Press Releases For CA - Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario (US)

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy Trains First Student from Belgium

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy continues to attract more and more international students looking to learn their highly rated spray tanning technique. The southern California based airbrush tanning training school recently welcomed Heidi Nagels, the first student from Belgium who went on to complete their online and hands-on airbrush tanning certification program. Founded in 2011, Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of aspiring beauty professionals kick-start their career as certified spray tanning technicians. The academy's success story can be attributed to its highly charismatic founder and renowned spray tanning expert Simone Emmons.

Sovereign Health Offers October Continuing Education Opportunities

Sovereign Health, a leading national provider of behavioral health treatment services, is hosting several continuing education (C.E.) events this month. These courses meet the qualifications for C.E. credits required by the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC).

New California Rules Set for Determining Employee Versus Contractor

LogoIn a decision likely to make it much harder for businesses to classify workers as contractors, the California Supreme Court has set aside a multi-factor standard, which California courts used for 30 years to determine whether a worker was an independent contractor or an employee under the state's various Wage Orders.

Timo's Offers Relief for Seasonal Allergies

Itchy throat. Watery eyes. Stuffy nose. Sound familiar? Allergy season is in full force here in the Coachella Valley. As residents try to escape the allergens by venturing indoors, many find similar discomforts at home. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to improve indoor air quality and alleviate allergy symptoms. And it starts with a no-obligation indoor air quality (IAQ) test from the experts at Timo's Air Conditioning & Heating.

Adenna Launches the 'Green Our Earth Comfort Our Friends' Program to Protect the Environment and Fight Hunger

Adenna has finally unveiled the "Green Our Earth Comfort Our Friends" program, which is meant to fight hunger through food donations and to protect the environment by planting more trees. The company has partnered with American Forests for the environmental protection initiative and Feeding America to fight hunger.

Pro Flow Dynamics LLC Offers Brew Hardware and Brewery Fittings

LogoEstablished in California in 2007, Pro Flow Dynamics supplies quality brewery and homebrew fittings to the USA, Canada, and Mexico markets. Before the introduction of their broad range of brewery and homebrew fittings and hardware, Pro Flow Dynamics started by selling Camlock fittings. They are also now stockers of quality stainless steel ball valves which are sold to many industries including: manufacturing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, mining, chemical, municipal, agricultural, hygienic, homebrew, food & beverage, and general industries. They focus mainly on selling to distributors and resellers.

Adenna Introduces CATCH® Orange Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

Adenna has introduced new disposable CATCH ® Orange Nitrile Powder Free Gloves for general and specialized use. Like the name implies, the new CATCH ® glove is orange in color, powder-free and it's made from nitrile. Interested customers can request samples and download product information from Adenna's website.

Timo's AC Pros Prepare Desert Homes for Blast of Summer Heat

Many areas of the country welcome the approach of spring as a harbinger of wet, gloomy weather that brings gardens and flower beds back to life. Quite the contrary here in the arid Coachella Valley, where April instead brings showers of savings for residents tuning up their air conditioning systems in advance of the June through September onslaught of average high temperatures in excess of 100 degrees.

Orange Coast Pest Control Offers Eco-Friendly Services

LogoStopping unwanted pests in their tracks is as simple as calling Orange Coast Pest Control. Offering a safer more natural remedy to pest elimination, Orange Coast Pest Control provides extermination services using eco-friendly products.

Timo's a March Madness Bracket-Buster for Maintenance

Preparation is the key to success for teams tipping off this month in the Big Dance, the NCAA men's and women's college basketball tournaments. When it's time to crank up their air conditioning, Southern Californians on top of their games know better than to rely breathlessly on a desperation buzzer-beater.

Purchase Brewing Hardware Fittings and 2-Piece Ball Valves from Pro Flow Dynamics

LogoPro Flow Dynamics offers a variety of products including homebrew fittings, homebrew hardware, camlock fittings, tri-clamp fittings, and stainless-steel ball valves. All these products are manufactured using premium materials including brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and polypropylene. Pro Flow Dynamics is a dependable company, and customers can obtain certificates of conformity, material certificates, and DIN 3.1 documents on request to guarantee high quality standards.

Pacific Pines - Pleasant Living for the Elderly in Two Fascinating Locations

Looking for the best residential care facility in the Inland Empire for that elderly person you love, then there is no better option than Pacific Pines. Set in two different alluring locations in Redlands, CA and Angelus Oaks, CA; Pacific Pines provides the highest level of assisted living possible. Some of their services include Daily Resident Physical Assessments, Reviewing Resident Medical Records, Monitoring Residents for Acute Illnesses, Medication Management, and Optimizing Resident Quality of Life.

Timo's Treats Homeowners to Comfort and Sweet Savings

While Coachella Valley residents scramble to shower their special someone with love and affection during this month of love, they might also consider a bit of TLC in the form of routine maintenance for their HVAC systems.

Lawfecta Provides California-Based Legal Support to Law Firms

LogoTechnological advances enable Lawfecta to offer cost-effective virtual support to law firms.

Adenna Expands Its Glossary of Terms, a Free Resource for Protective Equipment

Protective equipment supplier Adenna recently announced that it is continuing to expand its glossary of terms. The company indicated that the glossary of terms is located on its website at Adenna described the glossary as a helpful resource for those who are interested in learning more about protective equipment.

