Press Releases For CA - Oakland-Fremont-Hayward (US)

NewMe Fitness Introduces Dumbbell Exercise Posters Volumes 1 in a Special 2 Two-Pack

NewMe Fitness has just unveiled a special sale package for their best-selling Dumbbell Exercise Posters Volumes 1 and 2. Home gym enthusiasts can now purchase both posters in a single package at a special introductory price at a savings of more than 17% off the total purchase price were each poster bought individually. Posters featured in the two-pack are the same full-size originals of the wildly popular wall placards, which have received consistently high reviews in separate releases.

Cryptocurrency Acceptance Takes off Nationwide with Top Airport Parking

Top Airport Parking, a major provider of parking around North American airports, recently announced that it's accepting cryptocurrencies for purchases--with dozens of varieties, such as the popular Bitcoin along with the likes of Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Unveils Its New Range of Screen Mounts, Carts and Stands, a leading online store that offers hundreds of high quality products has recently unveiled its newest range of screen mounts, carts and stands. According to the information provided at the site, this particular store has been offering superior quality products to its customer's at the most competitive prices. The information provided at the site further added that its company specializes in superior quality TV and screen mounts, space management products, fitness products, sit-stand workstations and many more. The website's information also added that its store offer free shipping on all its range of products along with 30 day return policy and free lifetime customer support services.

Reduce Distortion in Weld Joints with Cost Effective TIG Welders from Longevity Global Inc.

A leading welding equipment provider in the nation, Longevity Global Inc. is now offering TIGWELD® 200i at discounted prices. It is the newest dual-voltage (PFC) TIG welder in their collection that weighs 21 lbs. and has dimensions W: 5.5" x H: 9" x D: 17". Previously listed at a retail price of $1,207.33, individuals can now purchase this TIG welder for just $1,189.99. This TIG and Stick combination welder is offered with a warranty of 3 years on labor and parts, and works on dual voltage, 110v/220v. Presently in stock, the TIGWELD® 200i features hot start and anti-stick, efficient IGBT inverter technology, 2T/4T operation, thermal overload protection, high frequency TIG start and many others. Moreover, with this TIG welding machine individuals can also get WP-26 Air Cooled TIG Torch (14ft), 300 Amp Stinger (10ft), 300 Amp Ground Clamp (10ft), Foot Pedal, Argon Regulator/ Flow Gauge and many other accessories.

Longevity Global Inc. Offers a Powerful Selection of Stick Welders

Longevity Global Inc., a renowned supplier of welding products and associated consumables, is now offering a wide range of stick welders including stickweld® 250, stickweld® 200i, stickweld® 200, stickweld® 140 stl, and stickweld® 140. All the stick welders that the company offers are designed with the latest technology and are brilliant in terms of quality and durability. The company ensures that each of their stick welding equipment can be used for all commercial applications including ship-building, pipe welding, heavy-manufacturing etc. The whole range of stick welding equipment that the company offers is cost-effective and easy to handle. Those who wish to purchase stick welders can count on the company for providing them with exceptional products.

101 VOICE Recognized Among 25 Unified Communication Solution Transforming Business of 2016 by CIO Solutions

101 VOICE, a leader in today's growing Cloud Telephony market, joins an elite number of companies that have earned a spot on25 Unified Communication Solution Transforming Business 2016 by CIO Solutions.

Goldenway Towing Now Part of Google Plus Community

LogoGoldenway Towing has been serving the San Ramon area for more than 15 years. The company has always prided itself on excellence in service delivery, in its wide range of offerings and in its pricing policy. Goldenway Towing announced it had joined the Google Plus platform as part of that commitment.

Silverline Towing Announces New Auto Locksmith Services

LogoA market leader in the fields of towing and roadside assistance, Silverline Towing recently announced a new offering to its complete line of automobile emergency services: auto locksmith services.

HealthNow Healthcare Now Offers Custom-Tailored in-Home Nursing Services to Accommodate Each Patient's Needs

LogoHealthNow Healthcare, a leading provider of world class home healthcare services, is now providing in-home nursing services at the most competitive prices. These at home healthcare services allow patients to live and enjoy their lives, without being confined in a hospital room. Whether the patient is dealing with a chronic condition or recovering from an illness, in-home nursing services help them stay in their own home, surrounded by friends and family. These in-home nursing services are designed after analyzing the complete condition of patients. They have a team of highly trained and passionate staff equipped with the latest knowledge and certification who make their care programs truly effective.

Give a Break to Caregivers with Respite Care Services from HealthNow Healthcare

LogoA well-known healthcare service provider in the nation, HealthNow Healthcare is now offering respite care services at the market's best prices. These services can give family caregivers a break from their day to day responsibilities so that they can relieve their stress and restore their energy. The respite care services that this healthcare center offers include personal care, light housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping, running errands, transportation and companionship. Moreover, they even conduct free in-home evaluations to discuss the length and type of respite care that is necessary for the individuals. These services are rendered by their team of highly skilled and talented professionals who have years of experience and rich knowledge working in this domain.

