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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Market to Reach USD by 2022 - Scalar Market Research

According to the report, "Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Market, By Service (Real-time Replication, Backup, Data Security, Professional Services), Service Providers (Cloud Service Providers, Managed Service Providers, Telecommunication Service Providers), Deployment (On-Premise, Cloud), Organization Size (Small Enterprises, Medium Enterprises, Large Enterprises), Vertical (Government, BFSI, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Entertainment, Transportation & Logistics, and Telecom & IT) - Global Revenue, Trends, Growth, Share, Size and Forecast to 2022", the global Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) market is expected to reach USD , growing at a CAGR of % by 2022. In the year 2016, the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) market is expected to be worth USD.

Alnico Magnets Market 2017 Industry Demand, Segment, Statistics Report 2025

Global Alnico Magnets Market: Snapshot

TV White Space Spectrum Market - Global Forecast to 2022 - New Market Research Report

LogoTV White Space Spectrum Market by End-Use (Rural Internet Access, Urban Connectivity, Emergency & Public Safety, Smart Grid Networks, Vehicle Broadband Access), Device (Fixed, Portal), Component, Software & Service, Range - Global Forecast to 2022.

Recent Study: Meat Processing Equipment Market - Global Forecast to 2022

LogoMeat Processing Equipment Market by Type (Cutting, Blending, Tenderizing, Filling, Dicing, Grinding, Smoking), Meat Type (Beef, Pork, Mutton), and Product Type (Fresh Processed, Raw Cooked, Precooked, Raw Fermented, Cured) - Global Forecast to 2022.

Global Food and Beverage Packaging Machinery Market 2016-2020 - New Study Released

LogoPackaging machinery is used to package products before they are dispatched to distribution networks and for storage. Packaging machinery are used in the primary and secondary packaging of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical and personal care products. Primary packaging is an important part of the marketing mix as it has a strong impact on the buying decision. In addition, packaging machinery is widely used for filling, labeling, coding, and wrapping products.

New Market Research Report: Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Market - Global Forecast to 2022

LogoEnterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Market by Deployment Type (Embedded, and Standalone), Offering (Software, and Services), End-User Industry (Automotive, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2022.

New Market Study, "Global Automotive HVAC Market 2016-2020", Has Been Published

LogoCurrently, automotive HVAC market is at maturity stage, hence its adoption is mostly limited to new vehicles production. However, development in technology of automotive HVAC, and evolution in components (such as materials and refrigerants) is keeping the market competitive, further pushing market demand for HVAC systems. The luxury vehicle segment is witnessing developments to integrate HVAC with safety system like ADAS. We expect these developments to be crucial for the HVAC market to pave its way into autonomous vehicles.

Market Report, "Algaecides Market - Global Forecast to 2022", Published

LogoAlgaecides Market by Type (Copper Sulfate, Chelated Copper, QAC, Peroxyacetic Acid & Hydrogen Dioxide), Application (Surface Water Treatment, Aquaculture, Sports & Recreational Centers, Agriculture), Form, and Region - Global Forecast to 2022.

New Market Study, "Global Lyocell Fiber Market 2016-2020", Has Been Published

LogoLyocell fibers are the semi-synthetic cellulose fibers that are produced by a closed loop method through a solvent spinning technique, where cellulose is subjected to many chemical changes such as reduction of wood chips to wood pulp with strong alkali, dissolution of cellulose, setting and alignment of cellulose fibers, washing of fibers, carding of fibers, and recovery of the solvent. The solvent spinning technique here refers to the dissolution of cellulose in solvents.

"Global Aerogel Market 2016-2020" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoAerogel, popularly known as frozen smoke, is derived from the gel of materials like silica, alumina, chromia, and tin oxide. Aerogel can withstand a pressure of up to 4,000 times its own weight. It is an excellent thermal insulator because of its high internal surface area, while its low density makes it light weight. Air cavities in the material render it high adsorption properties.

