Press Releases For FL - Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (US)

Chris LaFrance Tampa Divorce Attorney Earns Certification to Practice Collaborative Divorce

LaFrance Law is proud to announce that Chris LaFrance Tampa Divorce Lawyer is now a Certified Collaborative Divorce Attorney. A seasoned divorce attorney and civil litigator in Florida and New York, Chris LaFrance is an attorney at LaFrance Law. The Collaborative Divorce Attorney certification required extensive training in family law to ensure mutually beneficial compromises that create a friendlier environment for all parties involved in a divorce.

Retail Solutions Advisors Represents Property Owner in New Dollar Tree Conversion

Retail Solutions Advisors (RSA) is pleased to announce its successful representation of Cape Coral property owner, Woodhill Investments c/o ProVisions, LLC, in the conversion of a former Walgreens pharmacy into a Dollar Tree retail store. Retail Solutions Advisors continues to work hand-in-hand with other property owners throughout the state to ensure the very best outcome for their commercial real estate needs.

Business Broker,, Provides Clients with a Host of Resources on Buying and Selling Online Businesses

LogoIn the business of selling and buying online businesses since 1998, business broker,, offers their clients a host of resources on buying and selling online businesses. With over $150,000,000 in successfully sold website and technology companies to date, they are leaders in selling online businesses. They are also a boutique business broker that does not take any commission until their client's site has successfully sold.

Ecommerce M&A Brokers, ValleyBiggs, Offers Mid-Market Clients Thorough Business Valuations and Appraisals

LogoAs experienced mergers and acquisitions advisors, ValleyBiggs is in the business of selling ecommerce sites. With nearly two decades of knowledge behind them, their experience as ecommerce M&A brokers has made them the number one company for selling ecommerce sites in the industry. Their leaders are serial internet entrepreneurs, giving them extensive insight to provide thorough business valuations and appraisals.

Superstar Entrepreneur Debuting New Reality TV Show

Tampa Native, Delatorro McNeal, II has decided to use the Crowdfunding Platform to create an all new Reality Show after being rejected by Corporate America. He came up with a concept called THE KEYNOTE; an Inspirational Business Reality TV based on the #1 Fear in America…Public Speaking.

Blockbuster True Story Sets Its Sights on Hollywood

Trending news out of Hollywood this week has Idiot Creation Films in Association with Erin J. Morgart (CEO Hadassah Group) announcing the new crown jewel of their movie collection, "SAYYAN The Film."

ImageFIRST Tampa Provides Sanitized Linen to Medical Facilities

Healthcare facilities nationwide have an ongoing challenge with sanitation: although handwashing by medical professionals is imperative to preventing the spread of disease, studies have shown that one in four hospitals have not implemented the practices and policies that are recommended for effective hand hygiene. Oftentimes, this is due to hospital employees' time and attention being occupied by smaller, less important, but necessary daily tasks. ImageFIRST Tampa, an industry leader in healthcare laundry services, is proud to contribute to sanitation by providing area hospitals with timely, personalized delivery and stocking services by dedicated Customer Advocates, which allow medical professionals the additional time they need to focus on patient care.

That Business Show Takes over the National Airwaves

As the "That Business Show" enters week 35, the show is proud to announce it will be airing on Sundays at 5am to 6am on 970WFLA in addition to the regular weekday time at 8am on 1250WHNZ. Starting October 11th, the Sunday show will begin!

Plaza Beach Resorts Reminds Guests About the Chance to Win a Free Stay

LogoPlaza Beach Resorts is a family-owned boutique hotel located on the exquisite St. Pete Beach, which is rated the best beach in the United States by TripAdvisor. There are three accommodation options available at the Plaza Beach Resorts: the Plaza Beach Hotel, Bay Palms Waterfront Resort, and Bayview Plaza Waterfront Resort. All three locations feature amenities like air-conditioning, internet access and a full kitchen with a fridge, a microwave, a cook-top and utensils. They are all also perfectly located along the picturesque St. Pete Beach, within a short walking distance from each other.

