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The Global Breast Pumps Market Size Was Around USD 580 Million in 2017. It Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 6.7% to Reach USD 802 Million by 2022

Breast pumps are outlined as medical devices used for extracting milk from the breast of mothers. Mostly, these devices are employed by operating girls to continue breastfeeding their babies whereas still at work. In some instances, doctors additionally advice women to use breast pumps to stimulate milk if the baby is unable to suck milk. Breast pumps have grown up as an appropriate alternative for the working women. The market is predicted to witness a notable growth, because of technological advancements, owing to double breast pumps that facilitate to eliminate fat content from milk and substitute it with higher caloric value.

MEA Water Soluble Fertilizers Market to Cross USD 402.8 Million by 2022

Water-soluble fertilizer is a multi-compound fertilizer that may be dissolved in water to be absorbed by plants. Its absorption and utilization are incredibly high compared to conventional chemical fertilizers. The fixed amount of nutrient available to the flora can be effortlessly improved with the help of this fertilizer. The technology of this fertilizer is highly desirable for a current irrigation system and also prevents groundwater contamination.

Live Interactive Parenting Webinar Announcement –

Child misbehavior may not improve by just enforcing rules. Rules simply define behavioral expectations and boundaries. That is why we need to establish appropriate and effective consequences per rule. Establishing specific logical consequences that directly match specific rules is more effective than punishments in terms of improving child misbehavior. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine which child discipline or consequence would be the most effective. This webinar offers a variety of effective child discipline or consequences that could be implemented on children of all ages.

U.S. Market for Orthopedic Large Joint Reconstructive Devices 2010 Report Now Available on ReportsandReports

In 2009, the combined orthopedic large joint replacement and bone cement market was valued at over $7 billion. Hip and knee arthroplasty has seen consistent double-digit revenue growth since the early 2000s.

First-of-its-kind Spiritual Water Show Inaugurated at Swaminarayan Akshardham in Gandhinagar

Ever wondered what happens when fire flows like water and water flares like fire, when sounds paint pictures and colors sing songs; when clouds come down and rains go up; when lasers begin to crawl and rocks begin to melt; when light from the past illuminates the stars of our future; when science and spirituality join hands?

Alternative Energy Monthly Deal Analysis: M&A and Investments Trends - March 2010 Report Now Available on ReportsandReports

GlobalData's “Alternative Energy Monthly Deal Analysis M&A and Investments Trends – March 2010” report is an essential source of data and trend analysis on the mergers and acquisitions and financings in the alternative energy market.

Incentive Solutions Introduces Real-Time Hotel Booking for the RewardTrax Incentive Platform

LogoIncentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based provider of business rewards and incentive programs, announced a “real-time hotel booking” enhancement to the RewardTrax technology platform supporting its points-based reward programs. This new feature gives incentive program participants access to the most current price and availability information on the thousands of hotel rewards available through the RewardTrax system. And, even better, it allows reward program participants to find and reserve their rooms – using their program points – in the same manner they would using any of the many popular online travel portals.

7 Money Saving Tips That Will Extend The Life Of Your Oven, Stove, Or Range and Lower The Cost Of Energy

To reduce the need of repairs, use the following preventative measures. Proper maintenance and care is essential in keeping your Oven, Stove or Range running efficiently. Improper care will cause your unit to overwork by using more electricity to keep you clothes clean than if properly maintained. By following these tips, you can prolong the life of your Oven, Stove or Range and avoid many costly repairs.

Commlab India Contributes to Learning Through Social Media

LogoCommLab India, an e-learning solutions company, providing state-of-the-art elearning services including custom courseware development, customizable catalogue courses and learning solutions, now contributes to learning through social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Slideshare, Twitter, Facebook, Digg and YouTube.

Websys Uses the Contemporary Technology to Redesign Its Website

LogoWebsys, a premier web solution company based in Kolkata offering web development and designing services to clients across the globe, announces the refurbishment from the older html based brochure website to a more customer centric interactive website with ecommerce functionalities. The new look of Websys has been updated to keep abreast with the latest trends and technologies and to serve our visitors better insofar smoothness in navigation is concerned. Having redesigned the website using the most contemporary OS Commerce web application, Magento, this web development company in India, has effectively integrated both content management system (CMS) and shopping cart.

