Press Releases For SC - Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville (US)

Carolina Dancesport Announces Students Competing in National Shag Dance Championships

Carolina Dancesport announces The Old Spanish Galleon is the site for this year's National Shag Dance Championships where two students of Carolina Dancesport will be making a run for gold. The event is scheduled for January 30-31, 2015. Jaime Emerine has danced the shag for only two months. However, he is partnering with a seasoned expert, Pam Jones, to add to the unparalleled success record for students of Carolina Dancesport.

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Inc. Was Selected for Exclusive Oriental Rug and Fine Fabric Program

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Inc. , a cleaning firm operating in Charleston since 2010 was one of only 40 companies selected from cleaning firms across the US, Canada, and UK to participate in the 2012 Textile Pro Program launched by rug specialist Lisa Wagner and fabric specialist Jim Pemberton.

Park Vehicles with Ease with Garage Canopies from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoFor those who don't have their personal garages or car ports, parking automobiles is risky. The absence of garages not only increases the risk of automobiles from getting damaged, but also enhances the risk of theft. Keeping this in view, Storage Sheds Outlet is providing a range of garage canopies at the industry's best prices. From some of the world renowned brands like Flowerhouse, Jewett Cameron, King Canopy, Rhino Shelters, Shelter Logic, etc, the wide array of garage canopies that they provide includes Peak Frame Portable Storage Shed, Shelterlogic 12x30x11 ShelterTUBE Storage Shelter, King Canopy 10 x 10' Tuff Tent Instant Pop Up, King Canopy 10x20 Universal 6 Leg Canopy and many others. Manufactured with cutting edge technology tools, their unmatched collection is sure to meet the needs of each of their customers.

Add Additional Storage to Any Yard with Metal Storage Sheds from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoMany homeowners, nowadays, are looking for an economical way to create some extra storage in their homes. One of the best ways to make some extra space at home is to buy a metal storage shed. To cater to the needs of people, Storage Sheds Outlet is now providing metal storage sheds at the most competitive prices. The storage sheds that the company offers is an awesome combination of reasonable pricing, attractive design and expansive storage space. Available in various sizes, these storage sheds come with large vents, double doors and solid metal frames which make them one of the most reliable outdoor storage sheds. Made of superior quality material, these sheds help in protecting items from termites, rust or corrosion.

Get Fiberglass Pool Financing from My Pool Loan at the Lowest Possible Interest Rates

LogoLiving a lavish lifestyle, many home owners have swimming pools in their backyards. However, many individuals fall short of funding while planning its construction. To avoid such eventualities, individuals can opt for pool loans that can help them in covering all finances involved in its construction. Keeping this in view, My Pool Loan is providing fiberglass pool financing at the lowest possible interest rates. For availing this loan, individuals just need to fill in a 30 second loan application available on the company's official website,

Get Auto Repair Financing from My Any Purpose Loan for All the Ups and Downs of Car Ownership

LogoA number of individuals are unaware or haven't heard of auto repair financing. Of great use to individuals facing various troublesome financial situations, these auto repair loans cover all the maintenance charges of their owned vehicles like cars, trucks, or SUVs. My Any Purpose Loan, a leading loan provider is now providing these auto repair financing solutions at the most competitive rates. Individuals looking for a reliable loan provider can count on them for providing competitive auto repair loans.

Get Home Improvement Loans and Financing from Home Improvement Loan Pros

LogoHome improvement or renovations surely make an individual' living conditions more favorable. Most of the people regularly improve their homes in order to avoid serious structural damages to their property. Regular home improvement helps maintain the lavishness of homes and keeps them updated with the latest trends. Home improvements include both major and minor changes but making these changes is a challenge for those who are lacking in finances to fund the same. However, now it has become easy for people who are running short of money with Home Improvement Loans and Financing being offered by Home Improvement Loan Pros. They offer home improvement loans for Air Conditioners, Above Ground Pools, Artificial Turf, Exterior Painting, Fencing, PV Systems and many other home projects.

Podcast on Dermal Fillers from Charleston Facial Plastic Surgeon Now Available

A new podcast by Dr. David Rodwell, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Charleston, SC, is now available on the eHealth Radio Network. Dr. David Rodwell provides his expertise in the cosmetic plastic surgery field, particularly concerning the non-surgical treatment, dermal fillers. Some of the topics covered in the podcast include how to lift and add volume to sunken cheeks, causes of loss of volume in the cheeks and face, what the treatment procedure is like and other advice that Dr. Rodwell has for those interested in facial rejuvenation. Dr. Rodwell brings his years of training and hands-on expertise to the podcast, providing listeners with insight from a medical professional.

