Press Releases For CA - Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario (US)

Sovereign Health Recognizes World Mental Health Day

Sovereign Health, a leading national provider of behavioral health treatment services, recognizes World Mental Health Day. It was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization with members and contacts in more than 150 countries. This day, each October, thousands of supporters come to celebrate this annual awareness program to bring attention to mental illness and its major effects on people's lives worldwide. Mental health disorders occur worldwide; no one is immune and any person can develop mental illness at any time. Sovereign Health treats mental illness and encourages any person with symptoms to seek help immediately.

Sovereign Health of Palm Desert Opens Brand New Restaurant

Sovereign Health, a leading national provider of behavioral health treatment services, has announced the opening of a new restaurant near its Palm Desert facility. The restaurant, named Sovereign, opened on Aug. 22, 2016, and is located on 69-640 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage, California, 92270. Sovereign Restaurant will feature American, Italian, Mexican and Asian cuisines by Head Chef, Paul Faulkner. The restaurant was conceived by Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sovereign Health, after recognizing the need for an elevated dining experience for patients and Sovereign staff. Sovereign Restaurant will also be used to serve as a place to host weekend activities, including karaoke, billiards, dances, talent shows, continuing education events and Intensive Family Program events.

Dr. Letitia Wright Celebrates 5 Years Teaching Crowdfunding

LogoDr. Letitia Wright, America's Crowdfunding Strategist, has been teaching entrepreneurs how to navigate the crowdfunding landscape for the past five years. She has taught for the Los Angeles Small Business Administration, the Las Vegas Administration, California State University at San Bernardino as well as around the country at various conferences. "While Crowdfunding has changed a lot over the year, it still has great potential. It can be a powerful, game changer for the average business owners when used correctly," says Dr. Wright. "I love helping people understand this 87 Billion dollar market and how to take advantage of it."

Adenna LLC Continues to Expand Its Services for the Healthcare Industry

Adenna LLC a distributor of disposable gloves and other protective wear, has recently announced that it is continuing to increase its services to the rapidly-growing healthcare industry. The company stated that these services are especially important to the healthcare industry, as barrier protection is essential to the safety of both providers and patients.

SBEMP, LLP Hosts 3rd Annual Business Awards

LogoSBEMP, LLP hosted its 3rd Annual Business Awards on October 29th, 2017 to recognize individuals whose entrepreneurial leadership is building economic excellence and diversity in the Coachella Valley.

Wiscloud Inc. Launches in Lake Elsinore, California to Target Technology-Lovers and Innovation-Seeking Market

Wiscloud Inc., a Smart Home Technology company, is launching their IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign on Cyber Monday, November 27 2017 in response to an ever-increasing demand for Smart Home technology products with an unmatched network from the Internet of Things and Smart Home Technology sectors.

2018 Entrepreneur's Media Planning Workshop

LogoBeing the best-kept secret is not good for any business or professional. With smaller and smaller adverting budgets, it can be hard for a new business owner to outspend more established companies to get in front of potential clients. When you are well known or have business celebrity, it allows you to charge more and get clients who are dedicated to being successful. It makes sales easier and helps your enterprise grow faster.

All Aboard! Timo's Is the Conductor for These Money-Saving Trane Rides

For a limited time, Timo's Air Conditioning & Heating is offering huge savings on select home HVAC systems from Trane.

Adenna LLC Announces That Dark Light Nitrile Gloves Have Been Named Antron Brown's Tool of the Week

Adenna LLC, a global distributor of gloves and other protective equipment, based out of Southern California, recently announced that the Dark Light nitrile disposable gloves were selected as Antron Brown's "tool of the week." The company stated that Antron Brown is a professional drag racer, and is the three-time Top Fuel World racing champion.

Adenna LLC, Makes an Important Announcement Concerning the FDA's Recent Ban of Powdered Medical Gloves

In a recent public service announcement, Adenna LLC made some remarks concerning the FDA's ban of powdered medical gloves, which went into effect this year. Adenna stated that the FDA has determined that powdered surgeon's gloves, powdered patient examination gloves, and absorbable powder for lubricating a surgeon's glove all present an unreasonable risk of illness or injury, and that said risk cannot be corrected or eliminated by a change in labelling. Adenna stated that all impacted inventory has been banned from the supply chain, effective 2017.

Local Favorite Cowboy Burgers & BBQ Rebrands for a Better Future

There are some exciting things happening at your favorite Cowboy Burgers & BBQ location in Rancho Cucamonga, and they're certain to satisfy your taste buds! This January, Franchise Owner Ana Karina Suchánek, who has been with the brand for nearly 20 years, is rolling out her own restaurant concept – The Hitch Burger Grill. The local favorite restaurant will continue to serve up its best-selling, well-loved menu items, while also adding new menu options including gourmet burgers.

Project Boon's 6th Annual Eat and Be Well Thanksgiving Event to Serve Food & Health Services to the Inland Empire's Underserved Communities

Thanksgiving is a time for family, reflecting on what we have been blessed with, and giving back. On Wednesday, November 22nd – the day before the annual turkey feast – local non-profit Project Boon and over 25 other local businesses, non-profits and government organizations will be teaming up in Fontana's Seville Park to help give thanks and bring the spirit of the season to the Inland Empire's under served communities. Beginning at 11:00am and running until 3:00pm, the 6th Annual Eat and Be Well event will provide Inland Empire families in need with a traditional Thanksgiving meal, access to health services and fun and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

Project Boon Partners with Inland Valley Recovery Services (IVRS) to Boost Community Outreach at Upcoming Holiday Events

The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are among us, and that means that local non-profit Project Boon is once again teaming up with San Bernardino's Inland Valley Recovery Services to host holiday events. For the second straight year, Project Boon will support these existing events, helping IVRS expand their reach to under served communities and those in recovery, by hosting holiday meals along with health and wellness services for attendees.

