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Danny Trejo Leads a Robotic Cartel in Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie Juarez 2045 Launched on Kickstarter

Abrupt Studios and director Chris Le are excited to announce the Kickstarter Campaign for the scifi film entited JUAREZ 2045 starring Danny Trejo. The movie is about a group of marines who must combat a robotic drug cartel lead by Danny Trejo in Juarez, Mexico. Featuring world class visual effects all done by director Le and a score by videogame superstar Sam Hulick, the film is expected to be finished in November of 2015. Says Director Le "the project is very ambitious and we need monetary help to complete our visual effects. So far I've been the only one doing them and if I can get some help, we'll be able to complete the film sooner and at an even higher level. Our goal is to do Hollywood Blockbuster style visual effects at a fraction of the budget that they do it for and that's why we need Kickstarter's help."

Bill Bastian Celebrates 60 Years - Material Handling Company Bastian Solutions

Modern Materials Handling News reported Bill Bastian Sr. celebrating 60 years with Bastian Solutions. Nowadays, it is rare to find an individual who has devoted 60 years of service to one company, and done so with as much passion, kindness and honesty as Bill Bastian Sr., previous owner and president of Bastian Solutions. Reviews Top 5 iPad Tablets from Apple is an informational website that posts reviews of digital products that are sold online. The site has now posted a comprehensive review assessing the top five tablets from Apple. Launches to Help the Public Find Quality Financial Planners

In the modern world of instant fulfilment, where the mantra ‘live for the now’ reigns supreme, many people fail to take account of their futures and where they are headed, which can lead them in to financial dire straits later in life. To avoid such financial traps however, people need a level of expertise they cannot be relied upon to achieve unless they are a skilled accountant, which is why financial planners have such a crucial role in helping people achieve a comfortable future. Find Financial Planners Australia is the first site of its kind to offer recommended Financial Planners purely on the skill and reputation of their service.

Laser Hair Removal Australia Launched to Help People Find Reputable Service Providers

Laser Hair Removal is a relatively new technique that uses focused lasers to eradicate hair follicles, and provides a more permanent solution to getting rid of hair. Results may vary, but between 65-95% of hair is permanently removed by the process, and takes a fraction of the time of more painful procedures like electrolysis. This advanced technology is only safely applied in the right hands however, and many salons are offering the treatment without being certified. Laser Hair Removal Australia is a resource center that allows people to find certified practitioners in their area to ensure their procedure is risk free.

Australian Banjo Enteratiner Launches Indiegogo to Record Album

Who's Michael Young? Not just an oyster farmer, this talented banjo aficionado, Michael Banjo Young - hailing from New South Wales, Australia - brings his mission of presenting the banjo through all genres of music to reality by launching his Indiegogo campaign to finish the production of his album, Hooked on Banjo, a finesse seven years in the making.

Life Coach Offers "Listen to Your Heart" Teachings

LogoProfessional mentor and Life Coach Kristine Heart has released her "Listen To Your Heart" teachings for free.

Champagne Sailing Assures Cruise of a Lifetime Across Sydney Harbor

LogoThose planning a trip across the spectacular Sydney harbor need not look further- leading Sydney cruising portal Champagne Sailing has assured the cruise of a lifetime across the most beautiful harbor of the world.

Psychology Consultant Now Helps People with "Can't Sleep" Problem

Ensuring people with effective solutions and treatment for psychological disorder, Psychology Consultants now offer their helpful hands to people with can’t sleep problem. Better and sound sleep is the basic and utmost necessity, Psychology Consultants truly understands this and they offer psychological treatment to insomniac patients. Anyone who is having insomnia, which is caused by a number of factors can now have psychological help from Psychology Consultants through their highly trained and experienced psychologist. In addition to insomnia, they also offer treatment for psychological disorder such as anxiety, stress, depression, relationship, Medicare, trauma, work stress, and other such problems.

