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Select a country: View Discusses the Major Health Benefits of Diving, the best diving school in Phuket, Thailand discusses the health benefits of Phuket diving. In the past few years, diving is considered as one of the most popular underwater activities in Phuket. The marine biodiversity of Phuket, Thailand is known for its amazing coral reefs and rich marine life. Thus, encourages the tourist to try out diving not just for pleasure purposes but also because of its health benefits.

Synthetic and Bio-Based Biodegradable Plastics Market Future Scope Analysis

This report is an effort to identify factors, which will be the driving force behind the synthetic & bio-based biodegradable market and sub-markets in the next six years. The report provides extensive analysis of the industry, current market trends, industry drivers and challenges for better understanding of the market structure. The report has segregated the synthetic and bio-based biodegradable industry in terms of types, application and geography. We have used a combination of primary and secondary research to arrive at the market estimates, market shares and trends. We have adopted bottom up model to derive market size of the global synthetic and bio-based biodegradable market and further validated numbers with the key market participants and C-level executives. This report highlights the industry with the following points:

Global Arteriotomy Closure Devices Industry 2015 Market Report; Launched via

LogoThe Global Arteriotomy Closure Devices Industry 2015 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Arteriotomy Closure Devices industry.

Winter's Worst Nightmare – Snowblowers

LogoAnnually, thousands of homeowners wait until the snow flies before they check the condition of their snowblower. In some instances, homeowners wished they had a snowblower, but don't. Equipment availability, back-log of equipment service requests, and hazardous conditions are just of a few issues procrastinators face.

Recreational Boating Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2015 - 2021

LogoRecreational boat, also known as pleasure craft boat, is designed for fun on water surface. Many individual use this for fun and pleasure activities during outing with family and friends. Recreational boating includes many activities such as boat racing, sailing, campaigning, fishing and other water sports game. Recreational boats are made up of plastic, aluminum, coated fabrics. Various types of recreational boats include runabouts, towboats, fishing boats, sailboats, pontoon boats, sterndrive powerboats, jet boats, personal watercraft, propulsion systems, and cabin cruisers.

LED Materials Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2015 - 2021

LogoA light emitting diode or LED is a semiconductor device. LED produce incoherent narrow spectrum of light when it is in forward biased condition. The color of the light emitted depends on the composition of the semiconductor material used in manufacturing of LED. It is extensively used in an array of application such as displays devices on clock, digital watches, lighting bulbs, radios, and calculators. LEDs also find its applications in high definition television display, camera, camcorder, telecommunications, optical fiber communication, and TV remote controls. The application of LED is even exceeded to the Jewelry and Wearable's

Deodorants and Antiperspirants Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoDeodorant is a substance that is applied to the body parts to prevent body odor that is majorly caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration in major body parts such as armpits, feet and other areas of the body. Antiperspirants are regarded as sub category of deodorant. Deodorants and antiperspirants contain ingredients that can control sweat and body odour safely and effectively coming from body parts. Antiperspirants not only affect the odor of the body, also reduces sweating by affecting sweat glands. Antiperspirants are majorly applied to the underarms of the body, where as deodorants can also be applied to the feet and other body parts as body spray. Deodorants and antiperspirants are mostly confused as similar product, but both differ in function and application. Antiperspirants control sweating and body odour in two different steps. Firstly it prevents sweat reaching the skin surface, and secondly it eliminates the bacteria that causes body odour as it contain antimicrobial agent as its major ingredient. On the other hand, deodorants only contain antimicrobial agents that prevent body odour coming from different part of the body, but are unable to control the flow of sweat. There is one similarity between both deodorants and antiperspirants that both contain fragrances which helps in keeping body odour away from the body.

Decorative Laminates Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoDecorative laminates are laminated product generally used as furniture surface materials or wall paneling and it protect them from scratching, wear and tear and fire risk. Decorative laminates usually increase the life span of surfaces and give them an attractive finish. Low maintenance and low installation cost associated with decorative laminates gives an edge over wood flooring and act as a driving factor for decorative laminates market. In addition, decorative laminates are available in wide range of colors, designs and textures are other major factors driving the value of decorative laminates. Decorative laminates are basically of three types: high-pressure laminates, low-pressure laminates and edgebanding. High-pressure laminates are high-priced and more durable, whereas low-pressure laminates are low-cost. Edgebanding is generally used to smooth the exposed edges of surfaces include MDF and plywood. The basic raw materials required for manufacturing of decorative laminates include kraft paper, tissue paper, base paper, melamine, methanol, phenol and formaldehyde.

Women Wear Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoThe global women's wear market has shown a good growth rate over the forecasted period. Fashion is one of the important aspects of women's wear and it keeps on changing. It is very difficult for a company to establish itself in women's wear segment due to the fast changing fashion style. In the women's wear market brand loyalty and brand recognition are the keys for a successful business. There are various channels available where women's wear can be purchased. These channels include department stores, boutiques, retailers, specialty stores and online. Global women's wear market can be bifurcated into five categories: clothing, footwear, sportswear, accessories and others.

