Market Research Reports, Inc. Digital Desktop and Mobile Music Monetization in U.S. Scores a $6.4 Billion Marketplace in 2013, Reveals New Report

Digital desktop and mobile music monetization channels are on track to chart a U.S. business worth $6.4 billion in 2013, 59.8% of the global market, according to a multi-segment research report.


Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- The report “Desktop and Mobile Music Monetization 2005 - 2016: Advertising, Download and Subscription” is a data-driven analysis of multiple components contributing to the sector's expanding revenue base.

Revenues include media spend bought against desktop/mobile radio/song-plays, video and overlay impressions directed at audiences viewing music videos, audio subscription services and download-to-own sales.

Sector revenue analytics parse media spend by format (audio, video and display on listening-based digital music services, in-stream video advertising running on music video destinations such as YouTube), total available inventory, CPMs, subscribers by service (U.S. and internationally), plus music downloads (internationally and domestically), pricing and total receipts by storefronts such as iTunes and Amazon.

Combined, sector growth in 2013 is 29.3%, and projected to deliver another 26.4% uptick in 2014. CAGRs (2005 – 2016) by segment include video advertising 110.7%, desktop/mobile radio/song-play advertising 46.7%, downloads 29.9% and subscription 9%.

CAGR for the U.S. market over the same period is currently calculated at 24.4%, while the global comparable equals 30.7%.

Download music storefronts capture an estimated 75.3% of U.S.-based revenue in 2013, while media spend supporting digital music radio and song-play services currently deliver an 11.8% slice of receipts, extending to a 19% share by 2016.

Subscription service revenue and in-stream video advertising together shape a 12.9% share of the market.

This report brings together multiple databases thatnumerically articulate the history of digital desktop/mobile music revenue by service and source, from the market’s formation and early development (dotted with restructurings, acquisitions, shutterings and roll-ups), through to its current state of maturation.

Storefront, site, brand and service operationshistoriesprovide a rich context for assessing the growth profile of each segment contributing to sector value.

Spanning over 97 pages, 36 tables and 57 figures, “mHealth Market (Devices, Applications, Services & Therapeutics) - Global Mobile Healthcare Industry Size, Analysis, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 - 2020” report provides information on Digital Music Advertising, Download and Subscription Revenue: 2005 – 2016, Digital Music Monetization by Segment: Revenue Analysis 2005 - 2016, Double-Digit Growth Forecast Through 2016, Digital Music Monetization by Segment: Revenue Share Analysis 2005 - 2016, Digital Music Monetization 2005 - 2016: Radio Listening/Songplay Advertising, Audio Subscription Revenue and Music Video Ad Spend, Digital Music Monetization by Segment: Revenue Analysis 2005 – 2016, Digital Music Monetization: Revenue Share by Category: 2005 – 2016, SECTION ONE - Streaming Music Radio, Curated Station and Track Play Revenue Climbs 49% in 2013; SECTION TWO - Global Music Download Store Revenue and Transaction Velocity at $7.7 Billion in 2013; Tracks Sold Total 8.9 Billion; SECTION THREE - Music Video Advertising (Pre-Roll/In-Stream) Captures a 5% Share of the Market in 2013.

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