Internet Business Broker,, Educates Business Owners on How to Sell a Website

LogoIn business since 1998, internet business broker,, has the knowledge and experience of knowing how to sell a website. Having successfully sold more than $150 million in websites during that time span, this internet business broker offers some advice to business owners who are thinking about developing an exit strategy.

Mergers Acquisitions Consulting Firm, ValleyBiggs, Offers Business Owners in the Technology and Internet Categories Information on Selling Internet Businesses

LogoValleyBiggs has been dealing in company mergers and acquisitions for nearly two decades. They specialize in the niche category of middle-market technology and website companies. Middle-market includes companies that gross between $1 million and $250 million annually. As a mergers acquisitions consulting firm, ValleyBiggs starts the client on-boarding process with a valuation. Before anything else can be accomplished, a business valuation needs to be executed so that a reasonable and successful exit strategy can be devised.

Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Announces Special October and November Room Rates

LogoIn sunny Clearwater Beach, FL, beautiful beach-worthy temperatures persist during the fall months, with plenty of ocean-front activities, such as fishing, boating and waterskiing, still readily available to travelers. Those who were unable to come during the busy summer months will find a quieter, yet equally pleasant, atmosphere in which to visit from rapidly cooling Northern locales. This October and November, Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel, one of the best hotels near Clearwater, FL, has announced that it will be offering special rates on its Gulf Side Efficiency and Bay Side Efficiency apartments.

ValleyBiggs, Ecommerce M&A Broker, Offers Quality Services to Those Selling Internet Businesses

LogoM&A firm, ValleyBiggs, specialize in selling internet businesses in the web, tech and internet sectors. They are one of the few business intermediaries in the entire nation that specializes in the M&A of privately held companies within this specific sector with gross annual sales between $1 million and $250 million. This M&A firm is able to extend these superior services to clients because of their history in the industry and the internet which reaches back to 1998.

WebsiteOperators, Enterprise Consulting Solutions Specialists, Now Provides Pricing Options to Clients

LogoWell-known among business holders for providing effective enterprise consulting solutions, WebsiteOperators is now providing pricing options to clients. To keep things simple for their clients, the company has provided three pricing models including the cash flow model, flat fee model and performance based model. Out of the three models, entrepreneurs can select the one that best fits their business needs. These models provide assistance to business owners with paying the valid sum of money for their desired web services.

ImageFIRST Tampa Office Proud to Announce "What Our Customers Have to Say" Company-Wide Testimonial Video

If there's anything to take away from a recent client testimonial video posted by ImageFIRST, a healthcare laundry provider with locations nationwide, it's that the relationship between clients and the associates of their local ImageFIRST location is what makes this growing business as successful as it's been. Lauded by their clients across the country for the responsiveness, timeliness and friendly and helpful attitudes of ImageFIRST associates, the testimonials video serves as an excellent reflection of the high customer service standards that the company actively strives to meet and exceed.

Internet M&A Consulting Firm, ValleyBiggs, Provides Exemplary Business Intermediary Services to Their Clients

LogoInternet M&A consulting firm, ValleyBiggs, are experts in the website brokerage industry. The reasons they are experts include the fact that they have extensive experience as serial internet entrepreneurs and they hire staff and train them to understand the nuances involved in the tech transactions that they specialize in. Because of this experience, they are able to provide exemplary business intermediary services to their clients that is unequal to others website brokerage firms in the industry.

RPE Solutions Announces Upcoming Webinar to Help Retailers Modernize POS Systems

It is easy for businesses to become accustomed to, and trust, a POS system after years of using the same software. The familiarity of the process and interfaces, combined with quick-fix plugins that seem to update a system sufficiently, can make this software appear to adequately address management and service requirements. However, "legacy" POS systems often constrain businesses' ability to grow and succeed due to their inability to address mobile functions or cross-channel data flow, along with other issues. Oftentimes, companies are unaware of the immense improvements available to them through a new POS system. RPE Solutions, a retail consulting agency that provides retail store systems, announces the availability of a webinar on September 24, 2015 at 2 p.m. EST, to help businesses "Rip Off the POS Band-Aids and Maximize Sales".

