Press Releases For FL - Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (US)

Greenco Announces 45 Years in Business

Greenco/Duramaster an industry leader in pneumatic air cylinders and linear actuators celebrate their 45th anniversary this year. The company offers a wide variety of cylinder designs for many different industrial applications. The family owned business believes in American manufacturing. Their 25,000 square-foot Tampa facility houses 5 businesses and all manufacturing operations. Greenco manufacturing operations have proudly remained on US soil since the company's inception.

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc., Announces the Signing of an Exclusive Distributor Agreement for Marketing and Sales of OsteoFx Casts

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC: BTGI) (the "Company") today announced the signing of an Exclusive Distributor's Agreement for Marketing and Sales of OsteoFx Casts. This new business venture will operate under the Bulova Technologies Advanced Products LLC subsidiary. Now Offers a Free 24 Hour Business Valuation and Selling Plan to Those Selling Ecommerce Websites

LogoHaving been in the website broker business for two decades,, and its team of highly professional business brokers, is proficient and highly-skilled at knowing how to sell a website business. They have tailored a number of different exit strategies for the deals they act as a business intermediary for because each transaction is different and brings about its very own set of obstacles to overcome. The team offers a free 24 hour business valuation and exit strategy for those looking to sell their website businesses.

Florida-Based Direct Importer/Manufacturer Offers Authentic Moroccan Decors on Limited Sale Prices

Moroccan décor and furniture products are commonly imitated for its exquisite and unique designs. These fake items outsourced from the far east abound many online shopping gateways today. Just Morocco, a Florida-based company producing Moroccan products, has their own authentic Marrakesh workshop right in the heart of Morocco to battle these imitations. Their Moroccan team strive to make the best handmade pieces of furniture all with authentic raw materials. They always have a wide selection on a regularly updated catalog with new items fresh from Marrakesh. Their Florida showroom will soon expand with another showroom in Marrakesh alongside their workshop.

Tampa DUI Lawyer Website Launched to Educate Those Charged with DUI with Penalties

Statistics show DUI cases represent the single largest sector of criminal infractions of all forms of reported cases, with about 200,000 more cases processed each year than all theft and larceny offenses put together. In fact, almost two million drunk driving cases are filed by police officers around the country annually, taking up a giant chunk of the criminal docket in a number of court systems. Because the penalties for drunk driving have grown stricter, often those charged with DUI must seriously consider alternatives to pleading guilty or nolo contendere. To help them, they also seriously need an attorney on their side.

MamaBear Offers Parents a Plan to Create a Safer, Less Stressful Halloween

LogoHalloween can be a scary time, especially for parents who have to be extra prepared for a holiday that comes with additional safety concerns and hazards for their kids.'s Credit University Launches Nationally

LogoDuring the recent recession, a group of educators, lawyers, bankers and others formed a non-profit to help local families and individuals who were underemployed regain financial solvency.  Now, Credit University at  is launching nationally and is currently the largest personal finance and credit educator website on the Internet.

Widgets Town Releases Cool New Theme Preview App

Widgets Town is proud to announce the release of their first four Corona SDK based themes on a product line to include many more themes. These themes can be used as a starting point for showcasing your products in terms of what it can do with an easy to understand visual. One can also use bits of the code within the app, just like the drop-down, the image enlargement/preview and some other stuff inside it.Widgets Town plans to create more corona SDK widgets and themes in the near future.

Start-Stop Provides Most Advanced Medical Dictation Software

LogoDragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has just been released and is ready for use. The new and improved version of the famed Dragon software now allows medical professionals to dictate up to 160 words per minute with 99% accuracy. Not only can the program understand “normal” words, but it’s also well-versed on even the newest medical terminology. It understands pharmaceutical terms, anatomical words, medical terms, and proper names too.

Start-Stop Offers Dictation Bundles for Clinicians to Use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

LogoMost professionals working in the medical field have at the very least heard of Dragon software, even if they haven’t tried it for themselves. The latest offering from Dragon just happens to be Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 , which is quite an impressive piece of software.

RPE Solutions Offers Retailers Complimentary Passes to 2015 NRF Conference & EXPO

RPE Solutions, a retail supply chain consulting firm, is once again a leading sponsor at the 2015 NRF Conference & EXPO. Known within the industry as Retail’s BIG Show, the event takes place January 11 to 14th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Retailers can attend the EXPO for free, compliments of RPE, when they register online at, using code #332. This pass holds a value of $1,250. RPE, booth #3543, is a leader in retail consulting services providing strategic, functional and technical consulting. They produce innovative retail merchandising and supply chain solutions.

Tampa Bay Plastic Surgeon Brings Back Knowledge of "Hot Topics" from 88th Annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting

LogoThe plastic surgery field is ever-changing, with new technology, procedures, and techniques driving industry growth each year. This past weekend, October 9-13th, more than 2,300 industry professionals attended the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 88th annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

Earth's Best Pest Control Extends Service Area to Include Orlando, Florida

Pesticides are usually known for being toxic, astringent chemical agents that are as hazardous to humans as they are to the insects they are designed to kill. For many homeowners, dealing with an infestation means abandoning the home for fumigation or sending pets and children away to ensure they aren’t affected by the chemicals. Earth’s Best has been presenting a better, all-natural solution for twenty years now, and their green methods have led to such success that the company has gone from strength to strength, and now operates in a new territory: Orlando, Florida.

