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iScholaris Smartphone App Transforms the Education Industry with Teacher, Student, Parent Connection

The innovative new iScholaris app allows teachers to quickly update and inform parents on children’s progress in real-time.

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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2013 -- Most teachers eagerly agree that record keeping and tracking of student progress is paramount to the successful performance and evaluation.  Whether for administrators or parents, detailed tracking of student progress can be a cumbersome duty consuming hours of teaching and preparation time.  The pioneering iScholaris application uniquely marries the ease of access with an intuitive interface to create ground-breaking tools to track student progress. 

Armed with minimal training and highly instinctive backend system, iScholaris gives teachers quick access to time saving tools and resources to efficiently manage student progress while effectively sharing information with parents.  iScholaris is built on the fundamental belief that education involves true engagement between students, parents, and teachers.   “Most educational tracking systems are laborious and training intensive.  iScholaris started with the concept that technology could connect teachers, parents, and children with a perceptive set of tools that are actually easy to use for educators,” notes Justin Cantrill, CEO of Scholaris International.

In the past, tracking and informing parents and guardians of their child’s achievements and progress was not possible until the end of a term.  These are educational issues of an archaic past instead of a forward focused vision of the future.  iScholars gives parents and students the resources to monitor progress in real-time.  iScholaris is an intuitive education system that saves time and effort for teachers while creating a robust 360 degree view of student information like progress, behavior, attendance, homework, and achievement.  “It is like getting a report card everyday without increasing the teacher workload.  Finally, teachers can really teach and parents can monitor performance as it happens.  It’s the next best thing to actually having parents in the classroom,” continues Mr. Cantrill, CEO of Scholaris International.

With the release of the revolutionary iScholaris application, teachers are liberated to teach again while engaging parents and students in the learning process through user-centric design and deployment of genuine technology to make the entire tracking procedure easier.

About iScholaris
iScholaris a division of Scholaris International has been developing and delivering solutions to school communities and districts across the globe for over 12 years.  iScholaris mission is to provide amazing user experiences through integrated mobile solutions that  inform, empower and engage staff, students and parents.

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