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Legalization of Cannabis Results in Huge Demand in Edibles as Ebook Becomes Best Seller

The new e-book Million Dollar Brownies is now a Kindle best seller on Amazon, offering a business plan based entirely on baking edible marijuana infused treats for a growing consumer base.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Marijuana has been legalized in 23 of the fifty United States of America. The substance has come a long way in recent years thanks largely to medical research, and what was already a popular product is now booming with the endorsement that it can actually help certain people with their illnesses. It has also caused a boom in marijuana related businesses. A new e-book, Million Dollar Brownies, coaches people through the steps needed to create an edible marijuana business, and has become a best seller almost overnight.

Million Dollar Brownies: How to Make & Sell Marijuana Edible Products is currently available for purchase at an the launch price of just three dollars. The book runs to a hundred and thirty five pages, and includes everything people need to make money, from business basics to recipes. The book offers A to Z instructions for riding the wave of the infused edibles Green Rush.

The book is entirely based on how to cash in on the expanding legalization of cannabis and medical marijuana, and is rated five stars on Amazon, with glowing reviews flowing in. Also, thanks to the versatility of the e-book format, it can be read on almost any device, whether a dedicated kindle, through a mobile app or even on a desktop. The paperback edition will be available in October.

A spokesperson for the book’s publisher, Northstar, Ink explained, “We are thrilled with the early success of this title, which has rocketed to become a Kindle bestseller in next to no time. It goes to show that entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in this country and never stronger than when at the fringes of taboo. The legalization of medical marijuana opens so many opportunities, especially for products aimed at those who hate smoking, and edibles provide the ideal solution.”

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