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Solware: Now Offering a Great Range of Browning Shotguns

Solware is a company renowned throughout the country for the amazing and extensive air pistol and rifle collections that they offer – Offering rifles and pistols of a wide variety, with options suitable for all needs and requirements. Not only do they offer a wide range of rifle and guns, but also weaponry from many of the world's leading air rifle and pistol manufacturers – recently introducing a truly amazing range of Browning shotguns.

Elmwood Park Zoo Hosting Party for the Planet Event This April

LogoElmwood Park Zoo, home of ziplines for kids in Chester County, PA, and surrounding areas, is pleased to announce that they will be hosting a Party for the Planet event this April. The annual eco-celebration features live entertainment, an Earth Expo with participating vendors, and raffles for goodies that guests can take home.

RokPak Launches New Innovative Outdoor Gear

After an extremely successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign, RokPak is proud to announce that the Pioneer Series is available to the general public for a special price of $159. That's over 30% off the retail price and it ships immediately! Our customers are saying, "RokPak is revolutionary genius!"

Darla Cheyney-Reisinger Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Shwimms

LogoMore than 1 million people die from drowning per year worldwide.  The leading cause of death of children 0-5 years old is drowning.  But, with the rise of children glued to their electronic gadgets, exercise is more important than ever.

SMOKEFREE Offers Top Quality Cartomizers in a Variety of Flavours & Nicotine Levels

India's #1 electronic smoking products supplier, SMOKEFREE offers best quality Cartomizers in a variety of nicotine levels and flavours, including Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, Dunhill, and Menthol & Cigar. Apart from tobacco flavours, they also provide Cartomizers in infused flavours, such as Apple, Cherry, Coffee, Strawberry, and Vanilla. In one pack, there are 5 Cartomizers and each of them has the capability of providing 280-300 puffs, which is equivalent to 3 packs of regular cigarettes.

Skog A Kust Now Offering the LiteSak V2.0

After much anticipation, Skog A Kust is now selling its new and improved ultralight dry bag, the LiteSak V2.0. Upon listening to customer feedback on the original LiteSak, the company developed a newer, stronger version that adventurers will appreciate. For detailed product information and to purchase the LiteSak V2.0, customers can visit Skog A Kust online today.

Sig Sauer, Sig Romeo 5 and Sig Romeo 4 from E-Arms.com

E-Arms, the one-stop ammo shop is pleased to offer exclusive parts and components from Sig Sauer. "Sig Sauer Romeo5 With Juliet3 3x Combo" available at www.e-arms.com/sig-romeo5-with-juliet3-3x-combo/ is a perfect base for a custom build AR15. The Gen 2 comes with improvements such as the Upper Tension Screw that allows users to fine tune the upper and lower receiver. This can be done with the help of nylon tipped tensioning set screw. This screw is inserted in the lower receiver's grip tang and offers a tight fit with any AR15 components.

Charter a Deep Sea Fishing on the THERAPY-IV Today

LogoHalf-day charters are only four hours long and provide a great introduction to the thrill of deep sea fishing while allowing customers to catch plenty of fish. THERAPY-IV provides morning and afternoon half-day charters which sail off at 8 AM and 12 PM, respectively. Full day charters are also available which visit multiple locations, therefore allowing the opportunity to catch a broader array of different fish.

Osaka's AOKEY IX Steals the Show at the Japan International VAPE Exhibition

Tourists visiting Japan this March did not just have the romantic cherry blossoms of Japan to entice them. They also had the opportunity to be part of one of the biggest vape exhibition in the world - The Japan International VAPE Exhibition. The exhibition which was held at the Osaka International Exhibition Center attracted so many exhibitors from dozens of countries and regions around the world including Japan, China, Europe and the United States.

Las Vegas ATV Tours Offers Rides Through Nellis Dunes

Believe it or not, there are more things to enjoy during a trip to Las Vegas than the inside of a casino or bar. While the bright lights and payouts, may be popular reasons why people come to Vegas, the city and surrounding desert area provides fun alternatives for those who are looking for entertainment without gambling or alcohol. One of those options is taking part in sand dune tours through Las Vegas with Las Vegas ATV Tours.

Las Vegas UTV Tours Creates Lasting Memories in Sin City

Las Vegas UTV Tours, one of the top off-road UTV tour companies, knows how to change the narrative that surrounds trips to Sin City. Often, a trip to Vegas becomes synonymous with partying and gambling. However, Las Vegas UTV Tours creates lasting memories for groups and individuals who take part in their UTV adventure tours across Las Vegas.

Toronto Church Hosts Free 20,000-Chocolate-Easter-Egg Hunt

The Toronto International Celebration Church (www.ticc.ca) is spreading hope and cheer this Easter with a FREE 20,000-Chocolate-Easter-Egg Hunt that is open to everyone. The purpose of the event, which is being hosted by the Kids World department of the church, is to offer an example of hope to children in the City of Toronto and to provide a fun experience on the Easter long weekend.

Body Armor Megastore Selling Backpack Armor Body Armor Inserts Children

Body Armor Megastore out of Royersford, PA, is selling backpack body armor inserts for discreet personal protection of children. In the unfortunate event that a family member or loved one gets caught in the middle of a tragic situation, it is best to be prepared with a possibly life-saving backpack body armor set.

Total Soccer Now Enrolling for Spring Soccer Starters, Children Ages 2-6

Total Soccer is now enrolling for its spring 2018 Soccer Starters classes for children ages 2-6. These classes are great introductions to the sport of soccer and teach children the fundamentals of the game in a fun and exciting atmosphere. With multiple locations in the Doylestown/Blue Bell area, parents can enroll their children in a location convenient for them.

