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Steven J. Romanello of Kaiser Romanello Personal Injury Law Firm Named to Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum

The Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a prestigious group of trial lawyers in the U.S., periodically accepts new members who have won million dollar awards, verdicts and settlements for their clients. With only 4,000 members throughout the U.S., less than 1% of U.S. attorneys can count membership in the group amongst their accomplishments. The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, meanwhile, includes lifetime members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, who have served as the principal counsel in at least one case that resulted in a multi-million dollar verdict. Kaiser Romanello, West Palm Beach car accident and personal injury lawyers, are proud to announce that Steven J. Romanello, partner, has recently been inducted into both the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Global Home Rehabilitation Products and Services Market Is Highly Unorganized

Rehabilitation programs help patients to improve, maintain, and restore physical strength and mobility in institutional and home care settings. This study provides market analysis for various rehabilitation products and services that are provided within home care settings. The stakeholders of this market study comprise established rehabilitation product manufacturers, distributors, and rehabilitation service providers as well as new participants who wish to enter the global rehabilitation products and services market.

Latest Research Report on Global Bio-Surfactants Market Share 2015-2019

LogoBio-surfactants are an assorted gathering of active molecules that can be produced by integrating living cells or micro-organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and yeast. Bio-based surfactants can be produced from oleochemical raw materials such as vegetable oils, animal fats, sucrose, and glucose. Due to their excellent foaming, wetting, emulsifying, and detergency traits, bio-surfactants have emerged as the most versatile bio-process chemicals and are widely in various industries such as cosmetics, personal care, bioremediation, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and food processing.

Electric Transformer Global Market Research Report Share 2015- 2019

LogoElectric transformers are special devices used to step-up and step-down voltage in transmission and distribution applications. Transformers can be divided into two types: power transformers and distribution transformers. Power transformers are used in the high voltage transmission network as voltage step up devices. They operate at full load. Distribution transformers are used to distribute electric power at low voltages. They operate at lesser loads during a major part of the day. One of the major technical differences between power and distribution transformers is that power transformers primary winding is always connected in star and the secondary winding in delta, while distribution transformers primary winding is connected in delta and the secondary winding in star.

Global Embedded Software Market Trend and Research Report 2015-2019:

LogoEmbedded software is written on computer chips and integrated into hardware systems. Once embedded and implemented into the hardware, the software cannot be altered by users. This software is usually developed for special hardware that uses real-time OS such as LynxOS, VxWorks, Linux (with patched kernel), ThreadX, Windows CE, Fusion RTOS, and INTEGRITY. It is applied in real-time systems such as ATMs, missiles, and airplanes. It is designed to perform specific tasks and can be used in digital clocks, cell phones, and calculators as well.

Global Chlorinated Paraffin Industry 2015 Market Survey Study Analysis and Overview

The report titled Chlorinated Paraffin is an in-depth and a professional document that provides a comprehensive overview of the global and China Chlorinated Paraffin market.

Global Chromic Fluoride Industry 2015 Market Survey Study Analysis and Overview

The report published on the Chromic Fluoride market titled Chromic Fluoride provides an analytical view of the Chromic Fluoride industry's performance in the global scenario, with key focus on China. In a detailed chapter-wise format, the study evaluates the numerous aspects corresponding to the global and China Chromic Fluoride market. To begin with, the market definition, applications, classification, and industry value chain structure is included in the report, to update stakeholders on incumbent market dynamics. Development trends exhibited by the Chromic Fluoride market globally are analyzed in conjunction with studying in detail the competitive landscape of the market and the development status as demonstrated by key geographic regions, including China.

Global Ciprofloxacin HCL Industry 2015 Market Survey Study Analysis and Overview

To analyze the growth trajectory and present an industry overview of the global and China Ciprofloxacin HCL market, the report titled Ciprofloxacin HCL begins with definition, application, classification, industry chain analysis, news analysis, and policy analysis of the market.

