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Mohd Abbas Seeks Funding via Go Fund Me for the Expansion of His Philanthropic Business

Mohd Abbas is an entrepreneur, IT geek, and most importantly, a humanitarian. Throughout his life, he has been involved in charitable activities. In May 2015, Mohd started a business with the sole objective of donating fifteen percent of its profits to different charities, child welfare, and sponsoring college education for kids that are exceptionally talented. After a steady start, Mohd is now looking to take his business to the next level. By expanding his business, he wants to increase the profit pledge as the company grows. His ultimate goal is to build a company that will change lives and make a difference in large scale.

World & Texas State Skydiving Records Set During Jump for the Rose "Pinkfest Mini Boogie" Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Jump For The Rose (JFTR) today confirmed that a group of five skydivers over sixty has achieved a world record at a breast cancer charity fundraiser the group recently sponsored. Bob Felt, Tom Ruprecht, John Benoit. Gary Greer, and James Parker, all of whom are over sixty years of age, jumped from 14,000 feet to create an unprecedented six-point formation in the skies above Rosharon, TX at the PinkFest Mini Boogie.

AngloClean Celebrates Its 25th Successful Anniversary This Year

LogoLeading carpet cleaner in Gloucester AngloClean is currently celebrating its Silver Jubilee this year. The company caters to both residential and commercial projects.

Automotive Battery Market Expected to Reach $7.7 Billion by 2019

LogoThe report "Automotive Battery Market by Transport Mode (Automotive, Marine & Aerospace), Application (Two Wheelers, Passenger Vehicles, LCV, HCV, Passenger Ships, Tankers, Cargo Ships, Commercial and General Aviation) and Region - Industry Trends & Forecast to 2019", defines and segments the global battery market with the analysis and forecasting of the global volume and value.

LUV Bathrooms Offers to Beat Their Own Best Price Guarantee by £5 on Every Item in Store

Bathrooms are not just a place to get clean, they are the one place in the house where people can find quiet, calm and reflection, and perhaps even a little luxury. Too many people consider the shower a necessity and not a luxury, but LUV Bathrooms is here to change that. LUV Bathrooms is a champion of affordable luxury, and stocks amazing products like steam showers and whirlpool baths to help people get the most out of their bathing experience with a deeper clean in a more enjoyable format. To make things irresistibly affordable, the company has recently announced £5 off everything in their catalogue on top of their best price promise.

Total Scaffolding Supplies, a Leading Name in UK for Scaffolding Supplies Now Enables Scaffold Tower Hire

Known for being the leading name in UK for scaffolding supplies, Total Scaffolding Supplies now enables clients scaffold tower hire. They offer their services to clients who are domestic users as well as big commercial contractors. Total Scaffolding Supplies believes that hiring can be done in a much cost-effective way and simultaneously they can help to complete their projects in time and within the budget of the consumers. They aim to provide customers with the most competitive rates in United Kingdom. The team members of this company are well-trained, highly professional and have good amount of knowledge. They know about every product in their stock and have the capability of providing assistance, comprehensive advice, and technical expertise for any project.

Photographer Algimantas Balezentis Looks to Raise $19,000 via Indiegogo for the Amber Polishing Project

LogoTogether with his son, Algimantas Balezentis wants to start his small amber polishing business. The father and son duo has over five years of experience in this field. A valuable and unique stone, Amber is often referred to by the Lithuanians as the 'Lithuanian gold.' Lithuania is known as a country that is highly proficient in making Amber shine. Algimantas wants to share the real beauty of Amber with the world through his new business.

File2Cart Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary and Presents 50% Discount

File2Cart, solution for data import from a file to the shopping cart announces about its 3-year anniversary. On this occasion it offers to all the customers a 50% discount for data import to a new store database.

LUV Bathrooms Introduces Loyalty Reward Scheme and Exclusive Facebook Special Offers

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, and is one of the few places people can go for sanctuary, quiet reflection and indulgence. The bath and shower are too often treated as essential cleaning implements and little else, which means many home owners are missing the opportunity to have some affordable everyday luxury in their lives. LUV Bathrooms believes in a better bathroom for all, and specializes in affordable luxury bathroom products. To encourage people to transform their bathrooms, they have just instituted a loyalty reward scheme and exclusive Facebook special offers.