Global Syn-Turf Gives Back to Local Community by Donating High-Quality Artificial Grass

LogoA new park in Fort Worth, Texas may be dwarfed by some of the city's larger and more grandiose green spaces, but it provides a place for a local community to take a break. The Magnolia Avenue micro park, which takes just 30 feet by 100 feet of space, has been installed in South Fort Worth to bring people and families together.

Alex King Founder of Octaloofah Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Alex King the founder of Octaloofah launches new Kickstarter campaign recently, offering new opportunities for backers to join the community and take part in the next promising product in the market. Since the first time the page being launched to the public via Kickstarter, it gained hundreds of hits from interested fellows about the project. Within couple days, at least 27 backers have shown their intention by contributing financially to the project. From the initial goal of $25,000 funding, he managed to collect nearly $1,500 so far. There are still many days left until the deadline so that the possibilities are so broad for Alex King to be able to reach the desired amount of funding at Kickstarter.

Ensure Highest Quality Welds with TIG Welders from Longevity Global Inc.

One of the most reliable providers of welding equipment, Longevity Global Inc. is now offering highly efficient TIG Welders for sale. These welders provide the most precise welds and while controlling the heat of the weld and ensuring thinner welding applications. These TIG welders come in 110v and 220v capabilities and some of the models have auto-voltage for global usage. These TIG welders can be used for all weldable metals including aluminium. Manufactured using advanced technology, the TIG welders that the company provides ensure a long operational life. The wide range of TIG welders that they stock include TIGWELD® 200EX, TIGWELD® 250EX, TIGWELD® 200SX, TIGWELD® 200i, TIGWELD® 200EX, TIGWELD® 250EX, and many others.

HealthNow Healthcare Ensuring Safe and Independent Lifestyle for Seniors with Care Services for Veterans

LogoWith an aim to provide the best home healthcare, HealthNow Healthcare is now offering care services for veterans. The care services for veterans include personal care, hospice care and healthcare for wounded soldiers. These services allow veterans to live and enjoy their own lives, rather than being confined to a bland hospital room. They have franchises across America that help American Veterans wherever they can. They have skilled nurses who monitor and evaluate patients care; to make sure that the treatment plan is effective. They maintain long term care relationship with the patients' family members so that they have stability and trust in their relationship.

Live and Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle with Healthcare Services from HealthNow Healthcare

LogoOne of the most sought after names in the health care industry, HealthNow Healthcare is now offering a wide range of healthcare services at the market's best prices. Their services not only help individuals in living a healthier lifestyle, but also help them in recovering from illnesses and chronic conditions. The healthcare services they offer include home nursing service, personal and senior home care, medical social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, respite care and many others. Those seeking a reliable healthcare service provider for their family, relatives or themselves can contact them by filling a simple form present on their official website,

Join Metals Permanently the Cost Effective Way with MIG Welders from Longevity Global Inc.

Founded in 2001, Longevity Global Inc. today, stands among the top providers of world class welding, cutting and power generating equipment. The products they offer are manufactured employing cutting edge technological tools and fulfill the highest quality standards. To cut down the expenses of welding professionals, Longevity Global Inc. is now offering an exclusive range of MIG welders at an amazing price range. The variety of MIG welding machines they stock include MIGWELD 100, MIGWELD 140, MIGWELD 200 S, MIGWELD 250 MP and many others. These machines are portable and can efficiently weld metals like stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum with spool gun. The MIG welders they offer can help welding professionals in joining robust and thin metals efficiently, without any hassle. Their MIG machines can be utilized for various typical applications like Farm and Ranch, Maintenance, Repair; Hobby, Garage, Body Shops, and Automotive; and Light and Heavy Manufacturing.

Supersonic Towing Launches Its New Motorcycle Towing Service

LogoSupersonic Towing in Berkeley, California is launching its new motorcycle towing service this month. This long anticipated service will finally be available from the Supersonic superstar team and that is marvelous news for all Berkeley bikers.

Global Syn-Turf Cashmere Collection of Artificial Grass Combines Style, Quality, and Softness

LogoSpring may have many people racing for the barbecue grills, family picnics, and a butterfly watching on a Sunday morning; there are as just as many who hanker after the invigorating qualities of brisker temperatures: bolstering hikes and windswept adventures, all followed by a mad dash back to the backyard to play and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Skeleton Candles Launches the World's 1st Subscription Box for Premium Soy Candles on Kickstarter

A lover of candles and a designer of unique creative ideas, Robert Scott wants to share his love for premium scented candle through his new idea of the world's 1st subscription box for premium soy candles called Skeleton Candles. Robert has taken his idea to the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to build support and raise funds necessary to ignite his project. The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for a candle subscription service for a package delivery once a month which will include items such as premium quality, perfectly scented, and 100% soy candles in every box, the crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter has a funding goal of at least $1,000 USD to be raised by Sun, May 1 2016.

