Press Releases For CA - Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario (US)

Sovereign Health of San Clemente to Hold Weekly ANAD Meetings

Sovereign Health of San Clemente will begin hosting weekly Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) meetings at its corporate office.  Commencing Wednesday, February 3, the meetings will take place at 1211 Puerta Del Sol from 6:30-7:30 pm.  Janet Whitney, Eating Disorder Program Director and Aryan Monroe, Senior Clinician, will moderate the meetings, which will offer education and support to individuals and their families dealing with eating disorders.  For questions or to RSVP, please contact Aryan Monroe at 949-324-3893 or at

Sovereign Health of Palm Desert Receives Certificate of Recognition from California's State Senate

Sovereign Health of Palm Desert was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from California's State Senate. This esteemed recognition is in honor of Sovereign Health Palm Desert's grand opening and the ribbon cutting event that took place on October 20, 2015. Signed by California State Senator Jeff Stone of the 28th District, the Certificate of Recognition acknowledges the investment Sovereign Health has made in the Palm Desert community.

Pawnshield Fine Jewelry & Loan Revenue Increases 121% Year over Year, Looks to Increase Loan Base

LogoPawnshield Fine Jewelry & Loan, a provider of non-recourse pawn loans collateralized by tangible personal property and reseller of luxury merchandise in Palm Desert, CA realizes year over year revenue increase of 121% and looks to aggressively increase its loan base.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. Announces Outdoor Formula

LogoCompanies, organizations or individuals trying to find an effective absorbent product should look no further than Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc.'s Eco>Absorb®. In fact, to better meet the needs of fire departments, first responders, ports and transport facilities, this remarkable company is pleased to announce that they are offering an Eco>Absorb® Outdoor Formula.

Western Case Announces New Industrial Container Product Line for Commercial Packaging

LogoWestern Case, blow mold manufacturers, serves a variety of industries with extrusion blow molded solutions. The company recently acquired machinery and equipment to produce 1, 2, and 5 liter containers used in commercial packaging.

iHerb Offers a New Coupon Code for Special Discounts on Its Products

iHerb, one of the leading global stockists of herbal products and nutritional supplements is giving the opportunity of making the most out of its proprietary iHerb Rewards code MOQ651. By simply clicking on the link to the aforementioned iHerb coupon code, you'll be able to order an item or a basket of products at highly subsidized prices. You'll be simply spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your preferred bouquet of products as stocks over 35,000 items belonging to distinct product categories. To elaborate, you can browse through the e-commerce site's own products as well as navigate through products of 1000 renowned companies including world-famous organizations like American Health, Bluebonnet Nutrition, Carlson Labs, Doctor's Best, and Himalaya Herbals.

Wicks Brewing Hosts Charity Event for the Victims of the San Bernardino Shooting Rampage

Wicks Brewing will be hosting a Charity Fundraiser at 6pm on Thursday, January 7th 2016 to benefit the six Wetzel children, whose father was a victim of the San Bernardino shootings on December 2nd.

The Trendy Bed Announces Custom Wine Tables for 2016

LogoThe Trendy Bed, a leader in the custom bedding industry, recently announced that the company will add a line of custom wine tables to their offerings. These cedar tables are designed just for wine lovers, marketed under the brand name D&C Designs. Lovingly crafted from Western Red Cedar, the tables feature a hand-sanded finish. The portable tables will be available in 2016, and each is perfect for intimate gatherings, backyard parties, camping, and outdoor events. Clever cutouts in the tables hold drinkware and wine bottles securely, and come with carrying straps to make the tables easy to bring along to events. "The idea for the tables sprang from a prototype made by my husband," says Cathy Campbell, president of the company. "The positive response was immediate and overwhelming, and that helped launch this new product line."

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. Announces Eco>Absorb Oil Only Formula

LogoCleaning up spilled oil can be a long and messy process. However, Ontario, CA-based, Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc., has just the product individuals will need to get any petroleum based spills cleaned up quickly. In fact, this innovative company is pleased to announce that they are offering an Eco>Absorb® Oil Only Formula, which will prove as the ideal solution for any oil spills that happen on the water.

