Just4Smokers Now Has Vaporizers Available for the Winter Months


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- Now that the winter months are upon us, smoking indoors can get pretty musty without being able to open a window. Just4Smokers has just the thing to keep any person in the right state of mind with the vapors people want in their lungs, while keeping the long lasting smell of smoke out of the house with the best home vaporizers. Therefore, Just4Smokers now has vaporizers available for the winter months.

At Just4Smokers, an online head shop, they understand the necessity of people getting home and enjoying relaxation time while not having to wake up to the smell of stale smoke still in the air. Vaporizers are a great way for people who want to get a release while not having to be so obvious about what they have been doing. Not only does using a vaporizer cut down on the lingering smoke that can stink up a person’s chill spot, but it also cuts down on the harmful toxins that can build up in a person over the years of smoking, helping reduce the affects smoking has on the body by eliminating things such as tar and carbon monoxide.

There are 2 kinds of vaporizers that each are different but can fit the needs of people depending on what they are. There are convection and conduction vaporizers as stated in High Times:

- Convection Vaporizers- or "hot-plate," models work like this: A cannabis sample (or any resinous herb) is placed on an electrified hot plate. The physical contact between the herb and the heated plate results in vaporization of the resin. While not as efficient as most convection models, conduction vaporizers are generally less expensive and more portable than convection models and offer better resin extraction rates than the ultra-portable glass and metal devices that require a manually applied flame.

- Conduction Vaporizers- a superior-but generally more expensive-vaporization technology, involves passing a stream of hot air (360F-430F) over the herb sample. This causes the resinous glands (trichomes) containing the psychoactive ingredients (cannabinoids) to literally "evaporate," releasing their feel-good chemicals in the form of vapor. Convection is superior to other technologies because it delivers only resinous materials to the user.

Come check out the assortment of Vaporizers at the head shop online Just4Smokers, everyone is sure to enjoy one this season. Vaporizers feel just as good and no one can smell it, they are perfect for when company is over for the holidays and that secret session is needed.

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Just4Smokers is an all-out online smoke shop, with stock of the coolest glass pipes they can get a hold of. They keep a large stock for the dedicated smoker in need of cool glass pipes, water pipes, portable vaporizers and more than Just4Smokers is the right online head shop. Just4Smokers only works with the top American glass blowers that create the hottest glass pipes and bubblers.

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