Strictly LED's Now Presents a Wide Range of Outdoor Christmas Lights at Competitive Prices

Strictly LED's is now presenting a wide range of outdoor Christmas lights at competitive prices. They store LED icicle Christmas lights that are highly reliable, energy efficient and used for decoration during Christmas or any other festive period. LED icicle lights have unique features; not only they are energy efficient, but they are also very safe. They eliminate any chance of fire that is normally caused due to short circuits as LED remains cool, even during longer use. They are a very safe lighting material which are used in households and workplaces. These are sharper and more glowing than the traditional decorative lights.

Strictly LED's Now Offers a Wide Range of Outdoor Fairy Lights at Competitive Prices

Strictly LED's is now offering a wide range of outdoor fairy lights at competitive prices. The company stores superlative quality of energy efficient LED outdoor lights that are perfect to be used for decorative purpose, to be used in kitchen or garden. They provide lighting solutions for homes and commercial purposes. Their vast range of decorative LED lights is an excellent option for occasions such as Christmas, wedding, and other parties. With them, one can get outdoor fairy lights such as LED rope lights, LED icicle lights, LED curtain lights, and many more. All their outdoor LED lights are manufactured to the highest standard in order to ensure the unpredictable weather of the UK.

Live Christmas Trees as Decoration This Holiday Season May Put to Rest the Real vs. Fake Debate

As the term "Going Green" continues to turn into more than just going a certain color and more of an environmental friendly movement, the debate about using real vs. fake Christmas trees on Christmas wages on. Consumers who are deciding on the decoration for the forthcoming holiday season are being urged to pick a side; either they get real or simple fake it. Best4Garden is one of the environmentally conscious businesses that have introduced a new revolutionary yet simple answer to the real vs. fake discussion: live, real Christmas tree – Norfolk Pine as decoration. Comes Up with Its Designer Range of Clothing Items and Accessories

Fashion keeps on changing with the passage of time. It is particularly true in terms of clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags. People embrace a new style for a period of time and update themselves with the new arrivals. Those looking for a refreshing change or even shopping to add variety in their wardrobes are welcome to contact It is an online lifestyle shop offering various styles, designs and colours for clothing items, footwear, accessories and much more.

Strictly LED's Now Offers Safe and Economical LED Flood Lights

Strictly LED's is now offering safe and economical led flood lights. The company stores high power LED flood lights that are ideal to be used in places that require a large amount of light such as gardens, terraces, parks, and so on. The company provides LED floodlights which give ample light without consuming too much electricity. Apart from being a cost-effective option, LED flood lights are also very safe. They won't cause any accidents, unlike other bulbs if accidentally sprinkled with water. These are waterproof LED lights that are highly durable. You will get a huge variety of LED flood lights such as 10W LED floodlights for smaller spaces and for larger spaces, you can have 20w, 30w, and 50w. The company also provides free home delivery in the UK.

Khush-Boo Is Raising Funds on Indiegogo to Bring Chemical-Free Baby Fragrances to Market

Multiple studies have proven that most makers of popular perfume, colognes and body sprays do not disclose hazardous ingredients in their products. Khush-Boo offers a safe alternative to the parents who want to introduce fragrances to their babies and toddlers without risking their health.

UK's Real Junk Food Project Is in Serious Jeopardy

One of the United Kingdom's most admirable programs may be forced to close unless additional funding is secured.

Country Cottages Online Offering Dog Friendly Cottages for Travelers in Their Preferred Location

Country Cottages Online is now bringing dog friendly cottages for travelers in their preferred area. Now one doesn't have to leave behind their loving pet while they are on tour. They can take their dogs wherever they go. The company offers detailed information of all the dog friendly cottages they feature where guests and their pets are equally welcomed. Now travelers get the information about pet friendly cottages in their preferred location through their website. It's even possible to rent pet-friendly cottages where excellent leisure facilities on offer include saunas, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Choose from romantic retreats or family sized cottages where your pet will be as welcome as you are.

Online Bike Games: Enjoy the Real Adventure of Riding a Sports Bike

Online games as an effective platform for people to enhance their gaming skills. These types of games are also helpful for professionals who can learn different strategies. Gaming websites are helpful for people of areas where there are not many facilities to play some sports. As internet is slowly reaching to people of nearly all areas of the world that makes it possible for all to access such games online. Bowling is generally a sport that is mostly played in leagues but many people are there that actually want to take this sport as hobby! So some online gaming websites that offers online bowling games are highly popular.

