LIVINGREEN - Southern California's Premier Eco-Lifestyle Retailer Talks Retailing 2014

A Retailer's View On How To Be Successful In Today's Competitive Marketplace

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Culver City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- With 2014 dubbed as “the year of retail contradictions”, Livingreen (Culver City & Carpinteria and, has taken a hard and serious look at Eco-friendly retailing and how to create a meaningful retail environment to its clients and customers.

Eco-friendly Consumers are now more interested in sharing, renting and reusing options rather than owning items, and expect the right choices in product quality and the right values in terms of provenance and ethics – ‘the value of values’. Interaction with social media is becoming increasingly more prevalent, as consumers utilize these platforms in making their shopping decisions.

Livingreen works hard to provide Eco-friendly product options that reinforce sustainable living and encourages healthy lifestyle – from low and 0-VOC paints, coatings and finishes, to countertops, cabinetry and flooring, furniture, mattresses and bedding, home furnishings, pet & children’s items and personal care.

What makes Livingreen different is the highly personalized level of service the customer receives on line and in store by highly trained and skilled customer service agents, creating trust and confidence and making customers comfortable with the selections they make.

Products are selected with the utmost care by the utilization of a proprietary vetting system that rates products on 5 very specific metrics: Source-Resource - (where does it come from)? Manufacture - (how is it made? is the manufacturing process responsible? does the manufacturer have a green commitment)? Transportation -(where does it come from)? Health and Environmental Impact - (how does the product affect health and environment)? Lifespan & Lifecycle - (what is the lifespan and lifecycle of the product and is the product RECYCLABLE AND REUSABLE)?

About Livingreen
Ellen Strickland, President and Owner, states: “Livingreen works diligently to address the contradictory and challenging realities facing the retail industry moving forward into 2014. By creating a significant on-line presence via website and social media and a highly differentiated business model in store we are prepared to forge forward successfully in providing our consumers and customers the healthiest, Eco-friendly, safest and most differentiated products available to them”.

For more information about the Livingreen website, visit or call (310) 838.8442 for more information.