Press Releases For IL - Chicago-Joliet-Naperville (US)

A Life Company Announces Acquisition of Wave Cables

A Life Company, a leader in mobile device charging cables, announced the acquisition of Wave Cables, maker of The Strong Cable, which recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise $10,000 for the marketing, distribution, Apple certification of the product, and to ensure to supply chain delays or fulfillment shortages.

Dr. Cool and Pride: The Big Show National Premiere

Dr. Cool and Pride: The Big Show (produced by Bizar Productions, LLC) will be premiering September 12, 2015 in San Francisco on KRCB at 11:00 AM PST and on September 13, 2015 at 11:00 AM on WTTW 11 in Chicago. Is a Chicago Based Company Providing Web Based Solutions

Before launching a new website, it's absolutely important you take careful consideration to the various components of your site functionality. This checklist of tasks will guide a webmaster to fulfilling an efficient website launch.

Matt Mikka Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Life After the Battlefield

LogoLife After the Battlefield is a documentary series about how wounded soldiers of modern war zones adapt to life after returning home.  This television series will feature vets who are struggling with returning to "normal" life and the challenges they face.  According to producer Matt Mikka, "For the majority of our veterans the real war starts when they return home with a life changing or crippling injury.  In this documentary series, we are bringing the much hidden afterlife of these soldiers into the public eye, and we are showing how they adapt to their injuries at home, with their kids, at work and elsewhere.  It's a game changer, and we are excited to get started."

Apple Launches Latest Edition of Cool Math Tricks App at iTunes

In order to make certain mathematical problems are easier to solve, Wizappo has introduced its 2nd edition of Cool Math Tricks for Apple device users. It is a very handy app that is intended to save time and effort in solving complex problems. There are many people who have downloaded this from iTunes and it is said to be easy to use and competitively priced.

Stucky's Bar & Grille Treats Customers to Delicious, High Quality American Cuisine in a Relaxed & Casual Atmosphere

Stucky's Bar and Grille, a new restaurant featuring classic American favorites, has opened in Johnsburg, Illinois. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner, includes a full bar, dining room and a private room suitable for groups, private parties and meetings. The restaurant is also planning to introduce video gaming within the next couple of months.

Chicago Dedicated Server Is Increasing Bandwidth on Dedicated Servers to 10TB

Chicago Dedicated Server is a provider of web hosting services to businesses, freelancers, and individuals at affordable rates. The company's popularity has been due to their approach to customer service and technical support, providing 24 hour services with reachable technicians aimed at solving problems and resolving technical crisis. Customers of the service provider will now have something new to appreciate about this midwest firm, and that is the increase in bandwidth for their dedicated servers to 10TB.

Omega Locksmith Combines New Mobile Locksmith Capability with 24 Hour Capacity to Create Ultimate Service

Getting locked out of a car is one of the most frustrating and disruptive accidents, because whenever individuals are heading to their cars obviously they need to get somewhere. Lockouts are becoming even more common now transponder keys are more common, increasing the margin for technological error. Individuals need to get back on the road as fast as possible, but conventional dealerships take weeks to get new keys sent out. Omega Locksmith provides a solution for the people in Chicago, with mobile locksmiths vans which now have twenty four hour capability.

Crowdfunding Campaign Underway for Omnipod - Any Camera, Every Moment

One solution for Mono/Tripod needs have been developed by an innovative entrepreneur hailing from Chicago, Il in the form of Omnipod is the last Mono/Tripod for your DSLR, Phone or GoPro photographers will ever require. The Omnipod has been designed by its developer Evan Helfrich to be a lightweight, all-in-one solution for every moment. The Omnipod project is currently in need of funding to cover the manufacturing, marketing and various other expenses to get the product retail ready, for this purpose a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on KickStarter with a funding goal of at least $26,800 which needs to be raised by Sun, Dec 6 2015.

Tomlinson Law Office, P.C. Announces Reversal of Multi-Million Dollar Judgment

In 2011, Summit Forest Products Company, a wood supplier, sued children's furniture manufacturer Child Craft LLC after alleging that the company had not paid for wood shipments dating as far back as 2008. Prior to the lawsuit, Child Craft made a decision to cease operations, claiming that Summit had supplied them with subpar wood that affected their business practices and contributed to the company's demise. Upon learning of Summit's accusations, Child Craft filed counterclaims, including one for negligent misrepresentation against Summit and its owner Ronald Bienias. Child Craft alleged that misstatements were made to it regarding the wood products and whether they would conform to Child Craft's specifications.

