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Announcing the Launch of Reviver Electrolytes on Amazon.com

LogoAnnouncing the launch of Reviver Electrolytes at Amazon.com. Reviver Electrolyte supplement is the newest electrolyte drink in oral rehydration tablet form. This supplement is designed to provide effective relief for hangover symptoms, efficient electrolyte replacement, and safe dehydration treatment for a variety of users. Reviver Electrolytes is exclusively available at Amazon.com at a special discounted price.

Flyasports.com Offers High-Quality Sports Accessories at the Best Prices Is Great News

Here is a news that may excite those who are on the look-out for items such as running belts, elastic waist bags, magnetic running pouches, gym wear, yoga wear, body-building or fitness wear, etc. China-based Shenzhen Flya Sports Goods Co., Ltd. ensures to offer these items at the best prices.

SWEAT IT OUT Supplies Athletes Everywhere

LogoAnyone looking for breathable compression gear to wear while working out or playing a sport is encouraged to explore the myriad of products available on SWEAT IT OUT®'s website. Their innovative products are designed to help reduce the possibility of injury, as well as help those suffering from muscle aches and pains recover quickly and stay in the game longer. From knees, hamstrings, calves, quads and hips to upper & lower backs, shoulders, elbows and wrists, SWEAT IT OUT® has the gear any athlete needs to feel more confident while playing.

Baglic.com Enhanced Customers Experience by Adding FAQ

LogoBaglic™, an established leader in Tennis Elbow Braces products, today announced the introduction of its new FAQ page at www.baglic.com.

Pull-Up Professors Revive an Old School Exercise

PullupProfessors.com is ushering a revival of an old school exercise - the pull ups. The pull ups have long being hailed as one of the best upper body exercises for building strength and muscle, old school fitness buffs can still be found today who speak praises about pullups and their many benefits for the arms, chest and back. The Pull up professors are one such team of fitness experts who want more people to incorporate pull ups in their regular workout regime by spreading scientifically backed information, tips, fitness advice, and pull up bar and equipment reviews.

Peak Power Sport 'Empowers' the Sports Community with Its New Graduated Calf Compression Sleeves

LogoFollowing on from their recent success of their compression foot sleeves, Peak Power Sport have added to their line of compression products with the introduction of their new 20-25 mmHg graduated, breathable and lightweight calf compression sleeves. Peak Power Sport CEO Rich Mallinson announced: "As part of our vision to help people stay active and minimize injury with the best possible sports gear, we're excited to bring to market our new premium-quality graduated calf compression sleeves which we know will prove to be popular with runners, sportspeople, travelers and even ordinary people suffering from aching legs after being on their feet all day."

The End of Summer at Spring Mill Athletic Club

LogoFor kids, moms and dads alike, summer's end means ramping up to finish off the year strong. The time for vacations is nearing its end, so the whole family will be looking for ways to stay active and have fun around their school or work schedules.

Socialsport Dance Club Is Now Offering a Free Intro Special

Socialsport Dance Club teaches people in Montgomery County, PA, and other local areas, how to dance. They specialize in private ballroom dance lessons and private wedding dance lessons in Chestnut Hill, PA, as well as the surrounding areas. They typically give lessons to beginner adults, including those who have never danced a day in their lives. Single men and women as well as couples can partake in the lessons held by Socialsport Dance Club. This company takes pride in helping their customers turn a challenge into the experience of a lifetime. For those who have never taken lessons before and aren't sure what to expect, Socialsport Dance Club is offering a free intro special.

PerformTex Kinesiology Tape Being Used During Football Games

With the NFL preseason coming to a conclusion, professional football teams are quickly narrowing their rosters down to the 53 men. For those who make the team, it is a great accomplishment. For those who do not make the cut, it is back to the drawing board. While making the roster does not guarantee long-term job security, it quickly raises a player's stock across the league. With so many talented athletes to choose from, sometimes injury risk becomes the deciding factor whether somebody gets a contract. Injury prone players are considered high-risk, and many general managers are risk averse when it comes to keeping a backup player. Over the last couple years, kinesiology tape has been a common tool among football coaches of all levels to help their players with injury recovery and prevention.

Innovative Exercise Approaches Found at FITLIFE

LogoMotivated individuals determined to achieve specific fitness goals, as well as experience weight loss near Warrington, PA and surrounding areas, need look no further than the personal training staff at FITLIFE. The experts strive to see each of their clients succeed through hard work, dedication and perseverance. From mudder training, fitness boot camps and nutritional counseling to spinning classes and fitness programs for teens near Richboro, PA, the unique services offered at FITLIFE accommodate for a multitude of different interests.

Fitbit Charging Issues Are a Thing of the Past Thanks to Mobile Mob's New and Innovative Range of Accessories

Fitbit fitness trackers are popular products used around the world. Their aim is to help inspire people into leading healthier lives using technology. The trouble is, that same technology can sometimes be a curse as well as a blessing!

