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James Connelly Penny Stock Prophet Scam Review:Does It Work?

Penny Stock Prophet Review - Free Software Download

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- The Penny Stock Prophet newsletter is operated by James Connelly. James stumbled upon a method to predict stock breakouts while studying as a Math major in college. James realised that his formula worked superbly on penny shares and that what the Penny Stock Prophet newsletter focuses on. The newsletter is designed and targeted towards novices and the experienced. The penny stock picking is all done by James Connelly using his proprietary method. In his newsletter James take care of all the difficult decision making involved in making a trade. The subscribers to his newsletter receive instructions telling them the name of the micro-cap securities (penny stocks). But that's not all, more importantly they receive instruction regarding what price to buy and what price to sell the stock.

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In his system he combines psychological support level (PSL) with those 4 variables to predict bullish trading patterns in those stocks prior to them even happening. On average his system predicts these gains 24 to 48 hours in advance, so he can effectively cash out within 2 days and keep the funds moving to place new trades. This is essentially what makes his system so powerful because he does not have patient money waiting in stocks. Instead, his system identifies imminent movements so he can place his trade just before the stock moves decisively. The best part about The Penny Stock Prophet is that its users do not have to spend hours upon hours researching the different companies, instead users rely on James's expertise to pick those stocks that are likely to be profitable. Novice investors will find this type of approach very useful, especially if they have been struggling trying to understand how the stock market works. On the website James shows a series of successful buy and sell trades that he achieved for his members in a 30 day timeframe. These gains range anything from 9% profit to 91% with 45% average returns on trades with all of them being made with a 24 to 48 hour window of opportunity from inception to exit. Although no trade can be one hundred percent guaranteed, this is a worthy investment choice for anyone looking to trade or invest in the micro-cap market and enter the exciting world of penny stocks.

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The Penny Stock Prophet Official Site

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