Press Releases For FL - Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (US)

Hurricane Harvey and Sawyer Products

Sawyer Products is working with multiple organizations to distribute approximately 20,000 bucket filtration systems and over 30,000 insect repellents to help with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. These bucket adapter systems are used in over 80 countries around the world and can filter up to 500 gallons per day. The insect repellents that were sent include our family friendly 20% Picaridin spray which is effective on mosquitoes, ticks, and flies as well as our Permethrin Insect Repellent Treatment for Clothing, Gear, and Fabric which is odorless after drying and lasts for 6 weeks or 6 washes. In addition to our standard 0.1 micron absolute bucket filtration systems, we are also sending some of our brand new Sawyer Select Foam Filtration Systems which launch later this month and will remove chemicals and pesticides where water contamination levels are especially high.

Elevacity Introduces Smart Coffee: Elevate

Elevate coffee is the latest breakthrough product to be introduced to Elevacity's unique health and wellness line. Elevate coffee is a delicious dark roast, Colombian instant coffee infused with a proprietary formula of nootropics, focusing on weight loss and cognitive functions.

Local Tampa Female Entrepreneur Making Headway in Drone Industry

Shaina Ortiz, the CEO and Founder of both Device Savers, a full-service electronics repair, and technology support company, as well as Legion Drones, an all-inclusive drone based repair, distribution, and education entity. Shaina is carving out an avant-garde name for herself as both the first women and minority business owner heading up an all-encompassing drones-based business.

Business Brokers,, Encourage Entrepreneurs to Contact Them Regarding a Free Website Appraisal

LogoAs one of Inc. 500's fastest growing private companies, business brokers, has over two decades of experience with not just how to buy a company, but also how to sell a company. Their founders are serial internet entrepreneurs, which means they also have many decades of personal experience in the field. Entrepreneurs, who would like a free website appraisal for the business, are encouraged to call these experienced business brokers.

Entrepreneurs Are Encouraged to Sell Their Business Online with Business Broker,

LogoSince 1996, business broker has been buying and selling internet businesses. The founders are serial internet entrepreneurs, meaning that the company's experience level is well above the competitions. During the 20 years they have been in the industry they have satisfied a number of clients and have earned a respectable reputation. They provide their clients with a 24 hour website valuation, so that the client can know where they stand and if there is anything their online business requires before putting it up for sale in the marketplace.

Ecommerce Business Broker,, Can Help Entrepreneurs Buy or Sell an Amazon Business

LogoFor over the past 20 years, ecommerce business broker, has been assisting entrepreneurs with both buying and selling website businesses. They specialize in everything from ecommerce websites, businesses that sell on,,, and many others, as well as assisting business brokers buy or sell an Amazon business. Amazon is one of the most popular business platforms on the internet today, and those who are interested in buying or selling an Amazon business should contact an ecommerce business broker that has both the experience, and the wisdom to get the best price – or the best profit - possible.

Internet M&A Brokers, ValleyBiggs, Provide Superior Business Intermediary Services to Mid-Market Clients Selling Business Online

LogoSince 1996, internet M&A brokers, ValleyBiggs have been providing superior business intermediary services to mid-market clients selling businesses online. These experienced and professional internet M&A brokers are highly-skilled in the industry, and have amassed a huge client base. They provide capital consulting with a large range of strategic options. They also help their clients achieve business growth and help them restructure their business when necessary.

Entrepreneurs Selling a Website in the Middle Market Are Invited to Contact Mergers and Acquisitions Advisors, ValleyBiggs, for a Free Consultation

LogoFor the past 20 years, mergers and acquisitions advisors, ValleyBiggs has been buying and selling middle market companies in the technology, website, and internet fields. Entrepreneurs, who are interested in buying or selling a website, and are interested in finding an experienced ecommerce M&A consulting firm, are invited to contact ValleyBiggs to set up a free consultation. This company provides a number of capital consulting and advisory services that carry with them a broad range of strategic options, so that clients have the best opportunity to maximize their profit at the closing table.

Acquisitions and Mergers Business Broker,, Offers Clients Superb M&A Advisory Services

LogoConsidered the best place to sell a website since its inception in 1996, acquisitions and mergers business broker,, offers their clients superb M&A advisory services. This business broker handles mid-market companies that fall within the technology, internet, and website niche. As serial internet entrepreneurs themselves, the founders have decades of experience in this field and have acquired a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that outshines all of their competitors.

FreightCenter Announces Partnership with Major League Baseball Team

LogoA contract has been signed this week between FreightCenter and major league baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies and minor league team, the Clearwater Threshers. The contract entails that FreightCenter, a third-party logistics company, will be the official freight shipper for both teams during the 2017 baseball season.

Page Terrace Discusses the Importance of Location

LogoPage Terrace is a beachfront hotel located in Treasure Island, FL. The business is known for their hospitality, pricing and premium location. "Having a good location is paramount in the hotel/motel industry. When people are on vacation, they don't want to have to put in work to find these to do. Their hotel should be central to multiple attractions, so the entire family has viable options every day," said Arthur Czyszczon of Page Terrace.

CyberCorp360 Consortium Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Start Mass Producing Bluetooth 4.2 Headphones Stereo Ghost for 3D Sound Calls

LogoCyberCorp360 Consortium is pleased to announce that they are all set to introduce the world's first Bluetooth 4.2 stereo headphones for 3D sound calls "Aura", enjoyment, and safety. The consortium comprising of the companies CyberCorp360 LLC & K18 Inc. has recently started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $53,000 for the initial production run of their upcoming product named Stereo Ghost. This unique accessory will also provide users the opportunity to record a track with Chris Wonderful, the renowned musician, composer, producer and sound designer.

