Press Releases For CA - Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario (US)

Elegant Anthology of Illustrated Love Poems by Pete and Gesso Set to Launch

Announcing the upcoming release of Song of Desire: An illustrated Anthology of Love Poems. Song of Desire allows the reader to embark upon a journey of love, but well reminded that love is never one feeling at a time but an amalgam of mixed emotions and paradoxes. Sparse and precise words lay down into pages of clouds and the reader can easily navigate from the abbreviated neo verse into the aesthetic effects of erotic beauty.

Sovereign Health of Palm Desert Opens Brand New Restaurant

Sovereign Health, a leading national provider of behavioral health treatment services, has announced the opening of a new restaurant near its Palm Desert facility. The restaurant, named Sovereign, opened on Aug. 22, 2016, and is located on 69-640 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage, California, 92270. Sovereign Restaurant will feature American, Italian, Mexican and Asian cuisines by Head Chef, Paul Faulkner. The restaurant was conceived by Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sovereign Health, after recognizing the need for an elevated dining experience for patients and Sovereign staff. Sovereign Restaurant will also be used to serve as a place to host weekend activities, including karaoke, billiards, dances, talent shows, continuing education events and Intensive Family Program events.

The Wright Place TV Show Is Booking Authors and Experts for October 2017

LogoAs we come into the last quarter of the year, many business owners are still looking for ways to end the year big. No longer willing to hope for holiday sales, they seek out tactics that can create a significant amount of revenue quickly. The Wright Place TV Show will be booking business experts who can teach the audience ways to create more revenue in their business.

LaNeur Launches Vitamin C Serum

La Neur is proud to announce the launch of its Vitamin C Serum to Amazon. This Vitamin C Serum has been formulated in house with quality ingredients and healthy skin in mind. It has a brightening complex that gives a beautiful glow to even dull skin. There are antioxidants and anti-aging properties with its natural ingredients which provide radiance.

Sent from Him Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Spread God's Word Through Apparel

LogoSent from Him or SFH is an all new and inspiring project that is aimed at sending God's word through apparel. The project has been created to help the world and the millions of people living in it become united again. SFH will not only build awareness of God's love and grace but will also set new standards in the clothing industry, which will inspire garments manufacturers worldwide to communicate with the people in a whole new way.

E3 Power Up 2017 Features Dr. Letitia Wright as Speaker

LogoBrent Harding, Founder of the Award Winning E3PowerUP Women Entrepreneurs Conference, will be joined by America's Crowdfunding Expert and Strategist, Dr. Letitia Wright and Boston Speaks Series Founder, Kit Pang for A Special One-Day Conference dedicated to Women Entrepreneurs on September 30, 2017.

Don't Let Cool Comfort (And Money) Escape Through the Attic

Most homeowners don't think about the important role attic insulation plays in their home comfort, especially during these beastly hot months.

Pro Flow Dynamics Supplies Stainless Steel Fitting Products

LogoEstablished in 2007, Pro Flow Dynamics is a top supplier of camlock couplings and fittings, stainless-steel ball valves, stainless hose fittings and brew hardware that includes tri-camp ball valves and tri-clamp fittings. They sell their products across the USA in addition to Mexico and Canada. In the years they have been operational, they have been known to offer excellent customer service and sell quality products at very competitive prices. They also pride themselves on being a same day supplier of their products from their extensive inventory.

Versa Technology to Distribute Planet Technology Equipment on Newegg Marketplace

LogoVersa Technology, a leader in last mile technology,  is pleased to announce that they will be partnering with Newegg Inc. to sell their products online through their website. This new partnership will begin immediately.

Brookside Pools Partners with Top Pool Treatment Equipment Manufacturers

LogoBrookside Pools is a force to reckon with when it comes to Corona pool service, and as part of the company's service to ensure more customer-centric and efficient service delivery, it has partnered with top manufacturers of pool treatment and repair equipment.

Gun Control Law Change Causes Sales of Firearms to Drop

Gun Retailers across California are reporting significant drops in sales due to the stringent new law changes recently imposed in relation to the ownership of 80 percent Gun. For a store such as US Patriot Armory, which only sells 80% parts for rifles and pistols, the drop in sales could potentially be significant.

Timo's Offers Free Consultations for New Construction HVAC Needs

It's no secret that people are eager to live and work in this area, creating a steady demand for new construction projects.

Tip Sheet: Participate in Mediation and Arbitration to Resolve Serious Business Disputes

LogoSBEMP is a Palm Springs mediation law firm, trained, certified and experienced in helping businesses of all kinds successfully resolve disputes using the processes of pre-trial mediation and arbitration.

South Californian Residents Can Now Have Reliable, Cleaner and Cheaper Energy

Residents of Southern California have a good news now. They can cut their energy bills and start saving because the company, Solaryna Solar Energy, says that they can install solar systems so these residents can get reliable and cheaper energy. The company takes pride in adding that they are Southern California's home energy experts and that they are committed to using their 20 years of professional experience and knowledge from more than 1,000 solar installations for helping people.

Tip Sheet - Western Case Shares the Best Blow Molding Product Manufacturing Practices

LogoWestern Case is a quality extrusion blow molding company, manufacturing in a facility in Riverside, California. Western Case has produced blow molded products since 1978. Over time, we've created a process to manufacturing. With six simple, repeatable manufacturing processes, we consistently deliver the best products in a short turnaround time.

