Press Releases For NM - Albuquerque (US)

The Hinkes Group Unveils New Website and Announces Expansion of Albuquerque Office

The Hinkes Group, a top New Mexico Realtor, has announced the expansion of its Albuquerque operations and the launch of its new real estate website. This site makes it easy for people to both buy and sell homes and property. Buyers can see listings on the site or get update emails with the latest additions to the listing chart. Sellers will find information about how to value their homes, which properties have recently been sold, and tips on how to make their homes more marketable.

The Little Gym of Albuquerque Announces the Availability of Child Development Expert Video Interview

The Little Gym of Albuquerque, provider of Albuquerque kids’ gymnastics and an established leader in gymnastics classes, dance lessons, and kids’ birthday parties, today announced that a new video interview with Carol Million is available for download at

SJN Sales Arizona Reports Record Figures Through Results Based Pricing Strategy

SJN Sales is a distributed sales outsourcing firm serving the US market, and is experiencing record growth in the sector. After a 19% increase in inquiries, they are leading their field thanks to their unique business practices, which are now being duplicated by competitors across the country.

WODFitters Celebrates Crossfit Open with 40% off on Their Top of the Line Speed Jump Rope on Amazon

Working out is the best way of maintaining shape and to stay lean in the long run. Many new exercise methods and products have been created for the ultimate convenience of people these days, but jump ropes still stand their ground in the exercise world as one of the best calorie burners. While jumping rope has been around for a while, new technologies are helping jumpers to increase their speed and intensity. The WODFitters Jump Rope has been specifically designed for double and triple unders, and to allow people to achieve maximum speed in their jump rope workouts.

Law Prohibiting Texting and Driving Signed Into Law in New Mexico

LogoNew Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez has signed into law a bill that prohibits texting on New Mexico roads. The new law is a good step in the right direction in addressing what has become a very serious problem on New Mexico roads, which is reflective of a wider national problem. This behavior leads to an unacceptable number of automobile accidents resulting in injury or death.

Maddox Management Announced Their 2nd Annual Halloween Home Decorating Contest in Albuquerque NM

Maddox Management, a full-service residential and commercial property management company servicing both renters and property owners in Albuquerque, NM announced their 2nd Annual Halloween Home Decorating Contest.

Children's Promise Centers Christian Childcare and Preschool Seeks Qualified Staff

Christian child care and preschool, Children’s Promise Centers of Albuquerque announce that they are seeking qualified child care professionals to fill several positions. They are especially interested in skilled and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about caring for young children and early childhood education.

ServiceMaster Performance Has Received the Renewal of the Green Seal Standard for Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services

ServiceMaster Performance, a commercial and institutional cleaning service in New Mexico, is proud to announce that its ServiceMaster Clean Capture and Removal Cleaning System has been awarded the Green Seal Standard for Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services again this year. Green Seal recently completed an exhaustive compliance monitoring evaluation of the Clean Capture and Removal system, and has determined that the system complies with the watchdog organization’s environmental and performance requirements.

Children's Promise Centers of Albuquerque Offers High-Quality, Christian-Oriented Pre-Kindergarten Program

Child care center and preschool Children’s Promise Centers is now offering a comprehensive, child-centered, and Christian-oriented pre-K program in Albuquerque. This diverse, challenging program will focus on social-emotional, academic, physical, and spiritual growth and development of children preparing to enter kindergarten in the upcoming school year. Children’s Promise Centers’ developmentally appropriate pre-K curriculum is researched based and aligned to New Mexico State standards, and will include both self-directed and teacher-directed social and academic activities. There are both a 2 and ½ hour (9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.) pre-Kindergarten program and an extended (7 a.m. – 6 p.m.) program available for this age group.

Children's Promise Centers Offering Preschool for 3-4 Year Olds

Children’s Promise Centers (CPC), a non-denominational Christian-centered daycare in Albuquerque, is offering a highly rated preschool program for 3- and 4-year olds. The structured preschool day includes academics such as reading, science, and math activities, as well as free play and learning center times. Activities throughout the day vary between child-directed and teacher directed. CPC’s preschool classes are led by trained preschool teachers who are educated in early-learning development and nurturing the whole child.

Maddox Management in Albuquerque Announces They Are Moving to a New Location

Maddox Management has announced that they are moving their office to a new address at 515 Central Ave. NE, Suite 200 Albuquerque, NM 81702. Maddox Management has been New Mexico’s leading property management company for over 30 years. The recent move by their Albuquerque office to its new location at central Ave NE, reflects their continued commitment to the community. With thousands of people affected by their property management services, the move to the new headquarters was eminent. Customers can expect Maddox Management to provide the same level of high quality care as before.

ServiceMaster Performance in Albuquerque Announces They Are Moving to a New Location

ServiceMaster Performance has been New Mexico’s leading service in commercial green cleaning services since 1980. The recent move by their Albuquerque office to its new location at Candelaria Rd NE, reflects their continued commitment to the community. With over 100,000 people per day affected by their care and janitorial services, the move to the new headquarters was eminent. The move to Candelaria Rd simply brings them closer to the junction of HWY 25 and HWY 40 and many of the businesses they support. Customers can expect ServiceMaster Performance to provide the same level of high quality care as before.