Total Soccer Offering Classes for All Ages and Now Accepting Sign-Ups

Total Soccer is now accepting sign-ups for classes for boys and girls of all ages. This private organization has no specific club affiliation and focuses on individual skills and development in unique, non-pressure environment. With classes geared for all skill levels, Total Soccer provides individualized soccer training sessions for children as young as one and a half months and as old as 18.

Sporting Equipment Shop Launches New E-Commerce Site – Sportingequipmentshop.com

Online shopping makes up more than 50% of surveyed shoppers' purchases, according to a new report from shipper UPS and researcher ComScore. The obvious reason behind the push towards online shopping has proven to be more than just lower, more competitive pricing, but the simple convenience. Sporting Equipment Shop is no stranger to the concept of modest pricing and suitability; in fact, they specialize in just that!

Ecigs International Now Taking Wholesale Orders for Premium, House, and Import E-Juice Flavors

Ecigs International, a well-established vape store serving Springfield, PA, is now taking wholesale orders for premium, house, and import e-juice flavors. Those in and around the Philadelphia area looking for new products will find everything they need at Ecigs International. They offer various e-juice flavors ranging from cool menthol blends to fruity and fun flavors, as well as everything in between.

Pretty in Paint Parties Is Currently Seeking Franchise Owners

LogoThose looking to start a business in the art or painting industry are in luck; Pretty In Paint Parties is a nationwide mobile painting company that allows for others to start their own Pretty In Paint Parties franchise. Qualified and interested persons are encouraged to invest in this painting business because with Pretty in Paint Parties, the franchiser is in control.

Alexander Technique Teacher Aims to Bring Posture Training for Performance Gains to Horse Riders in Devon

LogoJenny Skinner, a highly experienced Alexander Technique teacher, has recently moved to Devon and will be focusing on building her practice in Exeter, Plymouth and on Dartmoor. Primarily based at The Practice Rooms in Castle Street, Jenny aims to also take the Alexander Technique to horse riders, working from their premises or seeing them at home in Chagford.

Say No to Traditional Cigarettes with Bespoke E-Liquid Kits from SMOKEFREE

India's #1 electronic cigarettes company, SMOKEFREE offers high-quality E-Liquid Kits at optimum rates, in both, tobacco and infused flavors. An individual can use these e-liquid kits with or without nicotine, according to their personal requirements. The electronic cigarettes India kits come in a variety of tobacco flavors such as Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, Dunhill, Menthol & Cigar, etc., and infused flavors, like Apple, Cherry, Coffee, Strawberry, and Vanilla. The different types of E-cig India kits that individuals can purchase online from SMOKEFREE.in, are CE4 Kit, Premium Kit, Vgo Kit, E-Pipe, and much more.

Invest in Steelwater Gun Safes from GunSafes.com to Achieve Excellent Fireproofing & Security for Firearms

LogoOne of the unrivalled names in providing the best quality gun safes, GunSafes.com offers Steelwater Gun Safes which are free from any mechanical problems, reliability problems, and cosmetic problems, as they have been solved at the time of manufacturing itself. The Steelwater gun safes have excellent fireproofing, security, reliability and are offered at an extremely affordable prices.

GunSafes.com Offers Uniquely Designed Browning Gun Safe Models Showcasing Superior Craftsmanship

LogoGunSafes.com, one of the largest marketplaces for gun safes, offers a wide selection of uniquely designed Browning gun safe models at the most competitive prices. These safes have a gorgeous appearance which involve a sleek finish, fine fit of hinges, welds, attractive game scenes and scroll designs. Besides having a lucrative design, these gun safes also features the finest locks, highly reliable and protective cam locking systems, and other innovative attack-resistant features. Equipped with multiple layers of high-density, fire-resistant insulation, and a high-temperature fire seal encompassing the perimeter of the door, Browning safes also work wonders in protecting firearms during fire accidents.

Prevent Life-Threatening Firearms Accidents with Reed Custom Safes from GunSafes.com

LogoOne of the undisputed leaders in the gun safes industry, GunSafes.com is now offering an array of Reed custom safes in a variety of specifications that helps gun owners reduce the risk of unintentional injury and death from firearms at homes or offices. All of these safes are embodiment of quality, security, and convenience, where individuals can not only store their firearms, but also keep their other valuables, like cash, important documents, jewelry etc. protected from getting damaged or being theft. A few of the Reed custom safes that individuals can purchase from GunSafes.com includes Reed Custom - Model 3064 MS Safe - Gold Collection - 10 Gun 90 Minute Fire Rating - 7 Gauge, Reed Custom - Model 4064 MS Safe - Gold Collection - 38 Gun 90 Minute Fire Rating - 7 Gauge, and Reed Custom - Model 5072 MS Safe - Gold Collection - 50 Gun 90 Minute Fire Rating - 7 Gauge, just to name a few.

Durable Camping Essentials Offered by adventureoutdoorliving.com

Adventure sports are no longer limited to adventure enthusiasts but have become a family time of fun and time out from the humbug of life. Camping is one of the most favorite sort after adventure outdoor events that can be pursued alone or in groups of family and friends. Since camping can also be planned with kids, it is important to provision everything for the family which can make the time spent outdoors worthwhile and fun.

Making Savings when Shopping with Solware

Solware is a leading supplier of air guns, rifles and pistols, offering a vast range of weaponry and accessories, with options suitable for absolutely all possible needs and requirements. The company constantly strives to offer all of their products at the lowest possible prices so that they customers can get the most out of their money. Not only this though, they also have special offers for all to take advantage of.