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Supreme Squeeze Examines the Benefits of a Strong Grip for Women

The day of the weak and vapid handshake is over for women and they can develop a strong, confident grip with Supreme Squeeze hand grippers. Women need a strong grip for the same everyday activities that men do – in the kitchen, office, gym, and stress relief. To help women make informed decisions about hand grippers, the firm offers an exploration of the device's benefits.

Supreme Squeeze Announces Black Friday Specials

Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, announced that the company will be offering a 15 percent discount on its hand grippers on Black Friday only. The Black Friday sale marks the last opportunity consumers will have to experience this type of savings before the Christmas rush.

Supreme Squeeze Names Top 6 Ways Hand Grippers Fit Into the Day

Eric Currey, spokesperson for Supreme Squeeze, has released the company's Top 6 ways that individuals can incorporate the use of hand grippers into their daily routine. The devices are a means of improving strength in the hands, wrists and forearms, providing flexibility, endurance and stability for performing a variety of tasks.

Mint Condition Fitness Tailors Personal Training Programs to Meet Health Goals for the New Year

LogoSometimes sticking to the same workout routine over a period of time is not effective in accomplishing healthy body goals. Switching up the approach may be the solution to achieving the results desired. That is the exercise philosophy practiced at the Philadelphia personal trainer gym, Mint Condition Fitness, where strategies are regularly updated to assess goals. Unlike regular fitness centers, the company provides personal training packages that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of their clients. Michael Mickles, the personal trainer and founder of the studio, believes that the key to becoming healthier is to focus on the overall well-being of the body rather than one specific area.

Raspberry Ketones Site Launches to Provide the Most Pure Raspberry Ketone to the German Market

Raspberry Ketones are a compound found in raspberries that have been shown in clinical studies to greatly improve the metabolism when consumed in large quantities. While eating that amount of raspberries could prove difficult or even dangerous, supplement manufacturers have found a way to isolate and condense just the active ingredient so individuals can benefit from its effects. RaspberryKetones.de is an online resource center providing information on the products for the German market, and is now making their best rated products available to buy.

Everything Exercise Introduces Expansive Collection

Everything Exercise, a well known online mall has offered users a wide range of products including fitness equipment from Best Brands, which assures them of their quality. Importantly these products are competitively priced as well.

Website Announces Exclusive Limited Time Offer for 21 Days Fat Loss Program

Primefitnessbootcamp.com has recently announced the latest discount offer for 21 days rapid fat loss fitness program being offered by Prime Fitness Pasadena. According to the latest offer, customers can avail the 21 days fitness program book by just paying only $21 USD. The spokesperson of the website disclosed that the same program will normally cost $147 USD but the price cut was offered in order to make the program more accessible and practicable to people in Pasadena area as well as other states in America.

MaxFitness+ Announces Their Private B & a Event Only for Email List Subscribers

The World Health Organization reports that obesity rates around the world have nearly doubled in the last 35 years. In 2014, nearly 2 billion adults were overweight, with 600 million of them being considered obese. With many countries around the world facing the burden of chronic conditions and diseases associated with being overweight, it is safe to say that obesity is now a worldwide epidemic.

Crowdfund Buzz and David Bronstein Have the Cure to Stop Holiday Weight Gain

LogoVarious studies and surveys of holiday weight gain over the years have shown that holiday revelers can gain as many as ten pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. Thanks to finger food and scintillating snacks not to mention colossal dinners with all the fixings and, of course, alcohol, holiday weight gain is accepted as a fact of life.

Myeverbalance.com Announces the Effectiveness of Pilates Method and Its Basic Principles and Health Benefits in Achieving Optimal Health

LogoBecause of the emergence of a wide range of irreversible health conditions and disorders plus the escalating cost of medical treatments as well as the alarming number of people who die from such diseases, people have been more conscious about their health. People have become more cautious in what they eat and they have made use of natural food supplements to prevent developing these ailments. However, these precautionary measures may not be enough to attain optimal health; the need for engaging in various physical activities is imperative.

SWEAT IT out Offers Exercise Clothing for Upcoming Winter Season

LogoWith fall underway and winter fast approaching, many outdoors exercise enthusiasts have begun to prepare for the inevitable cold weather. A lot of people enjoy exercising outside during the winter season, even in the colder climates, but it does present challenges in avoiding getting injuries or getting uncomfortably cold. While proper warm-up is crucial before going outside to exercise in the cold, the right gear also plays a big part in making exercising in the winter more comfortable and effective.

Viva Fitness Announces Wild Success of Workout App

Viva Fitness, a steam workout routine introduced two years ago, has received a large number of downloads and is now popular on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. The international aerobic dance fitness program is available on iOS and can be downloaded onto any iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android device.

Instructor Music Launches Download Section for Aerobic and Fitness Professional Music

In an official announcement made by the administrators of instructormusic.com, the highly anticipated download section has been launched which will allow aerobic music lovers to easily download original artist mixes at minimal prices. The name for the newly launched download site has been revealed as mp3.instructormusic.com. A representative of Instructor Music commented, "We are very pleased to declare the news that the download section for our site is available now and interested people can check it out."

