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Marijuana Trial Canceled After Dispensary Owner Exposes Pierce County Corruption


Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2014 -- On August 8th 2012 Karl Rubicam made a 911 call claiming he saw two 12 year olds breaking into a house located in University Place Washington. Within 5 minutes 4 police officers arrived at the home and entered the house without a warrant and discovered a medical marijuana grow that belonged to Northwest Herbal Care, a licensed dispensary located in Tacoma Washington. During the investigation Animal Control Officer Travis Lyons stole $1400 cash from the scene and was later arrested and charged with theft, tampering with physical evidence and official misconduct. Even though the police knew that the two boys were not burglars but actually were there tending their own legal gardens with their mother the police arrested them and took them to jail on suspicion of burglary. The police then destroyed the garden and confiscated all the equipment of the business in violation of Washington State Law. 7 months later when Travis Lyons pleaded guilty Pierce County Prosecutors dropped the tampering with physical evidence and official misconduct charges.

The owner of the medical dispensary then hired a lawyer to petition to recover his business losses when his attorney suddenly quit without explanation. 2 weeks later Pierce County Prosecutors filed felony charges for manufacturing marijuana against the business owner. The business owner then hired another attorney to represent him for the felony trial but over a period of 9 months the prosecution refused to release discovery about the theft from the animal control officer. Sensing a setup the owner of the dispensary now called The Red Emperor Collective launched a press release and search engine optimization demonstration revealing that Police illegally arrested the legal residents of the home in an effort to cover up the illegally entry of their deputies. They further maliciously prosecuted the owner of a legal business in an effort to cover up there crimes after he attempted to recover his business losses.

2 weeks into the protest Mr. Meshach’s attorney withdrew from the case and his trial was canceled after the corruption was detailed on his personal blog. The following questions are presented that needs to be investigated by the press and law enforcement.

Why were 2 innocent children taking to jail for burglary when there pictures where hanging up inside the house?

Why were the charges of tampering with physical evidence dropped on Travis Lyons?

Why was the dispensary owner charged with a felony while the three resident’s at the home during the investigation where not charged?

Why did Pierce County refuse 5 times to release exculpatory evidence to Mr. Meshach’s attorney?

Why was the felony trial canceled after Mr. Meshach revealed corruption of Pierce County prosecutors?

Who is Karl Rubicam and why did he make a 911 call on two 18 year old kids playing in their own yard?

Was the dispensary owner targeted because he was a minority?

The full story of these violations of civil and human rights can be read here.

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