Market Report, "Global Gynecology Robotic Surgery Market 2016-2020", Published

LogoAt present, the market is dominated by Intuitive Surgical due to its da Vinci surgical system, though there is intense competition between Titan Medical that developed the SPORT surgical system and Intuitive Surgical. Titan Medical has a high market share in Europe, and it is expected to penetrate the US market by mid-2017 by getting approval for its SPORT surgical system. TransEnterix has developed the ALF-X robotic surgical system, which it acquired in September 2015 through the acquisition of a robotic division of SOFAR S.p.a worth $99.8 million. The company also developed TELELAP ALF-X surgical robotic system, a CE-marked device available in Europe.

Western Blotting Market - Global Forecasts to 2021 - New Market Report

LogoWestern Blotting Market by Product (Instruments, Consumables), Application (Biomedical & Biochemical Research, Disease Diagnostics), End User (Academic & Research Institutes, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies) - Global Forecasts to 2021.

Subsea Systems Market - Global Forecast to 2021: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoSubsea Systems Market by Subsea Production (Subsea Umbilicals, Risers, Flowlines (SURF), Trees, Manifolds, Control System), Subsea Processing (Boosting, Separation, Injection, Compression), and Region - Global Forecast to 2021.

"Crude Sulfate Turpentine Market - Global Forecast to 2022" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoCrude Sulfate Turpentine Market by Type (Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Delta 3 Carene, Camphene, Limonene), Application (Aromatic Chemicals, Adhesives, Paints and printing inks, Camphor), and Region - Global Forecast to 2022.

New Market Report: Functional Flours Market - Global Forecast to 2022

LogoFunctional Flours Market by Type (Pre-cooked Flour, Specialty Flour), Application (Bakery, Soups & Sauces, R.T.E Products), Source (Cereals and Legumes), and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Rest of the World) - Global Forecast to 2022.

"Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms and Software: Market Outlook and Forecasts 2016 - 2021" Published

LogoInternet of Things (IoT) Platforms represents those systems (software, hardware, and middleware) that enable IoT network, device, application, and service management. This includes connectivity, device administration, identity management, permissions control, data management, APIs, SDKs, and more. IoT will also be a driver of substantial software development in infrastructure, platforms, devices, security, applications and services.

JLC International, Inc. Announces Their Release of a New, Remarkable Product: SDHmini

LogoNow among JLC International, Inc.'s many measurement devices, is a remarkable, new product: SDHmini. Being the main distributor in the United States for Shaw Moisture Meters from Bradford in Great Britain, JLC International, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of this innovative, portable dewpoint meter. The SDHmini is based on the still-revolutionary concept of the renowned SADP, wherein the dome is filled with desiccant to keep the dewpoint sensor dry and ready for the next job. To fit measurement needs, this is an essential product to consider for those who are looking for a brand new and portable dewpoint meter.

Mobile Ticketing Market Expand Their Businesses with New Investments

LogoMobile Ticketing is the method of online booking of tickets using smart phones and other mobile phones with internet connectivity and recently by using SMS, which is the standard feature in every mobile phones. The process of mobile ticketing is simple and user friendly. The mobile ticketing reduces reliability on printed-paper and plastic tickets. The mobile ticketing is widely adopted worldwide due to these aforementioned advantages. The penetration of smart phones, various mobile ticketing applications availability and internet connectivity are some factors helping the global mobile ticketing market to grow globally. The mobile ticketing can be used for booking tickets of movies, flights, trains among other transport services. Mobile ticketing allows the user to book tickets any time and place as per their convenience. Overall, the global market for mobile ticketing will show promising growth over the forecast period.

