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LAX Ammunition Changing the Online Ammunition Store Game

LogoSouthern California's leading ammunitions manufacturing and distribution center, LAX Ammo, is also a premiere online ammunition store in the nation. The online ammunition store distributes a variety of brand name ammunition and gear, as well as their own brand name and reloaded rounds.

Captain Dennis Forgione Speaks at This Year's Ladies, Let's Go Fishing

LogoCaptain Dennis appeared at the event as one of the guest speakers and also captained one of the offshore sportfishing boat events where participants fished for dolphin, wahoo, kingfish, sailfish, and more.

Justin Short Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce the IRIS Multi-Caliber System

LogoThe technology of modern firearms has become more advanced and sophisticated. However, these advances are still far from the fabled and highly anticipated phaser gun of science fiction. The Iris System is the firearm that will bridge the gap between the present and the future of weaponry technology.

ECigs International Teaches Beginners How to Choose the Right E-Juice

This April, ECigs International provided beginners to vaping with five tips on choosing the right e-juice. Their public announcement explained basics from the ingredients found in most e-juices, to why it is important to allow the product to steep before using it. Beneficial for new users and as a refresher course for avid vape fans, Ecigs International's lesson on e-juice accurately details how to choose everything from flavor to nicotine levels. Those interested in learning about e-juice and vaping in general, should visit their website at: www.ecigg.org/.

Step Right Up the Clowns Are Coming to Grand Central Terminal in NYC This Spring

Now a lot of New Yorkers at one time or another felt like leaving it all behind and just running away to join the circus. Well luckily, now they don't have to run very far thanks to a totally different type of NYC tour called, "Clowning Around Tours." In fact this tour is unlike any typical walking tour, it's more like a show where the participants don't merely tag along but actually become part of the action.

NYC American Museum of Natural History a Ghost Hunting Adventure This Spring

The Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides will be on a quest this spring to uncover supernatural goings-on in one of world's most famous natural history museums -- the American Museum of Natural History, And now these two intrepid ghost hunters are sharing the experience with groups of courageous thrill seekers daring to partake in a "real" ghost hunt through this iconic museum.

Ancient Egyptian Mummies Enjoy a Paranormal Read in NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art

If an ancient Egyptian ghostly spirit needed directions on how to navigate the afterlife he or she didn't have to pull their chariot over at a local rest station, they would just refer to their personal copy of the "Book of the Dead" to find their way through the netherworld. And it seems that a few ghostly spirits may still be sneaking a peak at this ancient road map according to New York's own Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides.

Room Escape DC Offers Washington DC's Only Mobile Escape Room

LogoRoom Escape DC, an escape room facility serving the northern Virginia area, offers Washington DC's only mobile escape room. The Escape Bus is a fully functioning bus that has been transformed into one of Room Escape DC's signature escape rooms, complete with their one-of-a-kind puzzles and immersive props. No other escape room in the area offers the unique, thrilling experience of a mobile escape room. The Escape Bus can be driven directly to your residence, venue, business, event, or party.

Excuses All Shooters Use: Sports Guns Comments

Shooting UK, the UK's most popular shooting website have recently released a blog about the top ten shooting excuses. The blog details a wide range of shooting excuses for people who simply didn't shoot as well as they expected.

Flyer Sportfishing Provides Anglers with Opportunity to Catch Pelagic Fish Year-Round

Flyer Sportfishing, the leading sport fishing company in Hawaii, provides anglers of all skill levels with ample opportunity to catch pelagic fish year-round.

The All New Exciting "Never Give Up" Crystal Mazed Themed Adventure-Thriller Action Game Opens Up in Newcastle Upon Tyne

LogoNewcastle upon Tyne is all set to welcome its latest attraction; a crystal maze themed adventure game, which is sure to entice the adventurists and thrill seeker in the town. In the game, the participants are locked in a room designed in the style of an Egyptian tomb for an hour. During one hour in which the participants are enclosed in the chamber, they need to solve various puzzles and mysteries through the hints that are laid out across the room, to set themselves free.

A Haunted Castle for Ghost Hunting in Central Park NYC

Perched on top of one of the highest spots in NYC's Central Park (Vista Rock) stands the almost mythical Belvedere Castle, whose very appearance shouts "ghostly" and according to New York's own Ghost Doctors that may just be the case.

Amazing-Toubkal-trek.com Launches Guided Tours in the Mountains of Morocco

People who are looking forward to trekking in morocco can consider the services of Dr. Iglouane at the aforementioned website. He is a self-proclaimed trekking enthusiast who is well versed with the local language, Berber, along with English and others.

