Manfrotto 290 Series Tripod for Small Frame Photo Shooters on the Go

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Lewisville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Manfrotto Company Ltd based in Italy announces update for small frame camera tripod system and cam recorders. The Manfrotto 290 series. Manfrotto 290 a newborn series in the Manfrotto range tripod and camera support. Developed from the experience of the Manfrotto 190.

Manfrotto 290 is the ideal tool to develop your skill and passion for photography and video. Features like the professional aluminium and adjustable leg locks for unsurpassed stability, and anti-rotation columns akin to pro tripods for great accuracy, are unique for this support category. Highly durable materials, sturdy construction, advanced settings and removable head for future upgrades.

Manfrotto 290 comes in various popular sizes and kits, and especially in the short four section version - it is also the ideal tool for travelling. Particularly the Manfrotto 293 and Manfrotto 294. The Manfrotto 290 series caters to small frame camera and cam recorder users a sturdy and ergonomic tripod, Manfrotto 290 series intended for people on the go / on the spot photo shooting with small frame camera and cam recorders.

Manfrotto 290 Technical Specification and Use

-High Aluminium alloy tripod
-Durable design and folding

-Design for camera shooters on the go
-Fit to most small frame camera and cam recorders(universal one size fits all design)

About Manfrotto
With company site based in Italy and supported by Lino Manfrotto + Co., S.p.A. Via Valsugana 100 Cassola Italy makers of fine quality accessories for camera enthusiast and camera studio equipment. Featuring the newest Manfortto 290 series for small frame users who shoots pictures on the go.