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JonRose Publishing Releases a Novel by David Michael Martin - "Winter Soon" - a Must Read Murder Mystery

Who would have thought that a fishing trip to Maine would result in a Murder? Just friends going trout fishing, or was there an ulterior motive?

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Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Fans of David Michael Martin will not be disappointed by the new release announced by JonRose Publishing. "Winter Soon" has created quite a buzz on the literary Forums and Blogs. Readers comment that it feels like being part of the story, as this intriguing tale unfolds in Maine. David Michael Martin has proven himself a master wordsmith as this story is presented in a cogent fashion, with the power to draw-in the reader. 

"Winter Soon" opens with three longtime friends deciding to take a trip for some trout fishing in Maine’s remote Moosehead wilderness. This is the epitome of the "great outdoors", but sometimes great plans take a turn to the dark side of life. Who would have thought that three friends on a trout fishing trip could result in a Murder? This is one innocent outing with enough guilt to be shared by all involved. 

If Meech hadn’t killed a huge bull moose, there would have been no confrontation with the Game Warden, and he would still be alive. The characters must now unite in secrecy and return to their New Jersey home town. Meanwhile, the town of Greenville mourns the death of the Game Warden. Why did John decide to return to Maine? Why does the criminal always have to return to the scene of the crime? This is a great chapter and has the reader’s complete attention. 

About Dr. David Michael Martin
Dr. David Michael Martin is a retired English professor from Monmouth University, in West Long Branch, New Jersey, where he spent 35 years. Prior to that he served as a teacher at the University of Illinois. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from New York University, New York. One thing is certain, there will be many more exciting tales to come from this author.

For information about this new release: David Michael Martin’s "Winter Soon"

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