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Lingering Marijuana and Tobacco Smell - New Air Sanitizer Launch by Winning Brands


Barrie, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- Winning Brands Corporation (WNBD.OTC.PK) announces that it is launching a new air sanitizing device for homes and vehicles designed to remove lingering odors in enclosed spaces, such as marijuana and tobacco smoke and other odors, while also cleaning the air of certain microbial/virus elements. The new device, named Blau Aire™ Turbo, has established its effectiveness in pre-launch field testing.

With the growing number of medical marijuana users, and the spread of legalization starting in Colorado and Washington, a new problem is emerging of lingering smell in settings where a neutral atmosphere is preferred.

In addition to Marijuana, there are approximately 45 million tobacco smokers in the United States and 1 billion worldwide. The rights of non-smokers and social courtesy toward them continues to grow, now including the avoidance of residual smoke smell, even in private residences, apartment buildings and vehicles. The Winning Brands / Blau Aire team is working to create comfort for smokers and non-smokers who share enclosed spaces by making it possible to treat those spaces more powerfully than with standard household air fresheners and deodorizers. The product website features online ordering for domestic and international consumers and is now fully operational;

The Blau Aire Turbo device circulates a strong sanitizing vapor that is generated by an activating agent when water is added. The device is placed within an enclosed space, such as a closet, room, basement, house, RV, etc. Persons and pets are removed during the treatment for their comfort. The in-home/RV treatment has an average duration of 3 hours. The space will be saturated by Blau Air Turbo’s purifying vapor to break down certain complex molecules considered smelly by humans into simpler non-odorous elements. The treatment tackles a wide range of non-smoke odors as well. No scrubbing effort is required by the user. The process is safe on all clothing in closets. No residue of the process is left on surfaces and there is no harm to plants. The air is left smelling as if it has been “washed”, similar to bleached linen. This scent then also dissipates. Affordable refills packs of the activating agent are available for the Blau Aire Turbo unit for continued use. For vehicles, the Blau Aire Turbo’s detachable chem-pod is used in the vehicle’s cup holder while the vehicle is parked overnight, unoccupied.

Blau Aire is a joint venture between Winning Brands and a private technology think-tank, with university level research expertise and ties. The joint venture aims to improve user-friendliness of certain science concepts that are stuck in the lab due to missing commercialization. The initial focus of this joint venture has been to go beyond merely washing “surfaces” to actually “washing the air” in confined spaces where more than odors accumulate, such as unwanted microbial/virus content. The Blau Aire Project does not seek to replace conventional air fresheners and deodorizing sprays. Instead, Blau Aire is targeting motivated users who need strong treatment for their circumstances.

The Blau Aire Turbo device is the first joint venture product to be commercialized by Winning Brands. The next Blau Aire version for commercialization, after beta testing, will be the Blau Aire Professional. It will be directed initially to the hospitality industry where field testing for bed bug control and laboratory evaluation have shown up to 100% bed bug mortality without the use of pesticide, using this method. The Blau Aire treated hotel room can be returned to service in hours rather than the usual 3 days following pesticide. The Blau Aire Professional Unit will only be made available to licensed extermination professionals in order to strengthen their customer service options and to support the professionalism of the industry.

The CEO of Winning Brands, Eric Lehner, comments on the project: “It’s a pleasure to be able to discuss the matter publicly now that the launch is ready. In the cleaning sector, our R&D strategy has evolved toward particularly challenging cleaning issues that have high value when resolved. Clearly, there is vast potential for the Blau Aire Project. By adding the joint venture mechanism to our business model, Winning Brands can expand into new product markets by sharing resources and revenue, while helping spirited new brands to emerge.”

Retailer and business development inquiries can be directed to Mr. David J. Dolmer, Technical inquiries can be directed to Mr. Jack Warmbold,

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