After Shingles Pain (Phn) Awareness Day –September 15

When the American Pain Foundation (APF) saw the need to establish September 15 as PHN or "After shingles Pain Awareness Day" 6 years ago they were filling a crying need for information by both physicians and the public alike for insight and understanding on this enigmatic problem.

Online Business Broker,, Helps Entrepreneurs with Where to Sell a Website

LogoOnline business broker,, has decades of experience in the website selling industry. To date, they have successfully sold over $150,000,000 in website businesses that take the form of eBay businesses, Amazon businesses, and ecommerce websites, businesses that sell on,, and as well as non-traditional businesses like drop shippers, advertising agencies, Daily Deals sites and many others.

ValleyBiggs, Experienced Website Brokerage Firm, Offers Business Intermediary Services to Middle Market Clients

LogoExperienced website brokerage firm, ValleyBiggs, offers business intermediary services to middle market clients in the tech, website and internet niche. They know how to maximize shareholder value and because they work with a huge network of professionals, they are able to provide their middle market clients with the best advisory services in the industry.

9/11 Tribute in Word Now Offered on Commemorative Edition T-Shirt and Poster

One of the toughest days in the history of US is approaching; an incident that affected not only United States of America but also over 90 nations, while almost everyone around the world felt its impact. September 11th 2001 attacks has a lasting impact on many lives, 911 Wings of Eagle is a commemorative campaign that is focused on reaching and encouraging all those who were affected through the power of words and poetry. The campaign speaks not only of those who lost their life as a result of the terrorist attacks but also of the people who continue to carry forward with tremendous courage and strength. The 9/11 Tribute "Wings of Eagle Stretched Forth" in word is now available on Commemorative Edition T-Shirt and poster. Part of the proceeds collected from the 9/11 memorial campaign will be donated to 9/11 charities.

Epic Media Temple Coupon Codes Help Consumers Save Up to 92%

As per the most recent announcements made by a leading coupon hosting web site, its media temple coupon codes for the upcoming month will save its customers up to 92 per cent of their own cash. This concerns only the first month of the hosting.

Compression Therapy Offers Safer Alternative to Dangerous Blood-Thinning Drugs

A new report highlights the potential hazards of a controversial but widely-used medication.

RPE Providing Hardware Upgrades to Retailers Seeking Increased Processing Power, Improved Security and Reduced Maintenance Costs

In retail, maintaining powerful and up-to-date hardware is crucial to smooth business operations; without staying on top of updated technology, retailers will find that not only are operations slowed, but the cost of maintaining their current hardware will rise despite its decreasing efficacy. In order to ensure that hardware, operations systems and applications will meet business' current demands as well as future growth, retail consulting leader RPE is providing U.S. and Canadian retailers with evaluations of outdated hardware, to assess how an upgrade or replacement of their current systems could reduce operational and maintenance costs.

2 Hungry Dogs Productions Unveils Limited-Time Free Review Video Offer

2 Hungry Dogs Productions, a leading Tampa Videographer, announced a special new offer. Simply by subscribing to the company's YouTube channel at, business owners in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and surrounding areas can sign up for a free, valuable business review video. For more than 15 years, 2 Hungry Dogs Productions has been creating broadcast-quality video for a wide range of clients in the region, including affordable, no-stress video solutions that engage viewers and reliably produce new business for customers.

ValleyBiggs, Technology M&A Business Brokers, Provide Their Clients with Capital Consulting and Other Consulting Services

LogoTechnology M&A Business Brokers, ValleyBiggs, provides their clients with capital consulting and other consulting services. They specialize in the middle market, technology, internet and web companies with gross annual sales between $1 million and $250 million. Their team consists of seasoned experts who have decades of experience consulting middle market companies on exit strategies, as well as turnaround strategies. Their main goal is to create value for their client company as well as value for the company's shareholders.

New Study Proves Energy Efficient Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, and Gas Heating Products Are Preferred

A renewed focus on energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions has been achieving momentum, even in the most unlikely of places.