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ChroMedX Submits PCT Patent Application for HemoPalm(TM) Blood Analysis System

ChroMedX Corp(the "Company"), a developer of in vitro diagnostics and point-of-care testing (POCT) technologies is pleased to announce the filing of a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) Patent Application pertaining to the HemoPalm(TM) Cartridge and Analyzer system called "Joint Spectroscopic and Biosensor System for Point-of-Care Testing" (PCT/CA2015/050455).

ADVENT Anticipates 3rd Annual Mummers Mardi Gras Celebration for 2016

While the event planning agency, ADVENT, is busy producing events throughout the year, such as festivals, fundraisers and company parties, they have been brainstorming the next details for the 2016 Annual Philadelphia Mummers Mardi Gras. Originally a popular Mummers tradition in New Orleans, the celebration was brought to the city of Philadelphia in 2014. Last year, the festivity was moved from 2nd Street, at the Piazza at Schmidts, to Main Street in Manayunk. With February almost six months away, the premier event and entertainment services of ADVENT have been anticipating the next Mummers Mardi Gras parade in Philly.

Global and China Rotational Container Industry 2014 Market Trend, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast

Global And China Rotational Container Industry 2014

Global and China Transportation Aluminium Industry 2014 Market Analysis, Overview, Research and Development

Global And China Transportation Aluminium Industry 2014

Telemedicine to Find Many Takers

LogoTelemedicine is changing the way people seek and get medical advice, diagnosis and prescriptions, all thanks to its ease of accessibility and ability to hugely curtail healthcare costs. With the growth in need for deployment of consumer driven healthcare plans which increase out of pocket medical expenses, there is a constant lookout for ways offset costs. In a study of 17,000 telemedicine participants, hospital admissions dropped by 30% and doctor visits were reduced by 60% for a savings of 45% in unnecessary doctor and emergency room visits.

Effective Marketing Strategies of Companies Making Them Dominant Players in Skin Care

LogoSkin care segment has been one of the fastest growing segments in the Indian beauty industry, as people are giving more importance to the branded products with rising awareness and affordability. Today, people are increasingly shifting towards more customized skin care solutions, which have resulted in higher revenue contribution from skin care to the overall cosmetic market. According to a new report by RNCOS, “Indian Skin Care Market Outlook 2018”, players like HUL, etc. are enacting first mover advantage by adopting several unique strategies. They are coming up with never seen before products to capture consumer attention and build their client base. The rapid introduction of products by the Company has helped them to remain the dominant player in skin care category.

Land Century Undergoes Major Overhaul to Provide Even Better Land Services to Clients

If there’s one resource America still has in abundance, its land. The US has almost every type of land including dense urban metropolis, forest, desert, swamp through to plains, and an increasing amount of that is up for sale and development. There is no better place to get a great view of the nationwide state of the land market than Land Century, which offers land for sale across every state. They have recently undertaken a major overhaul to make their online experience better than ever, and this comes with a swathe of great new properties.

Good Dental Care Roswell Launches Amazing $99 Dental Package for Three Treatments

America leads the world in dentistry, and much of the reason behind innovating dental excellence is due to the psychology of the smile. The smile is the purest expression of joy, and a pristine smile helps reflect that purity. As such, people want an amazing smile, but getting one is often prohibitively expensive, leaving people self conscious and unhappy. Good Dental Care is a dentist in Roswell offering three procedures that will get people on the road to a perfect smile for just $99.

Adams Pointe Conference Center Unveils Facility Renovations

The Adams Pointe Conference Center, a special event venue serving Kansas City, recently unveiled renovations to its facilities bringing them up to date and improving its abilities to handle events of various types. The renewal positions it as one of the top places to hold a wedding, corporate conference, or other special event, says company spokesperson Bill Essmann.

Equip Your Gym Announces New Investments Into International Shipping Capabilities

Equip Your Gym, a leading supplier of pre-owned and remanufactured commercial gym equipment, announced that the company has expanded its international shipping team and capacity. The new investments will allow Equip Your Gym to even better serve customers in Mexico, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and everywhere else that the company's offerings have met with increasing demand. With over twenty-five years of institutional experience with gym equipment, Equip Your Gym is one of the most highly capable and reliable companies of its kind in the world today.

Research Report on Auto Glass Industry in China, 2014-2018: Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends & Forecasts

As an important accessory, auto glass accounts for 3% of the total vehicle weight. It is mainly used in new vehicle manufacture and repair market. Demand for auto glass is closely related to the production and sales volume as well as reserve of automobiles. China remains the world's largest manufacturer and sales country of automobiles from 2009. Increasing production volume and reserve of automobiles bring huge growth potential in auto glass market in China, which is highly monopolized. Leading enterprises of auto glass, such as Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. and Saint-Gobain, occupy most of the market shares.

Team Endangered Seeks $60,000 via Crowdfunding for Its Maiden Gaming Project "Endangered"

LogoIn 1973 the US government introduced the Endangered Species Act. The purpose was to prevent the extinction of animal species at risk for extinction with the goal of helping those animal populations return to normal, sustainable levels. It also created a barrier between sportsman who relished big game hunting by denying them legal access to hunting animals that enjoyed this legal protection. Not content to simply obey the law they were forced into hunting big game in a shadowy almost black market way. That’s the premise of Endangered.

Convergent Billing Market Expected to Reach $7.88 Billion by 2019 & Grow at a CAGR of 22.2%

LogoThe report "Convergent Billing Market by Solution (Customer Relationship Management, Settlement and Payment Management, Voucher Management, Mediation), and by Modes (Managed Services, Consulting Services, Training and Education) - Global Forecast to 2019" defines and segments the Convergent Billing market into various sub-segments with in-depth analysis and forecasting of revenues. It also identifies drivers and restraints of this market with insights on trends, opportunities, and challenges.