LetlerFit Presents Its Booty by Letler E-Book

LogoBooty By Letler is a twelve week program focusing on activating the glutes as well as the quads, hamstrings, and lower abdominals. The workouts featured in the program can be done at the gym or in the privacy of the home and there are very few materials and time commitment needed to get started. A set of dumbbells and a yoga mat are the essentials and the workouts can be performed two to three times per week in just 30 to 45 minutes, taking into account busy schedules.

5 Intriguing Stats from Analyzing over 10,000 Runners in Singapore

LIV3LY has revealed the results of its inaugural analysis of over 10,000 runners in its database. The analysis was done in May this year as part of LIV3LY's first campaign to celebrate the spirit of running in Singapore. The results are visualised as an animated infographic for easy and fun viewing.

SmartChoice Fitness Encourages American Women to Get on Their Bikes as USA Win Gold and Silver Medals in Cycling at Rio Olympics 2016

The Rio Olympics are in full swing and among the many medals won by the USA so far, two have been in Cycling.

Just Active Releases a Two Part Video Series Showing Its Highly Rated Reflective Running Vest in Use in the Dark

Great for all ages and abilities, running is a hugely popular form of exercise and comes naturally to most us almost. In fact as a tiny toddler its one of the first things we learn we do. A survey undertaken by Reuters on 21 June 2013, regarding exercise habits of 1200 adults, between the ages of 24 to 44, showed nearly 75% said they worked out at least once a week and usually alone. Running was the most popular form of exercise.

Portable Golf Speaker & Phone Charger System Seeks Crowdfunding

LogoConsumer electronics maker Sound Caddy Golf has announced the pending debut of its first product, the Sound Caddy, and is seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter to begin its initial production run.

There's Something in the Water at Future Fitness

This August, The Olympics are set to take place in Rio, Brazil. As one of the most popular televised events, millions will have sport and competition on their mind. The world's greatest athletes will compete in the Summer Games for the glory of gold and the pride of countries. Millions of eyes will be watching the Olympic swimming competitions, a field historically dominated by the U.S.; but, at Future Fitness, national-level swimmers will be taking to the water as well.

A Challenge and Rewards at Future Fitness Centers

With Summer slowly approaching its close, there are only a precious few weeks for fitness fanatics to show off the gains they've achieved over the course of the last three seasons. Fall brings about a new opportunity to renew a dedication to peak fitness levels, and Future Fitness is ready to assist that dedication.

HeartFlex Shares 10 Easy Tips for Countering a Sedentary Lifestyle

LogoA sedentary lifestyle has become more and more prevalent with each passing year. Simultaneously, life has become increasingly busy with tasks that take away from finding time to exercise. With this reality comes a dire consequence that needs to be combated with movement. Being inactive has been linked to 5.3 million deaths globally per year – compared to 5.1 million deaths linked to smoking. These catastrophic numbers call for a serious yet practical response. Current NHS and British Heart Foundation guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week and scientists suggest that an hour's worth of "brisk exercise" each day offsets the risk of early death linked to a desk-bound working life. The HeartFlex Workout Machine is a truly viable solution for adding movement throughout the day, quickly and affordably, with the everyday person in mind.

Direct Sales Company FITTEAM Global Announces 2016 Dream Bigger Event

FITTEAM Global, a leading healthy lifestyle company in the direct sales industry, reports that it will host its next event, themed "Dream Bigger", in Cleveland Ohio October 14-15, 2016.

Analysis of LIV3LY Database Reveals 5 Unique Stats About Runners in Singapore

LIV3LY has revealed the results of its inaugural analysis of over 10,000 runners in its database. The analysis was done in May this year as part of LIV3LY's first campaign to celebrate the spirit of running in Singapore. The results are visualised as an animated infographic for easy and fun viewing.

HealthyWiser Offers a Product That Helps Improve Athletic Performance

Ordinary individuals and professional athletes have two different ways to monitor their health and their pH levels. It is important to monitor the pH levels of the body seriously and this should be a habit. Having the right pH levels is important for every athletic performance.

Blood pH Testing for Athletes Can Be Done with HealthyWiser's Digital pH Meter

Experts have always seen the importance of blood pH testing for athletes, more than any other ordinary person. If there is anybody who is using their body organs more often than others in terms of rigorous activities, those are the athletes. There are several products that can test pH levels of substances among which is HealthyWiser's digital pH meter.

Cool Things to Do All Summer at Spring Mill Athletic Club

LogoThe warmest days of the year have rolled into Southeastern PA and families across the area are looking to spend their summers in an enjoyable way. Parents will be looking for activities that help them stay in shape like crossfit around Warminster, PA and ways to keep the kids entertained like summer camp.

Royal Lioness LLC Steps Into the Active Wear Market and Announces Two New Store Locations

In this day and age, people are turning to everything possible in order to shed some pounds and get the fit body they have always dreamed of. Out of all the products out there, waist training gear is gaining in popularity, thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian. One of those companies that are showing interest in waist training gear is Royal Lioness LLC.