Maple Bacon Flavor by White Cloud in Times of Bacon Craving Expresses

As per, an e cigarette smoker can smoke the latest edition flavor- Maple Bacon by White Cloud. With the news about shortage in bacon in US, this flavor might just satiate one’s cravings say experts.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- talks about White Cloud as one of the best e cig brands as the brand proffers some of the most innovative products amongst others. To let the shine stay on White Cloud, the brand came up with a never-seen-before flavor i.e. Maple Bacon. The flavor is available in the disposable electronic cigarette known as Fling by White Cloud. White Cloud has been known to make products and especially flavors which are new and exotic, which makes the smoker try them and develop a taste for them says e cigs reviews.

The Maple Bacon Fling is a good choice, citing the shortage of bacon in the US say experts. Lately, news has been going viral that there is a shortage of pork in the country, which makes all the piggy lovers of the US to put a hold onto the consumption of bacon. But with White Cloud’s Maple Bacon flavor an e cig can easily satisfy the carving for bacon as well as smoke simultaneously says The Maple Bacon Fling has a hint of both, sweet maple and meaty bacon flavor which reminds one of Sunday Brunch in winters. For instance, a person could be sitting cozily in one’s bed while enjoying hot pancakes topped with maple syrup and on side a piece or two of crispy bacon. The Fling is priced nominally at $7.95 for a single pack. The disposable e cigs by White Cloud are easy to use say experts. Further the experts added that a smoker only has to tear off the wrapper and start smoking without recharging or worrying about cartridge filling and other things associated with an e cig kit.

As per, White Cloud is one of the few e cig brands which actually make sure that an e cig smoker gets a fulfilling and surprising experience with every new flavor they offer. With the disposables, a smoker can be sure to puff around two packs of traditional cigarettes with just one Fling. This disposable e cig could be great for a smoker who is new to e smoking as no one wants to spend $100 on a kit before trying the product. This gives a smoker to try and then later choose to buy an e cig kit says e cig reviews.

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