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Tactical Being Offers the Best Guides and Reviews on Camping Tents

Tactical Being is a website that reviews different types of outdoor gears to help touring enthusiasts. For those planning to shop for the best camping tents, this site offers not just guides, but also reviews of the top camping tents available in the market.

The Golf Farm Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its 21st Century Golf Range

LogoToday, there are very few places for one to actually practice tough golf shots routinely missed during a normal round of golf and the golf farm. It is actually a twenty first century prototype for future golf driving ranges and it has been designed for perfection. The creators of this amazing golf farm are now seeking community support through Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to make generous contributions in the project. In addition to its practice stations that are eight in number, there will be unlimited balls and it is going to be the most amazing place to play the sport and learn golfing skills like a pro.

Spend Summer Outdoors with Fun for Everyone

Summer is finally here, and people all across the country are eager to have their summer gatherings outdoors. From barbecues to family reunions, everyone enjoys a nice weekend party surrounded by friends and family. The best way to make sure everyone gets the most out of their party is to let the professionals at Fun for Everyone provide party planners with the tools necessary to turn a family reunion into unforgettable summer memories.

Werewolf vs Vampire: An Amazing Tactical Board Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoWerewolf vs Vampire is an all new tactical board game that is now available through the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter where supporters from around the world can obtain this game by supporting the campaign. The game is all about strong creatures with unique abilities who are planning ahead by building paths. The 2 Player Game supports Two Playable Clans of Werewolf and the Vampire.

Survival Profile Publishes Tips for Wilderness and Urban Survival

Thousands of tried and tested tips for wilderness and urban survival are now available on one single website. Survival Profile is currently one of the most recommended websites because of its articles that are jam-packed with the best survival tips.

Empire Ink Tattoo Spotlights Panda

LogoPanda is the youngest member of the Empire Ink team, but his work is a showcase of someone with numerous years of experience. Panda's work is defined by brilliant gradients and exceptionally clean lines.

Roose Motorsport Announced the Most Popular Races in the Motorsport World

Roose Motorsport is a leading UK based supplier of performance silicone hoses, engine hoses, car hoses and more. Roose Motorsports recently have decided to announce some of the top races around the world for newbie motorsport lovers. The sport has become incredibly popular over the past ten years and more and more people are falling in love with it. There are a wide variety of different types of races, featuring different tracks and vehicles, for example, karting, auto racing, motorcycle racing and so many more.

Speeding Up Firearms Licensing: Sports Guns Comments

Shooting UK, a popular website amongst shooters and home to shooting news and information of a wide variety recently uploaded their blog which is titled 'Will new police text alert system speed up firearms licensing?'. It has been stated that Thames Valley Police have decided to test out a new text alert scheme which will hopefully improve and speed up its firearms and shotgun licensing process.

Gun Control Law Change Causes Sales of Firearms to Drop

Gun Retailers across California are reporting significant drops in sales due to the stringent new law changes recently imposed in relation to the ownership of 80 percent Gun. For a store such as US Patriot Armory, which only sells 80% parts for rifles and pistols, the drop in sales could potentially be significant.

Pheasants Featured on School Menus: Solware Comments

Shooting UK, an online site dedicated to providing the latest news and event on shooting sports have recently posted an article stating that pheasants are now featured on school menus. The article says that GCSE students will now be taught how to cook the bird, this is because school teachers are partnering with BASC's Taste of Game Campaign.

Pretty in Paint Parties Booking Painting Parties Throughout Summer 2017

LogoPretty in Paint Parties is proud to announce that they are still booking painting parties throughout summer 2017. What better way to beat the heat than with a painting party with Pretty in Paint Parties? One of the best ways to schedule a painting party is to contact them and find an artist for the specified destination. Pretty in Paint Parties is always ready to accommodate a wide range of client needs and they take pride in their flexibility when it comes to painting parties.

Bird Dog Ray Launches New Collection

Bird Dog Ray has given a shot in the arm to Outdoors enthusiasts, who can now find the products of their choice without any hassle.

Murder Mystery Texas Announces Expansion Into Two New Texas Cities

Murder Mystery Texas, the critically-acclaimed dinner theater production company based in Dallas, has announced an expansion of its production territory to now include the cities of Austin and Plano. Murder Mystery Texas will offer a variety of different entertainment options from landmark venues in its two new cities.

THERAPY-IV Receives the 2017 Certificate of Excellence

LogoFor over six years now, the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence has honored a multitude of attractions, accommodations, and restaurants that have received positive reviews by users on the TripAdvisor website. Certificate eligibility requires a business to have a TripAdvisor rating of at least four stars or more, a certain amount of reviews, and it must have appeared on the TripAdvisor website for a minimum of a year.