Titanium Products Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoTitanium is sliver grey, colored transition metal found in abundance among all minerals. Titanium has high melting point and offers very good corrosion resistant property, heat properties and strength to weight ratio. Titanium is extracted from ores of rutile and ilmenite. Aerospace & aviation industry is the major end user of the titanium product. Titanium is used in production of super light high speed aircrafts, satellites and spacecrafts, and ships. Apart from aerospace & aviation, some other major end user industries of titanium products include paper, plastic, and paints & coatings.

Textile Printing Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoApplication of coloring pattern and design to decorate the finished fabric is referred as printing. At the time of printing the color is applied to the fabric so that the color or design is not affected at the time of washing. Textile printing is a process of applying color to fabric in definite pattern and design. Textile printing is sometime confused with dyeing. In dyeing whole fabric is uniformly colored with one color only, where as in case of textile printing more than one color is applied on the fabric to some part in defined pattern. In textile printing, wooden blocks, stencils, engraved plates or rollers are used to apply color on the fabric. Thick dyes are used at the time printing to prevent the spreading of color beyond the limit of design.

PXI Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoPeripheral component interconnect (PCI) extensions for Instrumentation (PXI) is an open modular standard in the automated test and measurement. It offers high measurement speed, small footprint, and low power consumption compare to traditional test and measurement technique such as rack-and-stack test systems. The various application market of PXI technology include, wireless technology, aerospace, defense and consumer electronics industries.

Automotive Sensors Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoSensors are use in detecting, measuring or recording physical phenomena and subsequently responding by transmitting information, initiating changes or effecting system control. Automotive sensors is integrated part of vehicle system and is designed to detect, transmit, analyze and display vehicle performance information within internal and external environment of the vehicle.

Automotive Plastic Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoAutomotive Plastic holds the key to a host of safety and performance advancement in modern cars, minivan, SUVs and even HMVs. Automotive plastics are generally durable, strong, recyclable, scratch resistance, resistance to abrasion, improve vibration and noise control and allows design, molding and integration of components in automobiles. In modern cars plastic constitute almost 50% of the total volume of the car but contribute only 10% of the total weight of cars which makes cars lighter and increase the overall fuel efficiency. Modern automotive plastic however have much broader application including passenger safety, passenger convenience and overall manufacturing cost reduction. Automotive plastic are used in bumpers seats, dashboard, fuel systems, body panels, under-bonnet components, interior trim, electrical components, exterior trim, lighting, upholstery and liquid reservoirs. Further, the developments in the field of tough and durable automotive plastic are expected to increase use of plastic in modern cars. As for interiors, plastics have proven to be a great material for making comfortable, durable and aesthetically gratifying interior components.

Automotive Paint Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoAutomotive paint is one of the most important non-machinery parts of automobile. In most cases the automotive paint becomes the first point of attraction for buyers. Automotive paints provide protection against acid rains, UV-rays, oxidization, corrosion and in some cases it also provides scratch resistance to the vehicles. Over the past few decades the automotive paint technology has matured in terms of quality of products, durability and color options offered to the end users.

Automotive Gear Oil Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoAutomobile gears (or cogs) are rotating machine part having cut teeth, or cogs which mesh with another toothed part in order to transmit torque. The arrangement of two or more gears forms automotive transmission system. Automotive gear oil can be petroleum or synthetic based, used especially for lubricating automotive gears for all class of vehicles. It provide high transmission efficiency, reduce engine heating, provides proper clutch friction, insure better oxidation and protects gear teethes from corrosion.

Automotive Engine Oil Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoThe function of engine oil in automobiles is to reduce metal-to-metal contact in order to minimize overall friction and reduce damage. In automobile, friction is one of the major sources of engine heat, which produce more wear and deform moving engine parts. The oil in automobile engine develop a skinny, lubricating film on all metal parts that lets them move smoothly over each other thus minimizing friction. Engine oil also removes small particles of dust and other impurities present in automobile's fuels. Furthermore, it seals the gap between the pistons and the cylinder walls so that the fuel combustion is more efficient. It also coats all the moving parts of automobile engine to provide a layer of protection against rust.

Automotive Battery Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoAutomotive batteries are rechargeable batteries that supplies electric energy to automobiles, most essentially for automotive SLI (starting, lighting and ignition) system. Automotive batteries also provide power to automobile accessories such as radio, music players, air conditioners, wipers and charging plugs. Furthermore, the battery also serves as voltage stabilizer by absorbing abnormal transient voltages in vehicle electrical system. Based on the chemical composition the automotive battery market is broadly categorized in five different market segment, lithium ion (Li-ion), nickel–metal hydride (Ni-MH), nickel–cadmium (Ni-Cd), gasoline and lead-acid. The energy density per unit weight (Wh/kg) is highest in Gasoline batteries followed by Li-ion and Ni-MH and is least in Lead-Acid batteries. Lead-Acid batteries are an aging automotive battery technology. Due to its simple or mature technology coupled with fluctuating lead prices in last few years, much of the automotives batteries research is focused on drifting away from this technology.

