Lenders Launch an Unsecured $10,000 Offer on Installment Loans for Bad Credit has shared details on an unsecured offer that has been introduced on installment loans for bad credit and this will be carrying up to $10,000. Interested consumers will be applying through the web.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- has added a new offer to its wide range of programs and this will be a very good match for persons seeking higher amounts without collateral. This is a program that will also be a big relief to a large number of consumers who are currently feeling the effects of the current tough times. Any consumer in need of smaller amounts should still feel free to try out the offer.

Borrowers should not be concerned of their past histories when considering this package whether they were involved in defaulting, late payments or foreclosures among other things. These installment loans for bad credit will be catering for the needs of any person who is able to provide convincing income details. This will be all about proving to the lenders that one is a regular income earner.

The application process will be very simple since one will be establishing just some few details like mane, address, employment and checking account information. Completing this exercise will be requiring one to spare around three to five minutes and the response will be pretty fast. The company has even put in extra efforts to find new lenders to ensure that every person is attended to in time.

The CEO of emphasized on the issue of convenience saying that, “Since we started this company, we have been providing borrowers with a very convenient way of accessing the services of internet lenders. This will still be the case with persons who will be applying for these installment loans for bad credit since they can do this from any computer that has internet access. We will then be sending the funds to their bank accounts.”

He also talked about speedy approvals saying that, “After carrying out quotes comparison and agreeing with one of the offers, consumers will be getting their applications approved within a very short time. This will be made possible by the fact that there are only some few things that the lenders will be verifying. They will also be paying out the cash pretty fast where most people will be accessing such within 24 hours.”

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