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The Best Deals on Health and Fitness Are Now One Click Away

'Health is wealth' is an ancient saying and it stands to be true even today. The only catch is, in order to maintain the best health, one has to forego most of his wealth because investing in the health of the body and the mind can prove to be very expensive. But, it is an investment that cannot be overlooked. To help people make the right choices in health and fitness, Busbywellness is here to take the load.

Hand Grippers Proven to Aid Memory and Concentration

Hand grippers are a compact fitness gadget that is used to improve hand and grip strength. This affordable yet well-known apparatus fits into the palm of the hand with two handles. The mechanism works when one squeezes the two handles together instantly engaging several small muscles within the hand, wrist and forearm. So how does this help people to focus?

New Hand Bag Accessory Is Becoming Rapidly Popular Amongst All Ages

Hand Grippers are a well-known fitness tool used for improving hand and grip strength. Considering the current fitness boom and increased awareness of health and fitness this compact yet effective device really comes as no surprise.

Boxers Who Train Their Hands Perform Better

Boxers are known for having an intense and strict training schedule but what many don't know is that they continue to work on their craft outside of the ring by using hand strengthening tools such as hand grippers.

Researchers Investigate the Benefits of Hand Grippers

Hand grippers are a grip strengthening tool that has been available on the market for a long time, however with so many benefits from such a small and affordable tool we investigate if the hand gripper is one of the best workout investments.

BioGanix Announces Game Changing Weight Loss Supplement with Pure Forskolin Extract with Money Back Guarantee

Sticking true to its motto of shunning man made ingredients for natural ones, BioGanix has once again delivered a weight loss supplement that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Using an organic ingredient sourced from the Coleus Forskohlii plant, the Pure Forskolin Extract combines all of the plant's power and unique weight loss qualities in a simple, easy to consume supplement. Although the method through which the Forskohlii Extract helps aid in weight loss is novel, the process is effective and simple to understand. Such is the confidence that BioGanix has in its latest offering that the manufacturer now offers guaranteed results or money back within a period of 30 days if users are not satisfied.

PhuketFit Launches New Active Cleanse Program

LogoPhuketFit,  a company working towards the fitness of people  announced to launch a new active cleanse program in a small press meet here today.  The program offered by the company detoxifies and cleans the waste from the body making a person healthy.  It comes with many other health benefits. Sources have confirmed that the program has been experimented on many people earlier. Most of the people found a positive change in their body.  The program has received great reviews from the clients.

PhuketFit Releases 'Active Cleanse' Program

LogoPhuketFit™ has launched its new 'Active Cleanse' program to assist users in getting healthier, happier and more energized. The resort has experienced Detox consultants and qualified Nurse. They apply a diversity of medical tools to identify the exact treatment for any specific condition in the body.

Why Office Workers Need Grip and Hand Strength in the Workplace

Think about the typical day of any office worker and what is required. If they are not working frantically at their computer typing away they might be signing documents or filling in paperwork. Perhaps they might be tied up with other administrative tasks such as filing, photocopying or even making a much needed coffee.

Local San Diego Author Wins San Diego Book Award

LogoImaginations 2: Relaxation Stories and Guided Imagery by Carolyn Clarke, San Diego area children's yoga instructor and author, was named the winner of the Children's Nonfiction San Diego Book Award this year. Clarke's book is a collection of stories that harnesses children's vivid imaginations to calm their bodies and focus their minds.

Fitness Enthusiast Launches Treadmill Body to Assist with Home Fitness Machine Purchases

Fitness enthusiast, Mike Coleman, announced the launch of his new website, Treadmill Body . Coleman provides in-depth reviews and information about fitness equipment to assist individuals make informed decisions about their fitness equipment purchases before they buy, along with general tips on maintaining fitness.

hardinghealthnfitness.com Launched Health and Fitness Products Online

Health and Fitness have become a passion for millennials and young professionals. From having a gym membership for use once in a while, this generation has moved on to pursuing multiple channels of keeping fit – both physically and mentally. Adventure sports have become a part of people's lifestyles, and more and more youngsters are joining the fitness bandwagon. Recognizing this trend, a new health and fitness store is opening up online, specifically to cater to the fitness fanatics among us. The founder of the new store, Shane Harding, has been a fitness freak for several years now, and is turning his dream into a business. He says that his new store will offer customers a completely redesigned experience, with innovative streams of information along with curated products sorted according to niches.

