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Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute Launches New Location and Website February 22, 2016

On February 22, 2016, Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute will open its doors to a new location in Bradenton, Florida and unveil a brand new website at manateecardio.com. Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute offers comprehensive cardiovascular care and wellness programs using a blend of state-of-the-art technologies and compassionate service.

SWEAT IT out Shares Information on Exercise Times

LogoEven though the time of the day that a person finds the best exercising is a matter of unique preference, there are a wide variety of issues exercise enthusiasts should take into account when they plan their schedules.

Socialsport Dance Club Announces Class Availability

Salsa, one of the most popular dances in the world, has surprisingly complicated origins. The word first began to be used to describe a large variety of dances in New York in the 1930's, witch Cuban dancing having the biggest influence on them. Eventually it developed into what salsa is today, which is an international dance style that has countless regional varieties. There are salsa clubs everywhere now, and people all over the world go to salsa parties, take couples' salsa classes or participate in salsa-based fitness classes. That's why Socialsport Dance Club is happy to announce that their renowned dance classes now have availability for new students.

Learn Yoga with Orion Yoga Teacher Training Course

Orion Healing Center introduces Yoga teacher training course on the island of Koh Phangan for a period of 26 days. It is a 200 hour Vinyasa training course wherein students will be taught yogic practices, the chakra system, yogic life coaching, yogic diet, nutrition, mantra, yin yoga and so forth.

Peak Power Sports Presents New Plantar Fasciitis Sock for Soothing Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms

LogoPlantar fasciitis is a stubborn injury. It requires consistent maintenance in order to allow the tissue to heal and soothe the persistent heel and arch pain. Fortunately for sufferers, nowadays plantar fasciitis is much better understood and there are several new tools and methods that provide superior support for the plantar fascia and arch and speed up recovery.

Launch of Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Thailand with New Dates

Those who want to become yoga teachers may be glad to know that yogathailand.in.th is launching yoga teacher training programs and that they have announced new dates for these programs. The company says that their yoga training programs will help people do yoga better and improve their life off the mat as well.

Dr. Michael Rothman, NJ's Holistic Doctor, Reveals the Truth About Snacks and Diets – "There's No Such Thing as a Healthy Snack"

Dr. Michael Rothman, New Jersey's premier holistic physician, has spent his career shattering the myths about diet and health. In his latest blog, "There's No Such Thing as a Healthy Snack," he provides a strong case that snacking can lead to weight gain, blood sugar spikes, and promotes an incorrect conception of a truly healthy diet.

SWEAT IT out Shares Studies on Compression Clothing's Recovery Benefits for Runners

LogoOne of the most important aspects of successful training in any sport is good recovery, and recent research, like the study conducted at Massey University, suggests that compression clothing can play a big part in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness and decreasing post-exercise fatigue. Another example study found that compression clothing reduces swelling for people who are required to stand for long periods of time at work, and it's been suggested this could have additional benefits for runners as well, particularly those who run for long periods of time. All of this combined with the other benefits of SWEAT IT OUT® compression clothing, from warmth and protection to how well they breath, have made them a popular choice among runners around the world. This month's SWEAT IT OUT® blog post features more extensive information about the researched recovery benefits of compression clothing.

Gentleman of Sixty-Five with Multiple Sclerosis Becomes a Top Fitness Trainer

Like most health, nutrition and fitness experts, the creator of the website - It's All About Calories lays down the simple fact to sustainable weight loss: "You cannot exercise away a bad diet." As a Sixty-Five-year-old man with multiple sclerosis, the creator of itsaboutcalories.com had a tough challenge ahead to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a top fitness trainer, however through hard working and determination he was able to realize his dream and has now develop fitness website itsaboutcalories.com to help anyone looking to reach their weight loss and fitness goal.

Site Offers Promo Codes for Discounts on Bodybuilding Supplements

LogoBodyBuilding Promo Code is a site that offers users access to a variety of promo and discount codes from suppliers such as BodyBuilding.com, GNC, Vitamin World and Sports Authority.

YogaMasti Moves to .UK Domain from Its .Com Website

YogaMasti, a UK based company that deals in yoga apparels, accessories and more recently decided to migrate their site from the current dot com domain to a .co.uk extension.

Heather J. Has Just Released a New Video About Daily Calories to Lose Weight Quickly

LogoHeather J. has just launched a new video, all about daily calories to lose weight quickly. She has created her video based on what worked for her, as she has lost over 70 pounds of fat from her body, and she decided to share her story in order to help other women who just like she was, are struggling with their weight.

H J Has Released a New YouTube Video All About How Women Can Lose Weight Fast, Up to 30 Lbs in 30 Days

LogoH J has released a new YouTube video all about how to lose weight fast for women and she explains and shares a plan for losing up to 30 lbs in 30 days.

H J Has Just Released a New Video About the Best 1000 Calorie Diet Plan

LogoH J has just released a new video about the best 1000 calorie diet plan. Her new video comes as an answer to many emails she received from her subscribers, all asking for a diet plan to help them lose weight fast.

