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Language Schools Offer Additional Income Opportunities

There are many ways to boost household income in the time of crisis. For those living in London or South-West, local public and private education establishments can offer immediate income boosting options.


Bournemouth, Dorset -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- The financial crisis has affected almost everyone in the UK. Many people have been looking for new ways to boost their income in this difficult time.

One of the options available to people living in the UK, is to provide accommodation for foreign students, who are coming into the UK to study.

There are a few possibilities here.

Long time rentals
People who have a property that is not being rented out, can offer it to long term university students.

Most universities have housing departments that are responsible for looking for appropriate accommodation for their students. Those housing departments will not only provide tenants all year around, but also make sure their landlords are protected, by advising on appropriate insurance and maintenance options.

Rent spare room
Those, who do not have a whole property to offer, needn't worry. There are many options for them as well.

One of the options is to become a host family for students who come to the UK to study English on a different duration courses, from 1 to 48 weeks.

Families can always choose how long they want to host students for, if it’s only term time, or holidays.

There are many language schools that are struggling to find appropriate host families, especially in the busiest periods – June, July and August. They always need new hosts, so there is a possibility to start earning money straight away!

People interested in this type of venture, should look for schools that have British Council or other accreditations - like ETC International College in Bournemouth. Such schools must adhere to certain standards not only academically, but also in areas of students’ accommodation and welfare. They will offer most training, guidelines and support to their host families and also their rates of pay will be much more competitive.

Those who have rooms with en-suite bathrooms have added possibility of earning more money by offering executive accommodation to more demanding students.

Hosting students is not only a brilliant way to boost household income. It teaches other cultures and is another way to make friends for life!

Home tutoring
English speakers who hold a CELTA or DELTA qualifications can also apply to become home tutors and boost their income even further. There is a huge demand for that and in most cases home tutors can not only choose the duration of student’s stay, but also who to accept, based on students age, hobbies and other criteria.

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