New Health Tip Discloses How Elite Athletes Rise to the Top

One of the most commonly forgotten and overlooked aspects of fitness is grip strength. The most surprising part is that every athlete needs grip strength. Grip strength goes well beyond lifting weights it is essential for tackling in football, holding a racket in tennis or even throwing a ball in basketball.

Anora Yoga Fusion Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Yoga as a practice has grown exponentially in the last decade with over thirty million practitioners in the US alone, spending close to $27 billion dollars annually. It is practiced for physical therapy, stress relief, religious observance, and as a part of a fitness program. For many, "yoga" is a lifestyle and their practice of this therapeutic physical resource requires equipment that meets their needs of observance. The Anora Yoga Fusion mat and towel combination is a revolution for yoga practice as it prevents slippage from sweat or moisture, as well as, providing relief without breaking routine.

Gaya Fitness Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Maternity Fitness Wear Production

LogoToday's expectant women continue to engage in fitness activities, but very few companies make maternity fitness wear that are specifically designed for a woman's changing body.  Gaya Fitness has developed a complete line of high-performance maternity fitness wear with exceptional attention to function, technical fabrics, comfort and design.  The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of this maternity fitness wear line.

Fun N Fitness for Life Announces New Collection

Fun N Fitness For Life has come up with options including supplements and other products, which will ensure that users keep up with their goals of being in their best shape and Health.

Kids Yoga Stories Announces New Release Ella's Summer Fun, an Exciting Summer Kids Yoga Book for Preschoolers

LogoSummer is here, and what better time to encourage a child to think about fun in the sun and the benefits of yoga at the same time? That's the spirit behind the new release from author Giselle Shadow and Kids Yoga Stories. Kids yoga story fans have responded to Ella's Summer Fun with enthusiasm.

Rough Runner Is Taking over Clapham Common

Something special is happening in London this September and it's sure to create quite a wave. Never before has an event of this nature, with obstacles this grand and unique been brought within the city limits. And, not only is it a first but it's completely different to all the other events out there. On the 19th and 20th of September Rough Runner will be bringing their obstacle course race to Clapham Common. Now the legendary Travelator will be on the doorstep of millions of Londoners.

Qualified Personal Trainer Explains Why Grip Strength Is the Backbone to Fitness

Each individual will naturally excel in different areas of fitness. Some will be able to run faster than others, some will have good hand an eye coordination or even have incredible aim and control. However no matter the sport or profession an individual participates in one area is in high demand, grip strength.

New Survey Reveals an Unlikely Muscle Group That Gets Female's Attraction

Let's think about it, forearms are the muscle group which are most frequently visible. Though it is a commonly overlooked area when it comes to body building and body transformations the research has revealed that this is what women want!

MetroFit Health Initiative in Oklahoma City

LogoMetroFit has enacted a major health initiative in an effort to keep employees, students and the community as a whole, as healthy as possible. The Wellness Department of Metro Tech was given a grant of $35,000 from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation Wellness Initiative Grant Program for the betterment of the community.

Fitness with Popeye Launches Vast Collection

Fitness With Popeye has become a dedicated online store that users can trust to find all the Health related products they need to make sure they are functioning at their optimum and in the best possible shape.

Get Heart Healthy This New Year with Neil Stephens, a Top Boxing Trainer Seattle Washington

Boxing as a preferred training mechanism is growing in significance given the many benefits of this low impact yet effective form of fitness training. Considering how important it is to invest in cardiovascular health, it is imperative to seek fitness that is focused towards building the strength of the heart.

Why the Stay at Home Mom Needs Grip Strength

If one is a stay at home mom, grip strength is something one needs to use every day! Household chores, cleaning and raising children demands grip strength more than most people assume.

Pro Lifters Secret to Lifting Heavy Is Revealed

Deadlifts are one of the fundamental lifts that effectively use all muscle groups. Typically leg, core, back and shoulder strength is areas which aid this movement. However, one area many people often under estimate and find as a limiting factor is forearm strength and grip strength.