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Supreme Squeeze Explores the Link Between Grip Strength and Overall Health

Grip strength is important for everyone, not just athletes, and Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, noted that grip strength can be an indicator of overall health. An effective means of improving strength and health is the use of hand grippers that exercises muscles groups from the fingers to the forearm.

Best Selling Brand Releases New Loop Bands and Offers a Lower Price

King Athletic, a best-selling sports brand, welcomes its newest product to the market - the Loop Band Set. The premium set features three individual bands of varying resistance. These loop bands are heavy-duty and are made of premium, durable rubber.

Introducing Tushi Activity Tracker Wristband with Clip

LogoThe number of people who are health conscious has been on the increase in the recent times. People want to stay healthy so they can keep fit and keep ailments at bay. These health conscious people may be glad with the news that Tushi has brought out an Activity Tracker Wristband & Clip that acts as a Sleep Monitor also.

Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers Improve Grip for Rock Climbing

The popularity of rock climbing has dramatically increased over the last 10 years and it's a favorite among young children and those who engage in extreme activities. The sport also comes with a variety of related injuries that can be minimized by using hand grippers.

Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers Help Lower Blood Pressure, Improve Vessel Function

Eric Currey, spokesperson for Supreme Squeeze, announced that using hand grippers can aid in lowering blood pressure and improve blood vessel function. They also strengthen the muscles and help combat the loss of grip strength that occurs as part of the natural aging process.

Innovative Results Gym Teams Up with Massage Therapist, Adam Kristoffer

Innovative Results Gym (IR) is known for its out-of-the-box programming. Its signature 60-minute group workout sessions include exercises that improve mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, and power. It's no surprise that clients achieve rapid results, whether it's to lose weight, get lean, recover from an injury, or just maintain an active lifestyle outside of the gym. To achieve even faster and greater results, IR has collaborated with sports massage therapist extraordinaire, Adam Kristoffer. As a recovery specialist, Kristoffer ensures that clients continue to move pain- and injury-free.

New Weekly Wellness Plans Service Launched

Naturally Belle, personal fitness coach, is pleased to announce the launch of her weekly wellness plans. Beginning October 16, clients are able to access her 8-Week Wellness Plan, Health Transformation Program and custom Weekly Plan. These plans offer a number of benefits which were not available previously. The Wellness Plans also have all the high quality service which customers have grown to expect.

Supreme Squeeze Addresses the Need for Forearm Strengthening

Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, noted that many men concentrate on the size of their biceps when they should be using hand grippers to build strength in their forearms. A strong forearm is essential for grip strength and helps in performing a variety of movements needed in body building, weight training and physical conditioning.

Announcing Steven Shade's Road to the World's Toughest Mudder

LogoThe Shade family of Wilmington, N.C. is proving that "you never know what you can do until you try" by undertaking two of the toughest obstacle course races in the world.

Announcing Isa-Genius: Australia's Premier Distributor of Isagenix Products

Isa-Genius is an Australian distributor of Isagenix Products. The family-run firm was born out of a desire to help people buy Isagenix online without buying it abroad.

Aline Pilani Has Just Launched Her New Ebook "How to Lose Weight Fast with Morning Workouts Done on Empty Stomach" on Amazon Kindle

LogoAline Pilani has just launched her new ebook "How to Lose Weight Fast With Morning Workouts Done on Empty Stomach" on Amazon Kindle.

FITLIFE Offers Semi-Private Fitness Training for Conditioning and Weight Loss

LogoPersonal training is among one of the most effective methods for getting in shape. Whether an individual wants to start their personal training routine to lose weight, meet personal strength and conditioning goals, or a combination of the two, personal training offers consistency and support for meeting those goals steadily. At FITLIFE of Ivyland, PA, a personal training facility near Southampton, individuals can enroll in semi-private fitness training.

Slimfy Weight Loss Review - Ultimate Fat-Burning Health Supplement

Having an excellent health means having more success in goals. However, reaching for an ultimate overall health and wellness isn't that easy especially when nowadays, individuals are more exposed or introduced to instant food, high-calorie restaurant and fastfood meals, lifestyle driven with vices, fatigue and stress, restlessness and more bad habits. All these factors cause health deterioration and most commonly result into obesity or overweight problems.

Supreme Squeeze Reveals How Hand Grippers Can Provide Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel disorder is a painful condition that affects the nerves in the hand and wrist. The syndrome can cause disability if not addressed and Eric Currey, spokesperson for Supreme Squeeze, has released information on how hand grippers can assist individuals gain relief.

