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Excel Body Fitness on a Customized, Holistic Approach to Exercise

LogoFitness is no longer a luxury. It is an absolute necessity. People are working longer hours while the percentage of work that is physical in nature has dramatically decreased. Technology and better mass transportation have also fostered a much more sedentary lifestyle in modern Americans of all ages. Young and old are experiencing depression, anxiety and loneliness in untold numbers due in part to the lack of physical activity in group settings they regularly fail to engage in.

Choosing the Right Gear for Parkour Activities, Now Made Easy by the Best Parkour Gear

Widely-popular Parkour Gear review website, thebestparkourgear.com makes choosing the right gear for Parkour activities, easy. They publish informative articles, reviews and different useful and helpful instructions and guidance about Parkour, which is a huge help for people who are into Parkour activities.

Ab Roller by King Athletic Offers Effective Ab Workouts, Stability and Reduces Risk of Back Injury

The Ab Roller by King Athletic offers a better alternative to ab exercising than simple crunches. The freshly launched ab exercise machine helps sculpt the core and tones the shoulders, back and arms in a single body exercise. Its ergonomic design elongates the spine ensuring central and oblique abdomen muscles are engaged during the motion. As a result, people can more easily achieve their workout goals without hurting their neck and back through badly performed crunches.

Lose Weight Very Fast Releases Before and After Video on the Impact of 'The Gastric Sleeve Procedure'

The enviable team of weight loss experts at Lose Weight Very Fast; an online information board that is dedicated towards sharing useful insight about safe ways to losing weight and losing it real fast, is excited to announce that they have released (on their website) a revolutionary 'before and after weight loss method' that is guaranteed to simply shock everyone who is desirous of knowing how to lose weight super-fast.

King Athletic Launches Ab Roller, an Abdomen Carving Exercise Machine

King Athletic announces the launch of the AB ROLLER, an abdomen exercise machine that offers maximum support and stability during ab workouts and helps work out the entire core area by elongating the spine.

Newly Released CopperJoint Copper Arthritis Gloves Gets Good Reception by Amazon Buyers

CopperJoint copper compression gloves were recently launched by company and has gotten a good reception from Amazon customers. Both loyal and new CopperJoint shoppers were informed of the launch promo to which they have received the product well.

King Athletic Stability Disk Became a Hot New Listed Item on Amazon, Two Weeks After Launched

The inflatable balance disk by King Athletic, after just two weeks of being listed on Amazon has been featured as a HOT NEW listed item in the popular online marketplace. King Athletic expressed the brand's pleasure that individuals from across the U.S. and beyond have chosen the King Athletic wobbly cushion for active sitting and exercising.

Atrium Run Tournament Paves Way for 2017 German Championship

The Atrium is currently one of the few institutions that are helping many individuals to achieve the thrill of winning coveted trophies in different areas of sports. It has been popular for operating fighters from different walks of life.

King Athletic Stability Disk Makes Active Sitting a Reality for More People

Sports gear brand, King Athletic, has launched its first stability balance disc on Amazon and the official King Athletic ecommerce site, helping more individuals improve posture and mobility, strengthen their core, and engage in the latest health trend of active sitting. The stability balance disk can be used for standing exercises to add variety to one's existing fitness program and as a wobbly cushion for sitting whether at work or at home.

CopperJoint Gives a Launch Discount on New Compression Arthritis Gloves

CopperJoint has recently released a new product: arthritis gloves, with it the owner and co-founder Jon Deal offers a 12% discount that comes with the launch of the product. Shoppers can take advantage of the launch discount through Amazon for a limited time only.

Purest Vantage Magnesium Oil Spray Aids in Better Athletic Performance

Athletes at all levels of ability require sufficient magnesium to perform at optimal levels. Even a small deficit can impair performance and a pure magnesium oil spray offers a convenient way to boost magnesium levels that can be applied daily.

People Can Track Their Run with Runtopia and Get Feedback for Every Mile They Go

For people who are serious about staying fit, here is a piece of good news. The Runtopia app helps the users to lead a healthy lifestyle by mapping their run and tracking their workouts. The app can be downloaded from the website www.runtopia.net. The app provides a fantastic combination of sports and social networking where the user can record the route taken, the speed, the number of calories burnt and the distance and share it with the workout community. The user can have his own followers and will also get likes from various people who are impressed with his workouts. It can also be downloaded from the App store. It is also available on Google Play. The app shows the distance covered, the duration and the average speed. The user will be able to analyze his performance on every mile by looking at the statistics. The app will help the user plan his road runs and set a new target for himself regularly.