Ecigs International Offering Vapers Exceptional Flavors of E-Juice All Summer Long

Ecigs International, a prominent e-liquid manufacturer, is offering vapers the chance to enjoy exceptional flavors of e-juice all summer long. While Ecigs International has expanded and opened a brand new vape store, in Ambler, PA over the past year, they also have locations in East Norriton, Upper Darby, and Philadelphia, PA. In addition to their four storefront locations, customers can purchase all of Ecigs International's high-quality products online.

Illuminent Gets Into Direct Sales for Their Vaping and CBD Product Line

Illuminent Inc. has announced that they are using a new direct sales strategy to distribute their innovative CBD and vaping products. After a long period of testing, Illuminent Inc. has opened their line of direct sales products to distributors in the US.

Biking for Fun Is a One Stop Online Store for Any Bicycles

Biking for Fun is a comprehensive website that offers bicycles for men, women and children, in addition to a wide range of accessories. Things such as electrical scooters, toy bicycles, etc, are also included in the catalogue.

A Provider of High-Quality Vaping Hardware, Vaping-Related Devices and Anti-Anxiety Toys Is Now Available

Vape lovers have a reason to rejoice because the good news for them is that VAPE YAYA, a provider of items such as vaping hardware, vaping cotton, vaping related devices and anti-anxiety toys like the fidget hand spinners, has always been making all possible efforts to offer only high quality products. The company says that the products they offer will perfectly fulfill the requirements of vape lovers, DIY enthusiasts and nascent users of vape products.

Vaping Hardware, Vaping-Related Devices and Anti-Anxious Toys of the Highest Quality Now Available

Good news for those who are looking for a provider of vaping hardware, vaping related devices and anti-anxiety toys like the fidget hand spinners. The company, VAPE YAYA, is offering all these items for catering to the needs of vape lovers, DIY enthusiasts and beginners who have just started using vape items. The company takes pride in saying that they have an ever-growing product catalog and that they are offering more than thousands of products right from vape mods, vape kits, vape wires, vape wicks, vape tools, vape accessories to anti anxiety toys like the fidget spinner.

International Festival "SHIMKO Gathers Friends" 2017 to Be Held in Belarus

The "SHIMKO Will Gather Friends" Festival will take place July 21 and 22 on the bank of the Islach River. The festival, which is dedicated to health, will incorporate an array of activities, contests and competitions. The event organizer is Belarus' famous strongman and Guinness Book of Records record holder Kirill Shimko.

Body Armor Megastore Encourages Wearing Proper Protective Gear This Summer

Body Armor Megastore encourages people to take precautions and protect themselves effectively throughout the summer. A family-owned business from Royersford, PA, Body Armor Megastore believes that people should have the ability to defend themselves with an AR500 steel plate or a backpack insert. They are useful in different situations whether one is at a shooting range, on a hunting trip, or on the job as a civil servant, firefighter, or law enforcement official.

Two Saints from Paris Brings Tactical Bronze Tools on Kickstarter

LogoTwo Saints Tactical is a Paris based French company founded by George, an inspiring French Artist with several great talents. The company has announced on June 27th that it is launching a Kickstarter Campaign to seek community support for its diverse Bronze Tactical Tools. The company manufactures high quality bronze tools as well as spinners and skull beads. From everyday carry tactical multi-tools to utility pocket tools and self-defense equipment, Two Saints manufactures a wide range of tools that reflect the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.

SideBuddy: The Multifunctional Cargo Trailer for Bicycles Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoSideBuddy is an all new patented multi-functional Cargo Trailer for Bicycles. With several great features and benefits, the cargo trailer can also be used as a Shopping Cart, a stroller and much more. Moreover, it is made in Sweden where a large population relies on bicycle as the primary mode of transportation. The creators of SideBuddy are now seeking generous community support on Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to back this project generously.

LAX Online Ammunition Store, an Industry Leader That Provides Unmatched Products and Services on the West Coast

LogoLAX Ammunition has both, a brick-and-mortar store and an online ammunition store , but you will experience great customer service through either sales channel.  Their exceptionally trained staff will help you find exactly what you're looking for, whether you are a beginner or highly skilled marksman.  Through valuable customer service, LAX Ammunition has set their online ammunition store apart from the rest as one of the best in the business.

Fourth of July Is Right Around the Corner, Book a Tent Rental Today with Tents & Events

LogoTents & Events, an established outdoor tent rental company serving Doylestown, PA, and its surrounding areas, encourages Bucks County residents to book a tent rental today, for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Tents & Events has a variety of tent options, ideal for parties and barbecues of all sizes. This full-service tent rental company also provides tables, chairs, linens, cooking equipment, and so much more. Look no further than Tents & Events to throw the ultimate summer barbecue bash this year.