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Matthew Najar, Timberlake Harmonious Relationship


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2012 -- Justin Timberlake has been speculated to be working in conjunction with Australian singer Matthew Najar after four leaked demos apparently recorded at Capitol Recording studio, California surfaced online recently. Timberlake isn’t new to helping out younger artists break into the music industry travelling the world over searching for new talent and providing support to musical communities.

Weight is added to this speculation as Timberlake was spotted leaving the famous recording studio six times over the last two months, despite commenting he isn’t there to work on personal music. Is Timberlake and Najar a compatible partnership? One might first suspect it isn’t, however, one should take time to analyse the similarities between both singers’ lives. Recently Najar has been in the media after winning over four categories in California’s prestigious Youth Talent Awards ceremony last month, televised worldwide. His career and single sales have steadily taken off, with Najar even being scooped by various modelling agencies (such as NEXT, Monaco L.) and retail outlets (such as H&M). Timberlake’s career commenced early too and has worked as a model for various agencies and fashion labels; he has been in the same circumstances as Najar when he was younger. More recently however Najar has been linked to actress Keira Knightley (first spotted spending two weeks together last September in London) and again over the last few months, causing a brief but memorable media stir. It seems that Najar is following in Timberlake’s footsteps, being associated with young and pretty actresses.

We should note that being associated with a famous celebrity (Timberlake) in a musical sense isn’t a first for Najar, having worked and demoed a single late in 2011 titled ‘Question Why’ and featuring John Mayer. Unfortunately due to incompatible label agreements the single wasn’t taken further for a full commercial release and remains a hidden gem.

Najar is somewhat a carbon copy of Timberlake; he can sing, he can dance, he isn’t ugly and is therefore a marketable product. Timberlake sees potential in him and working with him will secure Timberlake’s name being attached to a rising star, providing support to Najar and giving the credit to Timberlake – good business. When can we expect to hear the Timberlake/Najar tunes? No word yet, but bets are that the collaborations will feature on Najar’s increasingly highly anticipated full length studio album (currently untitled), expected for release in 2013.

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