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City Tap House in University City Announces 2016 SWEAT + SIP Summer Fitness Series

LogoCity Tap House in University City, a restaurant and craft beer bar located in Philadelphia, PA, is pleased to announce their 2016 SWEAT + SIP Summer Fitness Series. Every Sunday from now until August 28, 2016, this restaurant in University City will be collaborating with SWEAT Fitness, Philadelphia's premier fitness club, to host body-burning workout sessions. Two of the best things about these classes is that they are free, and they will have live DJs spinning tunes to keep participants energized.

Health and Fitness Brand Says Small Tweaks in People's Lifestyle Can Make a Difference in Their Well-Being

SmartChoice Fitness have a simple message they wish to get across to people – Live the Life You Deserve! In our fast paced modern world, many people think being healthy and looking after both your physical and mental well-being is a luxury they cannot afford in either time or money. This is simply not true.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest with Personalized Fitness Tips from Elite Fitness

Elite Fitness, a renowned provider of Fitness Tips in Boca Raton, is now offering a wide range of fitness tips, which can help individuals in promoting their physical and mental wellness. They have a team of certified trainers who provide personalized training to each of their clients individually. This fitness center has designed a variety of health and fitness systems to suit the busy lifestyle of the people. They have their own Merhi method which has been developed by Elite Fitness owner, Elie Merhi. This scientifically proven method is the most optimized, effective body transformation system in existence. Every member of this fitness center is trained and strives hard to meet the specific requirements of the customers.

King Athletic Ab Roller Increases Stability While Improving Core Strength for Athletes

King Athletic has recently launched its latest ab-targeting exercise machine, the Ab Roller. The new ab carving and core-strengthening workout tool generates more muscle activity than regular crunches, and helps athletes and amateurs alike achieve balanced strengthening of the entire core.

A Strong Core Is Vital for Daily Life - King Athletic Advocates on Launch of New Ab Roller Tool

People and athletes need a strong core, King Athletic says. From improved stability and muscle flexibility to better posture and less back pain, a strong core can favorably impact one's daily life. Daily, non-specific nuisances like back pain, improper breathing, and the execution of physical tasks through a wrong position and form are often the result of a weak core. King Athletic says targeted core strengthening tools like the Ab Roller can help people reduce back pain, increase joint and muscle flexibility during movement, and overall improve the execution of daily tasks.

Website Unveils Complete Review of Nitric Max Muscle Supplement

In a recent development, clubnitricmaxmuscle.com has posted a new review of the much talked about natural supplement Nitric Max Muscle. According to the view of one of the site's representatives, the review will offer all the necessary details, facts and components that make up Nitric Max Muscle.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week with This Diet

LogoLet's say one needs to attend an important event, like a wedding ceremony or a high school reunion, so there's a fear that everyone going there will notice how that festive dress or outfit just doesn't fit quite as good as it should!

Starting the Holiday with a Burn at Future Fitness

On July 4th, The U.S. will celebrate its 240th anniversary of independence. Independence Day is always a special time for friends and family, they will share food and stories, typically at a cookout. These memorable occasions are often filled with burgers, dogs, chicken and other foods that can often stand in the way of a diet.

For Women's Health Inc. Has Started Their July Yacon Syrup Sale on Amazon

LogoFor Women's Health Inc. has started their July Yacon Syrup sale on Amazon. During the month of July, people can buy their organic Yacon Syrup with 50% off and with each purchase, they can get their new weight loss program for free!

Yogalifestyles.com Discusses the Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

LogoFrom the past months, Yoga is becoming the buzz word when it comes to fitness and health. This is proven by a recent survey wherein 9 out of 10 people chose yoga over an excessive workout routine, jogging, and sports activities. The mass of people who join the survey believe that yoga is not just some sort of an exercise but it is a lifestyle which is about harmonizing the body with the mind through different breathing exercises. This statement is greatly supported by yogalifestyles.com which is one of the leading websites that tackles about yoga and meditation.

Socialsport Dance Club Offers Private Dance Lessons for Couples Before Their Wedding

Socialsport Dance Club specializes in teaching private dancing lessons to beginner adults, people who have never danced before, and more. This dance club is located in Abington, PA, and serves people throughout Montgomery County, Chestnut Hill, and the surrounding areas. They understand that learning a new skill, especially a physical one such as partner dancing, can be a challenging experience. Socialsport Dance Club takes that challenge and turns it into the experience of a lifetime. They are here to help those seeking private wedding dance lessons in Chestnut Hill, PA, as well as other local areas.

King Athletic Launches Ab Roller for Professional Athletes

Sports brand King Athletic is extending its range of exercise equipment with a new addition — the Ab Roller The ab carving exercise machine is available on Amazon and the official King Athletic online store. This tool helps athletes build an exceptionally strong core and back muscles, essential for carrying out demanding physical tasks and movements during their sport of choice. Apart from making abs more 'hardcore', ab wheel rollouts help improve mobility in the joints and flexibility.