Health Fitness and Beauty Tips Launches Information Database

LogoHealth Fitness And Beauty Tips has created an information resource that users can refer to this holiday season and make sure they work towards their Health goals without any hassle.

Diana P Has Launched a New YouTube Video About How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month and How She Easily Did It

LogoThe people who watch her video can download the exact same routine Diana followed for losing 15 lbs in 30 days. The video can be watched in this url https://youtu.be/2RPwO56lhbI and people can get for free a weight loss meal plan for 1 week, a great ebook called "How to lose weight fast with morning workouts done on empty stomach" and a full body workout video for 18 minutes.

Kim H Has Released a New Video in Which She Shares How Many Calories She Consumed Each Day to Lose 16 Pounds in 30 Days

LogoAfter having lost 16 pounds in a month, Kim H has released a new video in which she shares her weight loss story and how many calories she consumed each day for 30 days.

Kimberly H. Has Just Released Her New Video About How Many Calories to Lose Weight Fast

LogoKimberly H. has just released her new video about how many calories to lose weight fast. In her video she explains in detail how many calories one person must consume per day to lose weight.

Future Fitness Cherry Hill Location Announces Partnership with Local Athleta Apparel Store

Women who appreciate both form and function in their athletic wear are likely familiar with Athleta, a fitness outfitting company known for its colorful patterns, flattering fit and durability of product. Future Fitness Centers, with 7 locations in South Jersey, strives to keep up with the health and fitness trends its members love by setting them up with unique opportunities in the region. This month, the Future Fitness Cherry Hill location has announced that, each Sunday, it will be partnering with the Athleta store in nearby Marlton, NJ, to offer a variety of different classes with no gym membership required.

Hand Grippers Are Quickly Becoming a Gym Essential

From fitness centers to hard core gyms, trainers are advocating the use of hand grippers for improving athletes' technique in the gym. They offer strength training for the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms that's critical for performing a wide range of tasks that include dead lifts and bar work.

Valens Fitness Channel Encourages Healthy Lifestyle and Makes Deep Connections with Viewers

It is a known fact that while most people know that eating a balanced diet and working out are crucial components to a healthy lifestyle, daily tasks get in the way and people fall into bad habits. Successful UK based entrepreneur AJ Joshi has created a fitness channel and brand on Periscope named Valens (myValens.com), that features ordinary people who have been through fitness journeys to inspire people to get healthy and feel good about themselves. In just a few weeks, Valens has shot to the top of Periscope and it holds the #1 ranking for fitness channels.

Nina B Roze Introduces Variety of Stylish Women's Activewear to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

A variety of stylish and comfortable women's activewear, yoga apparel, sports apparel and other clothing items are now available on the website Ninabroze.com. Originally designed by Nina B roze, the active apparel allows women to enjoy their regular workouts, exercises, yoga and other activities to help maintain their active and healthy lifestyle. The activewear collection features leggings, sports bras, workout clothing, fitness wear, printed activewear, yoga pant, mesh tops and other items.

Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers Improve Strength for Guitar Players

Eric Currey, spokesperson for Supreme Squeeze, noted that anyone contemplating learning to play the guitar can make their journey much easier by preparing their muscles with hand grippers. The devices are equally applicable for professional guitarists and musicians playing instruments that require a lot of finger, hand and wrist movements.

King Athletic Extends 50% off Discount on Its Newly Released Product, the Loop Band Set

King Athletic is proud to announce a new product to its line of fitness equipment to the market – the Loop Band Set. The premium set has three individual bands with different level of resistance. These loop bands are designed with premium, durable rubber to be used for heavy-duty lifting and workouts.

myketocoach.co Reveals a Perfect Diet Plan

The ketosis diet plan was originated back in 1924 to treat the epilepsy but over the years the ketogenic diet plan has been changed into a healthy diet routine that help improve fats, skin and energy level of human body. The ketogenic diet plan is designed to tend the needs of normal human body and help body sustain its energy level. The proper proportion of fats and proteins help human body construct and rebuild the cells that re damaged or lost doing energy consumption. The easy keto diet includes the appropriate level of fruits, vegetables, meats and grains combined to provide healthy and tasty diet for all.

Crowdfunding Campaign Successfully Underway for U-GYM: Pro Sports Gear & Wearable Muscle Stimulator

The fitness lovers and healthy lifestyle enthusiast can now rejoice as a new portable Professional Muscle Stimulator is soon to be launched, the U-GYM: Wearable Muscle Stimulator for pro sports is going to be a connected workout buddy to use whenever & wherever which will also feature a smart health management APP for fitness on the go. The U-GYM project is currently in need of funding to cover the tooling, manufacturing and various other expenses. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo with a funding goal of at least $60,000 to be raised within the next 26 days.