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iPhone Call List Backup Software Announced Valentine Day Offer

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- iPhone call list backup software has announced valentine day offer with flat 30% discount on the purchase of its new software. The software is primarily used to backup the data of iPhone to PC and also to restore data back to iPhone if required. iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone of the world. It is used for both personal purpose and professional use. It can store lots of data in itself. Call list upto 100 numbers, hundreds of contacts, thousands of messages, lots of apps, multimedia and other files upto 32 GB and many more. And if the phone is used for professional purpose then you can imagine how important those data could be for both the user and the business. No one knows when will a situation of data loss will arise so it is better to use a software to keep backup of your precious iPhone data.

iPhone data backup can be made using iTunes, iCloud and third party iPhone Call List Backup software. iTunes is designed and developed by Apple Inc which supports all kind of file transfer between iPhone and PC. But at the same time its GUI is not user friendly, drops system throughput and also not support apps downloaded from sites other than Apple center. iCloud is the facility to restore data at remote server so that data can be globally available. But you need an internet connection and also uploading and downloading large files like videos, musics and movies are not feasible. When it comes to third party software then there are no such excuses. It provides simple GUI, takes less resource and supports all kinds of data, apps and platform.

On the occasion of valentine day, the software is available with flat 30 % discount. If any user searches for any backup software then what do they look for? Software must be available for different platform, should support wide range of applications, should be compatible with many gadgets, should have friendly GUI and does not effect system throughput. And if the feature is available in any third party software then any one can imagine why user gets attracted towards this software.

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iPhone Call list backup software provides facility to transfer any kind of data from iPhone to PC in efficient way. It releases user's dependency upon the complex use of iTunes which is slow in working and difficult to use.