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Pressland Announces Commercial Partnership with Membit, Augmented Reality Photo-Sharing App

360 Blockchain Inc. ("360" or the "Company")is pleased to announce that its wholly owned portfolio company Pressland has signed a letter of intent to form a commercial partnership with Membit Inc., maker of the Membit augmented reality (AR) photo-sharing app for iOS. The New York City-based startup will license Pressland's data to help verify original journalism produced on its platform.

Hemodialysis Catheter Market Growing Awareness 2025

Hemodialysis catheters play a crucial role in the delivery of hemodialysis for renal replacement therapy in patients with end-stage renal diseases.

Superior Customer Service: Colonial Electric Receives 2013 EBSCO Research Best Pick Award

LogoRecognized for superior customer service, two years in a row and counting: Colonial Electric , which services homes and businesses throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, is the recipient of the 2013 EBSCO Research Best Pick Award in the Electricians’ service category. Award recipients must maintain an “A” grade, based on more than 100 independent customer reviews.

Frozen Yogurt Machine Distributor Forte Supply Set to Tour US in Cool New Mobile Demo Unit

LogoForte Supply, distributors of the SS100, an affordable, eco-friendly frozen yogurt machine today announces the upcoming launch of its cool, new Mobile Demonstration Unit (MDU). The company will be meeting with franchise owners and prospective clients in order to promote the emerging Forte brand. Entrepreneurs looking to start a frozen yogurt (froyo) business can “start swirling” instantly, when the MDU tour begins on Wednesday, May 1, 2013. The refreshing and innovative trek will launch from Plymouth Rock, Mass., and make its way across the country.

Air Conditioning Repair Spring Special from McCrea Services Offered for Maryland and Virginia Homes

Spring means it’s time for air conditioning repair Maryland and Virginia deals from McCrea Heating and Air Conditioning Services. In order to help cut down on the cost of preparing a home for summer months, McCrea is offering a one –time discount of a service inspection for $69.95.

G60 Fit Offers SURFSET Fitness Classes

G60 Fit has introduced the newest fitness craze to its already packed lineup of boot camp fitness classes boot camp fitness classes in Huntington Beach- SURFSET Fitness Classes. As the only approved SURFSET Fitness provider in North County, G60 Fit is at the forefront of the fitness movement.

An Online Service for Anyone's Marketing Needs

In this era where everyone has technology in the palm of their hands, the internet is an essential. Despite what age, gender or race an individual may be, everyone can have an access to the World Wide Web these days. Because of this ease of entrée to the internet shopping has also stepped up and can now be done online. So with this, it is very important today that businesses’ do not just pimp up their shops, billboards, posters and fliers to promote, their online websites should be equally attractive, and should present their products the way it should be presented but with an ease of access.

Two Penthouses for Sale at Murano Grande, a website serving as a comprehensive guide to the luxury condominium, has recently listed two penthouses for sale: PH-B and PH 3601. The two units are among the most expensive and opulent in the Murano Grande, offering a variety of amenities that exceed market standards.

Reverse Phone Lookup Searches Have Become More Affordable at 79 Cents

Industry watchdog, PeopleLocatorHelp.Com has added the most affordable reverse phone lookup services to its comparison and review matrix. Reverse phone lookup services costing more than $20 have become a thing of the past, thanks to new upstart reverse phone lookup services costing under 5 dollars. The review site, PeopleLocatorHelp.Com has reviewed and critiqued as well as read over 450 online user reviews for two reverse searches costing less than 5 dollars. After reviewing both companies features and quality, the site has added both reverse phone sites to the top four list for 2013. Receives Further Accolades for Its Ivonne D for Mon Cheri Dress

With a continuous flow of the genuine praises, another limelight recently added to the services of The store’s bestselling dress ‘Ivonne D’ received an average of 4.5 out of 5 from reviewers around the world. The latest Net Fashion Avenue reviews have further boosted the sale of the dress.

Maserati Central Florida Offers Maserati Owners Free Wash and Vacuum

LogoMaserati Central Florida now offers free car wash and vacuum for Maserati car owners every Saturday through April 30, 2013. This service will be given every Saturday by appointment. The free car wash and vacuum will provide Maserati vehicle owners to have their Maserati car sparkling like new. This free service will be given by well trained professionals who know the inner workings of Maserati vehicles. In order to set an appointment, Maserati car owners call Maserati of Central Florida or visit their website .

Boston's Cinco De Mayo Bar Crawl Celebrates Cinco De Mayo All Weekend

Boston, like other major cities is home to people of culturally diverse backgrounds. Mexican-American citizens and Cinco De Mayo enthusiasts set aside May 5th as the official day to celebrate Mexico’s victorious battle of Puebla in 1862. Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl Boston will take place on Sunday May 5th in addition to several other related events.

Success Coach Millionaire & Best Selling Author Answers Questions from Radio Audiences - Live

While many can’t actually imagine becoming a millionaire, Brian Koslow’s latest book proves that anything is possible. With his new book ‘Self-Made: Generate Your Wealth Like a Millionaire!’ resonating with readers from coast to coast, Koslow is now inviting all radio stations to host a live Q&A session for their audience.

