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Leading Electronic Cigarettes of USA in 2014, as Revealed by V2CigsDeals.com

The New Year is not even a month old. Yet, demand for the best electronic cigarettes has started pouring in. Tobacco quitters want nothing but the best and V2CigsDeals.com makes this easier for the customers. Based on the feedbacks of January, V2CigsDeals.com reveals the leading electronic cigarettes of USA in 2014.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- The New Year has started with a bang for electronic cigarettes. There has been a sharp rise in the demand as more people have finally made the decision of switching to electronic cigarettes this year. However, following the trend of the last year, this year too will be a promising year for V2 cigs as its new products have already seized the customers. Apart from V2, the leading electronic cigarettes of USA in 2014 will include South Beach Smoke, Ever Smoke, Green Smoke, Blue Cigs and Smoke Tip etc.

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Electronic cigarettes have made their position envious as smokers are increasingly showing their interest in e-cigs. What escalates the status of e-cigarettes is its smoke free nature. As e-cigs are battery driven, instead of smoke they yield water vapors which get dissolved in the air. Hence, electronic cigarettes do not involve second hand smoke. It does not affect the environment as well.

However, there were many doubts regarding the functioning of the electronic cigarettes. As these are battery driven devices, initially smokers were doubtful whether they would be able to offer the same experience like that of the tobacco cigarettes. Hence, these are all important parameters to decide the leading electronic cigarettes of USA in 2014.

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The flow as well as the thickness of the water vapor depends on the strength of the battery. Hence, this is the most important factor to decide the ranking of the brands. But apart from that, there are several other factors relating to variety of flavors and affordability.

The leading electronic cigarettes of USA in 2014 offer handsome discounts on every purchase so that customers do not think twice before purchasing.

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