SoHo NYC...A Thrilling Ghost Hunting Experience

SoHo in lower Manhattan is known for stores with top name clothing brands, chique art galleries packed with trendy clients sipping champagne and now for something completely different...ghosts, says two of New York's noted paranormal investigators.

Live Trading News Reveal Top Racing Weekends: Roose Motorsports Comments

Live Trading News has recently updated their blog, revealing the very best racing weekends in the world of motorsports. The 2017 F1 season has already begun, starting off in Melbourne, Australia with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel taking the gold.

NYC Central Park a Haunted Forest of Paranormal Activity

This spring season the Ghost Doctors will be taking groups of adventurous amateur ghost hunters on actual ghostly explorations through the winding paths and darkened lawns of Central Park. Utilizing all sorts of ghost hunting equipment -- like something out of one of those ghost hunting television shows -- they'll prowl Central Park at twilight for signs of paranormal activity.

Charity Shoot Set to Raise Money for Caudwell Children: Only BB Guns Comments

Reading Chronicle an online newspaper which covers Berkshire and surrounding areas released an article which informed us that The Royal Berkshire Shooting Club is going to host a charity clay pigeons shooting in May in support of disabled children. The charity shoot will be raising money and awareness for Caudwell Children, this is a national charity which provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families.

Lady Guns Give Clay Shooting a Go: Pownalls Comments

The Herald, a Scottish broadsheet newspaper which includes national and international news released an article which informed us that Lady Guns have given clay shooting a go at Cornish country estate. With more and more women getting into the shooting sport it is important to send a message out that shooting is for both sexes. To raise awareness to the growing mix sex sport Cornwall Lady Guns decided to hold a Give it a Go Day which meant that more women were able to join in and try it out for themselves.

Shoot and Save with Online Ammunition Store LAX Ammunition

LogoPopular online ammunition store, LAX Ammunition, offers free shipping to first time buyers, in addition to their already low prices on quality ammunition. The online ammunition store also exclusively sells their own brand of factory new and reloaded ammo in a variety of calibers.

Make It Vapor Is a One Stop Shop for Vape Liquid, Accessories, and More

Make It Vapor, the premier vape shop near West Goshen, PA, is pleased to announce that their vape shop carries a wide variety of vape liquid, top brand device accessories, and more. When shopping for vape items, look no further than Make It Vapor, a one-stop shop in Chester County. For three years, Make It Vapor has continually offered the best e-cigs and accessories on the market for the novice users, as well as the more advanced vapers.

Elmwood Park Zoo Is Holding "Try-Outs" for Potential Treetop Adventure Employees

LogoThis year, Elmwood Park Zoo has decided to take a new approach to their employee search for Treetop Adventures, which is their popular zip line and ropes park. This Norristown zoo will be hosting two "try-out" events, and those who are interested will be granted free admission to a small part of the course as well as an opportunity to submit a job application. The zoo is hoping to attract outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers who'd like to turn their passion into employment.

Customers Buy Ammunition Nationwide Through Online Store at LAX Ammunition

LogoA leading supplier of quality ammunition since 2009, LAX Ammo understands the difficulties that customers may face when they are seeking to buy ammunition at an affordable rate without sacrificing quality. National ammo supplier LAX Ammo is proud to present their customers the greatest quality ammunition at an economical rate through manufacturing their own high caliber reloaded and new ammunition as well as retailing brand name ammunition such as Winchester, Hornady, Remington, and more. When customers buy ammunition through LAX Ammo's online store, they can rest assured that they are receiving the greatest caliber ammunition at the best prices.

Veteran Instructor Guides Students at Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do

LogoMaster David McCloskey started embracing the ideals of Tae Kwon-Do as a student in 1977, learning under grandmasters Young Il Kong and Young Bo Kong. Today he continues his dedication to students of the Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do martial arts association that his former instructors founded.

Pretty in Paint Parties Now Booking Art Parties for 2017 Summer Season

LogoPretty in Paint Parties is excited to announce they are booking at home art parties for the 2017 summer season. Throwing a summer paint party has never been easier than selecting a portrait and mailing out invitations. Let Pretty in Paint handle the rest. A talented artist will arrive at the host's house or any location that's been chosen ready to transform the space into an art studio.

Join Spring Mill Country Club & Manor for Easter Brunch and More This Spring

Spring Mill Country Club recently announced its Easter brunch and dinner menu. On April 16, 2017, the country club will offer Easter brunch from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM and dinner from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.