Adenna LLC Announces Its Continued Green Our Earth Comfort Our Friends Initiative

Adenna LLC, a protective equipment distributor based in Southern California, recently announced it will continue its charitable Green Our Earth Comfort Our Friends initiative. Adenna stated that this initiative is a partnership with both American Forests and Feeding America, and is intended to feed the hungry, while also improving the environment. Adenna announced that, for every order the company processes and ships – big or small – it plants a tree and serve 10 meals to people in need.

Ivey Stokes, the $740 Million Man Arrives in the Inland Empire

LogoEntrepreneurship has been recognized as the clear path to financial independence. But for those who are employed, there appeared to be very few options to participate in an enterprise. Ivey Stokes, the founder of My Econ formed a company that helps employed people start their own business and work towards financial independence without having to quit their full-time job.

Take Control with Digital Thermostats from Timo's

Many homeowners think they can't afford to install programmable thermostats in their homes. But, in reality, they probably can't afford not to.

Tip Sheet for Palm Springs Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

LogoMost problems ending in arbitration or in a court case are the result of someone getting hurt by food poisoning, personal injuries, unrepaired damage to property, workers not following safety guidelines, or dangerous driving of an employer-owned vehicle. Businesses also experience disputes with shareholders, false claims, and many more issues in dispute with vendors or in-company relations. Company owners and top managers must take it upon themselves to know the law and supervise employees adequately.

Western Case Discusses the Top Custom Blow Molding Products Produced

LogoWestern Case is a manufacturer of custom blow-molded products. They work with a variety of companies and industries. Companies contact Western Case for a quote often and they're sharing what products they manufacture at their facilities. Western Case's blow-molded products go through a highly efficient process to ensure that they are the best quality.

An American Genius Launches Indiegogo Campaign for the Ultimate Screwdrivers

LogoBranden Fisher, a Riverside based American inventor has proudly announced that he is taking the Indiegogo community on board to raise funds for his all new and handy solution for making the lives easier. The remarkable inventions by Branden include rubber tipped bits and screwdrivers that will make millions of lives easier around the world. This patent pending solution will enable the rubber tipped, non-strip and non-slip power drill bits and screwdrivers on extremely affordable rates.

Media Mondays with Dr. Wright Returns on September 25th, 2017

LogoDr. Letitia Wright from Wright Place TV Show has a Facebook Livestream called Media Mondays. It's an interview show with live audience interaction. The goal is to help the entrepreneurs watching learn how to work with the media for the own brands and be inspired to create their own media. "Years ago, I wrote that products would have their own shows and everyday people would have their own shows." Says Dr. Wright. "I had no idea that it would live stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all the other ways you can have your own show, but I knew it would happen."

Enlargesecurity Introduces Two New HD Security Cameras with Endless Great Features

EnlargeSecurity has announced the launch of two new high definition security cameras that are now available officially. Both Ardwolf AF-BM01 and Ardwolf AF-BM02 IP cameras come with several unique features and the company is also offering great discounts on these. EnlargeSecurity is a one-stop wholesale mall for home security as well as home improvement solutions and has emerged as a leading e-commerce platform for businesses and contractors across the United States.

Timo's Offers Money-Saving Coupon for Indoor Air Quality Products

It won't be long now before the nights are chillier and the locations of those evening barbecues shift from backyards to warm and comfortable indoor spaces.

Dr. Letitia Wright Release New Crowdfunding Videos for Entrepreneurs

LogoWith over 2,500 live crowdfunding sites that the public could choose from when they start crowdfunding, it might be hard to figure out which one to use. To make those choices easier, Dr. Letitia Wright has a new series of Crowdfunding video in which she talks about different crowdfunding sites. "I am always asked Which is the best crowdfunding site to use. The answer is, it depends on what your goal is. I also wanted to include some quick updates on changes in the website and how they will impact the users." says Dr. Wright.

Pro Flow Dynamics Supplies Camlock Fittings, SS Ball Valves, and Homebrew Hardware

LogoSelling across the USA, Canada, and Mexico, Pro Flow Dynamics is a leading supplier of the finest quality of camlock fittings, tri-clamp fittings, stainless steel ball valves, and homebrew hardware. Focused on selling to the end user, the company has embraced E-commerce enabling their clients to shop for their products from their home locations. Pro Flow Dynamics has over a decade's experience supplying their products and has built a name for excellence in both service and quality.

Why People Raise So Little with Facebook Crowdfunding

LogoDr. Letitia Wright, America's Crowdfunding Strategist, has noted the rise in Facebook Crowdfunding. Many people trying to do a fundraiser on Facebook should use crowdfunding methods to make it successful. " I see a lot of individuals raising $50 or $150 in total. They have a hard time breaking through the noise of Facebook to bring attention to their fundraiser. If people used the tactics used for crowdfunding, they would see a significant rise in the amount of money raised.

The Wright Place TV Show Is Booking Authors and Experts for October 2017

LogoAs we come into the last quarter of the year, many business owners are still looking for ways to end the year big. No longer willing to hope for holiday sales, they seek out tactics that can create a significant amount of revenue quickly. The Wright Place TV Show will be booking business experts who can teach the audience ways to create more revenue in their business.

LaNeur Launches Vitamin C Serum

La Neur is proud to announce the launch of its Vitamin C Serum to Amazon. This Vitamin C Serum has been formulated in house with quality ingredients and healthy skin in mind. It has a brightening complex that gives a beautiful glow to even dull skin. There are antioxidants and anti-aging properties with its natural ingredients which provide radiance.