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Future Fitness Centers of NJ Announce Winners of Medford and Mt. Laurel TRX Plank Competitions

As far as exercises go, planks – where an individual holds the entirety of their body weight on their hands or forearms and feet in a modified push-up position, working many muscle groups at once – may seem easy to an outside observer. The reality, though, is that most people, even those who are very physically fit, can't hold this demanding pose for very long. To provide incentive and friendly competition to members, Future Fitness Centers in Medford and Mt. Laurel recently held a TRX Plank competition, for which they have announced the winners.

BAMS Martial Arts and Fitness Announces Relocation and Grand Opening Event

BAMS Martial Arts and Fitness, formerly The Bam's Kung Fu Academy, announced today that its grand opening and open house event will take place on Saturday, September 26, 2015. The event marks the private martial arts academy's relocation after 20 years of service and contributions to the local community. The academy offers kids and adults martial arts programs, kickboxing fitness classes, self-defense classes for women and more.

Daily Yoga 6.0 Released with Brand-New Layout and Awesome Features

Daily Yoga Inc., the most popular fitness & health app developer, just announced an updated version of its flagship application Daily Yoga in Google Play Store bringing it to version 6.0.The update was revamped with a whole new look and layout for a more pleasant and better yoga practice experience.

Timonium Personal Trainer and Baby Boomer Fitness Expert, Stephen Holt, Finalist for PFP Legacy Trainer of the Year Award

Timonium Baby Boomer fitness expert and personal trainer, Stephen Holt, has been named one of five finalists in the Legacy Division of Personal Fitness Professional (PFP) magazine's 2016 Trainer of the Year award.

Livin the Healthy Way Unveils New Collection

Livin The Healthy Way has now ensured that users can get their hands on Health and Fitness products without too much hassle or burning a hole in their pockets.

Myeverbalance.com on Effective Methods of Alleviating Arthritis Pain Through Alternative Exercises

LogoArthritis is one of the leading causes of disability that affects 1 out of 5 adults, most of which are all under 65 years of age. Arthritis does not only affect the mobility of the individual but also the well-being and overall health of the person. There are no cures for arthritis, the only important way to be able to manage arthritis is to be in constant movement or remain active. And yet, 90% of people suffering from arthritis are less active. One of the primary reasons of this is due to the stiffness and pain that people suffering from the arthritis are having.

Verticaljumptraininghq.com Reveals the Key Techniques to Increase Vertical Jump

Verticaljumptraininghq.com, a popular website for providing various training methods to achieve higher vertical jump has recently revealed the ultimate formula to increase vertical jumps. Although we may find quite a lot of sites on the subject of vertical jump, most of them are often spread with inaccurate, false claims, and useless information. According to the experts at verticaljumptraininghq.com, jumping is higher is in fact a scientific subject. Thus the key formulary according to the experts is "power=velocity x force". So this means applying a strong force in a very less time as possible. In simpler terms, it means the more force one can apply; the faster they can apply that force thus resulting in bigger power output.

Namaste Yoga Gear Launches an Expansive Collection

Namaste Yoga Gear has unveiled its vast collection of Yoga Accessories, apparel and other products that are high on quality and low on prices.

Health Benefit Blog Announces Launch of Informative New Blog Focused on Health, Fitness News and Reviews

LogoHealthBenefitAdmin.com is a web blog that talks about eating healthy natural food and lifestyle. The website is a free health blog that provides tips and helpful information that will help you achieve and maintain good health with updates on natural health news.

Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers Provide 66 Pounds of Pressure for Maintaining Muscle Strength

Hand grippers are an effective muscle strengthening tool for those living with arthritis, carpal tunnel and tendonitis. Supreme Squeeze hand grippers provide individuals with 66 lbs. of pressure to build muscle strength and improve grip. They're equally applicable for anyone concerned about maintaining muscle mass into their later years.

Goodhealthcommons.com's Take on Achieving and Maintaining Optimal Health Through Alternative Home Excercises

LogoTo make one's body healthy, intensive exercise and proper diet can do the trick. Eating the right food and working out to burn unnecessary fats and calories that are stored rather smartly in some parts of the body is what many are doing. As every day becomes riskier for the health of many, people are always in constant need to find a place to make their body healthy and fit. Same goes to women, many workout plans for women have been made throughout the years. Women just like men are conscious when it comes to health and being fit.

Goodhealthcommons.com on Health Expert Advice of Alternative Workout Engagement as a Way of Achieving Optimal Well-Being

LogoPeople tend to take their body for granted. People choose to fill their time with work that finding time to exercise is no longer an option. Some people practically dodge when exercising is involved and quickly move away. Exercising poses significance in everyone's lives and most people do not understand its importance. As exercise creates a negative feed for anyone, the term "exercise" for many is equivalent to pain, which is where people are more allergic to. Well, good news for everyone as there is another form of exercise that will burn at least 100 calories for men and 69 calories for women without feeling exhausted and muscle aching.

