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Golfbewithyou.com Provides a Wide Range of Golfing Products and Accessories

Golf Be With You is an online store that enables people who play golf to peruse several high quality goods at one place. Golf is a global sport that people from different walks of life enjoy during their leisure. There is no age limit and anyone who likes the sport can make the most of it. Apart from having a course to facilitate the activity, there are several products which are inevitable in order to play the same. From golf clubs to golf bags and carts, there are many online sources where such golf enthusiasts can find some of the better deals.

Los Angeles Shooting Range Offers One-Stop Shop for Gun Owners

LogoLAX Firing Range is the premiere Los Angeles shooting range. They have been serving their customers for over 20 years now. Their number one goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone that enters their facility.  Due to various amenities including a gun rental service, a large pro shop with gear & accessories, a gun-cleaning service and more, they have made themselves the one-stop shop of shooting ranges.  The Los Angeles shooting range is a favorite among gun advocates.

Prepping for Any Situation with Body Armor Megastore

All across America, families prepare their homes and loved ones for the worst. In the Midwest, many homes are made with cellars to provide shelter from extreme winds, storms and tornados. In the South, families prepare for floods and tropical storms that threaten the integrity of an entire community. Along the West Coast, many properties are built to withstand seismic shocks and earthquakes that can literally tear apart city blocks.

PerformTex Releases Week Two Injury Report for NFL Running Backs

PerformTex™ is a kinesiology tape provider that specializes in assisting athletes of all levels with injury prevention and recovery. The company stays involved in the sports medicine community and keeps their fans up to date on current events in the world of professional athletics. In their monthly blog, the company released a recap of the unfortunate injuries suffered by NFL running backs in week two of football season. The list included four marquee stars that experienced significant setbacks on September 18, 2016.

Avoid Gun Accidents Due to Storage Negligence with American Security Gun Safes from GunSafes.com

LogoGunSafes.com, a reputable online store for gun safes, offers a wide range of American Security gun safes at the most competitive prices. American Security gun safes are robustly build with heavy duty construction with 1/2" solid steel doors and ensure the utmost security of guns when they are not in use. These gun safes help gun owners keep their guns kept away from curious children or unauthorized personnel who can unknowingly pull the trigger on a loaded gun and hurt themselves or someone else. All the American Security gun safes that company offers come with a limited lifetime warranty and superior fire ratings to meet the highest quality standards. Firearms stored in an American Security gun safe are not only protected from unauthorized access, but also safe against various natural disasters such as flood, fire damages, and many others.

TV Personalities Enjoy a Day out Clay Pigeon Shooting: Airsoft Objectives Comments

It has recently been reported that TV personalities, Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly were joined by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to enjoy a day out clay pigeon shooting at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School. Schofield and wife hosted the event to raise money for the charity, Shooting Star Chase, there was 25 teams in total and ended up raising over £40,000.

40k Raised by TV Stars at Charity Shoot: Solware Comments

The charity event was held at The Royal Berkshire Shooting School (RBSS) where the Schofield's have been shooting for over ten years, and over 25 teams got involved, many of which included famous faces. Ant and Dec and Holly Willoughby were just a couple of the other celebrities at the event.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Annual Charity Event: Pownalls Comments

It was recently reported that injured veterans joined in on the Clay Pigeon Shooting Annual Event which is a contest utilised to raise money for the charity Help for Heroes. The competition was held at Spennymoor and this year saw 178 competitors and over 100 spectators. Former soldier Bartlett raised £10,000 for the charity at the clay pigeon shooting competition which was held this year.

F-Wheel Announces New Version of Walk Car, the Self Balancing, Four Wheel Scooter Taking the World by Storm

Before self driving cars take over the world, there is another revolutionary vehicle that is making a splash in the automotive arena. The Walk Car, first introduced at the CES fair at Las Vegas as icarbot, has been further enhanced by F-wheel Technology with some more advanced technology. The self balancing, four wheel electric scooter, also called hover board or powered walk car, is attracting global attention for its notebook size, elegant and simple design and the ability to drive anywhere, anytime.

New Online Shopping Store for Vaping Products Launched

In a recent development, a new online store called The Classic Vape Co has been established with an objective to offer the vaping community a variety of options at affordable prices. It has been reported that the store will cater to different range of e-liquids and vape juices. As per a representative of the site, "The vaping community is one the rise in recent times and people are always looking around for the best available vape liquids. Our store will aim to bring in more e-liquids from different manufacturers at the most reasonable rates."

Avoid the Hassle and Buy Ammo Online from LAX Ammunition

LogoFor customers that want to buy ammo online, LAX Ammunition's website is the ideal place to do so.  They carry a large stock of ammo in a wide variety of types and calibers.  For those looking for popular name brands like Remington, Winchester, Federal, Freedomunitions, LAX Ammunition carries all of them.  They also manufacture and sell their own brand of ammo in both factory new and reloaded varieties.  They offer amazing deals for customers who buy ammo online.

Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center Set to Open New Zip Lines

LogoRefreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center in Lancaster County, which already boasts two courses totaling over 1 mile of zip lines, is excited to announce a brand new zip line option - The Flying V!

Detailed Description on Vaping Versus Smoking Launched at HelloMD

In a bid to clear doubts regarding which is the better option between vaping and smoking, the online digital healthcare platform HelloMD has recently unveiled a series of responses explaining a clear demarcation of the two different kinds of smoking. As per the information available on the website, a video has also been posted along with the explanations on the differences.

Tastes That Last at Ecigs International

In Southeastern PA, the trees are turning over new leaves. Many locals are turning over new leaves themselves by trying out vaping, a transformative new technology that allows them to enjoy it anytime, indoors or outdoors. As the weather slowly changes, even more local area residents are picking up new items, allowing them to spend more time inside, rather than standing out in the cold.

Survey at National Parks Show Public's Support for Shooting: Solware Comments

A survey has recently taken place which was directed at people who live and work in National Parks. There are 15 National Parks in the UK, a few being, The Lake District, Exmoor and the Yorkshire Dales. The survey found that shooting, as a recreational activity was the third most popular sport, this doesn't just show how great the sport is but also shows how supportive the public are.

Cages*Plus Becomes the Champion of the Portable Baseball Batting Cage System

LogoThe World Series annually serves as a symbol of the ultimate "head to head" of America's favorite pastime. Watching the intense series of games that sees the best of both leagues fight it out for the title has been a tradition shared by many – including, of course, fathers and their sons. The same can certainly be said for playing the sport as well. Many fathers pass on the love of the game to their sons while some even coach their team. In the case of Bob and Daniel DeCloss, founders of Cages*Plus, it went so far as designing a tool to improve batting skills.

Rangefinders Change the Game of Golf, According to New Article from Golf Tamers

According to a new article from Golf Tamers, rangefinders are changing the way the sport is played. Whether playing recreationally or in a competition, more and more golfers are turning to the convenience and accuracy offered by rangefinders.

Customers Who Buy Ammo Online Are Offered Unbeatable Deals by LAX Ammunition

LogoLAX Ammunition offers ease and convenience for shooters to buy ammo online.  They work with big name brands like Winchester, Remington and Federal, selling all of these brands in their online store and brick-and-mortar location.  They also sell their own brand of factory new and reloaded ammunition.  Their reloads are 100% satisfaction guaranteed by the company and offer a cheap alternative to factory new ammunition that can get expensive during times of scarcity.  Their online store offers an alternative, the option to buy ammo online.

Nicamaka Distributors Showcases Its Boat Tubes

LogoThe Big Mable towable can support one rider or a total of four riders and it allows these riders to experience the water in several different positions. The seated position includes a backrest for a relaxing and comfortable ride while the Mable's 60x60 inch size allows for multiple towing points.

THERAPY-IV Is One of the "Top Things to Do in Miami"

LogoHousely is a national real estate search engine that frequently posts articles related not only to real estate, but also home design, home tips, technology, architecture, and more. In the article mentioning THERAPY-IV, the author calls it an "exciting trip". The article also mentions other activities centered around the water including attractions like the Miami Seaquarium, wakeboarding lessons, and the Aquajet, also found in the city of Miami Beach.

Sporting Goods R'Us Is for All Those Who Love the Outdoors

Sporting Goods R'Us is an online store that provides a number of product types for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, fishing and sports such as golf.

ELiquid Depot Introduces Big Bottles with Big Savings & with Free Shipping for an Order over $40

For electronic cigarettes, e liquids are the essential ingredient that people use for their smoking. ELiquid Depot brings a variety of e liquids with different flavors that one can enjoy for smoking. The e liquid online store also announces promotional offers for customers to enjoy smoking their favorite flavor without being worried about the cost. They have big bottles for customers to get an adequate supply of the e liquid. Bigger bottles can ensure up to 38% less price in comparison to smaller bottles. Besides, one can get free shipping for an order over $40.

Flyer Sportfishing Welcomes Anglers to Book a Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Flyer Sportfishing welcomes anglers of all skill levels to book a deep sea fishing charter in Oahu. Captain Jared Dow currently reports that catch is plentiful and a variety of fish are present including mahi mahi.

Cheap BB Guns in UK Offers the Widest Range of Legal BB Guns

Cheap BB Guns is among the largest online sellers of the latest models of fully legal BB guns at the lowest prices possible. The store is able to deliver such an extensive range of BB guns and accessories by building strong partnerships with local and international manufacturing brands, such partnerships allows Cheap BB Guns to offer the most affordable prices as well as ensure that each product is original and of high quality.

UK's Biggest Online Retailer of BB Guns Offers a New Price Promise

UK's largest online retailer of fully legal BB guns, Cheap BB Guns has recently announced their new price promise which will guarantee that buyers get clear, upfront and unbeatable prices.