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Author Linda A. Cadose's Action Adventure Book Set in Egypt Gets High Reviews

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Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- Author Linda A. Cadose, invites young readers to explore Egypt with an ambitious American archeologist in an action adventure story set in Giza, Egypt. Her book, The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx introduces children to the fascinating world of Egypt and her antiquities. Ms. Cadose, who has traveled to Egypt, has visited all of the historical sites discussed in the book.

Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx has received positive reviews from readers. Book reviewers have commented that the book is, “A fun take on Egypt,” and is “fascinating for any age,” and that the story was enjoyable reading and believable. One reader commented that she learned more “facts than she did from a tour of Cairo.”

In the plot, two archeologists - one American and one Egyptian - discover a hidden chamber in the right paw of the Great Sphinx. Secreted inside the chamber is an ancient supercomputer left there thousands of years ago by ancient aliens. This powerful supercomputer is composed on 13 crystal skulls. Many seek to possess this supercomputer. A terrorist group calling itself the Islamic Nation steals the supercomputer and kidnaps the protagonist, Dr Cliff Post. An imposing figure, Dr. Cliff Post stands 6 feet 4 inches tall. He has dark blue eyes the color of sapphires and jet black hair, which looks blue in the bright sunlight. Will Dr. Post survive? Will the ancient supercomputer be recovered?

for information on how to purchase Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx, visit the Author’s blog website at The book is sold online at,, and B& Also on the Author’s blog, view interesting articles on Ancient Egyptians and Pyramid Facts.

About the Author - Linda A. Cadose
The author, Linda A. Cadose, holds a B.A. degree from Boston University and a M.A. degree in technical and professional writing from Northeastern University. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist with 40 years of experience. Linda A. Cadose has always had an interest in writing and is particularly interested in writing for the juvenile market.

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