Career Opportunities at Future Fitness

Future Fitness, recently voted Best of the Best by South Jersey Magazine, is gearing up for the summer season by offering employment opportunities to fitness fans in the South Jersey area. The gym will be holding a job fair on two separate days in mid-June. Everyone interested in starting a promising career in the world of fitness is encouraged to attend.

Top Home Remedies Announces Launch of Informative New Site Focused on Health and Fitness

LogoFinding quality information about how to lose weight in a safe way, how to live healthily is not always an easy task since the Internet is full of various websites with a variety of questionable information. The recently launched Top Home Remedies website, created by Patricia, gathers all of Patricia's knowledge about fat burner products, fitness and more, to provide those who want to lose weight all the information that they need to start living healthily.

Runtopia – An App That Combines Sports with Social Network

Health awareness is on the rise and more and more people are now investing their time in carrying out several physical activities like running and other exercises to stay fit. In order to keep up the enthusiasm levels of the people to continue with the workouts, a new app called Runtopia helps in tracking a person's running session and workout sessions. Runtopia is a GPS running tracking tool for running records and tracking daily exercise. It helps the person to live a healthy lifestyle like walk, run and jog. It also provides information on the distance covered, the duration of the walk or exercise, the speed and the calories burnt. The user will get constant feedback and statistics that will help him improve his performance.

Neglecting Sore Muscles Could Potentially Lead to Chronic Pain

After a large workout or playing a game of sport there is a high chance that you will fall victim to having sore muscles. A recent study has identified that leaving your muscles to recover without myofascial therapy could be doing serious damage and result in chronic pain.

New CopperJoint Compression Wrist Sleeve Received Well by Amazon Customers

CopperJoint wrist support is received well by Amazon customers, both loyal CopperJoint clients and new shoppers. CopperJoint added a compression garment in their current product line. With the release of CopperJoint Wrist sleeves a few weeks ago, it has already gotten a good reception from clients who have been expecting the product.

A Review Site That Helps in Choosing the Right Weight Loss Plan That Comes at an Affordable Cost

Those who try to choose the right guide so they can look good in a swimsuit may be interested in the news that Bikini Body Guide Review has come out with Kayla Itsines Bikini Guides that can help them in their task of making their choice. Bikini Body Guide Review points out how, as we get older, our metabolism starts slowing down and we put on weight fast.

Style and Comfort: iXCC Releases Silicone Sport Bands

LogoiXCC® has launched their lineup of the Apple Watch Soft Silicone Replacement Sport Bands, designed for a comfortable fit and built to last. These sport bands are available in variants to suit either the 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch.

Turmeric Use Is Believed to Be as Effective as One Hour of Exercise

The use of turmeric has been popular since time immemorial. Nowadays, it is increasingly becoming one of the widely used medicinal spices. Individuals who need to manage a healthy may also benefit from the spice.

King Athletic Launches Stability Disk Offering Other Solution for Energetic Children and with ADHD

Newest in King Athletics line of spring sporting goods, the stability balance disk has landed on Amazon and the official King Athletic store as of May 2016. King Athletic has developed and launched a premium stability disk cushion which doubles as a wobble chair seat disk for children and adults. Fitness-wise, the stability disk helps improve balance and strengthen one's core. The wobble cushion helps alleviate back pain and soreness located in the upper back, shoulders and neck due to a sedentary lifestyle and other poor posture habits.

Getting Fit in Balmain Just Got Easy with Northstar Martial Arts

In the inner west suburbs of Rozelle, Lilyfield and Balmain fitness is a very popular pastime. With several gyms, Pilates, yoga and personal training studio's healthy lifestyle is a way of life. Easily located next to the popular bay run, you will see people of all ages walking, running and cycling. One way to get in the best shape of your life that you may not have considered is at the Northstar martial arts studio located on Darling St Balmain Sydney.

Northstar Martial Arts Offers Better Value Than a Personal Trainer

Northstar Martial Arts – an initiative of Andy Dickinson - offers the best martial art programs for fitness, plus increasing your confidence and awareness. Northstar Ju-Jitsu offers a great workout, but also mind and spiritual practices you won't get in any gym.

King Athletic Launches Stability Balance Disk with Lifetime Warranty

Sports gear brand King Athletic has launched its first ever stability balance disc. The stability disk can be used for exercising and sitting on, but its main benefits are strengthening core muscles and relieving back and shoulder pain. It is expected that the King Athletic wobbly cushion will be highly popular with people leading sedentary lifestyles and individuals with chronic back and shoulder pain.

Cotton Yoga Burn Helping Career-Driven Women Across the Globe to Lose Weight in Their Homes

Current statistics show that more and more number of women today are struggling from major weight gain. The pressure of work and home have been the major factors behind the reason why most of the women cannot seem to be able to shed the excess weight.