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Airwheel, "Avengers" in the Intelligent Electric Self-Balancing Unicycle

Recently Airwheel announced the news that its new product model would be published in this June. People still remember the surprises that Airwheel last released product Airwheel S3 brought to us. Unfortunately Airwheel didn't reveal any detail about this product launch.

Jim McCann of Primal Gym Announces First Annual Combatives Camp in Atlantic City, NJ

LogoIn September, Atlantic City, NJ will play host to the first annual combatives camp presented by Jim McCann, owner and operator of Primal Gym. McCann will team up with Hock Hochheim of Force Necessary and Nick Hughes of Nick Hughes Combatives on September 12 and 13 at the Tropicana Casino & Resort for a weekend of innovative programs. Through a multi-faceted approach to his training, students and attendees will learn the methods that enable them to reach their martial arts goals.

Mountain Pong Announces Launch of Kickstarter to Bring Multi-Level Evolution of the Classic Pong Game to Market

LogoWhile college is a time for study and hard work, for many it's also when they experience some of the most enjoyable parties of their lives.  Along with these parties come party games, some of which have been played by college students for decades.  Pong is probably one of the most popular.  Recently, a new spin on Pong has announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the money needed to come to market, Mountain Pong.  Mountain Pong offers a more fun, and challenging way to play that's sure to change the game and early supporters couldn't be more excited.

New Caravans by Nova Caravans Offers an RV Option for Everyone

LogoNova Caravans is one of the most highly sought vehicles when purchasing new caravans. The company's recreational vehicles have graced the cover of numerous worldwide magazines and the firm's individual models have been widely featured. They're serving millions of Australians as their home away from home for holidays, weekend getaways and working holidays.

Complaints Mar 50th Anniversary of Uxbridge Shooting Sports

LogoUxbridge Shooting Sports, a gun club in operation for over 50 years has faced complaints from nearby residents in the wake of its 50th anniversary celebration. Councilor Pat Molloy has been leading a forceful and malicious prosecution against the club as part of an anti-business and anti-gun campaign affecting numerous local organizations.

E-Cigarette – Setting a New Trend by Kicking out Tobacco Cigarette

In England, they have put restrictions on the outlaws who try to vape but they can't restrict the harmful habit of tobacco smoking. By labeling tobacco cigarette as harmful doesn't make the alternate method of vaping or smoking healthier. No doubt e-cigarettes are not some equipment that enhances your health, but at least it is not as harmful as the tobacco cigarette. In a way, by opting e-cigarette over the tobacco cigarette, an individual will be making a choice which is less harmful than the other. Even the doctors may not suggest someone to choose from tobacco cigarette or e-cigarette, but the least they can do is to clear the illusion of difference between health factors of e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. Those who are aware of the differences have already started vaping e-cigarette due to its significance. To fulfill the hyping trend of e-cigarettes there are many offline and online retailers in the market who sell varieties of e-cigarettes, and its accessories like E-cig rdas (rebuildable dripping atomizer), clearomizer tank, Li-on batteries and chargers. Having a good knowledge of the accessories is as important as operating an e-cigarette. Vaping is different thing so do the care of the internal and external part of e-cigarette.

Collectible Card Game Retailer CCGCastle.com Launches Brand New Website

CCGCastle.com, one of the world's top sources for trading card games, collectible figurines, and more, launched a brand new website. Commissioned as a way of celebrating the company's eight years in business and better serving customers, the new website is even faster and packed with more features than the one it replaces. Thanks to the new website, CCGCastle customers will enjoy a generous new rewards program, a steady stream of online discount coupons, simplified navigation, and a faster, more enjoyable overall browsing experience. Developed by Connecticut company CWB IT, the just-launched new website will also support CCGCastle's mission to become the number one source anywhere for Pokemon Cards, as interest in that already popular game continues to build.

Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation Celebrates Being One of Alabama's Top Areas for Controlled Deer Hunting

LogoThere's no doubt that deer hunting is very much an American passion. Finding a place where the deer are abundant and the hunting experience is wonderful is a dream come true for many people.  That's exactly what Alabama's Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation offers and much more.  Recently, the plantation, which has existed since 1823, celebrated their being one of the country's top areas for controlled deer hunting and hope to continue exceeding guest expectations whenever and wherever possible.

Artist and Designer Polina Kudelkina Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Open Her Felting Studio

LogoPolina Kudelkina is an artist, designer, and decorator with extreme passion about the ancient craft of felting. She wants to open an independent felting studio that will help save and spread awareness about the art of felting.

FlagSpin Releases New Plays for Coaches and Players to Use During Games

According to Statistic Brain, 20 percent of youth who play in sports state they wish to improve their skills. At this time, one million boys play high school football, allowing those players to find plenty of resources to help improve their skills. Although no one organization tracks the number of flag football players, this sport continues to increase in popularity, and individuals wish to find resources to help them boost their skills in this sport. FlagSpin is this resource.

Ecigaretteopedia Launches New Encyclopedia of E Cigarette Brands with Detailed Ecigarette Public Reviews

E cigarettes are quickly becoming an international phenomenon, as they become increasingly popular among individuals looking for an alternative to smoking. The E Cigarette is a vaporizer that uses a water-based agent to deliver nicotine and flavors to the user, instead of combustible elements that generate tar and other damaging emissions. Because of their popularity, many more people are looking to find out more from an independent, unbiased source. Ecigaretteopedia is a new website created to be that source, and has just launched in order to provide the best and most independent information on e cigarette brands and usage.

Total Home Care & Remodeling Publishes Free Ebook

While moonwalks have been around for years, the increasing popularity of bounce houses has led to an inflatable rental industry, expanding to include inflatable slides, obstacle courses, games, and more. According to industry experts, inflatables are ideal for rental amusement devices because they are easy to transport and store.

