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Latin America Strategy Designates Marketing Empire to Help Establish Its Global Presence

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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- Latin America Strategy (LAS), an enterprise in the business to help companies expand to and succeed in Latin America, has chosen to partner with Marketing Empire to help establish its global presence. Together, the two companies form a formidable force, and those in the industry are taking note.

Deren Stevens, Managing Director of Marketing Empire, has expressed his confidence in the partnership and is very excited that he will be working with such a comprehensive organisation. LAS has already helped numerous businesses expand and thrive in the Latin American market.

“LAS offers an extremely beneficial service, and I see so much value and potential for growth that can be tapped into and used to help market the company’s extraordinary skill-set,” explained Stevens. “We definitely have some exciting plans in the works to help establish LAS as a leader in their industry.”

Latin America Strategy offers a comprehensive set of services that includes in-depth market analysis, market entry strategies and implementation, facilitation of entry into the market and on the ground support. Matthew Francis, CEO of LAS, stated, “Our partnership with Marketing Empire is a win-win situation. They will be able to concentrate on helping us grow whilst we concentrate on helping companies interested in expanding into Latin America turn their ideas into reality.”

LAS has ties throughout the international community, and this has given the company a unique perspective on the opportunities available in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Chile and Peru – the major emerging markets.

Stevens commented, “Studies indicate that developing markets present excellent opportunities for those looking to diversify and expand into international markets. By utilising the services of LAS, companies will gain a comprehensive view of market conditions, be able to analyse the risks and weigh them against the opportunities, and then utilise LAS’s considerable experience to start and establish a successful enterprise with substantial returns.”

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