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Kollagen Intensive Reviews: Anti Aging Face Cream

Anti Wrinkle Creams Review

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- Kollagen Intensive is an anti aging skin cream focused on increasing the skin's natural collagen production. The collagen cream aims to keep men and women feeling young and alive. It has been proven by science that an individual who is looking and feeling good and young tend to have higher self-esteem and live a healthier life.

The formulation of this product includes peptides, high-grade vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, enzymes, essential oils, skin emollients, emulsifiers and plant derived preservatives which all work to help the skin to achieve a youthful glow by boosting collagen stimulation and moisturize, soothe and smooth the skin. These ingredients also help repair damage from sun damage and age spots.

Syn-Coll is the most notable ingredient of the Kollagen Intensiv Anti Aging Cream. It is a patented peptide which has been found to increase the skins natural production of collagen resulting to reduction of wrinkle and deep line appearance while keeping the skin firm and tone.

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How it Works

Target is based on a five-step system designed to completely rejuvenate user skin. The first step increases natural collagen production in the body which gives the skin the tightness and firmness one would expect from collagen injections. Step number two helps the skin to retain moisture, preventing dry and cracked skin which inhibits the rejuvenation process.

Step three reduces damage caused by sun exposure and aging. Step four involves preventing glycation caused by reduced hormone levels in the body, thereby increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Finally, step five reduces puffiness, crow’s feet, and under-eye circles by encouraging the body’s mechanisms to naturally fight these conditions.

Kollagen Intensiv Collagen Cream has been formulated with a combination of 20 active ingredients including antioxidants, enzymes, fatty acids, minerals, oils, and vitamins. One of the key ingredients is a patented peptide the company calls SYN-COLL. This ingredient was key in the scientific study mentioned earlier in this review. The volunteers who participated in the study applied either a placebo or SYN-COLL, twice daily for 84 days. Those who used SYN®-COLL reported a dramatic improvement in the overall health and look of their skin.

All the ingredients contained in Kollagen Intensiv are natural, Use it twice a day, once in the morning and another during user evening cleansing. But don’t forget, together with using the product on a regular basis it also needed to keep a healthy diet to see best results starting on day 30 up to day 84.

A good indicator of a product's effectiveness is the guarantee offered. User can return Kollagen Intensiv for a 100% refund of the product purchase price with no questions asked as user have a full 90 days to test-drive it and if user not completely satisfied.

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