Poort Technologies Inc.

Poort Introduces Wall Mount Tablets with Strong Audio

Poort's "Counter Computer" is much more than a wall bracket, bringing powerful speakers and charging capabilities that create a new class of appliance.

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North Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Wall brackets, tablet stands and docking stations usually just prop up a tablet for spot use, and grab a lot of your work area in the process. The cable clutter they create can be maddening, even dangerous. A Poort takes your tablet seriously and gives it a new home, with capabilities it never had previously. You end up with a HiFi appliance that charges itself and cell phones too.

Here are some of the Poort's advantages:

-Does not claim counter space or add to cable clutter
-Conceals or eliminates charging adapters, connectors and entire outlets
-Can be securely mounted on high value, impervious surfaces without drilling or damage
-Aesthetic and protective design also improves electrical safety (e.g. no dual kitchen circuit needed)
-All connectors remain clean and available in dirty environments
-Very low 5V voltage and <10W continuous power consumption
-No extra phone bills, can connect to cellphones via WiFi, Bluetooth, Skype etc.
-3G, 4G versions with WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC are available, absent an Internet connection
-Always charged up and can recharge two cellphones simultaneously from its 4-USB hub
-Has its own strong audio and can also drive high end speakers or home theaters via Bluetooth
-Cleanly recyclable, its rigid and powder coated aluminum casing will last a lifetime
-Re-purposes older tablets, and extends the functions of new ones, as full-fledged computers
-Utilizes free WiFi and Bluetooth wireless bands or manages 4G/LTE from a fixed origin/topology
-Can serve the Internet to low income homes and workplaces using community spectrum
-Potential as a hotel room fixture or as an alarm, security and EMS/AED summoning device anywhere
-Ideal for adding services to restaurant booths, waiting rooms, rural properties, yachts, RVs
-Configurable for multiple users and commercial NFC/POS environments requiring appliance permanence
-A distinct platform for accessing apps and media (e.g. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft ecosystems)
-Early generation iPads are not longer hot, heavy, or needing charging - they are perfect in Poorts
-Can be dismounted and used around the premises for 3-5 hours like a bare tablet


As the flood of tablets into the market continues, a Poort’s (one time) cost will become progressively lower.

Other roles beckon as an industrial controller, alarm, security/surveillance, telephone/speakerphone, hotel fixture etc. that leverage its audio, protective form factor and stasis. The very low power consumption is ideal for raising living standards in high-solar regions off the grid, or in unorganized “shanty towns”.

This super-set of attributes rises far beyond its tablet component – the Poort is indeed a versatile new visitor that will be with us for many years to come.