Press Releases For SC - Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville (US)

Alchemy Global Announces Partnership with New York Jets Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall

Alchemy Global Holdings, LLC ("Alchemy") has been engaged to provide advisory services for Fit Speed, PROJECT 375 and other business opportunities Marshall is engaged in and will add to his current portfolio.

Carolina Dancesport Announces Students Competing in National Shag Dance Championships

Carolina Dancesport announces The Old Spanish Galleon is the site for this year's National Shag Dance Championships where two students of Carolina Dancesport will be making a run for gold. The event is scheduled for January 30-31, 2015. Jaime Emerine has danced the shag for only two months. However, he is partnering with a seasoned expert, Pam Jones, to add to the unparalleled success record for students of Carolina Dancesport.

Introducing ReelTrail, The Ultimate Marketplace for Buying & Selling Outdoor Gear

Outdoor enthusiasts now have the opportunity to buy and sell new, used, vintage, and handmade outdoor gear with the launch of ReelTrail LLC, a new online marketplace with a specific niche. A vast array of equipment is already up for sale on the website, ranging from fly fishing reels to snowboards, hiking packs to kayaks, sailing equipment, and more.

Ceterus Acquires Quick-Service Restaurant-Focused Accountancy

LogoCeterus announces the acquisition of Sandwich Math, an accounting and bookkeeping firm serving sandwich restaurant franchises specifically. The acquisition expands Ceterus' base of quick-service restaurant (QSR) customers, and enhances the company's ability to provide benchmarked reporting on QSRs. Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

Storage Sheds Outlet Now Offers Sunhouse Cedar Wood Storage Shed and Greenhouse Combo Kit at Lower Prices

LogoStorage Sheds Outlet, one of the biggest online stores for storage sheds, is now offering uniquely designed Sunhouse Cedar Wood Storage Shed and Greenhouse Combo Kit that acts as an ideal gardening place for growing and nurturing plants. This combo kit can also be used as a great backyard studio or small workshop for individual's different hobbies. The angle wall windows of this storage shed is made of a high performance thermoplastic that transmit up to 90% of visible light, while filtering out harmful ultraviolet light. This storage shed is available in 4 sizes – 8'x8', 8'x12', 8'x16' and 12 'x 12'. The Sunhouse Cedar Wood Storage Shed and Greenhouse Combo Kit come with Dutch door and Push out window that makes this storage shed stand out in its category.

Conrad. One: The Ultimate Android Smartphone Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoConrad. One is an all new upcoming Android smartphone that has been introduced with a luxurious UI (user interface) and several other amazing features. It is a revolutionary smartphone packed with robust features and an entirely different user interface. Developed in California, United States by Brass Romero Conrade, the phone has been introduced in a crowdfunding campaign recently launched via Indiegogo and everyone is being welcomed to support this project.

Storage Sheds Outlet Offers the Most Versatile Range of Storage Sheds by Some Top-Notch Brands

LogoStorage Sheds Outlet, a well-known online destination for excellent outdoor storage solutions, offers a wide range of sturdy built storage sheds in numerous designs, shapes and colors. The storage shed kits offered by the online store are reasonably priced and provide secure backyard storage needs. The storage sheds they offer are more versatile and designed with heavy duty storage in mind. The online store enables customers to purchase storage shed kits as per their needs, as these are available in sizes like mini, medium and large. Their storage sheds are rust proof and treated from the inside out for superior protection and are ideal for use at backyard or garden.