Overall Services Opens Second Location in Albuquerque

Overall Services, an established Albuquerque car repair and body shop, announces the grand opening of their second service location. Overall Services’ original shop, owned and operated by Albuquerque native Wayne Overall, provides both mechanical repairs and major body work, while the second location will primarily offer express bumper repair and smaller auto body work.

Sunwest Trust, Inc. Announces Release of to Help Investors Track Their IRA LLC

Sunwest Trust, Inc. announces the release of, which is their latest web-based software program to help IRA LLC holders keep track their investments.

Albuquerque Physician Welcomes AMA's Declaration That Obesity Is a Disease

Albuquerque weight loss expert Dr. Mark Holland MD predicts that the American Medical Association’s recent decision to declare obesity a disease will usher in a new era of hope for obese Americans. Dr. Holland has specialized in the medical treatment of obesity (called “bariatric medicine”) since 1991. “Back then” says Dr. Holland, “doctors such as me were viewed by a lot of people as quacks. But thing is that medical treatments for obesity really do work. People lose weight. And they get healthier.”

Alexander Crecca of New Mexico Injury Attorneys, PC Aka the Crecca Law Firm Named Super Lawyer

Alexander Crecca was recently given the distinct honor of being named a Super Lawyer among personal injury attorneys. This rating service looks at attorneys from over 70 different areas of law. Each lawyer awarded with this honor is one that has achieved a reputation as being one of the best. They must also be well known among their peers in order to be eligible for this award.

Mechanical Car Repairs Now Available at Overall Services Auto Body Repair and Paint in Albuquerque NM

Now more than a car body shop, Overall Services offers mechanical car repair services for clients in Albuquerque NM. Overall Services Auto Body Repair and Paint, one of the leading Albuquerque auto body shops, has announced its new car repair service. Overall Services has been catering to car body works and car paint solutions in Albuquerque since 2008; it is now proud to announce that it also offers mechanical car services like transmission repair and brake repair.

Vital Tech Services Now Offers Computer Maintenance Contracts for Businesses

Vital Tech Services, one of the leading Albuquerque computer repair companies, announces its new IT Maintenance Pprogram.

Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC Announces Swamp Cooler to A/C Conversion Deals in Albuquerque NM

Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC, one of the top Albuquerque residential and commercial HVAC companies, has announced that it will now offer swamp cooler to A/C conversions to residents of Albuquerque as well as surrounding areas.

Harmony Pest Management Offers High Quality Bed Bug Extermination in Albuquerque

Harmony Pest Management, a leading Albuquerque pest control company, is proud to announce that they now offer bed bug extermination. Harmony Pest Management has been helping Albuquerque residents since its inception in 1972 with all their pest control needs.

Customizabooks to Start Kickstarter Project to Address the Problem That Everyone Can't All Be Talented Artists

Customizabooks LLC today announced that it will soon begin a Kickstarter project called “The Great Illustrator Project”. The project features a group of 41 of the best children’s illustrators, which will create artwork for the upcoming Blackfish Story Creator App. Kickstarter project contributors will be able to use the developed artwork in their own stories by placing backgrounds, characters, text, animations, and other book elements within Blackfish Story Creator.

Bueno Celebrates Grandmothers for Mother's Day

LogoCome celebrate Grandma on Saturday, May 4, 2013 from 10am – 2pm at the Walmart on Coors and I-40.

Money Expert Guides Nearly 5,000 to Smarter Investments

LogoWith the shakiness of the stock market, it’s hard to know where you should put your money. In the past year, Gallup polls show consumer confidence had been on the rise until early 2013. About 18 percent say the economy is good, and 37 percent say the economy is significantly bad. But a well-respected money expert is hoping to boost people’s investment confidence – good economy or not.

Divorce & Social Media - A Toxic Mix

LogoThe lure of social media is just too strong to resist for some. Some feel compelled to share their every thought and moment throughout the day. Not only do they share, but they do so in the most artful ways with photos, video, links, diary style entries, and the like. Remarkably, these same folks are often shocked to find that all of this is admissible in court against them in their divorce proceedings (or other legal or other legal proceedings for that matter).

Social Media Puts Courts Behind Technology

LogoSocial media has created all kinds of new challenges and opportunities in litigation. It also creates a number of possible avenues for abuse. In nutshell, the courts are having a hard time keeping up with social media technology. Some issues are old in today's terms (a few years). One interesting issue than will have far reaching implications in litigation involves service of process issues.

Albuquerque Bail Bonds Company Says "Don't Spend the Night in Jail! 24 Hour Consultations Now Available"

LogoNew Mexico Bail Bonds LLC and its team have announced their 24-hour a day free consultations. Those in jail, or wanted on a warrant are free to call at any time to discuss their options for staying out of jail. The company also provides 0 down bail service, the first and only in the Albuquerque bail bonds business to do so.

DWI Offender Convicted of Vehicular Homicide Sues Bars & Drinking Buddy

LogoA New Mexico news story has been getting a lot of press of late. A man convicted in 2010 of vehicular homicide for a DWI fatality has now filed suit against the bars and restaurants that served him. The man has also filed suit against his drinking buddy on the night of the fatal DWI auto accident.