Reynolds Plumbing Is Now Providing Commercial and Residential Services of Plumbing

Holding a deep understanding of the nitty and gritty of the plumbing industries, Reynolds Plumbing is now providing commercial and residential services of plumbing in Brisbane. They are a licensed plumbing company that holds a great expertise in dealing with small and big issues of the plumbing nexus. The company has a vast pool of trained and highly experienced plumbers in Brisbane Northside who have successfully covered plumbing projects which include plumbing installation, repairing, and maintenance.

Carrington Real Estate Services Adds Laura Key to Its Long Beach, CA Team

LogoCarrington Real Estate Services, LLC (Carrington), a corporately owned and operated full-service national real estate brokerage committed to delivering exceptional customer service at the local level, today announced the addition of Laura Key to its team of agents serving buyers and sellers in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, West LA areas.

Awaken Dance Theater Seeks Funding via RocketHub to Support New Piece on Gun Violence & School Shootings

LogoRebekka Nodhturft is a passionate and energetic dancer and choreographer based in NYC. Though currently focused on jazz and contemporary dance styles, she is also very talented in classical ballet, modern, and tap.

DelMar Pharmaceuticals Provides Update on Glioblastoma Clinical Trial and Results of Warrant Tender Offer

LogoDelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(OTCQB: DMPI) ("DelMar" “the company”) announced today a protocol amendment to allow for expanded dosing in its VAL-083 clinical trial had been filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that a new cohort of a new 50mg/m2 has been opened at three clinical trial sites in the United States. The company also confirmed that gross proceeds of US$2.9 million have been raised through warrant exercise in two separate closings. These funds provide sufficient working capital to fund DelMar’s current operations, including its glioblastoma clinical trial, through at least December 2015.

Aviator Author Gives Children 3-8 Years Old Courage to Dream on Kickstarter

In a world where children often are told in school and at home about their limits (“you can’t do that”, “you’ll never be that”, “you’re wrong”), author and aviator Nancy Hayssen is spreading the positive message in a soon to be released children’s book that dreams are possible when you have someone to believe in you.

THA Heating and Air, Inc. Gives Back, Offers Discount to Customers on Any of Its Repair Services

LogoTHA Heating and Air, Inc. understands that most families spend the majority of their time indoors. Ironically, that's where allergens, mold and other irritants thrive – at home. In fact, the EPA finds that pollutant levels can be two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.

HUMAN Healthy Vending Awarded for Innovation in Healthy Micro Markets by Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked HUMAN Healthy Vending a “Top 15 Innovative Established Franchise” for its innovation in developing healthy micro markets. No other company in the vending and automated retail industry shares this recognition. The full list can be found in Entrepreneur Magazine’s July issue.

Diesel Performance Parts Reviews 2014 Dodge Ram: 28 MPG in a Pickup, Yep

LogoSince news that Ram was set to release a 1500 powered by a diesel, our Assistant Sales Manager, Tyler Lucas, has been following every detail of these trucks. Once word got out that they were available for ordering at the dealers, Tyler’s 2006 Cummins Mega Cab went up for sale and a trip to the dealer was underway. With all of his options determined and the truck ordered, he followed the progress of the truck’s build through Ram’s website nearly every day. This feature on Ram’s site is pretty cool for most, as you can follow your truck as it moves through its various stages of build, from electrical to paint, to rolling off the assembly line. For Tyler, this probably made him more anxious than not knowing.

NYTimes Bestselling Author Ellen Hopkins Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Making of 'Crank: The Movie'

LogoEvery year, tens of thousands of foster-care children exit the system at age 18 without a net. Ellen Hopkins is the New York Times bestselling author of the Young Adult novel Crank. This novel is based on the true story of her older daughter’s addiction to crystal methamphetamine and its effects on her family. Hopkins has worked tirelessly to help youth at risk through her non-profit Ventana Sierra. Her Indiegogo campaign is an effort to produce a movie of a theatrical performance of Crank. The film will have cinematic production values and will be used as a fundraising tool to benefit Ventana Sierra.

Personal Injury Firm in Philadelphia Warn Residents of Pedestrian Accidents as School Begins

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C., a personal injury firm of Philadelphia, warns residents of a spike in pedestrian accidents as children return to school this September. The majority of road accidents that take place will occur during the afternoon, when people are driving home from work or rushing to run errands and pick up their kids. Even though road traffic accidents occur throughout the day, the risk of personal injury on the road rises during the afternoon rush hour.