Future Fitness Has Reopened in Cherry Hill with Rage

Future Fitness recently held its grand reopening event for one of their gyms in Cherry Hill, NJ. During the event, Trainers held demos on the facility's brand new Promaxima Rage Cage. The Rage Cage has been a hit with the staff, trainers and members at the gym because it offers a challenge in strength and control not commonly found at any fitness facility. The Cherry Hill location offers its members a number of amenities and services not commonly found at any other gym, especially the big box ones.

King Athletic Donates Fitness Gear to the JL Memorial 8K Challenge for the Wounded Warrior Project

Leading fitness brand, King Athletic, is proud to announce its support to the JL Memorial 8K Challenge, an 8K walk/run that this year raised funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. King Athletic donated 200 jump ropes in total for the cause, and the organization raised more than $2,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Pre-Orders Now Available for Book on Yoga, Psychedelics and Enlightenment

LogoTeacher and author Allowah Lani has announced pre-orders are now available for his book, "Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics and the Quest for Enlightenment." The book, which Lani has been working on for more than eight years is the product of research and in-depth interviews, and examines the interplay between psychedelic substances and yoga.

FITLIFE of Ivyland, PA Is Here to Help with New Year's Fitness Resolutions

LogoIt is common knowledge that when it comes to making New Year's resolutions, getting in shape and losing weight are at the top of many PA residents' lists. However, New Year's resolutions are also notoriously quick to be abandoned, and fitness-related promises are often the first to be left by the wayside as individuals fall back into their regular diet and exercise routines. FITLIFE, an Ivyland, PA-based fitness facility that offers personal trainer sessions in Southampton, can help individuals to keep and follow through with their New Year's resolutions to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Homefitnessguru.net Provides Fitness Tips and Reviews Home Gym Equipment

Homefitnessguru.net is a recently launched online magazine that has been created with the intention of informing people about various workouts, sharing fitness tips and providing comprehensive and in depth reviews of home gym equipment. The team working on the website will research and highlight the most important information that can help their readers attain a better, healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Trainingwitheric.com Launches Customized Fitness Training Programs

There are many ailments which result out of an inactive life style. For all those who wish to have the services of a personal trainer who designs programs to fit individual requirements, www.trainingwitheric.com/ can be considered. It is owned by Eric Shaw, who is believed to have foregone a fetching government job to provide such services to those who need the same.

All or Nothing: A Virtual Fitness Program That Is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry

LogoAll or Nothing Fitness, LLC is a company that runs a group of online health and fitness training programs. The company's motto is to prioritize overall health and sustainable diet and eating habit for their members. Offering a complete all around health and fitness program, it includes nutrition plans, personal training and counseling sessions to ensure that the clients remain healthy and happy with throughout the process. The unique approach of online fitness training makes the All or Nothing Fitness team stand out amongst the competitors in the fitness industry.

Ashtak Yoga, the Globally Recognized and Appreciated Yoga School, Helps Aspiring Meditation and Yoga Teachers Master the Core Essentials of Both of These Practices

Based in Arambol Beach, Goa, Ashtak Yoga prides itself in its synonymy with quality, excellence, and assurance in delivering the best yoga teachers training to trainees. The yoga and meditation institute follows the aspirations of its founder, Dr. Gaurav Malik, to provide the kind of training and guidance to students that would help them become certified Yoga teachers. Every year hundreds of yoga minded individuals reach out to Ashtak Yoga to benefit from quality yoga and meditation courses available here.

Revolution Fitness Offers a Range of Fitness Programs to Help Individuals Stay Fit and Healthy

Whether a person is a professional or even amateur, physical fitness is essential for everyone to maintain good health and face the challenges that contemporary life keep throwing with energy. Encouraging individuals to follow a fitness regime, Revolution Fitness as the name suggests is one of the leading health and fitness organizations that offers an array of fitness programs to ensure good health and wellbeing. Based in Dubai, UAE, the health and fitness organization appoints a personal trainer to understand the medical history and fitness goals of new entrants. This initial consultation is not just free of cost but also help them put together an appropriate exercise regime based on health and fitness requirements of beginners.

Homefitnessguru.net Provides Fitness Tips and Reviews the Best Home Exercise Equipment

Homefitnessguru.net is a recently launched blog that has been designed for the purpose of informing people about the various workouts, sharing fitness tips and providing home gym equipment in depth and comprehensive reviews. The team working on the website has accepted the responsibility for them to research and select the most important information that can help their readers attain a better, healthier and fit lifestyle.

Kids Yoga Stories Announces Release of New Kids Color Yoga Book "Maria Explores the Ocean" to Quick Praise

What's better than a kid's story that encourages them to be healthy, inquisitive, and happy? In her latest release from Kids Yoga Stories, the kids color yoga book Maria Explores the Ocean, author Giselle Shardlow celebrates those qualities.