Press Releases For IL - Chicago-Joliet-Naperville (US)

Author, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach, Shannon D. Hughes Releases Book to Create a Run on Motivation

Giving readers every good reason to up the ante on their own lives, entrepreneur and new author, Shannon D. Hughes has released a game changer. Known in the greater Chicago area for his no nonsense approach to life and business, Hughes has taken that same verve to the digital scene. On August 11th, with the release of his first book, "Your Motivational Manual Volume #1" he gives insight on everything from the L word to having passion, healing one's self, and no one owing anyone one a single thing. Running the gamut in real talk, the independent e-book is a wellspring of info timed just right.

Tony Sheffler and Blair Walsh Launch Classform, Connected Data for Schools

Education entrepreneurs Tony Sheffler (twitter) and Blair Walsh (twitter) today unveiled classform, a new classroom technology platform, designed to help connect data and build information sharing communities within schools. For the first time, ever, schools will have a single platform that improves all aspects of their classroom technology. From hardware and software management to STEM purchasing and information sharing.

7 Small Changes to Lower Heating Bills During This Cold Snap

This is one streak that Chicagoans would prefer not to repeat. The prolonged frigid temperatures have been wreaking havoc throughout the area—causing everything from dead car batteries to time off from school and work to severe cases of hypothermia and frostbite.

Rasdale Stamp Company to Host Its 435th Public Auction on February 17-18, 2018

Rasdale Stamp Company will host its 435th Public Auction on February 17-18, 2018. This is the company's first public auction this year and three more will follow before the year ends.

Enterprise Coating's Diamondlube Formula That Can Increase Horse Power and Prolong Life of Engines Is Seeking Early Contributors on Indiegogo

A new Indiegogo campaign by Enterprise Coatings seeks funding to bring a new path-breaking technology to the fore that can prolong the life of engines. Enterprise Coatings Inc. uses Diamond Hard Carbon™ nano-material to service all types of industrial engines and equipments. They now rely on the Argonne National Laboratories tested nanotechnology to bring out this DiamondLube™ formula.

SpyCrushers Launches First Spy Camera Sale on Amazon

LogoSpycrushers rep, Ryan Anderson announces current sale promotion for its 1080p Spy Pen Camera and its Clothes Hook Hidden Camera products.

Zima Media Become First Digital Agency on Fiverr PRO

LogoZima Media has become the first remote digital, SEO, and advertising agency to operate their business on Fiverr PRO. This continues Zima Media's wholesale embrace of taking established business concepts and remaking them to fit with new age attitudes, styles, and expectations.

Westmont Philatelic Company Adds an Interactive Online Platform for Selling And/Or Consigning Stamp Collections

The family owned and operated Rasdale Stamp Company is offering all philatelic collectors and even non-collectors an online channel on its website to sell or consign their stamp collections to the company.

Bistro 750 Now Booking Reservations for Private Parties and Events in the New Year

Bistro 750 is now booking reservations for private parties and events in the New Year. Sharing some savory cuisine and delicious drinks is the perfect way to enjoy the festive spirit of the new year. In fact, the dining experience at Bistro 750 is unique and memorable, so patrons are encouraged to book a reservation now to discover what innovative and quality food is all about.

Let It Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow

When most homeowners make New Year's resolutions, they're probably not thinking about the potential for clogged toilets, sinks or other drain problems. But it's important to start a new year with clear minds and clear drains, especially since American Vintage Home has a deal that can't be beat.

Rasdale Stamp Company Closes the Year Successfully with Public Auction #434

Rasdale Stamp Company hosted its 434th public stamp sale in Illinois on November 18-19, 2017. This marks the company's fourth and last philatelic auction this year. The next public auction will be held sometime in February 2018.

ImageFIRST Shares Story of Associate's Impact on a Patient

ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists explains how an associate from their Dallas location went above typical job requirements to recover a 4-year-old patient's kitten stuffed animal.

SpyCrushers Cuts 1080p Spy Pen Camera Price

LogoSpyCrushers rep announces their $29.99 1080p HD Spy Pen Camera Christmas sale on Amazon and SpyCrushers websites.