Best Pre Workout for Women Publishes Reviews of Top Five Women's Pre Workout Mixes of 2015

The use of pre workouts used to be male dominated, but as women commit to their fitness and take themselves to the next level, they are starting to use them more and more. However, many pre-workout supplements were formulated for men, including things like creatine, which adds water weight to muscles, causing a bulking effect. Fortunately, there are now products designed specifically for women, and the number of these products hitting the market is on the rise. Best Pre Workout For Women has now collated their reviews into a top five for 2015.

My Personal Trainer Website Introduces a Hassle-Free Marketing Resource for Trainers

According to Statista, the global fitness industry grew by 7.8 percent between 2013 and 2014. Year after year, this sector is poised to experience significant growth. While that is great news for those who wish to see a decline in the worldwide obesity rate, it also means competition amongst fitness trainers is only going to become more fierce. With more competition comes the need for fitness trainers to make themselves stand out and make sure that their business rises above the rest.

Health and Wellness for All Launches Expansive Range of Products

Health And Wellness For All has unveiled its range of Health and Fitness products that can tick the right boxes for all users who are trying to make a positive change in their lifestyles. They can find the products they need in one place at reasonable rates.

Pediatric & Adolescent Behavioral Counseling Announces Launch of Yoga Therapy for Children and Teens Services

It's well known yoga practice can bring adults peace of mind, help with physical fitness and have a long list of other benefits. What's less well known is how much yoga can help children and teens with mental health issues. Fortunately, a Troy and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan based mental health counseling center, Pediatric & Adolescent Behavioral Counseling understands how helpful yoga can be for these age groups. They have recently announced their new Yoga Therapy for Children and Teens services. Their work has been show to deliver remarkable relief to children suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, esteem issues, anger, ADHD, and autism.

Supreme Squeeze Names Top 10 Benefits of Grippers for Hand Therapy

Many people with loss of grip strength or who have difficulty manipulating items don't realize one of the best kept secrets for alleviating those problems is hand therapy with hand grippers. Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, announced that the firm's hand grippers are now available for home hand therapy use.

Finally, a Business Tool-Kit for Fitness Professionals

Pro-Health Academy is the fitness professional's one stop shop to launch or revamp your business. Fitness professionals can access customizable websites, hosting, SEO, booking software, animation videos, logo design and more! The PHA team have created an easy, cost-effective and user friendly experience for the fitness professional. This is obvious when one lands on their home-page and navigates through the sign-up process. The professional can have their business online and thriving in less than 2 weeks, with easy step-by-step instructions.

Creator of the Bellyminator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoThe Bellyminator is a tool that allows users to maintain core body strength, improve posture and tighten abdominal muscles through reminders to keep their stomach muscles tight throughout the day.  "Core muscular strength is vital to a healthy existence," notes the creator of Bellyminator. "Our core muscles are literally at the center of everything we do.  They are what keeps our back aligned, cause us to stand up straight, and keep our stomach from showing the familiar 'pooch' or subtle sagging over the belt. However, an alarming amount of people struggle to maintain a strong and toned core due to failure to maintain the core muscle tension present in workouts."

Supreme Squeeze Reveals Why Grip Strength Is a Key Component in Physical Fitness

The importance of grip strength should never be underestimated and Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, noted that grip strength should be considered a key element of any fitness regimen. The firm's hand grippers feature 66 lbs. of resistance for improving the muscles in the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.

Losing Weight and Fat Now Possible Without Starving or Without Restrictive Diets

The number of people who desire to lose their weight has been on the increase and for them, the good news is How To Lose Weight NJ.com is offering a fool-proof, science-based weightloss solution that has been designed specifically for their body. According to How To Lose Weight NJ, the solution they offer works for a lifetime which means that users can have permanent results. Apart from shedding pounds, users can increase their energy also. They need not starve nor do they need to fear that they will gain their weight back.

GettinFit Launches to Provide Ultimate Guide to Activewear and Fitness Accessories

Fitness is becoming the increasing concern of more people than at perhaps any other time in history. Our sedentary lifestyles and sit-down jobs have made getting fitness into the day an active pursuit rather than a passive part of earning a living, and this means people must make time for it in their leisure time. As a result, people want fitness to be fun and inspiring. GettinFit is a new website that is helping people start out their fitness revolution the right way, with reviews, news and guides from the fitness industry.

Ion Motivators Releases New Motivational Performance Sleeves While Helping Children's Cancer Charity

Ion Motivators, a leader in the performance sports accessories market, has announced a new product. In addition to maximum performance benefits, the new Ion Motivators Compression Sleeves are designed to provide motivation as well. Ion Motivator's Compression Sleeves provide a continuous motivational message to remind athletes to strive to do their best at whatever sport or activity they are participating in. And, a portion of each sale helps Have a Heart Children's Cancer Society, a great charity helping families of children stricken with cancer.