Creator of LidSitter Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoThe LidSitter is a brand new way to organize cooking.  This gadget can hold an iPad or other tablet, a cookbook or any other device or publication on the countertop to make reading recipes easy.  It can also hold hot lids or ladles by resting them on the rim of a cooking pot, preventing scalds and burns from hot steam or liquids.  Now, the creator of LidSitter has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for production, marketing and distribution of this product.

Longevity Global Inc Now Offers the Technologically Advanced TIGWELD 200 SX for TIG Welding Applications

Longevity Global Inc., one of the leading providers of welding equipment, is now offering TIGWELD 200 SX at the most competitive prices. With TIGWELD 200 SX, the user is able to set the amps, pre-flow, post, flow, and clearance to dial in for a perfect aluminum or steel weld. This welder features inverter technology and soft switching IGBT components provides users the ultimate welding experience. This welding equipment is an effective way to make strong welds and weld aluminum. This welding equipment renders most precise welds and is able to work under harsh conditions. Customers can now purchase this welding equipment for just $1,259.99.

Weld Thin Metals Quickly with MIGWELD 140 from Longevity Global Inc.

One of the most sought after names in the welding industry, Longevity Global Inc. is globally recognized among welding professionals for providing top class welding products. The welding products they offer can help professionals in enhancing their productivity, improving the welding speed, quality of the weld, and overall control. To cater to the needs of the customers, Longevity Global Inc. is now providing MIGWELD 140 for sale. Previously listed at $501.40, individuals can now purchase this MIG welding machine for just $489.99. Presently in stock, this MIG welder is easy to setup and capable to weld aluminum with the optional spool gun. Offered with a one year warranty on parts and labor, MIGWELD 140 is sure to help professionals in welding thin metals quickly and neatly. Those seeking a reputed welding equipment provider can count on them for their requirements.

Garage Door Guru Oakland Ranked Number One for Garage Door Repair Services

LogoFor over ten years, Garage Door Guru has provided quality, professional garage door repair and installation services throughout the Bay area. The company recently announced that they have received over 200 positive customer reviews, ranking them as the number one garage door repair and installation service providers in the area.

Weld Exotic Metals with Stickweld 140 STL from Longevity Global Inc.

A leading manufacturer of full line welding equipment for both Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and professional welding purposes, Longevity Global Inc. is now providing stickweld 140 STL at the most competitive prices. Earlier listed at $455.16, customers can now get this stick welder for just $447.99. This stickweld 140 STL comes with a 200 AMP Stinger, Ground Clamp and 110/220 Power Plug Adapter. The welding equipment that the company offers comes with thermal overload protection that informs the user when the duty cycle has been exceeded which helps them to shut down the unit in a safe manner. Featured with digital meters, this stick weld displays the amperage allowing the customers to adjust the unit to any amperage quickly, accurately, and easily.

How This Startup Is Helping Small Businesses Adjust to Mobile Technology

Last year, the volume of mobile searches finally surpassed desktop- people are using their phones more than computers to search. According to the latest Mobile Path to Purchase report, consumers consider mobile their most important research tool for purchase information. These searches are also more likely to be for urgent buying decisions -- 42% of mobile searchers on the go are planning to make a purchase within the hour.

Invest in Multi-Process Welding Equipment from Longevity Global to Reduce Welding Costs

One of the renowned providers of welding equipment, Longevity Global Inc. is now offering a range of multi-process welding equipment at highly reduced prices. Relying on these welding equipment not only ensures quality and worthiness of the welding jobs, it also reduces the welding costs over a period of time. Moreover, this investment can also help professionals in carrying out their welding tasks efficiently. The wide array of multi-process units that they offer include WELDMAX® 185i, PROMTS 200i, PROMTS® 252i, INNOVATOR 255i and many others. These welding equipment can be easily utilized by the professionals for their application in a hobby, garage, autobody and automotive; light and heavy fabrication; maintenance and repair; and many other such purposes. Individuals seeking a reliable provider can count on them for their varied requirements.

Urban Title Loans Offering Assured Microcredit to Car Owners with Clean Paperwork

Urban Title Loans, a loan agency that has its roots in Oakland city community, recently reduced the amount of paperwork that was needed for getting a car title loan. The owners confirmed that they will be checking fewer documents from here on so that loan approval and processing can be done relatively faster. As a matter of fact, the lending agency now offers one-hour loan approval, which is claimed by the owners as the shortest turnaround in the whole of Oakland.