Timo's 10% Discount Helps Keep Customers Cool

When most people think about refreshing brews that offer cool relief in the summertime, they probably think about iced tea, cold brew or iced coffee.

Tax Freedom: A Book to Eliminate Taxes Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Help Americans

LogoTax Freedom is a masterpiece from a veteran writer and IRS expert Nancy Robey. She has 25 years of experience with people's taxes and this book is her effort to help people drastically reduce their Federal Income Tax. The author has announced to launch a Kickstarter campaign in order to complete this book and have it available for everyone.

Versa Technology Launches New High Power 90W PoE Injector

LogoVersa Technology is proud to announce the release of its latest Power over Ethernet Injector. The VX-1000GPP Industrial Hardened Gigabit Single port 90 Watt injector is available for shipping immediately. The VX-1000GPP is the next generation of IEEE PoE 802.3AT standard of LTPoE ++ 90 Watt. This device ships with a 5 year warranty.

Timo's Air Conditioning & Heating Helps Clients Avoid Unpleasant Surprises with Upfront Pricing

When it comes to birthday presents or visits from old friends, a surprise is a good thing. But no one likes the kind of surprises that take an unexpected chunk out of a household or commercial budget.

The John R. Wooden Course Launches Exclusive Five Day Wooden Coaching Certification Event

LogoLynn Guerin, founder and creator of The John R Wooden Course, and his partner Craig Impelman (a member of the Wooden Family, former UCLA basketball coach, executive and author of Wooden's Wisdom) are responding to growing interest from life coaches, performance improvement consultants, leadership and team culture development trainers.

BioMedical Offers 100% OSHA, EPA and HIPAA Compliant Services

BioMedical Waste Solutions LLC offers Orange County Medical Waste Disposal and Management services in and around Orange County. The company works closely with a variety of medical facilities, clinics, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and so on in order to help them dispose the medical waste in the most effective and efficient manner. There has been a considerable increase in the number of health care facilities and hospitals which means that there is a comparatively huge amount of hazardous medical waste and potentially infectious wastes being generated every day. Inappropriate medical waste disposal or management practices will definitely have a negative and a direct impact on the health of the individuals. The company engages in the most effective means of treating as well as disposing the medical wastes.

San Bernardino Medical Waste Disposal Services at Affordable Rates

BioMedical Waste Solutions LLC offers San Bernardino Medical Waste Disposal to all types of small, medium and large health care facilities, medical centers, laboratories, physicians, dentists and the like. The process of medical waste management includes collecting, recycling and disposing the medical waste so as to avoid any environmental hazards as well as to provide certain economic benefits to the health care facilities. The process of recycling medical waste will reduce any consumption of raw material. It also reduces the increase in waste material that is ideally disposed in landfills. And if there is less wastage in landfill, there will be lesser negative impact on environment.

Female Squatchin' –The Ultimate All Female Bigfoot Team Will Be Featured at the Bigfoot Bonanza in San Francisco, March 10-12th

Montra Freitas, the lead investigator of Female Squatchin' has a literal lifetime of 'Bigfoot Researching' behind her. She is a well respected leader in the Bigfoot Community and formerly served as a curator for the BFRO. Montra and her husband, John Freitas, (also a widely respected Bigfoot Researcher having recorded one the most credible recordings of what is believed to be Sasquatch) have studied the existence of the huge, hairy, bi-pedal creature together for 18 years and come to the conclusion that there is something to the thought, that woman may have an advantage to attract the beast. Montra's long awaited plans on assembling the "All Female Bigfoot Team" to go after the elusive Bigfoot has been assembled over the last 12 months.

The Wright Place TV Show Features Dr. Cozette White, Author of Attracting the Best

LogoSuccess can be elusive for many people. Some people find that success is difficult because their mindset needs to be corrected. They have to re-program their subconscious minds and change their core beliefs to achieve their dreams. Dr. Cozette White has a lot of experience with success and is ready to help people change their future. The award-winning author has a new book called Attracting The Best. "I know if someone is not achieving the things in life they want, it is most likely due to some beliefs they have that are holding them back. I believe that what we think about, we bring about. We each have the power to change our lives for the better. " Says Dr. Cozette White.

Debi Voris Shares Healthy Lifestyle Tips with the Wright Place TV Show

LogoCreating a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. If you just go with the flow, it's easy to wind up, unhealthy, out of shape and with low energy. Debi Voris found a way to go from obese to a healthy weight and more importantly, she was able to stay at that healthy weight. On the Wright Place TV Show, Debi will share her journey to lasting health.

Commitment Matters when Choosing an HVAC Contractor

In a month when love takes center stage, it's worth noting that finding a partner willing to commit 100 percent isn't only essential in love.

The John R. Wooden Course Launches Certified Coaching Partners

LogoNearly two decades ago, Lynn Guerin had the incredible good fortune to meet, work with, be mentored by, and develop a business partnership with legendary UCLA basketball coach, author and philosopher John R. Wooden. What began as a project and consultation to help Toyota Motor Sales USA launch The University of Toyota and teach managers and their retail dealers how to be more effective coaches turned into a lifelong purpose, passion and personal pursuit to spread the wisdom and life lessons of America's greatest coach and teacher to as many business, education, government and coaching professionals as possible.