KashIt Inventions, Inc.

Marijuana-Tech Startup Aims to Solve Smokers' Common Problems

A young startup out of California is hoping to make smoking more convenient with hi-tech gadgets.


Westminster, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Washington and Colorado’s new marijuana laws are expected to be a boon to legitimate marijuana businesses. That includes one startup from Orange County, California, which hopes to lead the industry in offering the most innovative smoking gadgets.

KashIt Inventions was started by two friends in their early twenties, John Sethi and Nimesh Goel, who saw an opportunity in solving common inconveniences faced by marijuana smokers.
They launched their first two products on their website Jan. 1st, the same day legal marijuana sales began in Colorado.

The products are a handheld power vacuum for cleaning ash, called KashIt Clean, and a portable ice-cooling mouthpiece, called KashIt Cool.

Sethi says the ideas came to them while working at a family head shop. They kept hearing customers complain about cleaning ash out of their bowls – sometimes breaking their pieces in the process – and running out of ice for their bongs.

Sethi and his partner started to seriously consider a business when the first prototype for a handheld ash cleaner left their friends in awe.

“All our friends went ballistic over that. They said, Oh my god, this makes smoking much easier.”

After attending their first trade shows, the partners figured they had to come up with $100,000 to fund their startup. Although they initially approached investors, the partners eventually raised the money from friends and family. The second idea, KashIt Cool, came soon after.

Despite both being students, Sethi says after gradually learning more about the “immense economic opportunity that cannabis presents,” he and his partner both took time off school to pursue the business full-time.

They’re hoping as more states look to follow Washington and Colorado, demand for hi-tech marijuana gadgets will bloom.

“I think that California and Oregon are definitely going to be next to legalize or decriminalize the purchase and possession of marijuana.”

Hawaii and Alaska look promising as well, he adds.

For KashIt Inventions, the innovation doesn’t stop. Their next product, which Sethi says is “top secret” for now, is a grinder aimed at helping medical patients.

“We’re very excited to release and announce this product. All I can say about it, is that one’ll be able to grind their herbs at a press of a button.”

Patients, such as those with rheumatoid arthritis, sometimes have difficulty with all the twisting required by traditional grinders, he explains.

The KashIt Grinder will launch on 4/20, and Sethi warns it could be very disruptive to the industry.

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