Global Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Market Trend and Forecast 2015-2019

LogoFPSO is a type of floating tank unit used by the offshore oil and gas industry to collect the oil or gas produced from nearby platforms or subsea templates, process them, and store them until the oil or gas can be offloaded onto a shuttle tanker or exported via a pipeline. These systems come in a variety of sizes, shapes, production capacities, and costs. They range from relatively small units with 30,000 bpd processing plants to mega units capable of processing more than 250,000 bpd. Most units are ship shape, but there are few cylindrical FPSOs also. Capex for an FPSO can range from less than $200 million to more than $2 billion, depending on production plant capacity, design life, operating environment, and other factors.

Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) Global Market Share and Forecast 2015-2019

LogoSwitchgear is a protection device and is a combination of different types of components such as circuit breakers, current transformers, potential transformers, lightning arrestors, protection relays, and disconnectors arranged in a logical manner. They are used in transmission and distribution of electric power and effectively protect equipment and circuits from unregulated power spikes. On the basis of material used for arc quenching, switchgears can be classified as gas-insulated switchgears, air-insulated switchgears, oil-insulated switchgears, and vacuum-insulated switchgears.

Digital Oil Field Market Worth Is Projected to Reach $38.49 Billion by 2024

LogoThe report Digital Oil Field Market by Services (Automation & Instrumentation: DCS, SCADA, PLC, Smart Well & CPM; IT Services: Outsourcing, Equipment & Software) & by Processes (Reservoir, Production & Drilling Optimizations) – Global Trends & Forecasts to 2024", defines and segments the global digital oilfield market for services and processes with an analysis and forecast of the revenue. The digital oilfield services and processes market will grow from an estimated $24.60 billion in 2014 to $38.49 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 4.6% from 2014 to 2024.

China Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry Share and Research Report 2015

LogoIncreasing maturity in supporting facilities of industrial chains and falling costs of all types of hardware have created favorable conditions for the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in China. In 2014, the Chinese civil UAV market was worth about RMB400 million, and is expected to swell to RMB1.45 billion by 2020, driven by demands from farming, patrolling, and logistics.

Dr. Sarah Mess Discovered a Game Changing Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

LogoCoolsculpting is an effective, cutting-edge cosmetic surgery procedure that has helped countless people to lose areas of fat on their bodies to look and feel better than ever before. This particular procedure is widely regarded as being much safer than liposuction and can be just as effective for small areas of fat in the thighs, chest, butt, and many others. This game changing cosmetic surgery procedure comes with minimal risk and most people who have undergone it are highly satisfied with the results.

B12ShotChicago Offering Premium B12 Injection Packages

LogoB12ShotChicago is offering high quality B12 injection packages at reasonable rates. These potent B12 packages are considered to be more affordable than any deal on Groupon. The online store is providing fast, easy, affordable and hassle free experience to customers.

Traveler's Pick Launch Their Latest Innovative Product, the Silicone Wedding Rings on Amazon

Traveler's Pick is one of the most customer satisfying American family brand offering the most comfortable travel accessories which helps everyone ,,Remember to enjoy the ride". They never took pride in satisfying their customers, rather always tried to find criticism in everything and provided a better version of their products.

My Essay Services Introduces Order Tracking Service for Students to See Live Progress Reports

Academia is especially challenging for many people because it requires a distinct cocktail of skills, some of which are unique to Academia. Knowledge gained in study can be used in the outside world, but the ways of reporting that knowledge to professors through essays are often not required anywhere else. As such, many people can excel in knowledge but get poor grades because of their reporting. My Essay Services helps students avoid that, by offering expertly written essays ghost-written on students' behalf. They have just created a new order tracking feature for the ultimate peace of mind.

IRA Gold Advisor Announces Plan to Expand Reviews After Overwhelming Response from Users

Many people have been realizing in recent years a truth as old as currency itself: while paper money loses its value due to inflation over the years, gold retains and even increases its value over time. As such, gold and precious metals provide an excellent investment means for people to accrue their retirement fund. IRAGoldAdvisor is an online resource center that has been expounding this logic and helping people make the transition for years. They have recently begun to review providers, and the initial reviews have proven so popular that a new series of reviews is now planned.

Announcing NexRep Will Be a Part of the Get My Vet a Job Career Event on June 5th

LogoGet My Vet a JobTM Career Event - Companies Coming Together! Get My Vet a JobTM is the host for the most unique and innovative career event online today. This virtual career event will ensure that employers and job seekers will have unprecedented access to each other. The result? A single day of networking and employment that will be unlike any other.

