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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- There are many that have been enquiring about the best of e liquid products that are available and there are those that insist this is the reason why there has been so much interest on the smoking device. In fact there have been many factors that have been called into consideration about the e cigarette and that there are that believe that the two main factors that to be considered are the marketing and the flavors. Yet the e cigarette manufacturers are those that claim the accusations that are being levied against them have no basis and that there are usually poorly researched

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Yet the makers of the smoking devices claim that all these factors can be easily resolves and all that the people need to do is just take a closer look at the facts. The reason that the e liquid and related products are using cartoon characters in their marketing practices is that they want to distance themselves as far away as possible from the tarnished image of the tobacco industry. In fact they further claim that they are making the ads always insist that they are only for adult smokers and this is why this makes the easily available e cigarette liquid on the market be once again confirmed their status as the best smoking alternative for mature adult smokers.

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This coupled with claims that the e liquid that the reason why the e liquid is being made available in so many flavors such as candy and fruit is to make it more appealing to minors. Yet the e cig brands insist that they are making different flavors to make it appealing to everyone as well as to further make the smoking devices more unique since the universal taste and smell of cigarettes is now shunned.

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