Vasectomy Reversal USA Now Offering Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal Procedures to Patients

LogoThe process of getting a vasectomy reversed can be daunting. As couples change their minds about children, or remarriage leads to the desire for children, those men who have received a vasectomy will start to look for solutions to the problem. A prominent urologist who has achieved successful surgeries for patients from across the globe, Dr. Aaron Spitz from Vasectomy Reversal USA is announcing that he is now offering microsurgical vasectomy reversal procedures to patients across the USA this August.

Dr. Prabha Krishnan, LANAP Certified Periodontist in Queens, NY Offers FDA Approved Gum Surgery Alternative for Periodontal Disease, Dental Implants, and Gingivitis

Certified  Queens periodontist  Dr. Prabha Krishnan announces that the FDA approved Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) supports regeneration of bone tissue which is often a vital tool for treating periodontal disease. In most cases, the LANAP® protocol is used for the preservation and restoration of natural teeth and removing periodontal disease while the procedure acts as a gum surgery alternative. Dr. Krishnan, a certified LANAP® protocol periodontist in Queens, can use the procedure to fight gingivitis as well. Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment is a good alternative treatment for teeth that may need to be extracted.

HVAC Company Sees an Increased Level of Preventative Maintenance Calls

The summer season is winding down with only a few months of the season left to enjoy, HVAC Company The HVAC Comfort have reported an increase in the preventative maintenance calls received in the summer months signifying that homeowners are more aware about the health of their Ann Arbor air conditioning and it maintenance. Earlier, HVAC Comfort the HVAC efficiency experts had made efforts to spread awareness among homeowners about AC maintenance and how to keep air conditioners running at maximum efficiency to ensure that they are not costing them more money, causing problems or consuming extra energy.

Summer Storms Cause Drain Cleaning in Miami to Be a Necessity

News reports in Miami have warned the people of Miami to be ready for the summer storms starting from May through October. People have been advised to stay safe, seek shelter during storms and prepare their residential and commercial building by cleaning drains and make sure the drain pipes are not clogs to avoid any rain water damage to their properties. Optimal functioning storm drains are a necessity at summer storm season, people should make sure that they are ready when a storm hits the drain can fully accommodate the inflowing water. In case a storm drain is clogged and is not functioning at full capacity chances are the drain can back flow, which results in flooding and cause structural or building damage.

Dr. Richard Newhart Announces Laser Frenectomy Procedures

LogoDr. Richard Newhart is now offering laser frenectomy services for summer 2014. His office specializes in a laser based procedure that is far superior to past methods which required shots, stitches, and sutures, putting patients through a painful surgery and long recovery. Don’t go to a doctor who is still using these archaic practices. This exciting new technology is here and is safely correcting patients’ oversized frenal muscles every day.

Alan Cherry's Exteriors Now Prepping Roofs for Winter Weather

LogoAlan Cherry’s Exteriors is now offering roofing services to prep New Jersey and Pennsylvania homes for winter 2014. Recently celebrating their 40th year in business, the South Jersey roofing contractors know how to prep houses for extreme weather. Before winter comes, homeowners will want to make sure their roofing and siding is solid and ready for whatever the elements throw at the house. Alan Cherry’s Exteriors offers lifetime shingles, leak barrier, roof deck protection, starter strip shingles, cobra attic ventilation, and rifge cap shingles.

Air & Surface Logistics Announces Return of Widebody Air Cargo Service

Air & Surface Logistics is announcing the return, after three years' absence in the United States, of the widebody air-freighter service in partnership with Miamibased AmeriJet International.

CarePilot Introduces Affordable Cord Blood Banking Services

CarePilot, in cooperation with Cord for Life storage facilities, is making banking newborn umbilical cord blood a simple and affordable process for families who might not otherwise have access to this lifesaving procedure. CarePilot is offering significant discounts on both the procedure and long-term storage of infant cord blood.