Press Releases For NM - Albuquerque (US)

The Hinkes Group Unveils New Website and Announces Expansion of Albuquerque Office

The Hinkes Group, a top New Mexico Realtor, has announced the expansion of its Albuquerque operations and the launch of its new real estate website. This site makes it easy for people to both buy and sell homes and property. Buyers can see listings on the site or get update emails with the latest additions to the listing chart. Sellers will find information about how to value their homes, which properties have recently been sold, and tips on how to make their homes more marketable.

Law Prohibiting Texting and Driving Signed Into Law in New Mexico

New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez has signed into law a bill that prohibits texting on New Mexico roads. The new law is a good step in the right direction in addressing what has become a very serious problem on New Mexico roads, which is reflective of a wider national problem. This behavior leads to an unacceptable number of automobile accidents resulting in injury or death.

Working Moms Love New Vitamin C Serum on Amazon

Yeouth's Anti­Aging Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Tripeptide 31 has been made available on, delighting working moms worldwide. This tried and trusted brand combines the restorative powers of Vitamin C with the hydrating abilities of Hyaluronic Acid, plus the firming effects of Tripeptide 31, making a potent combination that delivers long­lasting results.

Studies Reveal Topical Application of Vitamin C Is More Effective

Studies reveal that applying vitamin C topically is several times more effective compared to consuming it orally. Vitamin C, the main ingredient in Yeouth's Anti­Aging Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Tripeptide 31, is a vital antioxidant, and topical application is revealed to be a more efficient way for delivering the much­needed vitamins to the skin.

Yeouth Launches Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Tripeptide 31

Yeouth, a new emerging leader in anti­aging skin care products, is pleased to announce the launch of their new product, Anti­aging Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Tripeptide 31.

Moms Turn to Vitamin C Serum to Restore Skin to Its Youthful State

Yeouth, a leading anti­aging skin care company continues to release high­ quality, innovative products in their skin care range. They recently released their latest product, Anti­aging Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Tripeptide 31, which proved to be a hit with moms who shop on Amazon.

New Mexico Criminal Law Offices: 22 Years of Exclusively Handling Criminal Law Cases

LogoFor nearly 20 years, the law offices of New Mexico Criminal Law have handled hundreds of criminal defense cases involving DWI, larceny, kidnapping, and drug crimes. The firm recently announced that they are celebrating their achievement of providing the residents of New Mexico with the best legal representation in the area.

ALCS – An Award-Winning Albuquerque Private School Is Now Enrolling Pre-K 4 and Up

Abundant Life Christian School prepares every child not only for college but for life. This award-winning Albuquerque private school provides high-quality education in a balanced environment. A curriculum that incorporates the Christian faith into the scholastic realm is sure to impart desirable values in a child. ALCS provides a safe and conducive environment that protects the student's mind from worldly attitudes.

Moji Launches Newly Redesigned Website in Preparation for Upcoming School Portraits

As thousands of students across the Albuquerque area gear up to make the transition from summer vacation to another year of academia, parents are met with growing anticipation of the potential the coming session's school portraits may hold in store. Students from elementary to high school endure their own level of anxiety in this regard yet for different reasons than their guardians. Most people have had an unflattering school picture taken of themselves and this can have a negative impact on how people see themselves.

Terry Gomez DDS of Albuquerque Releases Helpful New Guide to Teeth Whitening

Terry Gomez DDS, one of the city's leading family and cosmetic dentists, published a new online guide to teeth whitening. With a range of over-the-counter teeth whitening products crowding store shelves, many consumers wonder what the difference is between these products and professional teeth whitening services. The new guide to the subject at the Terry Gomez DDS website will help to answer this question and others, enabling readers to make more informed and satisfying choices.

Shooting Star Project Launches on Kickstarter to Raise Publication Funds

LogoThe Shooting Star Project is an effort by Geminid Press, LLC to bring new authors to the attention of the public by allowing those who participate in the Kickstarter project at to choose the next novelist for publication.  The Shooting Star Project allows contributors to read and critique all the aspects of several new novels and ultimately help make a choice as to which new book will be the next to be published by Geminid Press.

Albuquerque Personal Injury Law Firm Launches New and Informative Website

Personal injury lawyer, Eric Esmund, has recently released a comprehensive new website,, that aims to provide visitors with an overview of the Albuquerque-based law firm, as well as a high-level, yet thorough, introduction to their areas of practice which include auto accidents, bus and truck accidents and pedestrian accidents.

24 Hour Locksmith Pros Further Quickens Arrival Times with Strategic New Investments

24 Hour Locksmith Pros, the leading Albuquerque-area emergency and mobile locksmith service, announced that the company will now offer even faster response times than previously. Thanks to new investments and improvements to the company's dispatching system, highly trained 24 Hour Locksmith Pros will be able to shave minutes off their average arrival times throughout Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and the company's other service areas. For more than 10 years, 24 Hour Locksmith Pros has been the locksmith Albuquerque locals most often recommend to those in need, providing unbeatable, reliable, highly affordable service to all. Raises Stakes by Creating an Online Meeting Ground for Businesses and Copywriters is announcing the formation of an online marketplace providing copywriting services by giving organizations and individual's access to top copywriters at affordable rates.