Luxury Pens Market Expecting Worldwide Growth by 2022

LogoThe growing e-communication among the corporates and other social class people around the world has become a threat for written communication. Due to the increasing brand awareness and high disposable income of people (especially among young adults), the luxury pens market is witnessing a decent growth. Likewise, luxury pens key players which are having brands such as Lamy, Aurora, Mont Blanc, Grayson and Parker are trying to encash the opportunities in this growing luxury pens market. The major players are opting to make their luxury pens more royal by making it diamond studded and gold plated, to grab the maximum market share. One of the key trend in the market is that the manufacturers are strategically investing in product development by modifying the luxury pen nib with platinum and other expensive metals. In spite of the sluggish market and curtailed discretionary spending, the luxury pens market is growing at a good rate. Hence, the global luxury pens market has got a great potential in the forecast period. The global luxury pens market is anticipated to witness a moderate single digit growth in the upcoming years.

Disposable Protective Apparel Market to Record an Impressive Growth by 2022

LogoDisposable protective apparel is used in many industries including manufacturing, construction, health care etc. to provide protection from many different hazards. Disposable protective apparel includes shirts, belts, vests, pants, jackets, and hats are the most popular. Benefits of using disposable protective apparel includes, versatility (used as multifunctional), affordability (less price compare to durable protective apparel) and sustainability (recyclable product to maintain sustainable practices).

Female Fragrance Market Set to Grow Exponentially During 2016 - 2024

LogoThe fragrance is one of the most important accessories of the personal care. Almost every working women prefer to apply fragrance in any form or the other.

Shampoo Market Expand Their Businesses with New Investments

LogoShampoo is a part of personal care products for hair. Shampoo is applied to clean the extra oil, skin particles such as dandruff and dirt among others. The shampoo market is segmented on the basis of types of hair and utility such as Shampoo for oily hair, dandruff cleaner, shampoo for colored hair, hair fall control, and shampoo plus conditioner among others.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Market Expecting Worldwide Growth by 2024

LogoLaundry equipment is the equipment used in the process of washing clothes and linens. The commercial laundry equipment products comprises of dry cleaning equipment, presses, commercial dryers and washers. Such equipment provides laundry solutions to various industries including healthcare, hospitality, educational, and service industries.

Baby Sanitary Products Market to Record an Impressive Growth by 2024

LogoBaby sanitary products refer to baby hygiene products such as disposable diapers, wipes and night bed mats. Companies are innovating a huge varieties on baby sanitary products; however baby disposable diapers remain the largest segment in terms of demand among other products.

Personal Care Appliances Market Set to Grow Exponentially During 2016 - 2026

LogoPersonal care appliances usage is becoming a necessity for the consumers, who regularly use personal care products for quick personal grooming. Personal care appliances majorly includes trimmer, hair dryer, shaver, hair straightener, hair curler and epilator. Owing to benefits such as better affectivity than traditional procedure and time saving, demand for personal care appliances is growing gradually.

Stationary Cycle Market Expand Their Businesses with New Investments

LogoGlobal stationary cycle market consists of devices having pedals and handle bars like a bicycle, but it is a stationary equipment generally with an ergometer attached, to measure the amount of work done during exercising. Global stationary cycle market is used as a form of indoor cardiovascular exercise, to overcome obesity and various other forms of medical problems. It is a low impact workout which is safer especially for medically unfit people. Global stationary cycle market is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate of single digit during the forecast period. The growing health awareness and fitness concerns are the major factors behind the growth of global stationary cycle market.

Gift Card Market Expecting Worldwide Growth by 2026

LogoGift card is basically a card comprising of some monetary value issued by banks or retailers to be utilized as a substitute to a non-monetary gift. Over the past few decades, gift cards have become progressively widespread gift options for holidays, birthdays and various other occasions. All around the year, and majorly during shopping season, retailers and bankers look upon the gift card as a major source of revenue. It has been observed that gift card push consumers to a restaurant, stores and various other entertainment places to make a purchase which end up spending more than value of a card. Rising popularity of and demand for gift cards across the globe will bolster the overall gift card market in the next few years.