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Namaste Yoga Gear Unveils an Expansive Collection

Namaste Yoga Gear has unveiled its vast collection of Yoga Accessories, apparel and other products that are high on quality and low on prices.

Extreme Weight Loss Plan Launches New Diet to Stay Slim Long Term

It has been reported that according to global trends, one of the major ailments that is epidemic to urban habitats is obesity. The unhealthy food habits, excessive eating, lack of exercise, etc has led most urban dwellers to grow overweight.

Innovative Results Gym Launches Active Performance Training Class

Most gyms and fitness programs only focus on weight loss or aesthetics. Orange County's Innovative Results Gym (IR) goes against the grain. The personal trainers at IR continue to push the envelope on fitness training by launching the Active Performance Training Class.

Yoga Teacher Shares His Wisdom on Holistic Healing

LogoAuthor and yoga teacher Colin Wolpert shares his experience in "Your Feet Face Forward: An Inspiring Handbook to Life" (published by Balboa Press – a division of Hay House) of his approach at healing his body with holistic medicine and yoga.

Expert Reviewer Warns on the 21 Day Fix Program for Weight Loss

FollowHolly.com has issued a warning on the popular 21 Day Fix program for rapid weight loss. The website expands on the program and reveals the pros and cons of trying it out.

Liberty Sports and More Unveils New Range of Products

Liberty Sports And More has unveiled a smart collection of Sports gear and products that users can make the most out of to get closer to their goals.

Timonium Personal Trainer and Baby Boomer Fitness Expert, Stephen Holt, Named PFP Magazine Personal Trainer of the Month for February 2016

Baby Boomer fitness expert and personal trainer, Stephen Holt, has been Personal Fitness Professional (PFP) Magazine's Trainer of the Month for February 2106 and a finalist for their 2017 Trainer of the Year award.

Spring Mill Athletic Club: Offering Something for Members of All Ages

LogoThis month, Spring Mill Athletic Club, one of the premier gyms in Ivyland, PA is offering ways for the whole family to get in shape. The staff at the athletic club knows the importance of staying healthy and will be assisting members of all ages reach their fitness goals. Three programs will be taking place in the coming months at Spring Mill Athletic Club. Sign-ups have already begun, so those interested should contact the athletic club as soon as possible.

PerformTex Offers More Than One Size Fits All Products

One size fits all products are marketed to consumers as convenient, but they often equate to awkward fits for many. PerformTex™ understands that a one size fits all approach is relatively ineffective, and is a lazy cost-saving strategy used by companies. The manufacturer of elastic therapeutic sports tape aims to reverse industry apathy toward individual sizing needs by offering customers with a selection of sizes of their products.

Links to the Latest 21 Day Fix Discounts and Offers Unveiled on 21dayfixes.net

According to one of the recent blogs at 21dayfixes.net, those interested in buying the 21 Days Fix program can use the links provided on the article '21 day Fix Discounts' to avail the latest discounts, promos, and coupons for different packages and bundles. As per the words of the representative of the site the links were a result of a deep online research.

FITLIFE of Ivyland, PA Offers Fitness Classes for All Ages

LogoIt's best to start a healthy lifestyle early, beginning with plenty of physical activity and a balanced diet in childhood. But no matter one's age, it's never too late to get in shape and make life-changing improvements in one's fitness habits. FITLIFE, one of the preferred fitness centers in Southampton, PA, offers fitness classes and personal training in Southampton to Bucks County residents looking to improve upon their existing fitness habits or develop them for the first time, no matter how old they are.

Arm Toner Sleeves from Shape & Slim Help Women Achieve Toned Arms

LogoAs the Spring and Summer months fast approach, women across the country are looking at their bodies and trying to find ways to improve them. From dieting and exercise, to flattering clothing, women want to look great and feel confident in their own skin. Fortunately, one company in particular has picked up the proverbial mantle and is steadily helping women appreciate their arms and obtain features that are more toned and firmed. The Shape and Slim Tone Sleeves are designed to do just that – to fight the sagging skin of the arms. These comfortable, stretchy sleeves are characterized by all natural ingredients and non-restrictive knits that help eliminate fat. They are sure to be popular, sought-after products in the coming months as women seek to improve their natural beauty.

Yoga at Future Fitness in Mullica Hill

"You Can Do It" yoga has been a hit at Future Fitness. For quite some time, the gym has offered yoga classes in South Jersey; but, this beginner course has made yoga available to those of all skill levels. Osha Ray, the instructor, guides the class through stretches and balance poses that are geared toward making yoga a long-term practice, starting at the beginner level.