Prominent Palm Springs Law Firm Obtains $1.66 Million Personal Injury Verdict in Dallas, Texas

LogoSlovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy & Pinkney LLP, a prominent Palm Springs, California law firm announced today that Shaun M. Murphy, a partner in the firm, recently won a $1.66 Million verdict in Dallas, Texas in a case involving the transmission of genital herpes.

Kilter Termite and Pest Control in Temecula Unveils Free Inspection Services

Kilter Termite And Pest Control In Temecula has unveiled free inspection services, which users can make the most out of to determine the extent of the damage done by termites, pests, rodents etc.

WCPE & Knife Unveils Cumberland Granulator

West Coast Plastic's & Knife, Inc. is one of the leading providers of commercial and industrial equipment in North America. The company offers a wide range of products and services ideally suited to the needs of the many businesses and organizations. For a growing number of companies–particularly those in the waste management and manufacturing sectors–the firm has become an integral aspect of day-to-day and long-term operations.

Mark D. Cade Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Fund Nice Guy Movie

LogoMark D. Cade, a noted television and movie actor, has now launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to produce a movie project he has had in mind for many years.  Nice Guy by Mark D. Cade is a reality-infused comedy that focuses on the brighter side of life and shows that nice guys really can find happiness.  Cade has been an actor for much of his career, starring in shows and movies such as True Men, Beverly Hills 90210, Star Trek:  Voyager and Diagnosis Murder.  According to Cade, "I feel lucky that I've been able to work as an actor in other people's films and TV shows. But I've always had a dream. I've always wanted to create my own films to tell the stories that I most wanted to tell. I've noticed that many films these days project a jaded and dark depiction of people and life.  Sure, there are some not-so-great things going on in the world today but there are also some beautiful things, too!"

K. Pat Brown DDS Launches $50 off Coupon Special for New Clients This Fall

Dentistry is important not just for health, but for wellbeing. A great, white, straight smile can give people the confidence to smile more, which can transform their interactions with others. America leads the world in Dentistry, and California leads America. One California dentist, K. Pat Brown, DDS of Temecula, California, is committed to the constant improvement of his services and offering his clients the latest innovations at the best prices. He has just introduced a fall offer to help new clients save $50 on their first appointment.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. Offering Eco>Absorb Coconut Formula

LogoOntario, CA-based, Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. is the provider of the super-absorbing and environmentally-friendly product, Eco>Absorb™. This October, they are pleased to announce that they are continuing to offer their Coconut Formula, which is a combination of coconut pith and their Eco>Absorb™ itself. Customers who purchase this product can also rest assured that their Coconut Formula works just as well as their standard and original product.

Tri Med Training Institute Announces New Local Clinical Externship Sites

Tri Med Training Institute announces the addition of new local clinical externship sites for their phlebotomy training Los Angeles. One of the best phlebotomy schools in California, Tri Med Training Institute opened a new school in April, 2015 and continues to expand to meet the needs of students and businesses alike. In addition to adding local clinical externship sites, the school also hired a new instructor, Andrew Windes, to assist with the training of students.

Tip Sheet: Tips for a Successful Extrusion Blow Molding Process

LogoWestern Case, Inc., is an industry leader among blow molding manufacturers in custom extrusion molding of industrial parts and blow molded products. We credit our success to our extremely knowledgeable management staff, supervisors, and production employees, who together offer years of experience to our customers every day. From our experience, we offer potential customers advice on a successful extrusion blow molding process for their projects.

Fastest Ethernet Extender Literally Doubles Speed, Rivaling the Cost of Fiber Optics

LogoVersa Technology is proud to announce that we will be offering the VX-VEB160G4 (V2) —  the fastest Ethernet Extender available in the market today. The VX-VEB160G4 (V2) is a second generation Copper Ethernet Extenders capable of achieving data rates of up to 300Mbps (190 Mbps DS / 110 Mbps US) via legacy copper lines.

