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Jes Extender Reviews - Jes Extender Penis Traction Devices

Penis Enlargement Traction Device: Is Jes Extender Penis Traction Devices a Scam or Does It Work?

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Dayton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Jes Extender is a penis traction product that uses traction in order to increase the size of the penis. The product believes in the principle that if a certain part of the body is subjected to physical stress like constant stretching, the certain cell in that area will start to divide and reproduce more cells thus increasing the organ size. In Jes-Extender, the penis is placed in a traction that would pull the penis for a specific amount of period. The product does not need to be placed in the male genitalia for long uninterrupted hours since it can do wonders even if it stretches the organ for a minimum of 2 hours.

The basic theory behind the Jes Penis Extender is gentle tension mixed with time. The penis is a large muscle. The extender utilizes the penis' ability to stretch. Men's penis is able to withstand the pressure and is increased by tension, or by traction as the medical professionals call it. The best example of the Jes Extender strap technology is the way an injured leg is propped up in the hospital.

The Jes Extender Penis Enlargement Traction Devices Official Site

Plastic surgeons also use this method to enhance skin growth where there are scars or burns. They place implants under the skin that will increase over time, forcing the skin to stretch. The Jes Extender is the same. The strap forces the skin cells to stretch and divide. In the new space, blood flows freely causing new skin to form.

Modern medicine is not the first to contain this type of stretching method. For many centuries, primitive tribes have elongated body parts. A man with a very long penis has always thought to be in the elite class. Other types of body stretching in tribes include the stretching of necks and lips. Tribes in Africa put a plate in their lip to increase the size. They place a new size of plate in the lip after it has stretched throughout the different stages.

Jes Extender Penis Traction Devices method is basically the same. The penis is stretched gradually over the course of several months. The user can wear it as much as he wants to. The amount of time that it is worn will decide how long the penis will become. The strap is so comfortable on the shaft that the user can wear it while he sleeps, exercises, or works during the day. It is not easy to see through one's clothes.

The Jes Extender Penis Enlargement Traction Devices Official Site

The Jes Extender boasts an average penis growth of up to 24%, which is quite impressive. Additionally, over 100,000 customers have already used the extender successfully. From look at it, it is immediately clear that while the item is expensive, that it is a well-put together product, composed of excellent parts. This quality is also represented by the outstanding guarantee that comes with the product: unsatisfied users will get double their money back.

While the Jes Extender is not the most comfortable extender we've ever reviewed, it is still quite comfortable, definitely enough to be worn for hours at a time. It can even be worn during every day activities (though not during athletics or strenuous work) and will stay on securely during sleep, unless the user tosses and turns a lot, in which case it may have to be reapplied.

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The Jes Extender Penis Enlargement Traction Devices Official Site
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