Device Savers Founder to Launch Legions Drones: A Full-Service Drone Company

Device Savers, a Tampa-based electronics repair and technological support entity dedicated to servicing all community members with affordable and reliable electronics support, this week announced after a recent spike in drone sales and repair requests, they will be opening a new startup, Legion Drones, for all drone products, training, repairs, and support. With a wide-range of drones and camera equipment to choose from, as well as available custom drone options, they can tailor a drone specifically for your needs. You might require drones for aerial filming, videography, surveying, school events, vacations, training, or the perfect shot.

Page Terrace Releases Dessert Dining Guide to Treasure Island Vacationers

LogoPage Terrace is a premier beachfront hotel located in Treasure Island, FL. The hotel has been family-owned and operated since 1990. The company provides its guests with modern amenities, attentive customer service and local recommendations. In Page Terrace's latest blog release, the hotel suggests a five dessert eateries that are popular in the Treasure Island area.

Abacode - Cybersecurity Firm Helps Protect Tampa Bay Lightning Against Cyber Attacks

Tampa, FL based technology firm Abacode has been selected as the Official Cybersecurity Service Provider for the Tampa Bay Lightning & Amalie Arena.

WebsiteOperators Offers Content Development Services to Create Brand Awareness Among Customers

LogoWebsiteOperators, a reputable website management and digital marketing company in the USA, offers content development services at the most competitive prices. The company knows the importance of content marketing, and keep focus on development of fresh content for their clients to boost their website's ranking on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. Since search engine crawlers mainly provide ranking to websites based on the quality of the content, so it becomes essential for businesses to circulate high quality and unique content on the web to enhance their online presence. People looking for one-of-a-kind content marketing services for their websites can count on WebsiteOperators to get top quality content on the regular basis.

Garry Shandling's Death Caused by Blood Clot

At least one high-profile celebrity death in 2016 was caused by a blood clot.

Midway Services Remains an Authority on HVAC Installations and Repairs

As Florida temperatures reach lows in the fifties, residents are rapidly seeking specialists to inspect and repair heating units. From dealing with unusual odors and sounds to fixing diminishing heat levels, Midway Services encourages proactive HVAC services for residents of Tampa, FL, and the nearby towns.

Consumers Benefit from Fla. HVAC Leader's Hot Water Heater Partnership

Homes and businesses need reliable, safe and affordable hot water systems to operate effectively and efficiently. That's why, when a customer needs a hot water heater in Land O' Lakes, FL, or the surrounding area, the team at Cornerstone Pros will install a unit from American Water Heaters. Cornerstone Pros sets high standards for water heaters and chose to partner with American Water Heaters because of its superior quality and dependability.

RPE Solutions Advises Businesses to "Carefully Evaluate Cloud Hosting Providers"

RPE Solutions, a leading cloud hosting provider, released a write-up via its website urging businesses to consider and evaluate who they allow to manage cloud operations. As a leading cloud hosting and managed services provider, it's critical that a company's sensitive data stored in the cloud be managed by experienced and well-equipped resources. Otherwise, the potential for security issues, interruptions and other problems may increase.

Dr. Lombardi Named City of Tampa Dermatologist of the Year 2016

Dr. Milan Lombardi recently underscored his standing as a board certified dermatologist when he was named the City of Tampa Dermatologist of the Year 2016 by the Doctors' Choice Awards. His recognition began with the title of Top Dermatologist in the nation for the Month of August 2016, then grew when he was named the official Tampa winner of the Dermatologist of the Year 2016 award.

Midway Services Celebrates 60 Years of Business

Midway Services is a leading provider of plumbing repairs, electrical maintenance and HVAC services in Tampa, FL. The company has recently surpassed their 60th year of business, and they have no plans to slow down.

Business Brokers,, Encourage Entrepreneurs to Utilize Their Free Consultation when Selling a Website

LogoSince 1996, business brokers,, have been working in the industry of buying and selling websites. During that time, they have amassed a large clientele base that relies on them again and again for buying and selling websites. These small internet business brokers always put the client first, and offer a free consultation, along with a free website valuation. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to utilize their free consultation when selling a website so that they can learn how much their site is worth, as well as the best time to take it to market.

Business Broker,, Offers Entrepreneurs Numerous Services to Assist Them in Website Sales

LogoSince 1996, business broker,, has been offering their clients numerous services to assist them in website sales. Entrepreneurs, who are interesting in learning how to sell a business online, or wish to purchase one, can contact this boutique business broker today for a free consultation. Some of the services they offer their clients include turnaround consulting, developing an exit strategy, accurate website valuation, free consultation, organizing legal, accounting, and tax help, troubleshooting issues, and many others.

Acquisition and Mergers Brokers,, Offer Clients Exceptional M&A Advisory Services

LogoAcquisitions and mergers brokers,, is among the nation's top M&A firms. They have been providing their clients with exceptional M&A advisory services for the past 20 years, and have compiled a loyal clientele. This brokerage firm handles middle market companies that fall within the technology, website, and internet categories. Their exceptional M&A advisory services include creating a professional marketing package, understanding the client's business thoroughly, developing a digital library of documents, and many more.

Acquisition and Mergers Brokers, ValleyBiggs, Provide Clients with Superior M&A Advisory Services

LogoAcquisition and mergers brokers, ValleyBiggs, provide their clients with superior M&A advisory services, and they have been for the past 20 years. Since 1996, ValleyBiggs has been one of the most well-respected acquisition and mergers brokers because they provide their clients with a set of strategies and services that remain unparalleled in the market for maximizing transaction value.

These Jobs Are Not Seasonal: FreightCenter to Increase Staff by 50 Percent

LogoFreightCenter, Inc. (, a full-service third-party logistics provider (3PL) and leading national provider of instant online freight quotes, plans to add 60 new positions by the end of January.