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Nhale Hopeful About Outcome of Talks with Prospective Product Distributors

Nhale (NHLE), an emerging provider of e-cig and vaporizer technology, reports that it is in talks with several retailers and distributors as part of the launch of its first multi-use vape pen kit in the domestic consumer market. Following meetings with prospective companies at the recent Cannabis Investor Conference in Denver, Nhale is positioning itself for retail distribution in the U.S. and international markets.

Stainless Steel Batteries from Triple Seven eCigs Offer Some of the Best Value in the Industry

LogoOut of all the products required for enjoyable vaping, no other electronic cigarette item is as essential as a decent battery. And Triple Seven eCigs goes above and beyond in their battery manufacturing. They offer the highest quality batteries on the market at a price that is entirely reasonable.

Denver Recreational Marine Announces New Improvements and More with Ranger Bass Boats

Denver Recreational Marine has been one of the leading North Carolina Ranger Bass Boat dealers since 1998, when they chose Ranger Boats over a number of other competitors. According to owner Danny McCall: “The choice to bring Ranger on board came after a lot of thought, but in the end it really was the obvious choice. Their build quality has always been excellent, and they have pioneered many of the features that other boat companies use. That continual improvement in their design and features is why we are still dedicated to Ranger boats, and why they are our premier boat line.”

Triple Seven eCig's Bullet Essentials Starter Kit Gives New Users the Advantage

LogoFor those new to electronic cigarettes, Triple Seven is offering one of the best ways to get started. Their comprehensive starter kits are typically filled to the brim with quality products and a great value.

Headed West, Online Head Shop in USA Now Offers Staylit Minis at Reasoanble Prices

LogoHeaded West, an online head shop in USA, is now offering Staylit Minis at 30% off, and Staylit Cadillac at 50% off (reg $129.95 now available for only $64.98). When it comes to showcasing the latest products at the most competitive prices, they are always ahead in fulfilling the demands of customers. Headed West offers only quality-based items that set them apart from anywhere else.

A Denver Smoke Shop, Headed West, Announces Best Prices for OPMS Silver Packs

LogoA Denver smoke shop, Headed West, announces 30% off on OPMS Silver packs. Save 40% when you buy three or more. They are truly a complete smoke shop and lifestyle store that is a leader in the market by offering quality products at the most competitive prices. Now, customers can experience their Christmas sale in the month of July, only at Headed West.

LED Tanks from Triple Seven eCigs Offer a Remarkable Value

LogoQuality LED electronic cigarette tanks are sure to make any consumer look classy while they enjoy their electronic cigarettes. The 1.3 ml tanks light up at the touch of a button and are sure to catch the eye of those nearby.

Hekvaor Announces Mechanical Mods Wholesale for Starting a Profitable Business Across the World

Mechanical Mods are the new offerings in the fields of e-cigarette that is driving the market of tobacco-free smoking products. Mechanical Mods have many functional features that are making them more desirable than E-cigarettes. Now, China based Shenzhen Hekvaor Company announces mechanical mods wholesale so that companies across the world can set up their profitable retail business of selling high quality electronic cigarettes.

New Music Site Offers Once-in-a-Lifetime Promotional Opportunity for Performers Around the World

LogoDisruptive music startup TubeTnr, a new site where young artists can show off their talent in a safe and non-bullying environment, is excited to announce an open competition to find its first group of star performers and officially launch the site. The only things required to enter the contest are musical talent and a willingness to share it with others.

Aroma-Tek Releases New 2014 Magic Flight Box Vaporizer-OEM

Aroma-Tek has announced the release of its the brand new 2014 Magic Flight Box Vaporizer and to commemorate the new release, the Washington State-based company is offering the 2014 Magic Flight Box Vaporizer for $79.99 -- nearly $40 off of its retail price -- as well as free two-day shipping.

V2 Cig Breatheic Intelligent Cigarette are Named the Best E-Cig Brands according to Vapor Industry News

Vapor Industry News stated that V2 E-Cigs has been topped by a new kid on the block Breatheic in the e-cig flavor business. Breathic's "Starburst" was named the best e-cig flavor by Vapor Industry News. As cigarette smokers break from the pack and turn to electronic cigs and hookahs, many new entrants have come into the market, but Breatheic hit the ground running. Breathe Intelligent Cigarette is in the game and making impact by converting customers with the power of distinct tasting flavors.

American Pure Vapor Announces Five Pawns Partnership

LogoAs the e-cigarette, or e-cig, movement continues to gain traction throughout the world, more and more producers are entering the market. Some play on the naivety of a customer base uneducated about the products and those companies offer subpar vapor liquids that turn customers off to e-cigs completely. Other companies, like Five Pawns, have made a commitment to bring customers vapor liquids that taste great and enable users to transition away from cigarettes. Americanpurevapor is pleased to announce their partnership as Five Pawns’ exclusive authorized dealer.

Now Purchase from a Reliable Range of Made-in-USA Pistol and Handgun Safes at GunSafes.com

LogoGunSafes.com, a trusted name in the realm of online retailing of gun safes, is now offering a reliable array of Pistol and Handgun Safes manufactured by some well-known companies like GunVault, Fort Knox, The Gun Box and many others. These safes restrict unwanted accessibility to pistols and handguns, and their misuse, thus preventing catastrophes. The offered range has products to suit varied requirements in terms of size, designs and budget, with easy-to-manage key lock systems and pry resistance. These gun safes are made from the finest-quality steel and withstand rigorous quality tests before the final display.