Famed Sciatica Exercises Blogger Recommends a 10 Minute Daily Technique to Cure Sciatica

Celebrity sciatica exercises blogger, Lisa Petrillo, has recommended to all her blog readers to perform short 10 minute sciatica techniques every day, as opposed to sciatica exercises or sciatica stretches which under certain circumstances, can worsen sciatica nerve pain, permanently. She claims that sciatica exercises and stretches, for many years, have been the chief source of relief for sciatica pain and has been widely recommended by chiropractors and doctors. However, the problem with performing sciatica exercises and stretches is that they are designed for one type of body, of average build. In reality there are many types of body types that may contribute to worsening sciatica pain after exercises.

Christian Home Based Business Connecting Thousands Nationwide

Faith carries the power of transformation and no one knows this better than Bruce Fletcher, the creator and marketing head of Scriptures. Bruce who has been part of this endeavor for a long time now is a man of substance. He believes in the power of faith and in extending this power to the Christian business community. This is the reason why he has gone out of his way to help the community earn and make a mark in the society.

AYP Rentals Offering Short-Term Rentals at One Reserve in Sunny Isles

LogoAYP Rentals, a firm specializing in Miami vacation rentals, is offering a number of short-term vacation rentals located in One Reserve Sunny Isles. Each is listed in under the “Ocean View” section of featured listings. The rentals are specifically intended for those staying 30 days or less.

Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl NYC Dominates Cinco De Mayo New York Weekend

Since New York City has such a diverse population, it should come as no surprise that Cinco De Mayo is widely celebrated all over the city. Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl NYC is set to be one of the biggest events of the weekend.

Take a Look at Survivalistreviews.Com Before Opt for a Family Survival Course

Learning the tactic on how to react in emergency situations calls for you to be correctly prepared with the right information and ability. People need to be geared up to face unexpected situations and catastrophes. gives us full reviews about the books offering survival tips to overcome crisis and emergency situations. It gives apt reviews about the new Family Survival course that will guide the user when making a decision to purchase the book.

Spray Foam Insulation Provider Dixie Performance Insulation Undergoes Rebranding

Dixie Foam is the new name for the company formerly known as Dixie Performance Insulation. Although their name has changed and their website has a new look, the quality insulation service they provide to Mississippi homeowners has stayed the same. The company has built a solid reputation for their top insulation contractors, helping businesses and homeowners save on energy costs with their superior spray foam product.

Music Talkers Now Connects Unsigned Musicians & Fans Together in a Whole New Way

LogoIf you are a fan of discovering new musicians, Music Talkers new 'discover an artist' section will be of interest to you. Searchable by location, name and music genre, the website lets users search and listen to unsigned musicians in a whole new way.

How to Resolve the Child Custody Issues During Divorce

LogoAnyone remotely familiar with the law knows that attorneys exist in every legal specialty, including lawyers for child custody. would like to enlighten folks about the many other types of attorneys available, including:

Central Nervous Systems Focuses Business Around MISys Manufacturing

Sean Fitzsimmons, Principal at Central Nervous Systems, found MISys Manufacturing to be an effective partner in achieving success for customers, "I guess you could say that we have a high opinion of both the product and the people behind the product, because our business is built entirely around MISys. Stable, well thought out, feature rich software doesn't appear on the scene over night; MISys has been in development for almost 30 years, and we feel that it is the best positioned product for small to medium size manufacturers. We bet our business on it.”

Plumbers 911 Connects with Customers Using Social Media

LogoPlumbers 911, a Miami-based company that has created an extensive network of quality local plumbers, recently launched its new website.  The site offers several features that clearly reach out to a media-focused consumer base.  Plumbers 911 has extended its presence on several key social media outlets.

Bizwala Launches Redesigned Website

LogoIn an effort to keep up with the ever changing times, Bizwala, a Las Vegas SEO that has also gained quite a prominence when it comes to web design services.

Announcing Children's Books to Entertain, Inspire, and Warm the Heart

Are you looking for children’s books that feel good? Parents, teachers, and children all over the world are discovering the uplifting books by Northwest children’s author Sally M. Harris. Her books are written in rhyming verse with pages of colorful art to light the imagination. Suggested ages for readers: 2-6.

Liljenquist & Beckstead Launches a New Website That Will Excite Their Customer's Digital Senses

Liljenquist & Beckstead Jewelers, in partnership with ARTYSO creative agency, is pleased to announce the launch of its new luxury website  The interactive site built as a “virtual store”, and it allows customers and jewelry lovers to explore and experience Liljenquist & Beckstead’s elegant collections of high end timepieces and designer jewelry.

New and Incredible Products for Free from

Freebies are a lot easier to have now because of ! They make getting freebies incredibly simple and fun. has contact with different companies who give free samples of their new products. Freebies can now be enjoyed and at the same time much dollars can be saved! Days of wondering if a product that is shown on commercials has a good quality. lets everyone to experience every new product on the market!