Wizappo Announces Release of "Tricks for Math" a New App That Teaches Young People How to Solve Math Problems More Quickly

It's no secret that math is often a subject that gets neglected by many young students. A new app hopes to change that for the better, "Tricks for Math", the latest release from popular app developer Wizappo. "Tricks for Math" helps student quickly and correctly assess math problems with ease. The app has been credited with helping speed up test taking abilities and to position students to excel on the math section of the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and really any other standardised math tests.

Chicago Weight Loss Center Announces 4 New Tools to Combat Obesity

Obesity is now considered an epidemic; with millions across America affected by uncontrolled weight gain as a result of easily accessible high fat and high sugar foods, a more sedentary office lifestyle and poor education about nutrition. A recent study from York University revealed individuals have to eat less and exercise more today than in 1971, just to lose the same amount of weight. Dr. Frederick Tiesenga, President of New Hope Surgical, is on a mission to help sufferers beat obesity with four highly effective weight loss tools.

ImageFIRST Chicago Announces New Orleans-Inspired Back on My Feet Birthday Bash-Querade in November

For four years running, Back on My Feet, a national, for-purpose 501(C)3 organization that uses running and mentoring to help inspire self-confidence and independence in homeless populations, has held a yearly Birthday Bash-Querade to help raise funds for their cause. As the largest event of the year, the Bash-Querade raises more than $150,000 annually in support of the organization through donors and attendees who have chosen to make a difference in their community. This year, ImageFIRST Chicago, a premier provider of healthcare bed linens for the Chicago, IL area, has announced that it is once again a proud supporter of Back on My Feet and their 5th annual Birthday Bash-Querade.

Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic Introduces Minimally Invasive Water Lipo

According to recent studies, an estimated 50 million Americans go on a diet each year. Experts say many of these people will lose most of the weight but often will struggle with the last few pounds that don't seem to respond as well to diet and exercise.

Ultrasound Machines Offering High Quality 4D Ultrasound Machines at Reasonable Prices

With an extensive list of superior yet cost effective ultrasounds, top customer services and strict sourcing policy in place, Ultrasound Machines has emerged as a proven winner. Be it Biolight, Choice med, Emperor, Carewell, Edan, Youbetter, GPC Medical, Read Eagle, Sinorgmed, Welld, Biocare, Kaixin or SonoScape, Ultrasound Machines' inventory accommodates products from all of these famous brands.

Ultrasound Machines Flaunts a Choice of Diagnostic 4D Ultrasounds for Veterinarians' Perusal

Doctors often find it difficult to get machines that could help them carry out complicated diagnostic procedures, since physical medical equipment stores never have the kind of variety that could help them choose the right one. At Ultrasound Machines, however, all of their concerns reduce to nothing as the online store flaunts several of them for the perusal of doctors and lab technicians. The online ultrasounds store also offers a range of used and brand new diagnostic 3D and 4D ultrasounds, each of which is available at highly reasonable prices.

The eCapsula Corporation Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Their Flagship Personal Space Product eCapsula

LogoIn our increasingly crowded world where people are everywhere and privacy is almost nowhere, not nearly enough people have access to their own personal space - until now. eCapsula is an egg-shaped capsule that can be placed either indoors or outdoors providing privacy for up to four people to conduct business, play video games or watch a movie, enjoy a refreshing drink from the mini-fridge, read a book or even take a nap in a secluded, sound-proof environment. While anyone inside an eCapsula is assured privacy, productivity and/or relaxation in a busy airport or a bustling city street, everyone outside of an eCapsula will be engaged.

FRESH USA Inc. Presents Theft Protection System – RFID Technologies for Saving Your Money

All over the world there are a lot of hotel chains and they all do their best to make each guest stay comfortable. But not all guests are grateful for such efforts and sometimes they do not mind snatching something from the the hotel as a souvenir. What is taken more often from the hotel and where does money go? These things can be not only towels, slippers, bathrobes but also high-priced things: stereo systems, Doc- stations, iPhone chargers, art reproduction, alarm-clocks, hair-dryers.But towels and bathrobes disappear more frequently. Of course, this problem is not of a global nature but it disturbs and brings constant financial losses to hotel owners.