Supreme Squeeze Names Top 7 Benefits of Improving Grip Strength

Grip strength is essential for performing a variety of tasks and Supreme Squeeze has released its Top 7 benefits acquired by using hand grippers. The company's unique hand grippers offer a full 66 lbs. of resistance for a more effective method of obtaining or maintaining grip strength.

Fitness Just Got More Meaningful with fitRaise's Addition of Fitbit and Under Armour Apps Integration

fitRaise, Inc. announced today the implementation of several new features to their fitness fundraising platform. The company provides a virtual crowd-funding event platform that allows supporters of a cause or charity to earn donations for every mile that they run, walk, or cycle during an event.

Fahrenheit Yoga Studio Now Available to Accept New Clientele for Hot Yoga Sessions

LogoFor many beginners to the world of yoga, the practice of hot yoga can seem quite intimidating. However, Fahrenheit Yoga Studios works to dispel these fears and show them the right way to get the best results and improve many aspects of their lives through the practice of yoga. The modern yoga studio is excited to announce their availability to accept new clientele for hot yoga in Nashville, TN.

Rankrunner Launches a Kickstarter Campaign to Reinvent Running

RankRunner is an online platform where rank your position in a worldwide ranking as a runner. Also you can upload your training and official race times and prepare yourself for upcoming races.

Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers Offer a Complimentary Method of Stress Relief

Supreme Squeeze co-founder, Nathan Brandes, announced that the company's unique hand grippers offer a better challenge for building strength and dexterity and can offer an effective means of relieving stress. According to the American Heart Association, hand gripper exercises relieve stress associated with high blood pressure.

Shapely Workout Results with the InstaCurve Workband Waist Cincher

Many women seek solutions for maximizing their workout, especially while targeting their waistline. The waist can be the most difficult body part to tame, since it is often challenging to work the full range of abdominals. However, the Instant Curve Workband Waist Cincher from InstaCurve can help women achieve their dream curves by adding waist-shaping power to any workout.

New Direct Sales Company FITTEAM GLOBAL Announces New York Event

FITTEAM insider and publisher of the most current company information website, SuccessWithFit.com, reports that FITTEAM GLOBAL will host its quarterly event, themed "Dream Bigger", in New York October 2-3, 2015. FITTEAM GLOBAL is a new Direct Sales company in the Health and Wellness industry, with a distinctive compensation plan, experienced leadership, and a single product designed to help individuals get FIT, announced SuccessWithFIT.

Comprehensive 3 Week Diet Program Receives Positive and Mixed Reviews from Users

The 3 Week Diet, weight loss program by Brain Flatt is a recently introduced diet that promises quick and effective weight loss within a short period of time. Much like what the program promises, the new diet program has gained much popularity with in a short period of time, many people have tested, reviewed and discussed the benefits and the drawbacks of the program. Online reviews are spread across the internet that range from highly positive to mixed appraisals.

Book Publisher Recognizes Vitality Stick in New Book Release as an "Amazing Solution for the Everyday Workout Challenges of the over 40 Population"

LogoThe book publishing company recognized the San Diegan as a world class innovator who is totally committed to solving the health challenges of all ages but particularly the mature population with unique needs to exercise safely.

Squat Bootcamp Hosted by Scott Tucker

Healthy lifestyle blog Fitness Life Stories will preview Scott Tucker's "Squat Bootcamp for Beginners," happening in Buffalo, NY this October. The mission of the bootcamp will be to educate adults on how to safely execute a body weight squat and simple variations of the squat to build strong lean muscles.

Hand Grippers – The Easiest Grip Strength Solution

Improving grip strength can be challenging and tedious, finding exercises that isolate the hand, wrist and forearm can easily become boring and awkward, however a fitness mechanism known as a hand grippers is a proven easy solution anyone can use.

Primal Gym to Host First Annual Combatives Camp in Atlantic City This September

LogoThis September, Primal Gym is set to host their 1st Annual Combatives Camp at Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. The event takes place on September 12 and 13, and is $150 to attend for one day or $250 for both days. Instructors will include Primal Gym's Owner and Head Coach, Jim McCann, Hock Hochheim of Force Necessary, and Nick Hughes of Nick Hughes Combatives. Special guest instructors will be Primal Gym's Mick Thornton and Dieter Casier of Reality Fighting.

U.S Kids Will Exercise for 10 Continuous Hours During National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in September

In a unique attempt toward the fight against childhood obesity, children in the United States are going to exercise for ten continuous hours on Thursday, September 30, 2015 in the seventh annual Exercise US, or Exercise United States day. September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. As stated in US News & World Report referring to the Exercise US program - - "In a unique attempt to fight childhood obesity and cuts being made to school physical education programs, elementary, middle, and high schools from New York to Hawaii and Alaska have signed on to a newfangled "fitness relay" event."