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Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- In the two past decades, the healthcare industry in China has been growing at a fast pace, as it is a tremendous challenge to provide healthcare for 1.3 billion people. According to our studies, the dramatic expansions of the healthcare system, drug manufacturing, and health insurance have transformed China’s society and economy. Life expectancy has now reached 76.8 for women and 72.5 for men compared to 69.9 for women and 66.9 for men in 1990. Demographic transition from high mortality to low mortality has helped drive this increase in life expectancy. Primary diseases have also shifted from infectious to chronic. Cancer, heart diseases and cerebrovascular diseases are now top killers. As of now, spending on healthcare counts for over 5% of GDP and that will only continue to increase in the next decade.

Healthcare reform has been one of the key topics on the government agenda in China. Due to the rise in cost of healthcare, more than 10% of income is spent on healthcare, which is greater than that spent on education and transportation. This rise in healthcare cost could definitely have an outcome of the high cost of drugs. There are approximately 4,500 pharmaceutical companies in China, the majority of which are small players with limited local market reach. Rapid consolidation between medium and large players in the sector is anticipated since the Chinese government has been encouraging industry consolidation with an effort to regulate the industry and to better control the pricing of drugs.

However, China remains one of the world’s major producers of pharmaceuticals. Far outpacing other economies in the world, China is the world’s fastest growing pharmaceutical market. Although China has enjoyed the benefits of an expanding market for pharmaceutical production and distribution, the industry is suffering from minimal innovation and investment in R&D and new product development. The sector’s economies of scale have yet to be achieved. Most domestic manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry lack the autonomic intellectual property and financial resources to develop their own brand name products. Most manufacturers rely on the repetitive production of Chinese medicine, low value-added bulk pharmaceuticals or generic drugs.

In general, biotechnology is a rapidly growing sector in China. Both production and demand have witnessed significant surges in recent years. China will continue to remain a large importer for biotechnology pharmaceuticals to meet the growing domestic demand. Major imports include biotechnology vaccines, CSF, r-EPO, recombinant human insulin, recombinant human growth hormones, recombinant interferon, and other biotechnology pharmaceuticals.

As for the healthcare insurance industry in China, two main options are available, including social healthcare insurance controlled by the government and commercial healthcare insurance provided by private companies. At present, social healthcare insurance is under reform in order to control the increasing healthcare costs, but the development of commercial healthcare insurance in China is not inadequate. Although, the commercial healthcare insurance market has a great growth potential.
Despite these continual changes and developments, China's healthcare market remains the largest in the world. Because the Chinese healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in China, growing at double digit rate each year, it will continue to provide a tremendously fast-growing market for imports and business opportunities for companies around the world.

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>> Allergy Drugs Markets in China
>> Alzheimer Disease Drugs Markets in China
>> Anesthesia Drugs Markets in China
>> Anti Peptic Ulcer Drugs Markets in China
>> Anti Tumor Drugs Markets in China
>> Antibiotics Markets in China
>> Anti-Dermatomycosis Skin Drugs Markets in China
>> Anti-Obesity Drugs Markets in China
>> Arthritis Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Asthma Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Autoimmune Drugs Markets in China
>> Biopharmaceuticals Markets in China
>> Biotechnology Equipment Markets in China
>> Biotechnology Markets in China
>> Biotechnology Products Markets in China
>> Bladder Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Blood Disease Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Blood Products Markets in China
>> Brain Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Breast Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Cardiovascular Drugs Markets in China
>> Central Nervous System Disorder Drugs Markets in China
>> Cervical Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Cold and Flu Drugs Markets in China
>> Colon Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Cough Drugs Markets in China
>> Dental Equipment Markets in China
>> Diabetes Drugs Markets in China
>> Diagnostic Reagents Markets in China
>> Diagnostics Equipment Markets in China
>> Digestive Remedies Markets in China
>> Disinfectants Markets in China
>> Disposable Medical Supplies Markets in China
>> Drug Delivery System Markets in China
>> Drug Discovery Markets in China
>> Emerging Pharmaceutical Markets in China
>> Eye Care Products Markets in China
>> Genome-Based Drug Discovery Markets in China
>> Health Care Markets in China
>> Hearing Aids Markets in China
>> Hepatitis Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> HIV Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Home Care Products Markets in China
>> Hypertension Drugs Markets in China
>> In Vitro Diagnostics Markets in China
>> Incretion Drugs Markets in China
>> Infectious Disease Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Kidney Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Leukemia Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Liver Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Lung Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Lymphoma Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Medical Devices Markets in China
>> Medical Imaging Devices and Equipment Markets in China
>> Mental Illness Drugs Markets in China
>> Monoclonal Antibody Markets in China
>> Osteoporosis Drugs Markets in China
>> OTC (Over the Counter) Drugs Markets in China
>> Ovarian Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Pain and Fever Relief Drugs Markets in China
>> Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems Markets in China
>> Pediatric Drugs Markets in China
>> Penicillin Markets in China
>> Pharmaceuticals Markets in China
>> Pneumonia Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Prescription Generic Drugs Markets in China
>> Prostate Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Respiratory Drugs Markets in China
>> Skin Cancer Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Sleep Disorder Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Smoking Cessation Aids Markets in China
>> Therapy Markets in China
>> Tuberculosis Treatment Drugs Markets in China
>> Vaccines Markets in China
>> Vitamin C Markets in China
>> Vitamins and Supplements Markets in China
>> Weight Loss and Diet Products Markets in China
>> Wound Treatment Markets in China

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