2016 New Model Runner Waist Pack with Zippered Pockets Is Now Available for Runners, Hikers, Travelers & Others

For Runners, Hikers, Travelers and others, Shenzhen Flya Sports Goods Company now brings high quality runner waist pack with solid features. The waist pack allows a person to go hands-free to keep a variety of items safe and intact while engaged in running, jogging, hiking or any other activity. Made of quality Spandex-Lycra material, the waist pack is easily washable to keep it stain-free and new-like.

Premier Santa Clarita Gym Has Announced That It Is Now Accepting New Members

LogoStrike Krav Maga, a preeminent Santa Clarita gym is now accepting new members. The Santa Clarita gym has built its reputation on its dedication to the Krav Maga art. The principles of Krav Maga are firmly imbedded in the teachings of the gym and can be clearly seen when viewing a training session.

Woodlands Strength and Conditioning Offers 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

Woodlands Strength and Conditioning offers the best personal training in the Woodlands. All the clients of Woodlands Strength and Conditioning get individual attention by professionally trained and highly experienced trainers. All the trainers at Woodlands Strength and Conditioning understand the importance of personal training, especially for beginners who do not have much knowledge about the dos and don'ts of fitness training.

GioSport Running Belt Now Available with Free Shipping on Orders over $35

LogoNow available at a discounted price of $18.95 on Amazon, the GioSport Running Belt can now be purchased with free shipping if customers spend over $35. Customers can save substantially on this compact, two-pocket belt that has been highly praised thus far. A large 6.2 x 3.5 inch pocket accommodates smart phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus, iPods, and Android devices and has a hole to fit the earplug wire through. Users can store keys, cards, and money in the small 4.7 x 3.1 inch pocket. Launched on Amazon in May 2015, the bag measures 10.6 x 3.9 inches.

MyEverBalance.com Discusses the Possible Benefits of Practicing Rage Yoga

LogoMyEverBalance.com, Jacksonville's leading yoga studio that made its mark in offering health and fitness classes which include barre, Pilates, and yoga tackles the possible benefits of practicing rage yoga. MyEverBalance.com discusses the advantages of rage yoga after learning about a class that advocates the kind of practice that is a total opposite of the conventional yoga.

Myeverbalance.com Talks About the Life-Changing Impact of Barre Workout to Most Women

LogoBarre instruction course is a high-intensity, low-impact fitness workout that has become popular over the years. It is a blend of yoga, ballet and Pilates that is great in enhancing the endurance and body strength of its practitioner. Barre instructors Tetyana Boyeva and Jennifer Barry identified the importance of Barre instruction course to the lives of people. Being available for years, barre workout is starting to make a name for the many benefits it provides to many.

90 for Life Youngevity Announces New Collection

90 For Life Youngevity, a reliable online store has offered users an exciting range of Youngevity Health products that can tick the right boxes for all users.

At Future Fitness Things Are Going Swimmingly

Future Fitness, home to yoga classes in South Jersey, is pleased to announce the start of their new class of swim clinics beginning March 14. The Swim Clinic is here to teach children and teens all types of strokes to better develop their skills in the water. The clinic is structured as a developmental program to better help those young swimmers improve their skills in a few weeks under a coach's instruction.

CJ Fit Fix Unveils Wide Range of Products

CJ Fit Fix has made things a lot easier for the Health conscious, who can now go through the vast collection at the online store and find what they are looking for with ease.

Crystalclearhealthyliving.com Launches Comprehensive Health Products

For all those who wish to have the best when it comes to their health, the website crystalclearhealthyliving.com/ can be considered. It deals with health supplements, workout regimes, healthy recipes and many beauty items. The prices of all these are believed to be reasonable and the quality, good. From simple recipes that can be made from items readily available at home to easy workout sessions, this promises to be a one stop shop for all health enthusiasts.

Yoga's Therapeutic Effects Potentially Beneficial for Arthritis Sufferers in Pain

Arthritic conditions continue to make the life of many people painful and extremely difficult. While there are pharmaceutical pain relief drugs available, its use is associated with side effects. This is why more and more individuals with arthritis are looking for natural means to fight the condition and improve their quality of life.

Sullivan Centre Announces the Launch of New Comprehensive Body Sculpting Program

LogoNationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Sullivan announced today the launch of Comprehensive Body Sculpting (CBS), the Sullivan Centre's unique new body contouring program. The program is designed to help patients achieve their best body shape under Dr. Sullivan's expertise and guidance.