Nicotine Is Essential for a Healthy Body, Reports

As per, a constant supply of nicotine is vital for maintaining a healthy human body.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- According to, the correct consistency of nicotine levels in a human body is of vital importance if a human being is to perform all its basic as well as complex functions in a simple and an efficient fashion. It has been noticed that some people are of the wrong notion that an e cigarette is not good for the human body as it contains nicotine. On the contrary, nicotine is vital for the human body, if it is taken in adequate quantities. As electronic cigarettes have the capability to allow users to choose their desired nicotine levels, this device becomes all the more beneficial for maintaining healthy nicotine levels in the human body.

Is nicotine in an electronic cigarette good for your health?

According to spokesperson, β€œIt has been noticed that several food items such as eggplant, tomatoes, peanuts and even tomatoes, contain high amounts of nicotine content and we all consume these food items on a regular basis. This clearly implies that nicotine is vitally essential for the well being of the human body and we need adequate doses of this supplement on a regular basis. Even tuna, mustard, as well as mushrooms, contain nicotine. This is why electronic cigarettes too are considered an ideal means of fulfilling the nicotine consistency in the human body. The biggest advantage of opting for an e cig is the ability to select the nicotine strength. You may opt for a 0mg nicotine strength e cigarette, a 6mg nicotine strength e cig, a 36mg nicotine strength electric cigarette and many more strength varieties that are being offered by various e cigarette brands. ”

Laura Root, when interviewed by tech-cigarette research analysts, had this to say about the nicotine levels in an e cigarette, β€œI am pleasantly surprised to find that e cigs have helped me maintain my normal nicotine levels. I opt for the low nicotine strength cartridge and feel fresh and energetic at all times. I hope the myth that nicotine is harmful for the human body, is removed permanently. If taken in the right quantities, nicotine can prove to be a boon for our health.”

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