Automobiles Coolant Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast from 2015 - 2021

LogoCoolant is used in almost all major automobiles ranging from small engine motor bikes to heavy duty commercial vehicles. Coolants are used for three major functions: cool down engine parts to avoid over heating during use of the automobiles; to maintain minimum temperature level of engine and avoid freezing when the vehicle is unused for long duration, especially in cold climates and to prevent corrosion of the metal machinery of the automobile.

Diamond Envy Announces Their Support of Wounded Warrior Project

Diamond Envy announces they will donate 5 percent of every sale of a yellow diamond from this year to the Wounded Warrior Project on July 4, 2016. The Wounded Warrior Project offers support programs for individuals who are wounded while serving the country. These wounds include those that are both visible and invisible, and these brave men and women need assistance when recovering from their injuries and as they move back into civilian life. Diamond Envy is proud to offer this support.

The Montfort Group Welcomes New Counselor Laurie Poole to Their Growing Practice

America is one of the most proactive nations in the world when it comes to counseling, and their practitioners have led the world in the development of new techniques and approaches. These techniques can be used not only for the troubles of an individual, but for interpersonal problems as well. Cory Montfort has been recognized as one of the preeminent practitioners in North Texas, and her work at the Montfort Group in individual counseling is highly regarded. Her latest mission for the group has been to find the perfect person to deliver couples counseling, and she has reported that the search is now over with the appointment of Laurie Poole.

Omega Locksmith Combines New Mobile Locksmith Capability with 24 Hour Capacity to Create Ultimate Service

Getting locked out of a car is one of the most frustrating and disruptive accidents, because whenever individuals are heading to their cars obviously they need to get somewhere. Lockouts are becoming even more common now transponder keys are more common, increasing the margin for technological error. Individuals need to get back on the road as fast as possible, but conventional dealerships take weeks to get new keys sent out. Omega Locksmith provides a solution for the people in Chicago, with mobile locksmiths vans which now have twenty four hour capability.

(Holladay, Utah) Dr. Erik Rooklidge, DDS Voted Utah's Most Experienced "Pediatric Dentist" with Partners Jeffrey Ellis, DMD: Adam Bushell, DDS

LogoDr. Erik Rooklidge loves working with children and helping kids feel confident because of their teeth. On multiple occasions over the years he has been voted Best-of-the-State for his professional dental expertise. He is a native of Utah (Bountiful). Rooklidge received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Utah and then received his Dental Degree from the University of Iowa (Circa 2001). Additionally, he completed two years of specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Center/Strong Memorial Hospital at the University of Rochester. Contact Utah's Premier Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Erik Rooklidge Today!

(Holladay, Utah) Dr. Erik Rooklidge, DDS Voted Utah's Safest "Pediatric Dentist" with Partners Tyler Reading, DMD: Jeffrey Ellis, DMD

LogoDr. Rooklidge is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist. He dedicates himself to providing the best dental care possible, insuring that they have a positive and fun experience while learning to care for their own oral health. His unique compassion for his patients is a distinct competitive advantage. Dr. Rooklidge is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Dental Association, American Orthodontic Society, and the Utah Dental Association. He is on staff at Primary Children's Medical Center, Alta View Hospital, South Towne Surgical Center, and the Family Surgical Suite. | Emergency Hotline: 801-349-9999 |

Tooele Utah Lake-City-Custom-Homes Named "Best-of-the-State" Premium Home-Builder, Residential Developer, and Top 5 Finest Craftsmanship for Discerning Clientele Investment Properties

LogoLake City Premium Custom Home Builders in Utah: At Lake City Custom Homes, they promise to provide unsurpassed quality delivered with integrity, transparency and clear communication. Every unique, custom home they build receives the finest attention to detail. Lake City, a preferred custom Home Builder in Utah, has been serving Utah's families for more than 40 years. Lake City started as a small, family-owned business and have since grown into a large business with ventures spanning the entire real estate landscape. However, their premium Lake City family values remain unchanged.

Leading Office Furniture Supplier Hiper-Misrad Expands Selection of Top-Quality Desks

Hiper-Misrad, Israel's top source for high-quality office and commercial furniture for more than 20 years, announced a major expansion of the company's industry-leading selection of office desks and workstations. The modern, stylish new additions to the hiper-misrad inventories include a range of flexible, cost-effective options for offices of any layout or design. From a showroom and distribution center at 12 Marconi Street in Haifa, Hiper-Misrad supplies the absolute best in furniture to customers throughout Israel.

Asia Aotomotive Air Conditioning Industry 2015 - Market Research, Insights, Survey and Forecast: ResearchMoz

LogoThe Asia Aotomotive Air Conditioning Industry 2015 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Aotomotive Air Conditioning industry.