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Sauhuton Started Selling a Wide Range of E-Cigarette Accessories and Refills Online

LogoSauhuton, a premium seller of e-cigarette accessories and e-liquids, recently announced that products of nearly all top brands will be available through their website from now onwards.  The owners said that they have started selling electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and e-cigarette accessories of top brands can now be directly bought through their website. They added that complete e-cigarette kits from all major brands are now featured on their product list.

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s Missouri Mavericks Hold Benefit Scrimmage

The Missouri Mavericks, owned by Lamar Hunt Jr., will hold a benefit scrimmage on October 8th at their newly named Silverstein Eye Centers Arena. The Annual Black-Orange Intra-Squad Scrimmage is presented by IHOP and benefits the Community Services League. Entry to the event is free with a suggested donation of non-perishable food items or holiday presents.

Paramount Gymnastics Publishes 2015-2016 Meet Schedule for JOGA Team

Paramount Gymnastics, one of the state's top gymnastics facilities, announced the release at the gym's website of the 2015-2016 Jersey Optional Gymnastics Association (JOGA) meet schedule. In addition to offering classes and practice for youth gymnasts of all ages and experience levels, Paramount Gymnastics maintains active JOGA and USA Gymnastics competitive teams. The new 2015-2016 JOGA schedule will see the Paramount Gymnastics' team traveling throughout the state to compete, beginning with an upcoming meet on Oct. 24 at nearby DC Gymnastics in Hillsborough.

INMOTION Uses the Latest Innovations in Self-Balancing Technology in Their Electric Unicycles and Scooters

The news that the INMOTION scooter and electric unicycle help people in various ways may interest everyone. The following story corroborates this fact.

INMOTION Offers New Electric Unicycles and Scooters

Tahir was preparing to go to his acting workshop and he was excited. In fact, he enjoyed attending the sessions in the workshop. But at the same time, he detested traveling all the way to Werneuchen because it always exhausted him. His mind naturally started looking for options that might make his travel to the place less arduous.

EDF Sportsman Warehouse Announces New Collection

LogoEDF Sportsman Warehouse, a store renowned for its Fishing and Hunting products for many years has now come up with an expansive collection that can tick the right boxes for enthusiasts.

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s ECHL Team Hire Two Left Wing Players

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s Missouri Mavericks have added two additional left wing players to their team roster ahead of the 2015 ECHL season opening. The player additions were a surprise, announced by Head Coach Matvichuk in a video interview posted by the Mavericks earlier this month. At the time of their signing, Scott Allen and Andrew Johnston became the 16th players to be announced as additions to the team.

ECHL Team Owned by Lamar Hunt Jr. Signs Two Defensemen

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s ECHL team the Missouri Mavericks have hired defensemen Patrick Cullity and Wes Cunningham to play on the team for the 2015-16 season. The two men have previously played defense positions for teams in the ECHL and will be moving to Missouri this fall.

World & Texas State Skydiving Records Set During Jump for the Rose "Pinkfest Mini Boogie" Breast Cancer Fundraiser

LogoJump For The Rose (JFTR) today confirmed that a group of five skydivers over sixty has achieved a world record at a breast cancer charity fundraiser the group recently sponsored. Bob Felt, Tom Ruprecht, John Benoit. Gary Greer, and James Parker, all of whom are over sixty years of age, jumped from 14,000 feet to create an unprecedented six-point formation in the skies above Rosharon, TX at the PinkFest Mini Boogie.

420 College Weighs in About the Recent DEA Raids on Native American Reservations

An Indian tribe's goal of harvesting and distributing medical marijuana was foiled this week by Mendocino County sheriff's deputies. Hundreds of plants at two properties in Ukiah were seized by law enforcement officers.

Anything Supplier Unveils New Collection of Products

Anything Supplier has offered a whole range of Camping, Hiking and other products that are high on quality but low on price.

Nautical Ventures Group Hires World Renowned Designer to Develop Proprietary Line of Tenders

LogoThe rapidly expanding organization of Nautical Ventures Group has taken its quest to be the largest reseller & distributor of tenders by hiring renowned designer Fabrizio Di Carne as their in-house engineer for an exclusive new line of tenders.

Bongsmart.com.au Takes on the Issues and Controversies on the Approval of Medical Marijuana as a Legal Form of Medicine

LogoThe use of marijuana in the field of Medicine is still something controversial. Medical cannabis or marijuana is the use of whole and unprocessed marijuana leaves and its extracts for the purpose of treating various diseases and symptoms. However, even though the use of medical marijuana has been utilized for decades, the Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America have not recognized cannabis as a form of medicine.

Pier420 Introduces Its Latest 3-in-1 Vaporizer Starter – Ago G5 Triple

LogoThe government in various nations is starting to consider the use of vaporizer as a better alternative than smoking tobacco and cigarettes which could be the key for smokers to quit smoking. This is because most of the oils, wax, and essence that were put in vaporizers bear the lowest concentration of chemicals that is usually ingested in tobacco and cigarettes in high concentration causing the smokers to be addicted to it. Many health experts see that through vaporizers, it could help people who wanted to quit smoking but do not know where to start, be a nonsmoking person. And since many are eager to quit smoking and now have switched to vaping, Pier420 took this chance to introduce their latest 3-in-1 vaporizer starter, which is the Ago G5 Triple.

