Press Releases For IL - Chicago-Joliet-Naperville (US)

Sophie Limo Redefine Executive Transportation with the Launch of Latest Booking Platform and Smartphone App for Black Car Services in Chicago

Sophie Limo announces the launch of black car services, making it easier for everybody to access high-end private corporate transportation in Chicago.

Swirl + Sparkle Is an Organic Solid Makeup Brush Cleanser That Magically Melts Makeup Residue Right off Brushes

Swirl + Sparkle (S + S), the revolutionary new organic solid makeup brush cleanser that magically melts makeup residue, dead skin, oils, and bacteria right off of brushes, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to QVC, HSN, and beyond with the goal of getting it in the hands of every makeup user in America.

Rasdale Stamps' Next Auction to Be Held February 18th and 19th

Rasdale Stamp Company will hold its first auction of 2017 on Saturday, February 18th and Sunday, February 19th, according to information posted to the stamp company's website.

SpyCrushers Extends Product Warranties for Amazon Shoppers

LogoSpyCrushers rep announces extended SpyCrushers spy camera and hidden camera product warranty policy for all Amazon purchasers.

Wezom Mobile Launches "My Guards - Leader" - A One of a Kind Security App

LogoWezom Company launches its patented mobile application "Alarm Security Button" known as "My Guards - Leader". This security application works as a personal security guard for its users.

Spy Camera Catches Cat Burglar in the Act

LogoHomeowner catches cat burglar with the use of hidden cameras and spy cameras. Mary Wright returned home from work to her Ft. Lauderdale, Florida townhome to find things somewhat unfamiliar. "Initially I thought I'd left a window open and the wind had blown things around, but I later found that was not the case," said Mary.

National Hospice Provider Harbor Light Hospice Maximizes Quality of Life for Patients

LogoHarbor Light Hospice is a national hospice provider committed to providing dignity and quality of life through excellent end-of-life care. They provide care in a number of locations across 9 different states, where the quality of life they offer their clients is a cut above what other hospice providers offer.

SpyCrushers Spy Camera Products Earn Top Amazon Reviews

LogoSpyCrushers rep shares five star Amazon customer reviews for a few of their spy camera products.

SpyCrushers Extends Spy Camera Holiday Sales on Amazon

LogoSpyCrushers rep announces their extended holiday sale on this seasons most popular spy camera and hidden camera products.

SpyCrushers Announces Spy Camera Sale on Amazon UK

LogoSpyCrushers rep announces sale priced spy camera items offered exclusively on Amazon UK.

Swim Stroke Doctor, LLC Receives New Patent for Its Underwater Motion Based Video System for the Sport of Swimming

Swim Stroke Doctor, LLC a supplier of underwater video systems today announced the issue by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") on December 13, 2016 of a new patent covering their motion based underwater video system.

Rasdale Stamp Company Releases List of Recent Auction Items

Rasdale Stamp Company, a Chicago area collectible auction house and proprietor of an online collectible retail store, has made available on its website a list of the items that were available for auction during each day of its most recent auction of stamps and other collectibles. The list of items includes a brief description and details surrounding the origin of each item along with commentary provided by Rasdale. The live auction took place in two sessions, the first on November 19th and the second on November 20th. While the majority of items on the list were sold in the recent auction, viewing the list may still be of interest to collectors interested in attending a future auction at Rasdale.

Malman Law Firm Sponsors TV Program That Aired on Chicago's WGN-TV Channel

LogoAn Alzheimer's special called "Unforgettable: Living with Alzheimer's" has aired on WGN-TV virtual channel 9, thanks to the Malman Law Firm, which is also based in the Chicago area.

National Hospice Website Updates Website Design with Images

LogoNational hospice provider Harbor Light Hospice has recently redesigned their website at to add supplemental media and images. Harbor Light Hospice is a hospice care organization that promotes dignity and quality of life through its compassionate care services spanning 9 different states.

ImageFIRST Announces New and Comprehensive Scrub Program

ImageFIRST, the nationwide provider of healthcare linen and laundry services in Louisville, KY, and across the United States and Puerto Rico, recently announced an expansion of their medical scrubs program. This comprehensive scrub solution program is designed to provide healthcare facilities with high-quality medical scrubs and to free up workers from inventory management so that they can focus on patient care.

Rasdale Stamp Company's Online Store Outlines Conditions of Sale

Rasdale Stamp Company, a family owned and operated seller of stamps through frequently held auctions and an online store, has posted information to its website outlining the conditions individuals agree to when they purchase stamps from the company.

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney David J. Schwaner Receives Awards for Client Service and Results

Mr. Schwaner, who heads Chicago firm Schwaner Injury Law, focuses on providing the best service possible for his clients.

Spy Camera Maker Creates Amazon Best Sellers Holiday Sale

LogoSpyCrushers rep announces the company's best-selling spy camera products are now sale priced for a limited time.

Renowned Plastic Surgery Practice Celebrated Their 6th Annual Christmakah Event

MAE Plastic Surgery once again celebrated their popular Christmakah event for the sixth year in a row. Their Christmakah event is a chance for MAE Plastic Surgery to offer special deals on popular procedures while donating 5% of the proceeds to charity.

SpyCrushers Launches Spy Camera AC Adapter on Amazon

LogoSpyCrushers rep announces the launch of the SpyCrushers Spy Camera AC Adapter hidden camera product on Amazon.

Rasdale Stamp Company Offers Help with Option to Sell Entire Collection

The Rasdale Stamp Company, a historic, family owned and operated stamp company, has on their website detailed the process by which stamp collectors may sell their collection through Rasdale. The process is detailed and available to complete in its entirety through the company's website by clicking the link in the top header of the home page reading "Sell Your Collection."

Spycrushers Launches Spy Camera Sales on Amazon

LogoSpyCrushers rep announces the launch of the company's holiday sale spy camera products.

Boberdoo Launches Facebook Lead Ad Integration in Its Lead Distribution Software, the leading provider of lead distribution software, ping post technology and call routing systems for the lead generation industry launched an integration with Facebook Lead Ads on Tuesday that allows lead generation companies to automatically route and sell leads generated via Facebook Lead Ads forms.

Rasdale Stamp Company Holds Final Auction of 2016

Rasdale Stamp Company, a stamp and collectible auction house that also operates an online stamp store, recently concluded its 2016 auction season with a successful stamp auction that finished on November 20.

Indiegogo Campaign Launched to Fund Highly Anticipated VBAG II

LogoWallgers Designs, a high quality, high fashion handcrafted bag and wallet manufacturer, has officially launched an Indiegogo campaign for its latest market entry, 'Vbag II'. The Indiegogo campaign aims to garner widespread support and financial backing to manufacture, distribute and market Vbag II to a mass audience.

The Latest GSM Unlocked Phones Now Available At Leading Electronic Retailer, Worldwide Voltage

Worldwide Voltage, a leading global distributor of home electronics and electronic equipment, announces the immediate availability of a full selection of GSM unlocked phones, now available and in stock ready for immediate shipping.

Lou Tazioli Joins FCL Graphics as CEO

FCL Graphics, a direct mail solutions and printing company based in the Chicago area, announced today that Lou Tazioli has joined as CEO. Mr. Tazioli is a direct mail industry leader with over 30 years of experience helping clients grow sales through direct mail. He's also an expert in digital marketing and delivering superior customer service.