SatGuide Slashes Prices and Upgrades Citizen Mapper Program to Counter Nokia and Google Free Navigation

SatNav Technologies, pioneers of SatGuide GPS Navigation in India since 2005 and market leaders today, today slashed the prices of software and maps from Rs. 2183 to Rs. 990, a more than 50% drop to help consumers “Never Get Lost!”. It also announced the upgrading of it’s Citizen Mapper Program to include all feedback free of charge and give an upgraded version to customers with upcoming releases, to those who buy the products now.

iSkysoft DVD-Library for Mac 2.0 Has Arrived

iSkysoft Studio has released DVD-Library 2.0, with overhauled interface and many new stunning features. DVD-Library 2.0 lets you catalog, manage and backup DVD collections on Mac in a visual library. DVD Library 2.0 keeps a complete inventory all of your DVDs (including Blu-ray DVDs), remembering lent out DVDs and helping you avoid duplicate purchases.

Northbrook Bank & Trust Awards $200,000 to the North Suburban YMCA Phase II Capital Campaign & Scholarship Fund

LogoThe North Suburban Y, a community fixture for the North Shore, has been awarded a giant grant by the Northbrook Bank and Trust. The donation has come at a critical time for the YMCA as it continues to expand and improve its facilities and scholarships to increase membership among all area-families.

Loyaltyworks Adds Real-Time Hotel Booking Feature to RewardTrax Incentive Programs

LogoLoyaltyworks, a leading provider of services for online business incentive programs, announced the addition of “real-time hotel booking” to the RewardTrax® online incentive technology platform. The feature allows reward program participants to search through and book hotel accommodations in real time – which means that availability and pricing information is 100% up to date and that reservation requests are placed immediately when participants redeem points for their reward.

J.M Field Marketing Launches offers an alternative solution to advertising that proves to be just as effective if not more so as other traditional advertising techniques.

East Asia Logistics and Express Market Overview Report Now Available on ReportsandReports

This report provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the logistics and express markets in East Asia. It contains estimates of the size of the markets broken down by road, rail, air, sea, courier, express & parcels and contract logistics.

Kenya Upstream Oil & Gas Fiscal Regime: 2010 Report Now Available on ReportsandReports

GlobalData’s Kenya upstream oil and gas fiscal regime report is an essential source for information related to the upstream fiscal system enacted in Kenya’s oil and gas industry.

IDX Broker Search Categories Simplify and Speed up the Online Real Estate Search for Home Seekers

Easy-to-use IDX search tools create a sense of ease and efficiency for potential home buyers executing their real estate search online.

Harbinger Announces Raptivity Active Learning TurboPack

Harbinger Knowledge Products has announced the release of Raptivity’s brand new Active Learning TurboPack. The new pack includes a variety of meaningful interactions to achieve comprehension, application and analysis - three key middle layers of Bloom's taxonomy - in adult learning.

Osteoarthritis - Drug Pipeline Analysis and Market Forecasts to 2016 Report Now Available on ReportsandReports

The report identifies the key trends shaping and driving the global osteoarthritis market. The report also provides insight on the prevalent competitive landscape and the emerging players expected to bring significant shift in the market positioning of the existing market leaders.

YASH Technologies Certified by SAP as Global Provider of Application Management

LogoYASH Technologies™, a leading enterprise business and technology partner for global companies, today announced that it has been certified by SAP AG as a global provider of application management services. YASH joins a select group of SAP partners worldwide that have achieved this certification.

Apoptosis 2009 Opportunities in Cancer and Other Diseases Market Report Now Available on BiotechMarketReports

The ideal of cancer therapy is to promote apoptosis of cancer cells. Traditional chemotherapeutic agents (first generation indirect apoptogens) trigger events which result in apoptosis of cancer cells.

MarketsandMarkets: Global E-Paper Market Research Report

E-Paper like e-books, mobile phones, digital signage, smart cards, watches, bill boards, computer peripherals, electronic shelf labels and other applications. Increasing number of technologies was introduced in the market like electrophoretic, electrowetting, cholesteric liquid crystal display, electrochromic and others.

2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Gear Box Industry Report Now Available on ReportsandReports

2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Gear Box Industry was published by 168Research Wind Energy Research Center on Feb 2010. It was a professional and depth research report on China Wind gear box industry.

Soloscript Presents All Important Programmers Resource and ASP Tutorial on Script Chat, the online destination for virtual learning, is now offering ASP script chat tutorial with the key features explained and links to refer on the subject matter.

Let Us Have A Look Into Tourism In Cape Town!

Cape Town is one of the most popular international tourist’s destinations in South Africa as well as in the World. Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa. Cape Town is the economic center for South Africa.

ResellerClub Launches Free Email With Every Domain

ResellerClub, one of the largest web services providers in the world, announced the launch of a free email account with every Domain sold. This new free service comes as an addition to their existing suite of free services which include DNS services, Domain Forwarding, Mail Forwarding etc.