VAL-083 Demonstrates Promises a Potential Treatment for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

LogoDelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (OTCQB: DMPI), a clinical-stage oncology company, today announced the presentation of promising new data supporting the activity of its lead drug compound, VAL-083, in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) at the AACR’s New Horizons in Cancer Research: Harnessing Breakthroughs – Targeting Cures. The conference takes place October 9th to 12th in Pudong, Shanghai.

Michael's Jewelers Now Offering Complete Collection of Alex and Ani Bracelets

LogoAs a reliable and affordable destination for jewelry near Newtown, PA, Michael's Jewelers is excited to announce they are now offering a complete collection of Alex and Ani bracelets at their Yardley location. An eco-friendly line of jewelry, the Alex and Ani collection is steadily increasing in popularity due to its manufacturing from recycled materials and focus on positive energy. The idea behind the production of these expandable bracelets stems from sustainability, a concept that contributes to the community and to the planet.

Consumers Reveal the Most Recognized Identity Theft Company (BIDTC) is an industry leading review website, known for their thorough research into identity theft companies. Their experts were interested in what brand comes to consumer’s minds when they think of identity theft. They distributed a survey to hundreds of consumers and received back these distinct results:

Pro Quality Cleaning Extends Carpet Cleaning Services to Harrisburg

Although the heat of summer is gone, its effects can still be seen. With all of the storms this summer, every businesses’ carpets are sure to have taken a beating from the constant influx of employees and customers. To help combat carpet deterioration, Pro Quality Cleaning is now offering carpet cleaning in Harrisburg. Offering the best janitorial services in Harrisburg, they do everything from daily vacuuming to laying down stain-resistant protective treatments.

In Stock Kitchens Weighs in on the Trend of the "Social Kitchen" This October

According to some trend watchers in kitchen design, the social kitchen is becoming a main concept this fall. In Stock Kitchens recognizes this trend and weighs in on how retailers can respond in regards to cabinetry. The company is a leading provider of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and knows that with the holiday season fast approaching, homeowners are scrambling to get their kitchens refurbished before it’s time to welcome extended families for dinner.

Westcountry Media (UK) LTD Launch New Pay Monthly Website Design Service

Westcountry Media (UK) Ltd, the Bridgwater based web design and marketing consultancy, have announced that they are to launch an innovative new pay monthly website design and hosting package. Honored Most Professional 501c3 Charity for "Grieving Parent Support" and "Child Loss" Announces Annual "Walk to Remember" Saturday 11-Oct-14

LogoShare Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc. has been helping bereaved parents since 1977. Share is dedicated to supporting parents (and families) throughout the United States and internationally. Share Parents of Utah serves the greater Salt Lake City area.

Vertical Farming, Plant Factory Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020

Vertical Farming study. The 2014 study has 455 pages, 233 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the food supply for the world starts to adopt automated process. Grow lights have become more sophisticated and less expensive to run as solar and wind energy are adopted by greenhouses and plant factories.

Global Crop Protection (Pesticides) Market Report - 2014: Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast

Crop protection products are essential in safeguarding crops against various insects, diseases and pests. Pesticides are very important as they help in improving the yield of agricultural produce. On an average basis, application of pesticides saves around 68% of the yield for the common agriculture crops including cotton, maize, rice and soybean. The crop protection chemicals market is segmented along three broader products: herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Rising demand for agricultural crops resulting from global population growth; increasing standard of living and increasing demand for biofuels are the major triggers that are keeping the global crop protection market afloat. The growing demand for agricultural crops lead to increasing crop and food prices, acting as a further incentive for farmers to increase their production and protect their harvests.

Global Seed Coating Agent Industry 2014: Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast

The report firstly introduced Seed Coating Agent basic information included Seed Coating Agent definition classification application industry chain structure industry overview; Then introduce North America (United States etc) Europe (Germany France Germany Sweden etc) Asia (China Japan etc) Rest of World (Australia South America Middle East and Africa etc) Key players 2009-2014 Seed Coating Agent Capacity Production Price Cost Gross Production Value Gross Margin etc Data and information.

Global Bird Scarer Industry 2014 Market Research Report

Agriculture involves the commodities related to farming and rearing livestock. This includes the cultivation of plants and animals, along with managing the soil and all technologies related to farming. The agricultural market can be segmented into agricultural inputs, agribusiness, dairy products, tobacco products, organic farming, aquaculture, agrochemicals, farm equipment and machinery, animal husbandry, hunting, fishing, and agricultural biotechnology.

Global Seaweed Fertilizer Industry 2014: Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast

The report firstly introduced Seaweed Fertilizer basic information included Seaweed Fertilizer definition classification application industry chain structure industry overview;Then introduce North America (United States Canada etc) Europe (Ireland UK etc) Asia (China India etc) Rest of World Key players 2009-2014 Seaweed Fertilizer Capacity Production Price Cost Gross Production Value Gross Margin etc Data and information.

Bicycle Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoBicycle is a convenient form of transportation. It is an important mode of sustainable transport and provides price, performance and environment benefits over gasoline based vehicles. Cycles are non-polluting, inexpensive, and healthy for consumers.

Hot Melt Adhesives Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoHot melt adhesive popularly known as hot glue is a thermoplastic adhesive which is commonly marketed in solid cylindrical form of varied diameters. Hot melt adhesives are designed in such a way that it can melt in electric hot glue gun. Hot melt adhesives have unique advantage of fast processing over other adhesives. Unlike water-based and solvent based adhesives hot melt adhesives do not need drying after application.