Charleston Facial Plastic Surgeon Now Offering New Kybella Treatment for "Double Chins"

Dr. David Rodwell, board-certified facial plastic surgeon and founder of Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery, a plastic surgery practice located in Charleston, SC, is excited to announce that he is now offering the newest cosmetic injectable, Kybella™, a treatment for "double chins". Kybella™ is the first and only FDA-approved injectable that improves the profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin, also known as submental fat or fullness.

Get Wood Storage Sheds from Storage Sheds Outlet at an Amazing Price Range

LogoAn economical method of creating extra storage space in the outdoors, storage sheds, with time have become a popular choice whenever individuals need a bit more space to keep their things in an organized way. Catering to the needs of the individuals, Storage Sheds Outlet is providing a range of wood storage sheds at the most competitive price range. Manufactured utilizing cutting edge technology, the wide array of sheds that the company is offering includes Barn Style Wood Shed Kit, Gable Style Wood Shed Kit, Classic Medium Barn Kit with Overhang and many others. Individuals looking to create their own home-office, garden or garage in their backyard can now save up to $1,000, on purchasing any of the wood sheds from Storage Sheds Outlet.

Launch of Announced is pleased to announce the launch of the new childproofing products and services company. The firm has offices in Mount Pleasant, SC and Los Angeles CA, with full childproofing services in select locations around the country. The firm offers the top childproofing products to safeguard homes and to ensure the safety of children. A selection of top safety products from the highest ranked manufacturers is available online.

Get Extra Storage Space with High Utility Range of Metal Storage Sheds from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoStorage sheds are used in almost every industry or backyard of homes for storing heavy items. These are known to withstand the rigor of harsh weather conditions. To fulfill the storing needs of their customers, Storage Sheds Outlet a well-known online destination for excellent outdoor storage solutions is offering sturdy built Metal Storage Sheds. These are basically designed for heavy duty application and ensure safety against vandalism and climatic changes, of stored products. Individuals can get these sheds as per their storing requirements as they have varied options available basis the size.

Rooter-Man Technician Certified

Recently Rooter-Man's Jason Spurzem has become certified in Cross Connection Control. He completed his course with South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Backflow Prevention helps to preserve the public's drinking water from being contaminated by spotting and eliminating cross connections. To become certified Spurzem had to take a three day course on how to address and or get rid of cross connections.

Get FREE Credit Score from Home Improvement Loan Pros Before Applying for Loans

LogoEveryone dreams of owning a lavish home and living a luxurious life with their loved ones. But making these dreams come true is a challenge in this age of cut-throat competition. To help individuals in achieving their aspirations, Home Improvement Loan Pros is providing free credit scores for a 7-day trial period. Individuals looking for home improvement loans can firstly get the credit score from them and then choose from the options provided, an appropriate home loan suiting their needs and budget. Partners with GoFreeCredit, they are the customers' first choice for getting error-free credit scores.

Get an Attractive Swimming Pool Loan Without Any Hassles from My Pool Loan

LogoThere are only few who can afford constructing a new pool without having to finance funds for it, with most people having to depend on pool loans for the same. In this respect, My Pool Loan with its Swimming Pool Loan and Financing facility is providing an opportunity to individuals to get easy access to the requisite funds for construction. They provide financing for all types of swimming pools with easy and hassle-free processes. Also, they support customers with multiple loan options to fulfill their financing requirements effectively.

Timeshare Loans from My Any Purpose Loan for Enjoying a Dream Holiday

LogoEveryone aspires to go on a luxury vacation in tune with their dream of leading an opulent life. Those planning a memorable trip can now get Timeshare Loans from My Any Purpose Loan as per their needs. These loans help people across the globe to actually go on a vacation they could only have dreamt of till now. Timeshare loans assist individuals in planning their holiday budget more efficiently. They provide timeshare loans with timeshare financing options including lower rate, fixed term unsecured loans and most popular under their 0% credit card program with 0% interest for 18 months.

Rooter-Man Opens Plumbing Parts Department

LogoRooter-Man Plumbing has always stocked their plumbing trucks with  minimum plumbing parts necessary to service their customers. Recently Rooter-Man Plumbing of Charleston hired Web Bundt to help build up the company's parts department in effort to save time, fuel and money. The addition of Web as the Parts Manager will enable Rooter-Man to provide faster more efficient re-stocking and service for their common Moen, American Standard, Delta, Toto, Kohler, Zurn, Sloan, and disposer parts, resulting in savings to their customers.