Storage Sheds Outlet Offers Exclusively Designed Outdoor Canopies in a Range of Sizes to Suit Customers' Available Space

LogoStorage Sheds Outlet, a leading online store for all outdoor storage needs, offers an exclusive collection of outdoor canopies in a range of sizes to suit customers' available space. The different types of outdoor canopies that they have in the stock includes Pop-Up Instant Canopies, Quick Clamp Canopies, Caravan Canopies, Round Top Canopies, King Canopy Shelters and Canopies, etc. All of their canopies are from some of the leading brands, such as, ShelterLogic, Caravan, Duramax, Flowerhouse, Handy Home Products, King Canopy, Rhino Shelters, Yardstash, and many others. The company offers outdoor canopies in a plethora of colors, designs and sizes to meet its customers' wide needs. All of the canopies are easy to setup and provide shade and shelter wherever individual need it. The entire range of canopies is attractively designed and enhances the overall look of the place they are installed.

Storage Sheds Outlet Offers EZ-Fit Sheds in Multiple Specifications for Backyard Storage Needs

LogoA Division of United Commerce Group, Inc., Storage Sheds Outlet offers a wide selection of EZ-Fit sheds in multiple specifications to suffice individuals' backyard storage needs. Beautifully designed, these EZ-Fit sheds are sure to provide optimal storage volume and tremendous flexibility for safely storing unused household items and garden equipment all at one place. The different types of EZ-Fit sheds that individuals can purchase from them includes EZ-Fit Sheds Miniature Chicken Coop, EZ-Fit Sheds Riverside- 10x12, EZ-Fit Sheds Heritage - 12x20, EZ-Fit Sheds Cornerstone - 8x8, and many others. Available at the most competitive prices, these EZ-Fit sheds are perfect for various outdoor activities like gardening, garages, home office and much more.

Renovate Backyards with Attractive Patio Covers from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoOne of the most sought after places in offering outdoor storage solutions, Storage Sheds Outlet offers beautiful patio covers to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a backyard. These enclosures are an ideal solution to defend garden furnishings against adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow. Furthermore, they provide an additional living space to unwind with guests and family. The company have in the stock patio covers in various materials like plastic, wood, aluminum, fiber glass and offers them at a very minimal rate to fit into every customer's price bracket.

Get Backyard Storage Solution with Wood Storage Sheds from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoA top-notch provider of outdoor storage systems, Storage Sheds Outlet, offers wood storage sheds that complement the beauty of a backyard and offer numerous practical benefits. A perfect blend of style and usability, wooden sheds are strong, highly durable and have a natural rustic look. This storage facility can be used for storing garden equipment, old furniture pieces, sports items, and other household items.

Turn a Backyard Into a Beautiful Garden with Wood Storage Sheds from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoStorage Sheds Outlet, a renowned online store for storage sheds, offers a great selection of wood storage sheds that can enhance the look of any garden or backyard. They have associated with some of the leading brands in the market, such as Arrow, Best Barns, Handy Home, Solid Build, Suncast, Riverstone, etc. All of these brands have strong identity in the market for offering best-in-class wood storage sheds at the most attractive prices. As per individuals budget, they offer wood storage sheds in numerous shapes and sizes. Each of their woods sheds comes equipped with the highest quality windows for proper ventilation. Anyone looking for a storage shed for their backyard can count on wood storage sheds being offered online at the company's official web store,

Storage Sheds Outlet Offers Play Sets & Play Houses to Make Children Get Away from Desk-Bound Lifestyle

LogoOne of the leading providers of outdoor storage system, Storage Sheds Outlet, offers an array of play sets & play houses to make children get away from desk-bound lifestyle. The online store understands problems of parents in this internet era where children like to stick with either video games, laptop, or television, and to avoid this problematic situation of coming generation Storage Sheds Outlet come up with one-of-a-kind play sets & play houses, so that children can spend some time in outdoor activities that is quite necessary for overall their all-round development. Parents looking to set up paly set and paly houses can count on Storage Sheds Outlet to explore an array of items available on their official portal

Throw a Lavish Party at Seashore in Beach Canopies from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoA Division of United Commerce Group Inc., Storage Sheds Outlet, offers a wide selection of beach canopies that help individuals organize a lavish party at seashore. They have partnered with various world renowned brands, such as Caravan, King Canopy, and Shelterlogic, to make sure that their customers don't need to compromise with the quality of their products. Available in a variety of sizes, designs, colors, and materials, these beach canopies are sure to provide ultimate protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, and other climatic hindrance. All of these beach canopies are manufactured with the high quality materials employing latest technological tools to ensure their durability and strength.