Companion Care Elder Care Services Are Celebrating Spending a Decade in Business

LogoAlbuquerque, Pennsylvania based Companion Care recently held an open house to celebrate their decennial anniversary. Friends and family members of clients were invited for a fun session followed by complimentary chair massage and refreshments.

Southwest Ceramic Lighting Launches Sales on Unique Outdoor & Indoor Ceramic Lighting

LogoGreat news for those planning new lights of late, leading Albuquerque ceramic lighting company Southwest Ceramic Lighting has announced big discounts on unique outdoor & indoor ceramic lights.

SJN Sales Celebrates Year of Aggressive Expansion with New Final Quarter Contracts and Great SJN Sales Reviews

Many businesses look at the final months of the year as a time to reflect, in order to strategically inform the growth to come in the New Year. Unfortunately this approach is only half right: while reflection is valuable, time spent looking inward loses prospects, vendors and potential customers. It is at times like these when companies may wish to use outsourced sales services to keep driving sales and relationships, allowing them to get the best of both worlds. SJN Sales offer just such a service, and after having a record year themselves, have devised a specialized stratagem for maximizing the benefit of the final quarter. Enlightens Readers on How Powersmith Ash Vacuum Outranks Its Competition is a website that reviews different brands and models of ash vacuums available in the market, the website also aims to educate people about the effectiveness of using an ash vacuum for a messy job that ash cleaning is. Recently reviewed the PowerSmith Ash Vacuum which is the most recent and the least expensive among the ash vacuums available today. reviewers are real users of the product they review giving in depth and impartial information about the vacuum for others to benefit from. Enlightens Readers on What Makes Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table the Bestseller

Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table is now in the market and has captured the attention for reasons like safety for starters. The frame of this inversion table is made in a way that it can withstand a large weight without getting de-shaped and breaking. It is non motor run and still is capable to cater a lot of weight. The U shapes frame is enforced with tough rubber stabilizers for extra safety during inversion process.

Elvis Impersonator Runs a Zombie Farm in Texas

Author Theron Moore releases dark fantasy The Kill Sisters. Two girls, one vampire, one human, team up to retrieve an ancient, powerful book, The Necronomicon, but there's a problem, it's a setup. The Angels of Death and Vengeance confront Jewel warning her to leave the book alone but Vengeance has a more personal message, holding her responsible for the death of her family as well as her own, and the reason she returned as an Angel of Vengeance -- to kill Jewel.

Custom Embossers Offering Superior Quality Custom Wax Seals and Stamps at Affordable Rates

Based in Albuquerque, USA, is the premier supplier of superior quality marking devices. The online store offers a wide selection of tailor-made embossers and wax seals for every possible need. From repurposed antique embossers from the 1800’s to button operated electric embossers, Custom is unmatched in quality, customer service and turnaround time. Embossers are a stylish alternative to traditional labels and address stamps, adding an old-world, personal touch to invitations, cards, letters, books, packaging or gifts. Other examples of uses of seals include corporate identity, notaries, professional engineer and architects, fine art print chop marks, and certificates for state governments.

Couture Sally Moon Introduces the Xochitl Collection

Walking on the wild side… walking in Spirit... listening to the leather talk… creating wearable art because there is a need to express what is germinating within ones being, otherwise, one will perish. Sally Moon, Leather Couture, can walk the halls of the Musée du Louvre or trek the sacred mountains of Peru whilst making Ceremony side-by-side with Shamans, is inspired by Life, Beauty and Munay-Love.

SJN Sales Arizona Reports Record Figures Through Results Based Pricing Strategy

SJN Sales is a distributed sales outsourcing firm serving the US market, and is experiencing record growth in the sector. After a 19% increase in inquiries, they are leading their field thanks to their unique business practices, which are now being duplicated by competitors across the country.

WODFitters Celebrates Crossfit Open with 40% off on Their Top of the Line Speed Jump Rope on Amazon

Working out is the best way of maintaining shape and to stay lean in the long run. Many new exercise methods and products have been created for the ultimate convenience of people these days, but jump ropes still stand their ground in the exercise world as one of the best calorie burners. While jumping rope has been around for a while, new technologies are helping jumpers to increase their speed and intensity. The WODFitters Jump Rope has been specifically designed for double and triple unders, and to allow people to achieve maximum speed in their jump rope workouts.

Maddox Management Announced Their 2nd Annual Halloween Home Decorating Contest in Albuquerque NM

Maddox Management, a full-service residential and commercial property management company servicing both renters and property owners in Albuquerque, NM announced their 2nd Annual Halloween Home Decorating Contest.

Children's Promise Centers Christian Childcare and Preschool Seeks Qualified Staff

Christian child care and preschool, Children’s Promise Centers of Albuquerque announce that they are seeking qualified child care professionals to fill several positions. They are especially interested in skilled and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about caring for young children and early childhood education.

ServiceMaster Performance Has Received the Renewal of the Green Seal Standard for Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services

ServiceMaster Performance, a commercial and institutional cleaning service in New Mexico, is proud to announce that its ServiceMaster Clean Capture and Removal Cleaning System has been awarded the Green Seal Standard for Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services again this year. Green Seal recently completed an exhaustive compliance monitoring evaluation of the Clean Capture and Removal system, and has determined that the system complies with the watchdog organization’s environmental and performance requirements.