Wet Noses Grooming Is Expanding Into Naperville, IL

LogoThe rising Schaumburg based mobile dog grooming company "Wet Noses Mobile Grooming" announced yesterday that they will be expanding their coverage area to include Naperville, IL and other immediate areas.

New Gadget Site GearNova Launches at

Dedicated to delivering the latest news about Cool Stuff for Cool People, digital magazine GearNova has now launched at The new site focuses on delivering brief, bite-sized nuggets that will interest gadget and gear lovers of all kinds, making it the perfect way to catch up quickly or spend a few free minutes. Even having only just launched, GearNova is already well stocked with interesting posts and guides, including a top-ten list of the most productive office gadgets, a look at an untippable bar glass, pictures of a futuristic jet capsule boat, and much more.

Kru Strength and Fitness Announces Their Opening in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

Kru Strength and Fitness proudly announces their new partnership with The Chicago School of Yoga, a partnership that will allow all locations to offer expanded classes along with more diverse activities for members of both businesses. Kru Strength and Fitness was founded in 2009 while the Chicago School of Yoga was founded in 2010. Although both were thriving in their own locations, as they worked to support wellness in their local communities, they opted to join together to offer outstanding customer service along with a positive fitness experience.

New Victory Rehab Introduces New Techniques to Benefit Local Patients

It is estimated at least half of all working Americans experience Low back pain symptoms each year and at least eighty percent of people will have them at some point in their lifetime. Back pain, along with chronic pain in the joints, neck, and hips, incapacitates many people and prevents them from living the life they've imagined for themselves. Day in and day out, people deal with the frustration of not being able to move without experiencing pain in one or more areas of the body. With this in mind, Victory Rehab seeks to change this reality for those who are constantly suffering through it. The medical professionals who run Victory Rehab understand the complexities of the human body and are committed to getting to the root of every patient's issue and helping them heal the underlying causes of their chronic pain.

Cupid's Cronies Launched as Chicago's Best Online Dating Service

As one of the largest city in the United States and with a population of about 2.719 million people, finding the love of one's dreams can be a hard task, especially for those who don't know where to look for such companionship or those who are looking at all the wrong place. Cupid's Cronies is a recently launched online dating service that caters especially to the people of Chicago. Cupid's Cronies helps in fulfilling its member's dreams by connecting them to the right person and possibly the type of person they have really desired to be with, but just can't seem to find.

Gameful Mental Health App SuperBetter Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Scale Impact

LogoSuperBetter is called a "Gameful Way Of Living" because it allows those living with mental health challenges to increase their resilience and achieve their goals.  Nearly half a million people already use SuperBetter to live gamefully and tackle challenges such as depression, chronic pain and health issues, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.  Now, the creator of SuperBetter is launching an improved version, SuperBetter Pro 2.0, which will contain many new features for an even better user experience.  The creator has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise development funds for this project.

ImageFIRST Chicago Announces Partnership with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

It is essential that healthcare facilities provide a comfortable environment for cancer patients, especially when they are enduring radiation treatment. Clean and soft medical textiles, such as robes, uniforms and sheets, provide cancer patients with the comfort they need during their stay. To provide a relaxed and clean atmosphere for their patients, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) needed a reliable, high-quality medical laundry specialist they could count on. ImageFIRST Chicago is pleased to announce their partnership with the company and are proud to take part in the caring of cancer patients by providing first-rate medical laundry services.

Multack Eye Care Announces Dr. Christine Funke M.D Is Joining the Practice October 1st

Eyes are the most dominant sense by far, taking up more real estate in the brain than all the others combined. As such, problems with eyesight can often have a dramatic effect on individuals' quality of life, requiring them to seek out urgent specialist care. Multack Eye Care is a practice created by Eye Doctor Richard Multack, an experienced and highly regarded ophthalmologist who offers the latest and best care. He is now introducing a new Ophthalmologist in Frankfort, Dr. Christine Funke.

DermaSafe Launches Biotin 5000 PLUS for Stronger Hair, Nails & Healthy Skin

DermaSafe is proud to announce the release of company's new hair growth formula, Biotin 5000 PLUS, designed to offer healthy hair, strong nails and nourished skin.