Boatmo Engineers Introduce Advanced Search Functions

After countless long hours of planning and programming, the industry leader in selling aquatic vehicles is proud to announce new advanced search functions. Boatmo offers thousands of listings which can be hard to sift through for those looking for specific vessels. The new advanced search function allows users to quickly find boats, yachts and PWC based on factors like the builder, condition, price, boat type, geographical location, and more. This will not only save time for buyers, but help sellers get their boats sold quickly.

Premier One Promotes the Easiest Online Map Search for Charleston SC Real Estate

Premier One, an online directory that serves as a common platform for Charleston SC and Myrtle Beach home buyers and sellers, recently started promoting their map search function which the owners claim as the easiest means for Charleston SC real estate search. The owners of the real estate portal stressed that the recently added map search feature will help their buyers and sellers find the best real properties in and around Charleston area with a single click. They can now choose the location of the real properties quite easily and narrow down their search to find the most suitable properties according to their budget and location preference.

Storage Sheds Outlet Offers a Wide Range of Outdoor Storage Sheds with the Reputation for Sustainable Quality

LogoA popular online store for affordable and reliable sheds, Storage Sheds Outlet, offers top-notch quality outdoor storage sheds. The storage shed kits offered by the online store are robustly manufactured and provide extra storage space. The company enables customers to purchase shed kits as per their needs, as these are available in sizes like mini, medium and large. All of their outdoor sheds are versatile and individuals can also use them like an outdoor living room. Manufactured by some of the foremost storage sheds brands like Arrow, Handy Home Products, Berkley, and so on, these products are valued for their sturdy structure and longevity.

Storage Sheds Outlet Offers a Wide Range of Metal Storage Sheds for Outdoor Space

LogoPositioned amongst the leading providers of storage sheds, Storage Sheds Outlet offers highly-durable metal storage sheds at the most competitive prices. All metal storage sheds that company is providing are manufactured with the top-quality materials, employing cutting-edge technological tools to ensure strength and durability. Especially designed for heavy duty use, these metal sheds from the Storage Sheds Outlet ensure safety and function as a great restraint against vandalism, theft and climatic changes. The materials used in these metal sheds are carefully chosen to avoid termites, rust or corrosion. Individuals who are looking of one-of-kind robust and durable storage sheds can explore an array of metal storage sheds being offered by the Storage Sheds Outlet.

Charleston Vascular Surgery Announces Grand Opening, Offering Quality Vascular Care with a Focus on Minimally Invasive Treatments

LogoCharleston Vascular Surgery now offers minimally invasive vascular therapies in 3 full-service locations throughout South Carolina. Distinguished for exceptional quality and customer care, their offices are now accessible to patients state-wide who seek a personalized medical experience.

Storage Sheds Outlet Offers Attractive Designed Gazebos for Outdoor Recreation

LogoOne of the well-established storage solutions providers in the nation, Storage Sheds Outlet, offers a wide range of gazebos that can be set up either as a permanent structure or temporary structure. All of their outdoor gazebos are versatile and individuals can use it like an outdoor living room where they can spend quality time with their family and entertain guests. Gazebos they offer not only make the outdoor area more inviting and visually appealing, but they also enhance its functionality and make it more practical and useful. Manufactured by some of the foremost storage sheds brands like King Canopy, Handy Home Products, ShelterLogic and so on, these products are valued for their sturdy structure and longevity.