Get Colonial Greenfield Wood Shed Kit from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoSpecifically designed to store gardening tools and accessories in an organized manner, garden sheds are being widely utilized by gardeners as well as gardening enthusiasts. Keeping this in view, Storage Sheds Outlet is providing Colonial Greenfield Wood Shed Kits at competitive prices. Available with pre-cut parts, this garden shed is available for just $1,839.67. Manufactured by Little Cottage Company, this shed comes with free shipping facility and is usually shipped to the customers' location within 5-7 business days. Individuals looking for a reliable and durable shed can purchase one from the company's official online store

Get Barn Style Portable Storage Sheds from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoOften vehicle owners are forced to live in constant fear due to lack of a proper shed solution for protection of their assets from sunshine, rain, snow or soccer balls. To keep their expensive vehicles protected, individuals can get Barn Style portable storage sheds from the Storage Sheds Outlet at competitive rates. They provide storage sheds that are manufactured with advanced engineering techniques using commercial grade polyethylene woven fabric to withstand tough weather conditions and harmful UV rays. Available in colors gray and green, these portable storage sheds are the perfect solution for keeping vehicles rust and corrosion free for a longer period of time.

"MAGIC MIKE" Gets the Message - Aims Directly at the Heart of Relationships

"Magic Mike is summer's sexiest, most fun-loving movie, but it's also the most insightful look at modern relationships the movies have given us in years," notes Dr. Leonard McGill, a former Contributing Editor to GQ and the founder of "". "In Magic Mike, women not only wear the pants, they rip them off the men."

Ellen O'Neil Realty Launches Website Offering a Full Suite of Real Estate Services

Real Estate is a fundamental market force in the world. People may live without chocolate, or even the internet, but they will never live without homes. Ellen O'Neil is a specialist in real estate who is "Committed to Helping You Love Where You Live" and she has created to provide her services online.

Get Trade School Loans from My Any Purpose Loan at Competitive Rates

LogoTrade school aspirants often find themselves running from pillar to post to get loans to fulfil their dream of getting quality education. Candidates planning to join trade schools can now get Trade School Loans even if they have Bad Credit from My Any Purpose Loan at competitive rates. They provide trade schools loans to young individuals and their parents with a view to suit their specific financial need. Borrowers are offered a lower rate fixed term unsecured loan under their 0% credit card program with 0% interest for 18 months, which comes with flexible repayment option.

Get Detailed Information on Home Improvement Loan Rates from Home Improvement Loan Pros

LogoHomeowners seek loans to remodel their dream homes and give it the desired shape. Before opting for the loan, individuals can get all the required information about home improvement loan rates from Home Improvement Loan Pros. They mainly provide information about two most common home improvement loans that are credit cards for home improvement and unsecured loans for home improvement. Individuals can trust on their expertise as they assist their clients in calculating the credit amount and overall risk involved while taking the loan.

Get Swimming Pool Repair Loans from My Pool Loan at Competitive Rates

LogoDamages to a swimming pool needs professional assistance in getting it fixed. To enjoy the pleasure of swimming again, individuals can now get swimming pool repair loans from My Pool Loan at competitive rates. They provide loans that are extremely beneficial when the final cost of fixing the problem is huge. Individuals are provided with swimming pool repair loans that include the complete cost of providing expensive vinyl patch kits along with the other necessary charges.

Enhance the Look of Your Backyard with Vinyl Sheds from Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoEver wonder how a messy backyard doesn't just eat up a lot of space, it also causes embarrassment for the property owner? Now, enhance the look of your backyard with Vinyl Sheds from Storage Sheds Outlet at competitive rates. The company offers fantastic vinyl storage sheds where extra household items can be kept in an organized manner. These sheds come with ample space and can be used for keeping garden material, fertilizers, tools and equipment without hindering the beauty of the backyard.

Get Peak Frame Portable Storage Shed with Storage Sheds Outlet at Competitive Rates

LogoVehicle owners who keep their car in open have no option but to live in a state of constant fear as occasionally their expensive vehicles get dents or scars due to sunshine, snow, sleet, rain, leaves, baseballs or soccer balls.

Home Improvement Loan Pros Now Offers Lower Home Improvement Loan Rates to Its Customers

LogoHome Improvement Loan Pros, a specialist in home improvement financing, is now offering lower home improvement loan rates to its customers. The loan rates that the company offers have been broken down in two categories namely credit cards for home improvement and unsecured loans for home improvement. Loan rates for home improvement credit cards are as low as 0% for 18 months and are a very popular option with both consumers and contractors. With the help of these cards people can easily buy their desired homes and pay for it later.