experience includes equity raises, debt structuring, mergers & acquisitions, divestures, reverse take over’s, management takeovers, initial public offerings, company valuations and corporate restructuring. The LFG Group is a member of Canadian National Medical Marijuana Association.

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