10% of Adults Are Now 'Vaping': iBreathe Comments

According to an online poll of 5,679 Americans conducted by the reputed Reuters and Ipsos, 10% of Americans are now using electronic cigarettes, and the substantial figure is anticipated to be similar in the UK. This is almost 4 times higher than the estimated government figure which put e-cig use at 2.6% in 2013. Around 70% of these users had started in the last year alone which suggests that the use of the smoking alternative has increased exponentially. And it only looks to be getting higher. These results are considered to have parallels and implications within the UK.

Avoid Misuse of Firearms with Lincoln 24 Gun Safe from GunSafes.com

LogoPrimarily used by gun owners for keeping their guns protected and out of reach from any misuse, gun safes, today are used in many households as a reliable option for keeping valuables safe and protected. With changing times, huge clumsy boxes have given way to sleek and fashionable pieces which double-up as a home décor item.

The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy Adds New Programs in Super Star Summer Camp

LogoOne benefit to enrolling children into a summer day camp is the new physical skills they will learn through classes featured in the program. At the Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy in Cherry Hill, NJ, they hold extensive summer day camps for kids in South Jersey, called "Super Star Summer Camp," that feature a variety of activities and sports. This summer, the facility is pleased to announce that they have added two new programs to their Super Star Summer Camp. In addition to what the gym normally offers, the summer day camp now entails Flip 'N Trick classes and ninja style obstacle courses.

Mavwon Launches New Products

Mavwon, is a new business that has been set up to help Camping and other outdoor enthusiasts find what they are looking for and get close to Nature.

Coastal Hiking Gear Launches Exciting Collection

Coastal Hiking Gear has unveiled its range of products that includes clothes, gear, accessories and other options that suit the requirements of users.

Hunger Games Movie Boosts Interest in Archery: Outdoor Hobby Shop Comments

The sale of archery equipment in the US is set to grow by 10% over the next few years. The upsurge is attributed to the rapid rise in popularity of the activity, thanks to movies like the Hunger Games, Avengers and Brave. It is in turn expected that this will have a knock-on effect in the UK, with many individuals already interested in making outdoor and adventure-related purchases – seen to be a key new trend. In particular, the ways that these movies portray female protagonists as capable and self-efficient, makes the hobby very appealing to those who may be considering a new activity in order to develop self-confidence. And with summer here, it is likely that many will be considering taking up a new hobby or activity in order to fill up their spare time. Most people will prefer one that can be enjoyed outside, thanks to the warmer weather.

57% of British Public Want to Try out a New Hobby: Just BB Guns Comments

A recent survey carried out by the Alzheimer's Society suggests that most people in Britain are living unfulfilled lives. Contrary to the self-promoting ethos of social media, it appears that the majority of people are not as satisfied with their lives as they would like to be. Over half of the British public surveyed revealed that they would like to try a new hobby or activity but felt they lacked the confidence, time and company to do so. 46% of people shared that they felt too busy to indulge in a new hobby or activity whilst a huge and surprising 40% blamed the fact that they did not have someone to do it with. And 30% of people felt that they would be no good at a new hobby or activity.

KIMREE Releases New Clearmizer Add E-Liquid from Upper Part

LogoKIMREE has released a new clearmizer of mod vaporizer - TIP TANK, equipped with advanced technology of adding e-liquid from upper part, which is the first device in general e-cigarette category. The new technology solves the common problem of inconvenient adding e-liquid in mods.

Get Top-Notch Quality Hookahs & Shisha Tobacco from Headed West

LogoTo derive pleasure, individuals remain in search of quality products that go easy on their health. Individuals can now get top-notch quality Hookahs & Shisha Tobacco from Headed West at competitive rates in order to gratify their senses. They provide an impressive selection of shisha tobacco featuring over 150 flavors. They also stock parts, coals, screens, bases and hoses in order to bring a variety of products to their customers. Individuals can count on them for providing hookahs at different price ranges.

Get a Wide Array of Glass Smoking Pipes in Denver from Headed West

LogoThe craze for smoking has increased in the past few years. To facilitate their customers with the best smoking accessories, Headed West is offering a wide array of glass smoking pipes. The company stockpiles a huge inventory of water pipes and glass pipes that are hand blown. For the convenience of users, the customers are provided with pipes of various shapes, sizes and designs. The range of smoking accessories that they offer include Acrylic water pipes, Chillums, Hookahs, Natural stone pipes, Ceramic pipes, Metal pipes, Hand blown water pipes and many others.

Creator of My Card Club Site Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Development Funds

LogoFriends and family often gather in homes to play cards.  Now, the creator of a unique website called My Card Club that will allow friends, family members and others to play card games remotely, including Texas Hold'em, Euchre, Spades, Bid Whiz and Poker has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise development funds.

Candy Flavoured E-Cigs Popular in China

E-cigarettes are widely renowned as being used by smokers to quit the unhealthy habit. And it seems that the product is popular all around the world, regardless of culture. In China, sales of the product have boomed, and even become trendy. China is also one of the largest producers and consumers of tobacco products with just over half of Chinese men participating in the habit of smoking. Therefore it is not surprising that the sale of e-cigarettes is also significant, with many using the electronic devices to cut down and even stop the consumption of tobacco as health concerns increase. In particular it seems that the variety of flavours which are offered by vaping is what is attracting people to it as a hobby. And the most popular flavour among people? Candy.

Celebrities Back the Good of Gun Sports: Cardigan Sports Comments

According to a recent report, Ceri Sweeney is just one of a number of high profile individuals to come forward in favour of recreational shooting sports. The Welsh rugby player is known to frequently enjoy driven shooting and finds it a highly rewarding activity, whilst already notable for having 35 caps for Wales' rugby team.