Brown Metals Offers Custom Stainless Coils for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Get More Precision With Ready to Use Custom Stainless Coil

All Lights Electrical Services Announces Record Demand for Electrical Services Related to Home Improvement

All Lights Electrical Services, a reliable and dependable source for a wide variety of home electrical services announces record demand for Riverside electrical work related to home improvement projects. The company has decades of experience in working with a wide range of Corona residential electrical projects as well as commercial projects. With experienced and knowledgeable technicians and a dedicated team of customer service representatives, All Lights Electrical Services is a company that simply gets it right. The increasing demand for electrical work related to home improvement is likely due to the growing number of people who are choosing to keep their existing home as opposed to purchasing a larger property. All Lights Electrical Services offers competitive rates and guaranteed service to homeowners.

Creator of FreeMind Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoFreeMind Nootropics is a company that produces FreeMind™, an all-natural supplement that uses FDA-approved ingredients to improve focus, memory and energy.  All ingredients have been scientifically tested and shown to improve brain function significantly.  Now, the creator of FreeMind™ has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the production of the first large batch of the product.

Benjamini Law Attorney Discusses DUI Representation

Emily A. Benjamini, a criminal defense attorney in Palm Desert, notes that hiring an attorney for a DUI might seem a waste of money to some, but failing to do so often results in unintended consequences. "While you are allowed to represent yourself in a DUI case, it is not always wise to do so," she says. Her firm, Benjamini Law, offers representation to those facing all types of criminal charges. However, DUI is one of the most common types of crimes she addresses.

Tip Sheet: Alternatives to Resolving Corporate Disputes and Preventing Litigation

LogoIn 2015, many corporations seeking legal help are forgoing the lengthy and expensive process of going to trial to opt for alternative dispute resolution (ADR). There are options in Coachella Valley that can benefit parties who need to settle disagreements while maintaining good business relationships. Often, it is important to avoid the antagonistic nature of a trial, and arbitration and mediation can preserve business ties while keeping settlement details out of public court files. Nationwide, these programs are being recommended by legislatures and courts.

AskGoogle.Net Launches a New Search Engine Website

The advent of the internet has made our life much easier and simpler than it was a few years ago. There is a lot of information being posted on the internet, making it so much easier for us to find any data, information we are looking for, AskGoogle.Net is the latest site that has the way to search for content, get the data and information, that people need instantly, fast and accurate.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. Offering Eco>Absorb Large Emergency Spill Kit

LogoEco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc., an Ontario, CA-based company that provides the environmentally-friendly super absorbent Eco>Absorb™, is now offering a Large Emergency Spill Kit. Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. allows customers to purchase their Eco>Absorb™ product in bulk or by the bag. However, those who would prefer to purchase larger quantities that come with an add-on, such as a pair of gloves and trash bags, can choose the Eco>Absorb™ Large Emergency Spill Kit.

Gamer and Children's Author Introduces Hilarious New Unofficial Minecraft Book: Diary of a Minecraft Iron Golem and His Pig Vol.1

Fresh, imaginative and gaming enthusiast author, Christopher Craft weaves gripping stories and important life lessons with characters taken from popular games to create fan fiction stories for kids age over 7 years. The author has recently announced the release of his second unofficial Minecraft fan fiction children's story book called Diary of a Minecraft Iron Golem and His Pig Vol.1. The new book has been created for anyone who loves games such as Minecraft and likes creative fan fiction stories that add new perspective to games they all enjoy and love.

Children's Author and Minecraft Lover, Christopher Craft Introduced His New Unofficial Minecraft Book: Diary of an Enderman's Apprentice Vol.1

Christopher Craft is an imaginative author, who weaves his love of gaming and storytelling into endearing stories for children. The author has recently announced the release of his newest children's Unofficial Minecraft Fan-Fiction book called Diary of An Enderman's Apprentice Vol.1. The new book has been created with 6 – 18 year old readers in mind, who share the author's love for the Minecraft game world. The book features colorful illustrations and a story that has a hidden message which propagates the importance of courage and overcoming personal fears.