New Pharmaceutical Alternative to Anti-Clotting Medications Offers Benefits, Risks

A large number of patients cannot take traditional anti-clotting drugs, such as warfarin, because of the risks of internal bleeding and drug interactions. Is an Experienced Internet Business Broker with a Proven Track Record of Selling Online Sites for Top Dollar is an eCommerce business broker with two decades of experience selling web properties. As brokers for eCommerce business specialties, they have sold well-established online companies for hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars. These companies range in type from eCommerce stores, Amazon businesses, eBay businesses, businesses that sell solely on specific marketplaces, Software and App companies and various other Technology and Internet related businesses.

Dais Analytic Announces Progress of Business in China

LogoDais Analytic Corporation (OTC.BB: DLYT), a nanotechnology materials and process company focused on commercializing its technology worldwide in energy efficiency and clean water products, announced that (follow link for business name) Soex (Beijing) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. a joint venture owned by Dais and SOEX (Hong Kong) Industry & Investment Co., Ltd., has begun production and distribution of the Company’s ConsERV Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) product in China. Related to its expansion in China, Dais is excited to announce the addition of its fifth Board member, Sharon Han, who brings a 20 plus year track record of successfully supervising the engineering, manufacturing and marketing high-end engineered products in the Greater China market.

International Erosion Control Systems Inc. Partners with BizIQ

International Erosion Control Systems Inc., a company specializing in Cable Concrete services in Tampa, FL, has formed an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business local web optimization. Offers Two Decades of Expertise in Selling Internet Businesses, a noted website business broker firm, has two decades of experience selling internet businesses and technology companies. Selling a website business is remarkably different from selling a brick and mortar business, and requires a level of service that only can provide. The firm’s level of expertise stems from their founders, Ron Matheson and Jason Guerrettaz, whose past experience as serial entrepreneurs include buying, selling and operating their own internet companies. During the acquisition of their companies, the founders become dissatisfied with the website business brokers they encountered at the time – so they decided to create something new. Ron Matheson, Senior Director, tell us, “I realized early in the game that putting a team of experts around us was critical to placing ourselves a cut above the rest, so we have aligned ourselves with a team of professionals that also excel in their individual fields, including accountants, tax specialists, private equity groups, banks, evaluation companies, and due diligence experts. Our highly trained team of professionals is dedicated to serving online and internet asset entrepreneurs from A to Z, leaving no stone unturned.”

Dale Sorensen Real Estate Updates Properties for Sale Online Database

Dale Sorensen Real Estate just announced the property search and database on its website has been updated. According to a company spokesperson this step will help individuals find the ideal property, and apart from the database, additional services have been added pertaining to Melbourne Beach real estate.

Bodyshapers Fitness Inc Website Launches Promoting Popular Tampa Florida Gym and Trainers

Arnold Schwarzenegger once described body builders as sculptors who simply used muscle and bone instead of marble or clay. This idea of sculpting the body has captured the popular consciousness in the twenty first century, especially as the obesity epidemic has caused many people to fear for their health. The only possible way to sculpt a body is with expert knowledge and equipment, and that expertise and resources can be found at Bodyshapers Fitness, Inc. in Tampa Florida. The company has just launched their website to promote their services and share their fitness and wellness insights with the world.

Start-Stop Introduces New Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Webinars Each Month

LogoStart-Stop brings the learning and education needed to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 right to their consumers. Each month, the team is releasing educational webinars that highlight the capabilities of the software and hardware.

Start-Stop Educations Clinicians on How to Pair Hardware with Medical Dictation Software

LogoWhen it comes to medical dictation software, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is leading the way. This sophisticated piece of software has quickly become an industry favorite among clinicians and many other types of healthcare workers because of how efficient it is and how well it works as a whole.

Start-Stop Provides Free Webinars on How to Use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

LogoThose who need software that can effectively help them to dictate in a fast and natural way into their EMR/HER will find that Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is a viable solution. The software is cutting edge and works with every Windows operating system from XP to 8. For many people in the medical field, time is precious. If you cannot afford to waste any time and want to work more efficiently, Stop-Start can provide an effective solution.

MamaBear Warns Parents They May Inadvertently Encourage Distracted Teen Driving

LogoMore than 85% of high school juniors and seniors admit they use a cellphone while driving. This may be a shocking statistic for parents who expect their teens to practice safe, non-distracted driving. But the bigger shock for parents might be the realization that they could be part of the problem. Vows to Help Barrett's Esophagus Sufferers

LogoHowicuredmybarrettsesophagus (HICMBE),, America’s nutritionist, announced today that HICMBE will focus on helping every Barrett’s Esophagus sufferer worldwide. This means that HICMBE will be contacting every Barrett’s Esophagus sufferer world, wide to offer assistance and help.

Davis Concrete Launches New Website to Host Newly Expanded Range of Services

Construction is one of the first industries to shut down during economic downturn, but luckily it is also the very first to pick up when the mood starts to improve. Construction in America is once again on the rise, and companies that supply the industry with raw materials are scrambling to keep up with those that had the foundations to stay ahead of the market. Davis Concrete is one of those businesses, and they have launched an entirely new website to showcase the breadth of their services, which has expanded to include almost every aspect of construction.

Disability Awareness Can Get People Jobs

LogoThe secret is out about a not so well-known federal program from the Social Security Administration called the Ticket to Work. It’s a program that helps Social Security recipients, who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, receive free employment counseling in finding a suitable job. Once placed, job candidates can also maintain Medicare or Medicaid coverage and access to some Social Security cash benefits. There is absolutely no penalty for trying to go back to work!