Enhance Ambience and Functionality of Garden with Wood Garden Sheds from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoStorage Sheds Outlet, a renowned market place for storage sheds, offers best-in-class wood garden sheds at the most competitive prices. A few of the wood garden sheds that individuals can purchase from them includes Gardener Cedar Wood Shed Kit, Classic Large Barn Kit with Overhang, Bunkhouse Cedar Shed Kit, and much more. All of these sheds are manufactured employing innovative technological tools and quality tested on various parameters to ensure shining finish, strength, and durability. These wood sheds are best for storing big machines, old furniture, garden tools, and other small objects. Apart from providing ample storage space, these beautiful wood sheds also add value to one's home and garden. People looking for one-of-a-kind storage sheds can visit the company's official online portal,, to explore an exclusive collection of wood garden sheds. Introduced Easiest Online Map Search for Charleston Real Estate Search or Premier One, a real estate brokerage and complete MLS listing portal that offers latest information on Charleston real estate, recently introduced advanced map search for their users so that they can find real properties in specific locations of the Charleston area. The owners of the real estate believe that Premier One advanced map search functions will make it easier for their visitors to find school districts, neighbourhoods plus a lot more during their real estate MLS data search. Now Allows Prospective Boat Sellers to List Their Boat for Free, an online directory that has been set up for boat sellers and buyers, recently announced that boat owners can now list their boat for free on their directory. All they have to do is to use a valid email address and create a username and they will be all set for listing and selling their boats. In recent months, has earned a high reputation among both boat sellers and buyers and the owners think that boat owners can reap significant advantages by advertising their boats for free through their online directory.

Unicorn Wins Election 2016

LogoHistory has been made! Our first unicorn President! On the first day as President, the White House lawn began growing colorful sparkles. The Secret Service agents wore pink ties and sunglasses that Unicorn spotted on Pinterest. Unicorn went to play golf (because that's what presidents do)! But their golf cart got too close to the pond and a sharkbearigator tried to eat them! Later that day, Unicorn turned all dollars into candy, and the whole world was happier. What will happen next? Dun dun dun…

Get Refurbished Yamaha Drive Electric Golf Cart to Enhance Enjoyment at the Golf Course, the most reputable supplier of Golf Carts in the country, offers refurbished Yamaha drive electric golf carts at the most competitive prices. This used golf cart is a certified factory refurbished 4 passenger golf cart that can be used for golf, as well as for recreation. Buying this golf cart can help individuals save up to 50% off on the cost of a new cart. The company offers this golf cart along with a 6-month warranty, new standard flip rear seat, new head and tail light package, new windshield, and many other new items. The exterior portion of the cart is designed in such a way that it provides a modernized look to the vehicle. Individuals who are looking for a golf cart and don't want to spend a lot on it, can order one of the Yamaha drive electric golf carts being offered at Offers a Wide Range of Electric Golf Carts with the Highest Level of Performance, a premier online store for golf carts, offers a wide range of electric golf carts with the highest level of performance and durability. They stock golf carts from some of the leading manufacturers, such as EZ GO, Yamaha, Club Car, Linhai, and many more. Besides their standard use at golf courses, golf carts are now being to move around in a neighborhood, as a mule for aircraft, as an ATV when hunting, for showing property, and much more. Each of their golf carts are time proven and ensure longer service life at lower maintenance costs. Available at highly reduced prices, individuals can count on for requirements.

Storage Sheds Outlet Provides Lifetime Storage Sheds for Sale

LogoStorage Sheds Outlet, a renowned name in the storage sheds industry, is offering best-in-class Lifetime storage sheds for sale. The Lifetime storage sheds are available with them in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs, which include Lifetime 11 X 13.5 Storage Shed, Lifetime 8 X 5 Premium Plastic Utility and Garden Shed, Lifetime 11' X 11' Storage Building (Tri-Doors), and many others. All of these Lifetime sheds are manufactured with the highest quality materials using cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum durability and strength. People looking to enhance the appearance of their homes can visit their official online portal,, order their desired storage sheds, and get it delivered to their doorstep within the right time, without any damage.