Get Ready for a Business Leap with Whitefrog's Five Pillars of Digital Marketing

With thousands of different digital marketing agencies seeking new clients daily, picking one that can help set your business on the right track can be a very tricky task. However, whether you have a large or small business, the best digital marketing agency is one that can easily communicate, set the desired expectation and deliver high quality work on schedule. Whitefrog is one of such agencies. With its unique approach tagged the 'Five Pillars', Whitefrog is helping businesses take a leap by providing the perfect strategy and the right personnel and tactics to ensure the strategies produce the desired results.

GAR Labs Offers Custom Private Label Cosmetic Hair Care and Skin Care Manufacture

Coming up with an idea for a new cosmetic hair care or skin care product can be quite easy. However, seeing it through from the idea stage to the finished product stage can be a very daunting task. But there is good news. GAR Labs, a custom private label cosmetic hair care and skin care manufacturer located in Southern California, is willing to partner with new hair and skin care entrepreneurs. GAR Laboratories will provide the new brands with 5000 to 5 million pieces of custom private label hair care and skin care products at an amazingly low price. The private label firm will walk the new entrepreneurs through the manufacturing process step-by-step, providing all the needed explanation and insight. With extensive expertise and experience in the hair care and skin care manufacturing business, GAR Labs can assure the new brands of quality and exceptional customer service.

Pacific Pines: Unrivaled Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly

Pacific Pines offers the highest level of personal care assistance any residential care facility for the elderly can offer. With two elder care facilities in the Inland Empire, their services include Daily Resident Physical Assessments, Reviewing Resident Medical Records, Monitoring Residents for Acute Illnesses, Medication Management, Optimizing Resident Quality of Life.

Adenna Continues to Expand Its Dealer Support Page on Website

Adenna recently made an announcement concerning continued expansions made to its dealer support page, located on its website at The company stated that it is continuing to expand this page as a way to help Adenna dealers everywhere. Adenna indicated that the expanded dealer services include a claim form. According to the claim form, every effort is made to ensure that all orders are picked correctly and shipped according to customers' purchase orders. Adenna went on to mention that all freight logistics are coordinated with selected and authorized logistics carriers.

EnlargeSecurity Offers a Stunning 50 Percent Discount on Its Iconic Ardwolf A10 Keyless Smart Lock

LogoEnlargeSecurity has proudly announced the launch of its all new Ardwolf A10 Keyless Smart Lock. The all-new smart lock is equipped with several unique features and the company is also offering great discount of 50%. EnlargeSecurity is a one stop wholesale mall for home security as well as home improvement solutions and has emerged as a leading e-commerce platform for businesses and contractors across the United States.

Freshen Up Indoor Air Quality This Year with Timo's

When Southern Californians think about living healthier this year, they might not think about the air quality inside their homes. But they should.

TNT Delivers, Professional Movers from Indio, CA to Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary

TNT Delivers is pleased to announce that they are celebrating their 20th Anniversary this month. With over 2 decades in the industry, the company has nothing but accolades to their credit; and one of them being rated 5 stars on Yelp for their excellent customer service and prompt delivery. TNT Delivers was recognized with "People Love Us on Yelp! Award" This is an award that favors only the highly rated and the best reviewed businesses on Yelp.

The Time Has Come for a New Approach: WhiteFrog Introduces the Five Pillars of Marketing

In a very competitive and ever-evolving online world, every Organization needs to have a solid approach to digital marketing in order to stay ahead. Unfortunately, many organizations do not have a digital strategy in place for their business. While this is bad, having the wrong strategy could even be more fatal. Whether there is a digital strategy in place or not, Whitefrog a digital marketing company based in Redlands, CA is helping different organizations achieve their digital marketing goals with its new approach - the Five Pillars of Marketing.

Timo's Advantage Plan Offers Homeowners Savings, Peace of Mind

Remember how the Grinch did everything in his power to stop Christmas from coming? Well, that's how some Southern Californians approach the onset of winter's chillier temperatures and more dismal skies.

Dr. Letitia Wright Celebrates 5 Years Teaching Crowdfunding

LogoDr. Letitia Wright, America's Crowdfunding Strategist, has been teaching entrepreneurs how to navigate the crowdfunding landscape for the past five years. She has taught for the Los Angeles Small Business Administration, the Las Vegas Administration, California State University at San Bernardino as well as around the country at various conferences. "While Crowdfunding has changed a lot over the year, it still has great potential. It can be a powerful, game changer for the average business owners when used correctly," says Dr. Wright. "I love helping people understand this 87 Billion dollar market and how to take advantage of it."

Adenna LLC Continues to Expand Its Services for the Healthcare Industry

Adenna LLC a distributor of disposable gloves and other protective wear, has recently announced that it is continuing to increase its services to the rapidly-growing healthcare industry. The company stated that these services are especially important to the healthcare industry, as barrier protection is essential to the safety of both providers and patients.

SBEMP, LLP Hosts 3rd Annual Business Awards

LogoSBEMP, LLP hosted its 3rd Annual Business Awards on October 29th, 2017 to recognize individuals whose entrepreneurial leadership is building economic excellence and diversity in the Coachella Valley.