Greyhoundchannel.com Launches Its Latest Website with GHC Express as Its Added New Feature

LogoThe Greyhound Channel has launched its newest horse and greyhound racing portal. The website aims to offers a plethora of features that cannot be just found in one horse and greyhound racing website these days. The website is responsive enough for racing patrons who will access the website using their mobile devices as well as their desktops. And on the homepage of Greyhound Channel, navigating it is effortless and savvy as it provides all the features that a racing fanatic would need: from the promotions, racing calendar, betting options, account options to customer service. In addition to this, the site has also added features that fans would probably enjoy, such as blogs, how-to videos and FAQs that is essential for newbie betters.

New Models and Color Options Now at Swegway Boards, Along with Limited-Time Discounts

New styles and colors of the popular Swegway self-balancing board have been introduced at www.swegwayboards.uk. For a limited time, shoppers there will also enjoy discounts of up to 20% on some of the most popular models. Making use of the same basic technology that powers the revolutionary Segway personal transport system, but in a more advanced and compact form, Swegway Boards allow riders to travel up to 20 kilometers on a single, 90-minute charge. Most people are able to learn how to ride a Swegway within 15 minutes, with sensors and powerful chips within taking care of balancing.

Lamar Hunt Jr. Announces Missouri Mavericks Hire New Assistant Coach

Ahead of the 2015-16 season, Lamar Hunt Jr.'s Missouri Mavericks have hired John-Scott Dickson to the Assistant Coach position. This is Dickson's first coaching position, transitioning from on the ice player to coaching staff after four years of playing the left wing position for the Missouri Mavericks.

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s ECHL Team Add Jones Brothers

The Missouri Mavericks, owned by Lamar Hunt Jr., have added two more players to their roster ahead of the 2015-16 ECHL season opening. Twin bothers, Kellen Jones and Connor Jones, both play forward positions on the ice and will begin playing for the Mavericks next month.

The County Hotel in Bath Shares the Latest European Travel Trends for 2015

LogoThe current European travel trends are what make the tourism industry in the countries in this region in its full bloom. It was noted that travel in Europe had escalated to 8% this summer compared to last year's. And although great difference can be observed, the interest of the people to travel in Europe does not seem to decline, as a matter of fact – continuously to rise based on the demographics and booking trends that were released recently.

The Whitbarrow Hotel Highlights the Latest Fall and Winter Vacation Trends in Europe This 2015

LogoNowadays, travel and leisure has been made easier and accessible to many people because there are lots of vacation packages that can be bought online. For people who are fond of traveling to Europe for a short vacation, the first thing they check out are the Lake District hotel deals that offers a wide variety of choices at affordable rates – from fine dining, city tour, water sports activities, camping, cycling, to luxury suites, name it! The hotel deals in Lake District are considered an economical choice for travelers. And since many will be traveling to Europe this coming fall and winter, travel agents shares the latest vacation trends that could help travelers pick the best travel package for their vacation this year.

420 College Is Leading the Way by Creating Industry Success

Even as states are becoming more and more progressive and legalizing weed entirely, some medical and recreational cannabis users are facing legal repercussions due to certain provisions hidden in the depths of marijuana tax bills.

Oilhookah Comes Up with Hookah Specials for Hookah Owners Around the World

There are a wide variety of flavours and accessories available to provide a great experience to the hookah enthusiasts. It is one of the best alternatives to cigarettes that can be enjoyed during a casual meeting with friends. People all around the world are using them and they even buy hookah for their house use. One can find different online stores selling hookahs, flavours and accessories used in them. One of those online stores selling these materials are oilhookah.com.

420 College Helping to Create a Legal Cannabis Industry

Even as states are becoming more and more progressive and legalizing weed entirely, some medical and recreational cannabis users are facing legal repercussions due to certain provisions hidden in the depths of marijuana tax bills.

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s Team the Missouri Mavericks Gain Goalie

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s premier hockey team, the Missouri Mavericks, have hired Jason Missiaen as a new goalie for their upcoming 2015-16 season. Missiaen's standard player contract with the Mavericks was announced Wednesday September 23rd.

Electronic Cigarettes from SMOKEFREE Are 99% Safer in Comparison to Traditional Cigarettes

Smoking is a dangerous habit that can cause various health problems and can also lead to premature death. Many studies show that smoking alone causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths and is also responsible for many other types of cancers. It is commonly believed that quitting smoking is tough for smokers as they get addicted to nicotine, a substance which is found in tobacco. But now smoking can be kicked out effectively with Electronic cigarettes being offered by SMOKEFREE.Electronic cigarettes are 99% safer in comparison to traditional cigarettes.