Diet Doc Uncovers and Reveals the Best Way to Lose Weight During the Holidays

LogoThose who have struggled with weight loss will soon encounter another hurdle – the holidays. Many ask if it is actually possible and, if so, what is the best way to lose weight during the holidays. Thanksgiving has passed and people throughout the country are battling those extra pounds and, suddenly, Christmas will be upon us with more sweet, high calorie dishes tempting people to abandon their goals of ever reaching their ideal weight. Fortunately, Diet Doc has developed diet plans that fit perfectly into the holiday festivities. Scientific research, combined with modern medical understanding, has enabled Diet Doc to uncover the secret to losing unhealthy, embarrassing and uncomfortable fat while still enjoying all of the delicious holiday recipes.

Craig Ballantyne Presents His 6 Minutes to Skinny Product to Help in Reducing Weight

6 Minutes to Skinny, a fitness program that promises weight loss that embraces – and then goes beyond – the good old diet and workout combination, offers an array of benefits for anyone trying to slim down healthily, according to

Panda Paper Roll Expands Product Catalog with Attractively Priced New Offerings

Panda Paper Roll, one of the world's top manufacturers and sellers of the paper rolls commonly used in ATMs, cash registers, and many other devices, announced that the company has expanded its product catalog with a number of new offerings. The new additions to the ATM paper and thermal paper roll categories will offer customers even more in the way of choice and flexibility, while maintaining the consistent quality and rock-bottom pricing that Panda Paper Roll has become known for. Since opening its doors in 1998, Panda Paper Roll has become one of the most influential and respected companies in the industry and today boasts a customer list that includes high-profile names like Epson, NCR, and Brother, spread around the globe. Offers Newly Launched Lim Ria Enterprise Bus Tickets

Reputable online ticket booking site, has been offering newly launched Lim Ria Enterprise bus tickets at reasonable prices to help travelers explore new bus routes.

Arabian Desert Tours Offers Water Adventures and Fishing Tips for a Leisure Trip at Dubai Shorelines

Dubai shorelines have some of the best set up for fishing trips and water adventures like snorkeling, diving for a picture perfect leisure trip in Dubai. Arabian Desert Tours offers the fishing trips in Dubai for deep water fishing along with all the professional equipments provided in the package. While their Musandam tour package comes with a fun filled journey to the picturesque fishing town of Dibba situated in the Mussandam Peninsula which can be explored by both sea and land.

POQ Swim Shop Specializes in a Wide Range of Swimming Accessories

Swimming goods are very essential for the water sport enthusiasts and are used widely as the sport has gained in repute. People from all age groups are actively involved in this sport for both professional as well as fitness purposes. The sport is incomplete without the proper accessories as they are an added part of it for safety measures. POQ Swim Shop is a reputed seller of swimming products from paddles to caps that are reasonable and also comfortable.

China Toppower Jerseys Offers NFL Clothes and Footwear Products

NFL basket ball is a highly popular sport in America. People watch the game on the stadiums and television in large numbers. Each team has a number of supporters cheering for them in the matches. The jerseys are also sported by the enthusiastic followers of the game. China Toppower Jerseys specializes in selling high quality and cheap NFL jerseys for men, women and kids. These jerseys are available in various chest sizes from 48 to 60 for men in medium, large, extra large and other ranges.

Discover the Fascinating Arab Desert Along with Life and Culture of Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai have fascinated people with its all glitter and glamour, but it’s most unique fascination is it’s majestic desert, the unique desert life, culture, food to cherish for every visitor who comes to Dubai. RFK Holidays offers completed package Desert safari Dubai deals to ride through the Dubai desert, valleys, mountain ranges, traditional Arab villages and desert camps for a whole new experience of one another side of Dubai. Arabian night desert safari provide the complete desert with different sort of safari packages to view the desert as per client’s preference and have a blast at Desert private parties.

Enjoy NHL Games with Cheap NHL 15 Coins from HUT Coins Buy

The online gaming store HUT Coins offers cheap HUT 15 coins to online gamers to enjoy NHL games. This professional online gaming website offers HUT Coins for Xbox, PS3, PS4, 360 and Xbox One. NHL 15 coins are essential to play this exciting online game.