New Herbalizer Vaporizer Review Published by Paint the Moon

Vaporizers are rapidly growing in popularity, and as the versatility and power of vaporizer technology increases, so does the demand for the products. Many people are now looking for vaporizers for their home but are struggling to choose a product from the ever-expanding units available. Paint The Moon is a website that regularly reviews the latest product releases, and has now published a much anticipated review of the Herbalizer vaporizer, to see if the product really lives up to the hype.

RentForFun National Now Offers San Diego RV Rentals

San Diego Residents will be extremely pleased to hear that RentForFun National LLC. is working with local San Diego RV Renters to offer their RV’s for rent at affordable prices in the San Diego area. These local RV Rental agencies offer a great way to experience a higher quality RV rental at a price that often equals or comes in under what national chains can offer. RentForFun National allows these local RV renters to efficiently compete in a very competitive market by exposing them to a much larger market of RV renters than they could typically reach on their own.

Readiness Range Announces Release of the Emergency Survival Sack - Reflective Emergency Sleeping Bag and Survival Blanket

Being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. The innovative company Readiness Range are experts at providing the best products to provide protection in even the worst situations. Their latest release, which was recently launched on Amazon.com, is the Emergency Survival Sack, a reflective emergency sleeping bag and survival blanket that can very well save a family member's life.

Pantheon Distribution and Vapers Juice Box Celebrate Joining Forces with New Offer

E-cigarettes are more popular than ever, and have become an increasingly common alternative to traditional cigarettes, which have been declining for years thanks to high taxes, public smoking bans, and greater health education. The proliferation of e-cigarettes has created a huge number of manufacturers and distributors that have flooded the market, and this has made it difficult for users to find a single vendor big enough to trust. Pantheon Distribution and Vaper’s Juice Box are two of the biggest names online, and have now joined forces to provide people with a reliable source of the best e-liquids online.

Denver Recreational Marine Expands Stock for the 2014 Summer Season

Denver Recreational Marine has been in business since 1986, and has long been known for carrying quality used and new boats, but owner Danny McCall says their line-up of new craft is the best it has ever been. “We’ve been a Ranger dealer since 1998, but the addition of Sea Ark, Grumman and Cypress Cay Pontoon boats has allowed us to offer a greater choice to people who want to spend more time on the water.”

Triple Seven eCigs Discounts Their Entire Stock for Independence Day

LogoStarting on July 2nd, the largest electronic cigarette manufacturer in the nation is marking all of their products down in honor of Independence Day. Every item in the online store at www.777ecigs.com is to be discounted by 25%. But this sale only applies to consumers who use the discount code “Freedom” at the online checkout. You can view the promotional video HERE

Major Discounts to Be Available from Triple Seven eCigs

LogoTriple Seven eCigs is the biggest name in electronic cigarettes in the country. And to celebrate the upcoming 4th of July holiday, they are holding a massive sale on all items in their online store. Consumers can visit www.777ecigs.com from July 2nd through July 6th to enjoy huge savings on a variety of products. You can view the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk_bzgcRJiU

VAPE108 Announces Electronic Cigarette Store Opening in West Allis

LogoVAPE108, an upscale vaping boutique offering electronic cigarettes, e-juice and accessories, is proud to announce its grand opening on August 2, 2014. Located at 1475 S. 108 St. in West Allis, WI, the freshly renovated shop will be hosting a grand opening event from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., featuring door prizes, discounted retail items and more.

A Massive Independence Day Sale Is Coming from Triple Seven eCigs

LogoIn the electronic cigarette industry, no other company is as well known and respected as Triple Seven eCigs. Their customers love their low prices and high-value products. And they offer the widest variety of merchandise, flavors and styles in the entire industry. And now their entire stock is getting discounted through the 4th of July holiday.

The Best Electronic Cigarette Batteries Are Now Extremely Cheap

LogoTriple Seven eCigs had made quite a reputation in the electronic cigarette industry as a company that gives its customers value for their money. They have often provided high quality products at reasonable prices, and they have always made sure to give their customers plenty of choices.

Music Artists Find Hyphenate Heaven

LogoThe free-wheeling indie film world seems to attract multi-talented artists, and so it has, once more: Sara Jordan Powell, who has sung Gospel in the White House for two Presidents and toured with the great Ray Charles, has married her famous, high-soprano Gospel vocals to her acting debut in The Mizpah Benediction. Miri Hunter, with her already popular real-life musical career, joins Powell as a fellow hyphenate as vocalist-actress in her lead role.

Florida UAV Announces the Availability of Sky HERO Spyder 700 Mm: One of the Most Functional UAVs

LogoFlorida UAV, a renowned provider of Avant Garde UAVs, has recently announced the availability of Sky HERO Spyder 700 mm, well-known for being in the league of one of the most functional UAVs. In addition to the high power functioning, it has a refined overall appearance too. Integrated with multirotor frames, their aerial gadget to facilitate users with ability to opt for coaxial setups (Spy Y3 or Y6, Spyder X4 or X8) to get economical and high performance. Besides this, this Sky hero model has robust frames, wide frame arms (big enough to fit ESCs inside), large canopy and tremendous payload capability.