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Landscaping Website Presents Facts About Common Lawn Problems

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Wayne, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- A landscaping website is presenting the facts about common lawn problems people in the New Jersey area may face. Being able to identify these problems is the first step toward having a lush lawn. People can address the issues right away for greener and healthier grass.

Facing Off Against Common Lawn Problems discusses lawn problems many people face at some point. Zebra strips are the yellow strips that go through an otherwise green lawn. Often they result from applying fertilizer unevenly. If the stripes are brown or tan, the lawn mower cut be cutting the grass unevenly.

A fungus can cause dark spots on a lawn that spread quickly. A landscaper can determine the type of fungus to figure out how to get rid of it. White grubs cause grass to die so it can be pulled up like a carpet. Beetle larvae eat away at the grass roots. Worse yet, skunks and gophers arrive to feast on the grubs and further dig up the lawn.

Dogs are often beloved family members but can also cause ugly brown spots on the grass. Areas where dogs do their business can become dead and brown. People who do not have a dog might be getting an unwelcomed visitor. Moss is another unsightly issue that can erupt in shady spots such as the lawn under big trees. Local landscapers can properly diagnose lawn problems so they can be fixed.

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