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Keith Springer's Popular "Smart Money Blog" Helps Investors Gain Insight on Today's Hottest Financial Topics

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Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2012 -- Keith Springer, Radio Host of Smart Money With Keith Springer, is also the Financial Expert and Writer for his popular blog, “Keith Springer’s Smart Money Blog.” Springer Financial Advisors Blog provides commentary and insight on today’s hottest financial topics. “Whatever is happening in the market, we’ll help you read between the lines.”

Readers can view Keith Springer’s Special Reports on relevant financial topics such as: new investment management strategies, mid-year economic forecasts, residential real estate, rules of retirement and debt and destruction. A few of Springer’s Special Reports titles include: “Special Report – Debt and Destruction”, “The Rules of Retirement Have changed.”

On Keith Springer’s Smart Money Blog readers can also stay up to date and be provided the most current information about Springer Financial Advisors. View announcements about upcoming Springer Financial Advisor Seminars – learn the seminar topics, host and guest speakers and dates and location of all Springer Financial Advisor Seminars.

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In a recent blog, dated September 20, 2012, Keith Springer talks about the economy – “No Economy, No Problem… All I Need Is My Printing Press!” Springer states, “Adding more stimulus with QE3 may ease the pain in the moment, much like Sudafed allows you to get through the day but doesn’t cure your cold, but it’s long term implications are devastating.”

In his 9/20/12 blog posting, Keith Springer also states, “The economy is clearly slowing as previous stimulus programs wear off, which is probably what the Fed saw when it issued QE3.”

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About Keith Springer
Keith Springer is the author of "Facing Goliath: How to Triumph in the Dangerous Market Ahead", radio host of "Smart Money" on Talk 650 KSTE, editor of "Smart Money Newsletter", a financial planner, a market technician and a financial writer. He has developed a proprietary process for successfully building tax-efficient and retirement portfolios and has been providing specialty wealth management services for over 27 years.

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