SpyCrushers Launches Spy Camera Christmas Sale

LogoSpyCrushers rep announce spy camera Christmas sale on company website and Amazon.

Sagacious IP Organized Super Bowl 2017 to Bring out the Sportsman from Within

Sagacious IP, a leading research and consulting firm, successfully hosted its annual sports finale, Super Bowl 2017. All the team members of the company showed appreciable zeal and participated with great enthusiasm, thus making the event a great success.

SpyCrushers Starts 8 Days of Christmas Spy Camera Sale

LogoSpyCrushers rep announces their spy camera Christmas sale promotion.

Illinois Philatelic Company Releases the Final Details of Its Upcoming Public Auction

Rasdale Stamp Company has posted all the final details of the upcoming Public Auction #434 on its website. This is the last public stamp sale for the company this year and it will be conducted in two sessions spread over two days.

Love Is A Rose Offers Perfectly Unique Christmas Presents That Are Sure to Wow

LogoChristmas is coming up fast and if you haven't already, it's time to get started on your Christmas shopping. That's easier said than done, though, since the list of people you need to shop for probably varies not only in age but in preferences and tastes. And there's always at least one person who already has everything, making it even more difficult to get your Christmas shopping done.

SpyCrushers Spy Pen Gets Customers Promoted at Work

LogoSpyCrushers rep talks about how customer receives a promotion at work because using his spy pen.

10 Cool Sites That Accept Bitcoin

LogoA list of 10 Ecommerce sites that accept Bitcoin payments.

Rasdale Stamp Company, One of the Oldest Family Owned and Operated Stamp Auction Houses in the United States, Turns 85

An Illinois philatelic company is claiming to be "the oldest family owned and operated stamp auction house in the United States" after clocking 85 this year. Rasdale Stamp Company has been in the philatelic industry since it was established in 1932.

Bistro 750 Continuing to Book 2017 Holiday Parties

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and now is the ideal time to think about planning a holiday event. In fact, Bistro 750 is continuing to book 2017 holiday parties. One of the most memorable ways to spend quality time with both family and friends is through a celebration. Book a party at Bistro 750 and find out why their high-end casual restaurant is the perfect location for a party. Bistro 750 takes pride in offering a unique combination of ambiance and cuisine to create a friendly and chic dining experience.

Senvie Skin Care Announces New Line of Beauty & Skin Care Products Including Highly Touted Organic Line

Senvie Skin Care, the widely renowned and talked about skin care line, is now expanding the company's product line. Senvie is now offering skin care packages for clients with Normal Skin, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Mature Skin. In addition, Senvie also just launched a brand new Organic Skin Care line. Senvie Skin Care is a popular brand that is based in Chicago and provides luxury skin care products at excellent prices.

American Vintage Home Offers Free Estimates for New Systems

Knowing when it's time to replace outdated heating and cooling equipment is half the battle. But when companies charge for replacement estimates, they discourage customers from making the necessary switch.

Lightspeed Trading Offers a Wide Range of Trading Tools for Active and Professional Traders

LogoAs one of the industry's best stock brokers for day trading, Lightspeed Trading offers a comprehensive range of trading tools for professionals in the field. Over the course of their careers, traders develop their own approaches to their day-to-day dealings. On top of that, they constantly adapt and evolve in concert with the market. Because of this, Lightspeed has developed numerous solutions that grant traders a high degree of customization and control.

Chicago Computer Classes Imparts Excellent Training in Microsoft Excel

LogoChicago Computer Classes is a computer institute in Chicago that has been setting the standards of career-oriented computer courses to shape the future of the professionals. This computer centre offers excellent onsite training in Microsoft Excel imparted by professional trainers who prepare the students for the working environment.

Chicago Knife Works Creates the First Buzz for the Ultimate Shopping Bonanza This Black Friday on Its New Navigable Website

Chicago Knife Works yesterday officially announced its promotions for "Black Friday" at a press conference in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago Knife Works is claiming high about its mega discount offer, which according to the company's spokesperson will be the biggest discount sale of their respective business industry.