LegalBuds Announces Offers of Supplies and Herbs for Medicinal Purposes


Galloway, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- According to a recent study released on the medical marijuana industry, approximately 24.8 million people in the US can qualify for the product, in states making it legal. However, only 17 states have laws on the books legalizing the product, leaving the door wide open for businesses such as to sell smokable herbs as an alternative.

According to spokesperson Randall Pawlenty, "Smoking herbs for ritual practices, relaxation, stimulation, meditation, etc. traces back to the beginning of time, and stretches across the globe. Our goal from the beginning was to bring the public, worldwide, synergistic combinations of herbal buds, and blends, which satisfy the mind, body, and spirit.", a seller of herbal smoke and incense products along with accessories for these products, has been in business for nine years, serving the medicinal needs of patients facing intense pain. "There seems to be a stigma attached to purchasing these products, but there shouldn't be. We offer the products patients need to relax and work through their illness. The herbs that are used to manufacture the products are 100% legal in The United States, and most other parts of the free world. We promise that you will never find any illegal product on our website. We ship worldwide daily, and have never had any problems with delivery to any address."

None of the legal buds herbal shop products will produce the "high" of medical-use marijuana because they do not contain the chemicals like THC that marijuana does. On the other hand, Pawlenty advises, "As long as they are enjoyed responsibly, (following directions on bottles where applicable) and in moderation there is no harm. However, be sure to avoid taking any while on medication without first consulting your doctor. Any product that is inhaled may produce tar and thus poses a health risk if used for prolonged periods of time."

For those who do have the medical marijuana card, accessories are also available to use with approved products. has a large selection to choose from, according to Pawlenty. "We want to make it easy for the patient to get what they need to use their products properly."

Privacy and social responsibility are important factors to, according to Pawlenty. "We care about your privacy and make sure that the unmarked package will be very discreet simply coming to you from Global Life Enhancements, Inc., with our PO Box # as the return address. Additionally, there are no sales to minors and adult signatures are required on every delivery."