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Leading BB Guns Supplier Provides Skirmish Tips

Only BB Guns, one of the UK's leading providers of BB guns and Airsoft Guns are known throughout the industry for the expert advice and guidance that they constantly strive to offer, most recently updating their website's blog to contain tips and advice for those interested in playing Skirmish.

NYC Central Park Where Poltergeists Live

This summer season NYC's own Ghost Doctors will be leading groups of adventurous amateur ghost hunters on a quest to unearth poltergeist activity through the winding paths and darkened lawns of Central Park. Utilizing all sorts of ghost hunting equipment -- sort of like a scene from the classic film Poltergeist -- they'll prowl Central Park during the twilight hours for signs of supernatural encounters.

Stay at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs During Major Events

LogoGuests looking to enjoy the annual Fourth of July Festival will find Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs to be a fine choice to admire all of the fireworks. Guests can relax and watch the activity from the comfort of the outdoor soaking tubs or the large heated pool. To complement the experience, there is also a twelve-foot inflatable screen.

NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art Where Paranormal Activity Is Really Cool This Summer

The Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete & Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides have been scouring NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art for signs of paranormal activity for quite some time. And now these two intrepid ghost hunters are sharing the adventure this coming summer with groups of courageous explorers daring to experience a "real" ghost hunt through this iconic museum.

Flyer Sportfishing Offers Exciting Charters

Flyer Sportfishing is the premier company in Hawaii to turn to for deep sea fishing. Anglers of all skill levels are invited to book a half or full-day charter for a memorable adventure.

Central Park NYC Is the Cool Place for a Clowning Around Adventure This Summer

Central Park is going to get a whole lot funnier this summer courtesy of Clowning Around Tours –- NYC's only interactive clown based tour that's turning the greatest park in the world into a virtual circus of fun and amazement that's sure to bring out everyone's inner clown!

NYC Grand Central Terminal Is a Paranormal Ghost Hunting Experience

For over a century passengers from all walks of life have either started or ended their trip from New York's Grand Central Terminal and it seems that a few ghostly spirits also enjoy a train ride or two as well, according to the Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides.

Elite: Highest Performance E-Bike Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Seek Community Support

LogoElite has announced an all new bike that is redefine the way people commute today. Unlike most e-bikes that are made for urban use, this amazing new e-bike can be taken off-road with ease and has several amazing features. With a top speed of 55 Miles per Hour and an impressive range of more than 55 miles, the bike can easily climb up a 45 degree slope due to its 130 Nm Torque.

Now Various Types of Accommodations Are Available to Tourists to Lake District, County of Cumbria, England

Good news for those who choose Lake District in the county of Cumbria, England, for their vacations! Lake District tourist guide is now available for them and so, they can plan their itinerary perfectly and have a smooth and hassle-free vacation. The guide says that the Lake District National Park is situated in the county of Cumbria, in the northwest corner of England and this park can easily be accessed from both the M6 Motorway and West Coast mainline railway.

Paul's Tavern Kicks off Summer Season with Memorial Day Festivities

LogoPaul's Tavern, a popular private party location in the Belmar, NJ region, will be hosting multiple events such as the Original Breakfast Bingo and a Grateful Dead Celebration featuring Dead Sage, Dead Reckoning and Lovelight Band this Memorial Day weekend.

ECigs International Announces Five Flavors of E-Juice to Beat the Heat This Summer

This May, ECigs International informed individuals who vape of five different e-juice flavors that are befitting of the hot and humid summer months, when vapers have to endure skyrocketing temperatures in order to continue their recreational habit. Their public announcement explained the benefits of exploring flavor options, introducing customers to a plethora of flavors and who would most likely enjoy them the most. Any reader interested in learning more about the extensive inventory of e-juice flavors ECigs International has available for purchase should visit their website at www.ecigg.org to view their blog and browse flavor options.

Polymer Expert Launches New Company with Products Catering to Active People Who Enjoy the Outdoor Lifestyle

LogoOnTrackGear believes in lively transition for the consumers they serve. Whether it's a surfer looking for the softest, most absorbent towel after time on the waves to a cyclist drenched in sweat looking for an immediate shower as his sweaty clothes dry to campers in search of a faster solution to their immediate comfort without hiking a mile to the nearest shower facilities.

NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art Where Mummies Enjoy a Ghost Hunting Adventure

Sprawled across the walls of New York's most iconic art museum are ancient Egyptian parchments called the "Book of the Dead." These mystical scrolls detailed this ancient civilization's all consuming obsession with the afterlife. Could their beliefs be more than just a primitive superstition? They just might be, says the Ghost Doctors.

Pretty in Paint Parties Available to Host Art Parties for Those Looking to Raise Money for Charities

LogoPretty In Paint Parties is pleased to announce they are available to host art parties of all kinds for those looking to raise money for causes dear to their hearts. It is the company's belief that their mobile art studios help women and men alike form new hobbies and passions in a fun group environment. No experience is necessary and Pretty In Paint Parties brings all the supplies, it is that easy.

NYC American Museum of Natural History and the Ghost Hunting Detectives

Sherlock Holmes has often said when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth. But what happens if the improbable happens to be...paranormal? Well according to the Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides the paranormal may just be possible especially behind the walls of the American Museum of Natural History.

Rolab Replenishes Stock Levels of the R1 Swegway Hoverboard

LogoStart-up company Rolab, specialising in swegway hoverboards sold out of stock due to such high demand of their newly launched R1 Swegway Hoverboards. The R1 hoverboard was available to purchase for less than 4 weeks before being placed as 'out of stock' on the official Rolab website. Rolab changed the 'buy now' button to 'register interest' within 4 weeks from launch. At least future customers could register their interest allowing them to be notified once stock was back.

Victory for EU Gun Laws - Only BB Guns Comments

Shooting UK, an online shooting site, has recently released an article which states that the damaging changing to EU gun laws have been avoided, this happened after European Parliament passed revision to the 1991 EU Firearms Directive. It was said that plans to tighten the European law were made after the Charlie Hebo shooting in Paris, which took place back in 2015.

Buying a Gun at an Auction - Sports Guns Comments

Shooting UK, an online shooting website released an article which gives people tips on how to buy a gun at an auction. Many shooting enthusiasts are now going to auctions in hope of buying a gun at a cheap price. This is because many gun dealers go to auctions and all they're looking for is the cheapest deal possible which then they can re-sell on to someone else – therefore prices normally tend to stay low.

Dates Announced for the Great British Shooting Show 2018: Pownalls Comments

The Great British Shooting Show is the UK's largest public shooting show, and 2018 will be its 9th year running. The show attracts visitors from around the world, with manufacturers given the chance to present their new and upcoming products to the always eager public. People in which are set to attend the show in 2018 consist of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and shooting enthusiasts – al like-minded people, making for a fantastic day and lots of fun.

Jet Set Travels of Southampton Helps Clients Plan Getaway of Their Dreams

People searching for the best travel agency in the Philadelphia, PA region are turning to Jet Set Travels of Southampton. This local leader's travel experts help clients plan the getaway of their dreams.

Fun for Everyone Encourages People to Book Graduation Parties Now

With college graduation quickly approaching and high school graduation right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get in touch with Fun for Everyone to schedule a graduation party.

Fun for Everyone Wants Partygoers to Have Fun Safely

Fun For Everyone is a party supply company that specializes in interactive games, party tents, and inflatable attractions. The company is famous throughout Philadelphia, PA, for being their inflatable slides and bounce rentals for more than 20 years. They are fully-licensed and insured throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Matika Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its 3 in 1 Inflatable Hammock

LogoMatika has announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to support its all-new 3 in 1 inflatable hammock. The hammock is an innovation as well as an evolution of patented technology by Matika. The company has taken a next step in the development of this amazing Hammock followed by the increasing trends of Hammocks being used worldwide.

Neofold Launches Indiegogo Campaign for the Urban Style E-Bike of the Future

LogoNeofold has announced the release of its new e-bike to revolutionize the way people commute in cities. Designed by the European Engineers, this e-bike of the future has a unique design that blends technology and innovation. Moreover, it has brought a new meaning to the modern e-bikes.

Body Armor Megastore Exceeds National Institute of Justice Standards

While other manufacturers are recalling products for failing to meet standards set by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Body Armor Megastore is producing inserts that not only meet, but exceed these standards. In spite of increased demand over the years, their quality hasn't diminished. Refusing to cut corners or alter their production methods, they provide level 2, level 3A, and level 3 body armor that pass rigorous testing at an affordable price for the consumer.