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Legendary Law Enforcement Officer and Combat Veteran



Hypoluxo, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Giasone Gigliotti is nearing 25 years of an incredible and storied public service career.

Gigliotti has had a long and fascinating career in public service from the early age of 18. He is currently a law enforcement officer, firefighter and emergency medical technician. He is a former maximum-security correctional officer and an Army combat veteran.

As a law enforcement officer, Gigliotti has worked on the U.S./Mexico border, in urban areas and in rural environments. He is estimated to have put handcuffs on hundreds of thousands of criminals, made thousands of arrests, confiscated thousands of pounds of narcotics, successfully made innumerable high-risk vehicle stops and was engaged in countless uses of force. While in corrections, he dealt with high-profile gangs on a daily basis and has been in many altercations and riots. He has also been on Special Operations Teams and is a prior canine handler.

Due to such high demand for his expertise and accomplishments, he was the only known law enforcement officer to have had a legally binding, guaranteed employment contract with a public agency while still employed in that agency.

In the military, Gigliotti served as an Instructor at the world-renowned U.S. Army Air Assault School, training approximately 20,000 soldiers for combat. He also served in the acclaimed U.S. Army Honor Guard doing funerals and ceremonies nationwide daily. During his time in service, he has amassed a vast collection of awards, including while serving in the Persian Gulf. Much of his stint in the military was in the U.S. Army Infantry as he was assigned to the infamous 101st Airborne Division.

Gigliotti has received numerous offers to appear on reality TV shows and to write his autobiography. Unfortunately, due to former high-level security clearances, he has not yet been able to accept such offers. He is in high demand for media interviews and public speeches but due to ongoing employment is unable to accept at this time. He plans to consider those pursuits and many others upon retirement.

In his off time, Gigliotti is a guitarist, distinguished fitness instructor and life coach. At last count, he reached the limit of 5,000 friends on his Facebook page. He gets so many private messages he no longer has time to post publicly on his page.

In his free time, Gigliotti likes to hang out with his dogs and is a lifelong fan of professional wrestling.

“Maybe my career can inspire others and give them a vision that they are capable of doing anything they want with their lives,” Gigliotti said.

At present, Gigliotti has no plans of retirement. Although he has had many offers to move up the ranks in his career through the years, he plans to continue his lifelong passion of being in the field with the action rather than resigning himself to an office position.

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