Cannulas Market Worth $135.5 Million by 2020

LogoBrowse 86 market data tables and 52 figures spread through 156 pages and in-depth TOC on "Cannulas Market" Offers Can and Bottle Koozies for Weddings

LogoA crucial aspect in the planning process of a wedding is the ever-important choosing of party favors. Party favors serve the custom tradition of thanking guests for attending the big event. Aside from party favors like candy, candles and garden seeds, koozies are a great choice for wedding favors. Unlike other items that can only be used until they are gone, koozies are reusable and long-lasting. A convenient, inexpensive source for purchasing koozies in bulk is an online wholesale retailer such as carries a wide range of can and bottle koozies that can be customized for weddings. Couples looking for a quality party favor for their wedding are invited to browse the selection available at the company.

Research Report on Cloud Storage Gateway Market Worth $3579.2 Million by 2020

LogoAccording to a new market research report "Cloud Storage Gateway Market by Type (Virtual Cloud Storage Gateway Appliances, Physical Cloud Storage Gateway Appliances) - Worldwide Forecast and Analysis (2015 - 2020)", defines and divides the Cloud Storage Gateway market into various segments with an in-depth analysis and forecasting of revenues. Cloud storage gateway market is expected to grow from $909.2 Million to $3579.2 Million by 2020 with a CAGR of 31.5% for the forecast period.

Ambrose Air, Inc. Receives A+ Rating After Registering with the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau was founded to help consumers find and recommend businesses, brands and charities they can trust, as well as provide a public record of complaints and unresolved issues to warn people away from unscrupulous companies. Ambrose Air, Inc. has been providing outstanding HVAC services in Central Florida for twenty five years, and recently registered with the Better Business Bureau, only to be furnished with an A+ rating for their outstanding customer care.

Introductory Specials for Booking Cosmetic Procedures with Dr. Jensen in Oklahoma City

LogoWomen who are interested in breast augmentation will find that Dr. Jensen, a skilled new doctor fellowship trained by Dr. Nuveen, offers a number of introductory specials to make this type of cosmetic work much more affordable. There are many different types of breast implants to choose from and it is important to learn as much as possible about this procedure before making a final decision of any kind. Dr. Jensen cares about his patients and wants them to get the best possible work done at the lowest possible price.

Defending Clients Who've Suffered from Side-Effects of Xarelto

LogoThose who have suffered adverse side-effects from the medication Xarelto will find that Johnson and Biscone are defending victims who want their due compensation. There are a number of adverse side-effects that can come with using this medication, including back pain, bleeding gums, headache, dizziness, nosebleeds, paralysis, and many more. Anyone who has experienced serious side-effects from Xarelto should seek legal representation immediately to get what they deserve.

Flavor Personal Help Poetry Publishes New Information to Get an Ex-Boyfriend Back

Marriage expert Hellen Chen states 85 percent of relationships end due to a breakup. Of those that do lead to marriage, 50 percent end in divorce. Sadly, in many of these relationships only one party wishes to end the arrangement, yet he or she doesn't know how to go about preventing its demise. When the relationship has already ended, it becomes even harder to figure out how to rekindle the flames, and the Flavorphp Boyfriend Site works to provide advice for those who wish to achieve this goal. Offering Wholesale Pencils for Teachers and Kids

LogoFor centuries, pencils have always been a critical learning tool in classrooms around the world. To learn and practice, students need a quality pencil with which they can write. Whether it is taking a test, a classroom reward or solving math problems, pencils are a great necessity. A convenient and affordable source for obtaining pencils in bulk is an online pencil company such as specializes in providing inexpensive wholesale personalized pencils for educational institutions. Teachers and schools that need to stock up on their pencil supply are invited to place a customized pencil order online at

Kansas Shaman Conjures Ghosts Wherever He Goes

LogoJ. Bekemenone, the noted Shaman and author of Ghost Hoarder: Master Shaman Shares Secrets and Proof of Life after Death, revealed that he has refined an innate talent for communicating with the spirit world into an ability to conjure ghosts virtually wherever he goes.  Until recently, he had kept this supernatural gift a secret, but now he decided to open up and explain how and why he travels from place to place conjuring and photographing ghosts.