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Is the Electronic Cigarette a Safe Stop Smoking Aid? V2CigsDeals.com Looks for an Answer

Is the electronic cigarette a safe stop smoking aid? This is the question doing round among the smokers because experts and the e-cig companies claim that apart from a safer smoking device, e-cigs are actually a stop-smoking aid. V2CigsDeals.com ventures an answer for the smokers.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- A spokesperson of V2CigsDeals.com said: “There is no denying of the fact that electronic cigarettes are free from the ill effects of smoke. Even they come minus the passive smoking. But added to this, there are many more advantages of electronic cigarettes. It has been found that though people start with it as an additional smoking instrument, finally, most of the people quit tobacco cigarettes.”

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All states across the globe has taken stern stand against tobacco smoking as the smoke is carcinogenic and the rising figure of cancer cases in all the countries is a shock to the experts. But weaning away smokers from the envelope of smoke has not been easy as smokers did not welcome the nicotine replacement inhalers or chewing gums. Those products contain the nicotine but the experience of puffing is missing. Hence, tired over chewing, most smokers come back to tobacco cigarettes again.

“But this has not been the case with electronic cigarettes. These look like tobacco cigarettes and one can smoke it the same way a tobacco cigarette is smoked. Just, instead of smoke, it yields vapor. The e-cigs contain flavored cartridges filled with e-liquid. The vaping yields the same pleasure of smoking,” said an official of V2CigsDeals.com

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This explains why many people have never come back to tobacco cigarettes as they are getting their nicotine from the e-cigs the same way that they used to get from the tobacco cigs. Plus there are many flavors and accessories to make vaping more stylish. Even people having no special passion for nicotine can opt for 0% nicotine strength. For the new smokers, there are light flavors of mint tea, chocolate, vanilla etc.

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