LA to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes as Tobacco Cigarette Reviews Digitalsmoke.Org

The LA city council has voted in to put electronic cigarettes in the same category as tobacco cigarette under new policy.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- Electronic cigarettes which are not currently regulated by FDA will now be regulated in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles city council last week voted in consensus to regulate the sale of electronic cigarette and other vaping devices. The policy will put e cigarette in the same category as tobacco product which means a restriction on how e cigs are sold. Many other cities have also put restriction on use and sale of e cigarette. Some policies were well received by both users and general public while for some rules a clear disapproval was evident through e cigarette reviews.

As of now most states ban the use and sale of e cigarette for minors. Other then this some cities have put temporary moratorium on setting up of retails stores. From LA, Councilman, Paul Koretz says,” It's important to protect young people from this deadly habit and to protect people from second-hand smoke.” Another councilman, Mitch O'Farrell, says,” It's a very sinister approach to a very sinister product; we don't want to wait for the feds to do something.” To this many proponents of the device were seen expressing disappointment through electronic cigarette reviews as people emphasize that FDA e cigarette regulation must cover it all and in its place putting different restrictions in different states is not something that users seem to be in favor of.

The same was hinted at by the National Association of Tobacco Outlets which submitted a letter to the council suggesting that the action is mistimed because the FDA is soon to release its own set of regulations on vapor cigarettes. Thomas A. Briant, chief legal counsel of the association says that the CDC report which initiated all this after it came out with a survey on high school students for studying the use of e cigarette by minors, included even one timers as users which Thomas felt is not accurate.

Experts at say,” Most of the electronic cigarette brands have always been open to certain regulations, of course when e cigarette is regulated as tobacco, there is a certain amount of disappointment which the electronic cigarette reviews also hint at. Users like e cigarette, it is certainly better then tobacco and the comparison should not be made because the similarity ends at the looks because otherwise these are two different things. One is a digital/electric cigarette while another is burning tobacco. E cigarette brand owner can now just wait for FDA to draft regulations and if things go in favor then vapor cigarette has great future prospects”

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