Smart Choice Fitness Offers Tips for Those Beginning Journeys in Fitness

For those who've recently decided to aim for a healthier lifestyle, including fitness and well-being, the path can be challenging to navigate. Smart Choice Fitness has released tips to help people along their journey.

King Athletic Ab Roller Improves Stability and Offers Efficient, Targeted Ab Workouts

King Athletic has recently announced its first Ab Roller, an ab building exercise machine that increases core stability, improves posture and reduces the potential of lower back pain. With essential features like a sturdy metal shaft and comfortable grip handles, the Ab Roller has already become a workout favorite just a few weeks into its release. It offers a complementary targeted workout for the abdomen and lower back that benefits people's other workout regimes and boosts their sports performance.

YogaLifestyles.com Introduces the Proper Diet in a Yoga Lifestyle

LogoYogaLifetsyles.com is a leading website that provides the most comprehensive information when it comes to yoga and meditation. In preparation for the International Yoga Day this 2016, Yogalifestyles.com discusses the proper yoga diet in a yoga lifestyle. According to this renowned website, there is a great difference between practicing yoga and living a yoga lifestyle.

YogaLifestyles.com Reveals How Yoga Helps Prisoners to Rehabilitate

LogoYogaLifestyles.com, the leading website that provides insightful tips about yoga and meditation, reveals that yoga can help prisoners to rehabilitate while serving their sentence in prison. According to YogaLifestyles.com, six of the prison facilities in New Zealand are making the most out of yoga practice to help the prisoners in coping up with the stress and anxiety caused by staying inside the four corners of the jail. Aside from that, the group that teaches yoga also aims to collaborate with the other four prison facilities located in New Zealand.

Fitness and Well-Being Company Have Created a 'Not to Be Missed' Offer when Buying Their Newly Launched 'Smart Belt', to Support a More Active Lifestyle

Recent reports indicate that an unhealthy lifestyle can take up to 23 years off a person's lifespan. This cannot be ignored, especially when simply tweaks can and will make such a difference to this outcome.

Physiotherapist Launches Weight Loss Program for Women with No Time or Space for Exercise

Emagrecendo.info is a blog that focuses on health and fitness, its basic purpose is to inform, educate its readers through information, tips, advice and in depth product reviews. Recently, the website shared a detailed review of the Corpo de 21 weight loss program that has been created by a physiotherapist, Olivia Andriolo for the women who lead a sedentary lifestyle with less time for exercise and not a lot of space.

CopperJoint Knee High Socks Launch Ends on a High Note After Exceptional Sales

CopperJoint closes the launch of their newest product knee high compression socks in a high successful note. The launch started off great with Amazon customers taking advantage of the launch promo just a couple of minutes within the launch. The stock intended for the promo almost instantly ran out of stock in which a couple more customers had to request coupon codes for them to take advantage of the launch promo.

Spin with the Whole Family at Future Fitness

Future Fitness, one of the premier fitness centers near Moorestown and across South Jersey, is switching their spin classes into high gear. In recent years, group cycling classes have grown in popularity at the gym. In June, the fitness center will be holding an event to celebrate spinning, open to the whole family.

FLM Training Ltd. Continues to Receive 5-Star Client Satisfaction on All Social Platforms

Fitness Leisure and Management Training Limited (FLM), a Manchester-based training provider that offers a wide variety of Work Based Apprenticeships and Professional Development in both Sport Leisure and Management sectors, continues to receive widespread praise and social media acclaim for their commitment and unwavering devotion to clients.

Fun Fitness 4 Seniors Announces Expansive Collection

Fun Fitness 4 Seniors, a noted Online Mall, has announced its Expansive collection that has several cool and fun products that tick the right boxes for all users including seniors.

CopperJoint Running Compression Socks Prove Popular Among Amazon Shoppers

With the recent launch of CopperJoint running compression socks, it has proven itself to be a well accepted product among Amazon shoppers. The product launch came with a discount promotion wherein customers can purchase a pair of socks at a very affordable price for a limited time offer. It seems that the product has well been anticipated by shoppers since the promo stock almost immediately went out of stock right after the launch on the first day. As a result, the owner and co-founder of CopperJoint, Jon Deal, had to add more promo codes for customers to take advantage of. The launch proved to be a huge success and the product proved to be popular among shoppers even only after a few days from launch.

Athletes Plan to Gain a Competitive Edge Through the FITLIFE Athletic Summer Training Camp

LogoAll local young athletes are now urged to gain a competitive edge by participating in The FITLIFE Athletic Summer Training Camp, which begins on June 20th and ends on August 25th.

Crazybulkwiki.com Publishes Comprehensive Information and Reviews on the Ultimate Body Building Product

crazybulkwiki.com, a premier website that publishes information on legal steroids and supplements has recently published comprehensive information and reviews on the ultimate body building product. According to the information provided at the site, crazy bulk is the ultimate product whether a person is looking to improve their endurance or sculpt up the body to perfection or gain muscles. The information provided at the site also added that this particular product is a legal steroid without any known side effects.